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Add multiple links in your instagram bio

Instagram doesn't want you to leave the platform to visit the other websites; Therefore, it doesn't let you share a Hyperlinks under your posts. You can only add one clickable link to your bio. Some people add links to their blogs, others to Twitter or youtube. By using iLink, you don't have to choose between your links; you can share them all! Now you have the opportunity to use multiple links in your Instagram profile. Anyone who has a website and wants to direct their audience to various links can use ilink. The service is super fast and easy to use. You will receive a single link that you can insert into your social media accounts, business cards, and anywhere you want. you do not have to be a technical professional to use iLink. Everyone can use this platform for free!

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How does it work?

iLink profile contains clickable buttons with links to your online offers. So if you add your iLink profile to your Instagram bio or elsewhere, visitors will observe an excellent overview of all of your web pages you want to share with them. You can customize the color and design of the buttons on the setting menu; also you can use the click stats to find out which one of your links is more popular. iLink lets you get in touch with your audience and promote your blogs at the same time.


The ultimate service to create a landing page for your links and generate a single short link to share on social media and other places.