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3 Steps to make money online for beginners

3 Steps to make money online for beginners

you have recently started your business, or you are wondering how to make money online from home in your spare time. This blog would help you to get an idea of making your online store and website to sell online and get customers from google search engine. 

A couple of years ago, having a website was a big challenge, and it needed coding and technical knowledge. You could never think of building a website or even an online store to make money. 

Now, with the help of technology, everyone can have its website. If you have not started your site yet, I highly recommend it to start here. Making your website now is better than building it tomorrow with this fast rapid, and competitive environment. 

3 Steps to make money online for beginners

I would start by giving an overview of how you can make money online! 

  1. You need any products (services, physical, or digital products)
  2. Build an iLink Shop 
  3. Share your iLink Shop URL everywhere you can* (or get customers from Google by following the tips in step #2 below)

*Tip: you can copy your iLink shop URL from the dashboard directly. The URL is located on the top left of your dashboard (it is ending with your username). 

STEP #1: Prepare your products to sell 

If you have your products in your hands, then you are lucky. You can search the internet for ideas of handicrafts you can make quickly or any art stuff. If you get some physical products in wholesale like clothes, shoes, accessories are also great! 

If you have none of this! Join some of the affiliate programs and sell Amazon, eBay, or any other websites products. 

You can search the internet for some of the highest-paid affiliate programs, and join them to have service or products to sell (without paying in advance). 

STEP #2: Build your iLink shop 

Setting up the iLink shop is easy, and you can go to iLink to sign up and prepare your store. 

To build an iLink shop: 

  • Sign up to iLink 
  • Add basic information 
  • Add products, pictures, and prices. 

The most crucial point here is the descriptions and titles. If you get customers by sharing your website on all social media, that is fine, and you need a satisfying title and descriptions. 

However, if you aim to get customers from Google search engines (users that search for your specific products), the story is a bit different. 

iLink product descriptions and titles would help users to see and find your products from google search engines across the world. Therefore, take your time and prepare the description with all possible words that users might search for. 

STEP #3: share your iLink shop 

The last step is to share your iLink shop URL everywhere you can. I would list some of these places.

  • Instagram (insert the URL in bio, website section). 
  • Facebook as posts or your story
  • YouTube (in the description section of a video) 
  • Pinterest as posts
  • Twitter, insert in the bio. 

Sum up

If you are a beginner, to make money online, you no need to have any expertise and you can do it from anywhere with any time. All you need is finding a service or products to see, be brave to start and continue the journey, make your iLink shop and sell them online.