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How does eCommerce work?

How does eCommerce work?

Ecommerce platforms are now one of the best places to sell online. Digital marketers, small, medium-sized businesses, and freelancers use eCommerce platforms every day to increase their profits and interests. But the way it does work should be clear for users.

If you were wondering how you can make money online or how you can run your own business, and you conclude that making an eCommerce website is the best option for you, read this blog to find out how the eCommerce platform does work for you and your business.

How eCommerce store works?

eCommerce is a method of marketing and selling products or services using digital platforms like websites, blogs, and social media.

An eCommerce platform usually has three central part: 

  • Logo and a short bio 
  • Information on Social media networks 
  • Products (with their images and prices) 
  • Contact methods 

However, the underlying process from which a user enters a platform and buy a product is essential. There are three different parts about an eCommerce store you should know.

#1 Where to get customers? 

There are many ways that a user would come to the eCommerce platform.

Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are only some of the places that bring users to the eCommerce platform.

If you insert a link into a social media bio like Instagram, and Facebook, or any social network that allows the link sharing, users would click and will come to the eCommerce platform.

To bring users from social media to eCommerce platforms, you should be smart and create posts that are relevant or attractive to many users on social media.

There are many tips to get more followers or promote social accounts on the internet. The more you get engagement on social media, the more you will get referral clicks to your eCommerce website. So, it will worth working on them using all available tips or social media tools.

The tools would help you to edit images, create videos, or any other services that make or improve the Instagram posts. 

#2 What to sell on eCommerce store

on an eCommerce platform, you can sell every product. There are three different categories of products you can sell: 

  • Physical products: books, clothes, shoes, shirts, etc. 
  • Digital products: e-books, movies, CDs, DVDs, tutorial videos, online courses, etc. 
  • Services: using any apps, software, or cloud-based programs. 

#3 How to sell on the eCommerce store? 

A user can select a product in the eCommerce platform, and a call to action can be added. This call to action can be a link to buy a product, or a phone number to call to the seller. 

Once a user uses the link to pay, or contact sellers, sellers can check and confirm their payment, and place their orders. 

In this case, sellers can change the available items to make sure that customers are not buying the unavailable items on the eCommerce platform. 

The best eCommerce website builder 

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