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How to make money on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)?

How to make money on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)?

Now, social media is the best platform to make money, and you should never lose this chance. I highly recommend you create your Facebook page today, open a business Instagram account, and have a YouTube channel. Create a landing page (with links to your products), or even an online store and share the URL in the website section of Facebook, YouTube (in the description), and Instagram.

How to make money on Facebook, Instagram?

Facebook is very popular, and as it has millions on visitors daily, so it is one of the best platforms to make money. I believe whatever you sell, or whatever your products are, you can make an online brochure and make an online store first. 

Then share the online store on Facebook. As you know, the Facebook description is recognized by a google search engine, and many users might reach to your products by searching on google. 

iLink is also SEO friendly, and your products can be discovered by those who search on google. 

There are some points you should know before making money on Facebook: 

  • Your products: if you have any ideas to produce your products (physical, digital, service), that’s cool. If not, I suggest you go for handicrafts (if you are interested in), or you search for any affiliate programs. You can also find some whole sellers and, with a few investments, get physical products at a lower price. 
  • Then, you can seel them with their actual price. If you still don’t know or you have nothing to investment, affiliate programs are good to start. They no need you to spend anything; instead of finding customers, you would get commissions. 
  • You can use Facebook as a platform to sell that product. In the next tips, I would mention some tips to get more users on Facebook. 
  • Facebook ads are an excellent place to start if you still find them expensive (as they cost per click), you can talk with some of the bloggers and influencers to introduce your Facebook page. So, you can make lots of fans and sell your products on Facebook. Don’t forget to invest based on your budget. 
  • If you don’t want to spend anything on advertising, blogging platforms like Medium are an excellent place to start. However, you should know some more about keyword searches to get more traffic from google. 
  • If you are active on Medium, and you see that medium users can use your products (ebooks), you can advertise for them. However, you should be careful, as Medium is against advertising stuff. You might get blocked by them. 

Having a Facebook page and an Instagram business account is a must for you. So, go and follow the step by step guides to make a Facebook page, or switch the personal account to a business on Instagram. Take your time to create a cover photo, and fill up all the information needed on the Facebook page. 

In the website section of the Facebook page, you can use your ilink landing page. So, you need to go to ilink, make a website, or online store, insert the link in the Facebook page website section. 

Users who visit your page will visit the landing page and online brochure too. 

You can have a great collection like a pro there and share one by one on the Facebook page. 

Other techniques to get more fans and followers are running a campaign. It would help if you invited friends, or everyone (make sure your posts are public so that others can see it). 

The condition of the campaign is following your page, like your posts, then you would announce the winner. Pick a winner randomly and give them a price. 

Running a campaign is now one of the best ways to attract more visitors to your website. 

You can also find some other campaigns if you search the web, and you can participate as a response. 

How to make money on YouTube?

The underlying process of making money on youtube is almost the same as Facebook, and Instagram, so you should take your time to fill up the description part of a youtube video. 

Make sure you use all 5000 characters that help users find your videos. To start, you can use some apps or online tools to make videos about your products or any questions that could be related to your niche. 

Having a youtube subscriber is now worth more than 50 dollars. So, try to make high-quality content, work on description SEO, and share as much as you can. These all help the videos get more views. 

The more views you get, the more people would click on the link you provided in the description. So, the chance of selling the products (whatever it is ) is higher.