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What are the best products to sell online

What are the best products to sell online?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, of course, the way to buy their products or service has changed. As they like to stay home, some of the products better sold during a pandemic. In this blog, we explain how pandemic has changed the way people buy online, and what goods are better to sell now. 

The best products to sell online

With the ever-increasing trend of coronavirus, many businesses decided to convert their sales into the online version. They use different eCommerce platforms to sell online, but there are some issues that they should tackle with them.

One of the issues that businesses are facing is changing the demand for products. In the coronavirus pandemic, of course, the need for medical products would be higher. So, the year 2020 would be more about mask, gown, or any other related devices.

Here I have reviewed the Alibaba website, and I found the best-selling products of 2020 all over the globe, the united states, and the UK. So, I would bring and list them based on the context. I hope it does help you to get an idea of what you can sell online.

Best-selling products in the USA, UK, and Germany in 2020

As you see in the table, the way people buy products has changed after the coronavirus pandemic. As it is written from statista.com, more than 30% of Americans buy their food online, and the next product is hygiene-related goods. This makes sense. If you wanted to sell products online, in 2019, the story was different. Now, the way people buy their products online has changed.

GermanyUnited KingdomUnited States
Restaurant delivery/takeaway16%19%31%
I have not shifted from offline to online purchases for any products or services47%35%29%
Hygiene products (e.g., hand sanitizer, toilet paper)13%21%27%
Household cleaning products9%17%26%
Food and drink delivery (e.g., from the supermarket)10%30%24%
Health products (e.g., medicine)15%15%21%
Hobby supplies9%14%15%
Consumer electronics, household appliances, furniture9%11%11%

Best-selling products in the USA

This is a screenshot from the Alibaba Group website that shows the best-selling products in the USA. As you see, the bar accessories are among the best selling products.

Best-selling products in Europe

It seems that the story in the UK is slightly different. In the same website Alibaba, the best-selling products are desktop purifiers, laser hair removal, toner, and some other services.


Coronavirus has changed the way we buy products online. Indeed, some products are still right to sell online, though their selling is competitive such as makeup products, sport wears, women dresses, etc. but it is useful if you assess how you might sell your products according to the current needs of the market. Every brand, now, has its own produced and branded mask. This can also be good for loyal customers.