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How to combine multiple links into one?

Technology is changing every day, and people also need changing based on technology. It is not clear whether technology can define the needs, or it is vice versa.

Since internet browsing is becoming rampant and people may browse hundreds of pages every day, they may prefer to save or bookmark some of them.

They may also want to combine the different URLs in one place or even use this unique link in their bio or social media profile.

How to combine multiple links into one?

As some of you may know, most social media have limited the number of links in bio, including Facebook, Instagram, twitter. However, using tools available, you can add multiple links to your bio or use multiple URLs in one link.

But the question I that how this system works and where to find this link combiner.

To combine the multiple links in one place, you can use ilink. The process of using this link combiner is easy, and you can easily have your unique URL.

ilink is a free tool to gather all URLs in one single URL that is sharable on any place, including social media.

With ilink, not only can you gather all links, but also you can keep and save your videos, audios, and social media profiles.

To combine multiple URLs in one single link:

  1. Go to ilink and set up an account using the register menu
  2. From the options choose, I have links
  3. From the dashboard, click on add links
  4. Customize as you want
  5. See the preview for all devices
  6. Share the unique link on the top right in any place you need


combining multiple links into one single and unique URLs can have lots of benefits for users. They can get more connections and have a profile for those who are looking for them. Others can find you wherever it’s possible.