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I can’t log in to my Instagram, what to do?

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms these days. People can share their images, feelings, and ideas on Instagram but sometimes there is an issue with login into the personal account. What should we do? In this article, we are going to discuss reasons and solutions for this problem.

Why there is an error with your Instagram?

There are five main reasons which you may encounter if your Instagram is out of use;

  1. Your internet connection is faulty

Even the easiest issues can bring problems. Make sure your internet connection is secure and with no delay. Otherwise, you will not get the Instagram service completely.

  1. You entered the wrong username or password

If you are having problems accessing your account on Instagram, make sure to all the login details that you have provided are correct. Note that Instagram password is case-sensitive. Entering the wrong credentials too many times can also block your account.

  1. Your account is blocked

Sometimes the problem is not as easy as you think. Due to violation of terms and conditions, being reported by multiple users, or being inactive for a long time, Instagram can disable or block your account forever.

  1. Instagram servers have some problems at the moment

It is also possible to encounter login issues on Instagram if you are using an old version of the app, which Instagram no longer supports. If your app is outdated, it will not get access to log in to the server anymore. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Instagram app.

  1. Your Instagram app is outdated

The last possible reason for Instagram login problems is that their servers are experiencing technical problems and literally “they are down”. To fix this problem, you only need time and wait until the servers begin to respond to your requests.

  1. Detecting an unusual login attempt by the server

In some cases, an anonymous user or hacker is trying to penetrate your account so Instagram will cross out your account to ensure its security. In this case, you can attempt to login in the coming days or you can ask for help from Instagram support.

20 ways to fix your problem

Now we have to discuss the ways we can utilize to solve your problem, after recognizing the possible reasons. There are a couple of ways which we can do to make your Instagram active again;

  1. Restart your device

The first method we can try if Instagram is not working properly is to restart your device. It sounds cliche at times, but sometimes there are a lot of processes running in the background, so there is a chance that you don’t have enough system resources to run the Instagram app properly.

After your device has completely restarted, open the Instagram app, and try logging in to your account to check if the log-in issue on the app is resolved.

  1. Check the Instagram servers

The next way when you cannot access your account is to check if the servers are working properly. Since there is no dedicated page on Instagram’s website that gives out the status of their servers, we have to check the status from third-party websites such as Downdetector. This website displays any problems encountered by the app for the past 24 hours.

  1. Check your device’ date & time

It is important to know if your device has the wrong date and time, then it can cause problems when connecting with Instagram’s servers. When the Instagram app is trying to log into your account, the servers will examine the host (your phone) date and time validity. Any mismatching can contribute to rejecting your request.

  1. Check your internet connection

One of the simplest methods is to see your mobile or Wi-Fi internet connection. If the Instagram app doesn’t have access to a reliable network, it won’t be able to communicate properly with its servers. If you are using Wi-Fi routers for connection, it is recommended to restart it to ensure that it is connected properly to your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

  1. Reset your Instagram account’s password

Sometimes you have forgotten your password and the symbols you are typing are incorrect. You can try resetting your Instagram account’s password so that you are sure that you are entering the correct login credentials. With these steps we can do this job easily;

One: open the Instagram app and tap on the “Get help with signing in”

Two: now write your username or Email to recover your Instagram account. Then, click the “Next” button.

Three: now, choose a way on how you will receive the link to reset your Instagram account’s password.

Four: in the last step, access the link and write a new password for your account.

After resetting your password, log into the app and check if the problem is resolved.

  1. Clear your Instagram’s cache (only recommended for android users)

If you are using an Android device, maybe some of its system files got corrupted during use or while updating the app. So by deleting all the data and cache on your phone, you will get a fresh copy of the app and that it works properly.

  1. Check for an update

There is a fact that if you are using an outdated version of the Instagram app, it might not be able to correctly communicate with the servers which cause the error when logging in to your account.

So it is better to check Google Play (for Android devices) and App Store (for IOS devices) to check the latest update if it is available.

  1. Check your login credentials

There is some silly mistake which can put you in big trouble. For starters, you may have left the CapsLock on or typed in an extra space without realizing it. Furthermore, because the password’s symbols are hidden on the screen, you maybe have made a mistake while typing it. Instagram usernames begin with an alias symbol (@). However, you shouldn’t type this out when logging in to your account.

  1. Sign into Instagram through Facebook

The good news is because Instagram is a company under Facebook, it allows the two social media to be linked together.

How we can link two accounts together?

Through these steps, you can link your Facebook account to your Instagram one, if you have;

One: tap on your profile picture from the bottom right corner of the screen.

Two: After that, tap on the hamburger menu in the top-right corner.

Three: now, it is time to tap on the “Settings” button at the bottom of the sidebar.

Four: in the next step, under Facebook, select “Account Centre”.

Five: Now, select “Logging in across accounts” and then select “Add Accounts”.

Six: Finally, sign in to the Facebook account you wish to use for logging in and click “Continue”.

  1. Log into the Instagram website via Mobile or PC browser

Sometimes it is better to use the Instagram website for logging in via Mobile or PC browser to check if the problem is with your App or account. The browser version of Instagram is very similar to the mobile app. However, when there is a problem with your app, the browser can still run because of its compatibility and upgradability.

  1. Switch to a different device

In this method, we recommend logging into Instagram on a different device. This method is to determine if the problem is your device’s issues or particularly, your account. Sometimes, your device’s IP has been flagged so you cannot access your Instagram account via your phone.

  1. Use a different web browser to log in

More after, it seems you can’t log into your account from a browser. Here, we recommend using other browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and so on. The reason is that each browser uses different engines to process codes written for websites.

  1. Use a DNS or VPN application

If the login errors are because of your regions or originating from the ports, you may need to use DNS or VPN applications. VPN applications route all your data traffic through a set of servers in the country where service is available. On the other hand, DNS applications convert your IP address into a virtual location of your choice via a proxy server located in that country.

VPN is more secure than DNS, but it is also more expensive. Moreover, VPNs aren’t available on all devices. Also, DNS is faster than VPN. So if security is not a big issue for you, you can try DNS.

How to configure DNS settings to access Instagram?

One: on your phone, go to “settings” and then “Wi-fi” or you can alternatively tap on the Wi-Fi icon in the notification shade.

Two: After that, click the type of connection consisting of your Wi-Fi.

Three: on the next step, click on the Wi-Fi you are connected to tap on the “Advanced Options”.

Four: under “IP settings”, change DHCP to Static. Then, for DNS 1, erase the previous IP and enter and repeat the process for DNS 2 with (stands for Google DNS).

Five: save changes

  1. Factory reset your device

Another recommendation is to hard reset or doing a “factory reset” on your device. This option will erase all of the data and apps previously configured or downloaded on the device. Briefly, your phone will return to the original system state or manufacturer settings. Here, you can follow the steps to complete this action;

For Android;

One: go to Settings and choose “System:

Two: now, click on “Reset options” and then “Erase all data” (Factory reset)

Three: in the last step, again choose “Erase all data”

For iOS;

One: open the Settings app and click on “General”

Two: now, scroll down and select “Reset”

Three: Finally, choose “Reset All Settings”

  1. Clone the Instagram app

If none of the above methods is working for you, You can try solving the Instagram login error by creating a clone of the Instagram app. This means the user is allowed to have multiple accounts on the same device and he/she will get free of most glitches. There are many clone apps available in the App Store or Play Store, which you can choose.

  1. Inspect if your Instagram account has been disabled

Sometimes you have entered your username and password correctly but you encounter this message below;

“The username you entered doesn’t belong to an account. Please check your username and try again.”

This means your account is disabled or deleted either by yourself, or someone else.

How to appeal a disabled Instagram account?

One: enter your username and password

Two: log in to your disabled account. The main page will have a message saying “Your Account will be Deleted”

Three: now, click on the “Request Review” button below the Download Data button

Four: As a result, Your username will be pre-populated and you have to fill in a request with your full name, email address, and why you believe disabling your account was a mistake

This appeal process may take up to 24 hours or longer. The point is, if you or someone else with your password has deleted your account, there is no way to restore it. But you have this chance to create a new account with the same email address.

  1. Change your Apple ID or Android ID

We have to consider that there is a possibility that Instagram has blocked your device ID instead of your account. This can occur due to frequent violations of Instagram’s community guidelines and terms of use. Thus, we must change our Android ID or Apple ID.

How to change Android ID?

One: root your Android device

Two: now, install the “Xposed module”

Three: download a Phone ID changer from the Google Play Store

Four: next, change the Android ID and IMEI number of your phone

Five: reboot your device. Finally, you can reinstall the Instagram app

How to change Apple ID?

One: uninstall the Instagram app

Two: Open the Settings app and tap Your Name which appears on top.

Three: in the next step, you have to log out of the App Store. To do this, tap on the “Sign out” at the bottom of the page. Click on the “Sign out” to reconfirm your decision

Four: go to the App Store and tap the profile picture icon or Sign in button at the top-right.

Five: now you can New Apple ID and follow on-screen instructions

Six: reinstall the Instagram app and log into your account

  1. Disable your Instagram account temporarily

Another method can be temporarily disabling your Instagram account. It can help to fix your account’s problem and also, it has been tremendously helpful for other users. You can do this task using either a mobile browser or a PC browser. Note that your Instagram can only be disabled once a week. Hence, do not overdo this step.

  1. Examine if your Instagram account is hacked

If you sent a password reset email to the email you provided during sign-up but still didn’t receive any such email, there is a possibility that your account has been hacked by someone. In this case, we suggest visiting the “Instagram Help Center” and read the guides. It gives detailed steps on how to solve and prevent your account from being hacked.

  1. Contact Instagram for support

The last thing we can do is to contact Instagram support to find some tips and information as to why these kinds of login errors are happening to you. Hopefully, they will find a solution.


Hope this article would be useful for you. Although server-based technical issues seldom occur on Instagram, it is better to check the status primarily before any intervention. You can also read Instagram`s guidelines once more to gain more information.

52 most expensive items ever sold on eBay

eBay is a revolutionized e-Commerce website that all can sell and buy goods with no time and geographical limitations. Meanwhile, you can also find some items that billionaires seeking for them and they will be sold at a fabulous price. In this article, we are going to list the most expensive items eBay has sold in the whole period of its life.

52 most meritorious items according to their prices

  1. Gigayacht

Price: $168 million

Have you heard about the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich? The reality is, he owns the most expensive item of all time which has been sold on eBay, a 124-meter ship!!!

Gigayacht was designed by naval architect Frank Mulder and it hosts a helicopter pad, retractable glass elevator, spa, office area, jetstream swimming pool, eight guest cabins, and 10 multilevel VIP suites. Abramovich collects luxury yachts as a hobby.

  1. Screenplay from Don Quixote Transcript

Price: $21 million

These are story documents in handwritten letters and press articles by Salvador Dali named “the fantastical saga of the Don Quixote”. These writings are prepared from the logbook of Joseph Foret, which is described as “one of the greatest publishers of all the time”

  1. Talisman of Napoleon Bonaparte

Price: $21 million

This masterpiece made from 114 precious jewels, is one of Napoleon’s historic 1798 campaigns in Egypt. It seems the jewels are arranged specifically by a secret code and reflect his successful career and his love for his wife Josephine.

  1. Antique Sword

Price: $10 million

This pair of antique swords reportedly originates from ancient China. On the swords, you can see a 1986 monochrome pen and ink drawing by artist Christopher Beau and relocates City With Flying Beings.

  1. Artemis Smith’s PteroDARKtyl

Price: $10 million

This “multimedia long-poem” was written by Artemis Smith, recognized as the founder of the 1950s’ Unisex Movement. This feat is described on the site as a “9-panel serial tapestry.”

  1. Ancient Chinese Book

Price: $8,888,888

An ancient Sutra book is a collection of aphorisms in the form of a manual. It is written in the era of the Yongle Emperor (1402-1424). An anonymous bidder bought the book near 9 million dollars.

  1. Hooranky Bae Digital & Acrylic Art

Price: $7,673,000

The works of Hooranky Bae are described as belonging to “abstract expressionism and the dramatic contrast of non-figurative strange shape and coloring”. The title “hoo202002260208” gives us the exact date and time of production in Arabic.

  1. Brexit 50p Coin

Price: $7.2 million

This extremely rare coin dated January 2020 reads: “Brexit Peace, Prosperity and Friendship With All Nations.”

  1. Gulfstream II

Price: $4.9 million

Personal jets are expensive but one of them, named “Gulfstream II”, was sold for 4.9 million dollars on eBay. The aircraft was offered by Texas-based Tyler Jet and it includes luxury facilities for 12 passengers. At that time, it was the most expensive purchase on eBay.

  1. Lunch with Warren Buffett

Price: $2.6 million

Warren Buffet is one of the richest men on the planet and of course, time is really “gold” for him. Any rich person wishes to spend even one minute with him to pick his brain and gain any advice on where to put their money. In 2010, a bidder take the opportunity and spent $2.6 million to have lunch with Buffet in New York. Buffet has earned more than $25 million via these lunch auctions.

  1. The town of Albert, TX

Price: $2.5 million

The little town of Albert, with just five residents, has a hoary history and functioned as a stop on the Fredericksburg-Blanco stage route. The former owner, Bobby Cave, has made 2.5 million dollars from selling it on eBay in 2003.

  1. House with a war-proof bunker

Price: $2.1 million

This seems strange but when you are living in the cold war era, sometimes it is an obligation. Realtors Bruce Francisco and Gregory Gibbons understood this reality and prepared a property in the Adirondack Mountains that was a former missile silo base and made a luxurious house. Now, this cylindrical house has been sold for 2.1 million dollars on eBay.

  1. The Town of bridgeville, CA

Price: $1.77 million

Real estate is a popular category on eBay. This private town is Bridgeville in California and it is spread over 83 acres and it has eight houses, a café, a post office, and 30 residents. The Lapple family decided to buy the item. The point is, this town again went up for sale as the buyer named Krall wished to dispose of it.

  1. Ferrari Dino 2.4

Price: $1.38 million

One of the lovely supercars finished in Rosso Corsa with crema leather. For advertising the car, eBay wrote “The car was originally a dream of the young Dino [Enzo Ferrari’s son], who put the idea of Ferrari producing a V6 car to his father.”

  1. Bentley S1 Continental Fastback

Price: $1.38 million

Another nostalgic car with a 4.9L straight six-cylinder engine, 4-speed automatic gearbox, Smiths Dash Clocks, adjustable sun visor with tinted inserts, and de-mist function. The bold presence of the car is accentuated by its spotless chrome grille while at the rear you can find more chrome works around the iconic Bentley emblem. The interior seats are in grey leather and very comfortable.

  1. Farmhouse villa cottage in Algarve

Price: $1,166,100

This beautiful cottage is located at Santa Clara dam on the border of Algarve and Alentejo. It has direct access to the lake so it is a big opportunity for fishing. Furthermore, it benefits from solar energy and spring water supply.

  1. Honus Wagner Baseball Card

Price: $1.1 million

Baseball cards are very popular among collectors and the rare Honus Wagner card went for $1.1 million in 2000. Honus Wagner was against smoking so he dissociated himself with the American Tobacco company so they produced only 200 of these cards. Baseball fan Brian Seigel bought this card with 1.1 million dollars.

  1. McLaren Senna V8 S-A

Price: $1.1 million

We have another beautiful car on our list. The stunning and super-rare McLaren Senna is the elite manufacturer’s latest addition to its Ultimate Series. Some of its fabulous features are; MSO defined black exterior paint, Bowers & Wilkins sound system, gorilla glass door lower panel, and 6 point harness in blue.

  1. Ferrari Enzo

Price: $1 million

Just to know, only 399 Ferrari Enzo has made, which can be a candidate for rich car collectors. In 2004, one of these cars went up for sale on eBay and attracted bids from automobile aficionados. A Swiss gentleman won the prize by shelling out $1 million. Many experts estimate that this amount is less and that the price of the car will continue to rise in the coming years.

  1. All Star Comics #8

Price: $936,000

A magazine originally sold for only $0.10 in 1941, was sold in 2017 for a staggering $936,223. All-Star Comics #8 is notable because it contains the first appearance of Wonder Woman, as well as her origin story. It has the highest Certified Guaranty Company-graded copy of this issue known.

  1. Vintage Dutch Gum #67 Superman Batman DC Comic

Price: $700,000

This is one of the 1968 Dutch Gum #67 Superman/Batman strip with a white number in a black square and graded PSA 10. In eBay’s advert, you can read: “As rare as rare can be. Vintage cards keep skyrocketing in value and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. A great item for any collection.”

  1. $1 U.S. 1975 Postage Stamp

Price: $600,000

Stamp collecting is one of the trending hobbies, no matter in the 1980s or 21st century. This stamp has only 90 copies in the world and is known by philatelists as the CIA Invert. To be honest, very few stamps can be considered true investments, the CIA invert is one of them!

  1. Shoeless Joe Jackson`s Baseball Bat

Price: $577,610

Shoeless Joe Jackson is one of the legends of American baseball. he got his nickname when he once played without.

In 1919, he courted controversy when he was accused of throwing that year’s World Series to receive a bribe. In 2001, his nephew put up his Black Betsy bat for sale on eBay.

  1. Les Paul Signed Baseball JSA Certified

Price: $499,000

This ball was signed at New York’s Iridium Jazz Club only a few months before Les Paul died. After the signing, he stated, “Well that makes two”.

  1. Marilyn Monroe Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Movie Worn Jewelry Set

Price: $415,000

This is a great chance to gain costume jewelry worn by actress Marilyn Monroe in the classic movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. It also has a bracelet and earrings in a gilt metal setting.

  1. Elvis Presley’s Baby Grand Piano

Price: $375,190

On the 40th anniversary of the “King” Elvis Presley, his 1912 Wm. Knab & Co.’s white baby grand piano was sold in 2017 on eBay. The piano has been played and recorded by musical legends, starting with Duke Ellington in the 1930s until Elvis purchased it in 1957. A portion of the profit was donated to benefit the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which provides hearing aids to children worldwide.

  1. Cæremoniale Episcoporum Antique Rare Book

Price: $318,816

The Cæremoniale Episcoporum (Ceremonial of Bishops) belonged to Padre Pio, a man-made famous for being a Catholic saint is about Church services to be performed by the Bishops of the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church.

  1. Ian Usher`s “Life”

Price: $309,292

Have you ever tried to sell your life whatever on eBay? Well, Ian Usher, a travel enthusiast, did just that and made $309k. He was struck by a mid-life crisis and therefore took the inspired decision to put up his life for sale. The money he got brings a new wave of energy to his life. After that, he got the power to travel to many places and even writing two books.

  1. Michael Jordan Upper Deck 22 KT Gold 23 Nights – Complete Set

Price: $250,000

This mint condition set has the album, original inserts with a history background, and all cards in the collection, and original boxes. eBay has stated some of the cards are less than 2000 all over the world.

  1. Black Lotus Magic Card

Price: $250,000

Earlier in 2020, the most expensive Magic: The Gathering card ever was sold on eBay. It was the very first printing of Magic cards ever made. The card has also received the highest possible grading from Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA 10). The last similar sale on eBay was for a PSA 9.5 Black Lotus, with the price of $200,000.

  1. Leica MP #143 & matching P143 chassis

Price: $245,000

This is the Leica MP original black paint camera and is incredibly rare, with only a handful of black paint examples ever sold on the open market.

  1. 18th Century German Occult Book

Price: $220,000

One of the oldest and scarce books you can find these days. Written by Georg Adam Keyser in 1786, relates to the hermetic arts, alchemy, and the occult. As eBay stated, the work is incomplete and one of the volumes has been missed.

The Book of the Horse by S.Sidney

Price: $207,940

The first edition of this is believed to be an original 1880 copy. It is described on eBay as a “fantastic and extremely rare opportunity to acquire this exceedingly scarce superbly illustrated huge first edition first printing antiquarian book on Horses that should not be passed by.”

  1. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band LP

Price: $200,000

This item has a special story for itself. In December of 1967, a special Christmas party was held at Capitol Records in Hollywood. The biggest selling album of 1967 was The Beatles Sgt. Pepper. To commemorate, Capitol took photos of many of the sales reps and executives who helped make the LP the biggest seller of the year. They took those photos and created a new cover slick for the “Sgt. Pepper” LP using the sales reps. Now, it is only 100 or fewer of these covers worldwide.

  1. Howard Stern Fartman Costume

Price: $175,000

One of the unusual costumes billed as a “quintessential piece of Howard Stern memorabilia.” eBay has stated on the listing: “If you are a Howard Stern fan then you know exactly what you are looking at.”

  1. The Beatles Autographed ‘Please Please Me’ 1963

Price: $155,000

This one of the rare record autographed copies of The Beatles single Please Please Me. Made in 1963, with signed beautifully and boldly on the back cover in black felt tip pen by John Lennon, Paul McCartney who added “all the best!” and a caricature, and Ringo Starr who added, “To Dave Best Wishes from the Beatles.”

  1. Accutech Apparel Autobagger Dynamic Automated System

Price: $125,000

This high-tech machine made by Accutech is used for processing linens and shoes. According to the listings, The robotic armed auto bagger is fully automated and is also capable of printing invoices and invoice labels.

  1. 12 English 19th C Juvenile Carousel Galloper Horses by Anderson

Price: $100,000

A masterpiece from the 19th century, this beautiful set has had sympathetic repairs and has all the historic layers of paint up until the 20th century.

  1. Barbie Ken Error Doll

Price: $100,000

This attractive set includes Barbie’s crush, Ken, with a beard along and a kiss mark on his cheek. The seller wrote: “I have searched the internet and have not found another one like it.”

  1. The Illustrated London News

Price: $75,000

One of the influential Victorian periodical The Illustrated London News, featuring “highly desirable folding plates and illustrations and covering some of the most important events of the nineteenth century.”

  1. “Star Wars” Stormtrooper Prop

Price: $41,500

It is a rare opportunity to achieve an original production promotional Stormtrooper helmet made for the 1977 George Lucas classic Star Wars. The helmet is 80% raw and only has the mouth section and lower center section painted black.

  1. Smart Keys Touchscreen Keyboard Laptop Patent

Price: $40,000

Would you like to have a biometric keyboard screen with a flat-screen laptop system? This laptop was designed in 2006 with a traditional keyboard layout and introduced a tablet-like design for the keys.

  1. Vintage Cabbage Patch Kid Doll

Price: $30,000

Most cabbage Patch dolls were sold with a machine stamp on the left cheek of the rear of the doll. the rarest of these dolls were reportedly hand-signed by Xavier Roberts. The seller wrote: “It has taken me years to muster up the courage to list this precious, little guy.”

  1. Michael Jordan Muhammed Ali Tiger Woods Signed Display

Price: $30,000

This is billed as a “huge Michael Jordan Muhammed Ali and Tiger Woods signed and framed lithograph authenticated by UDA Upper Deck.”

  1. Alaskan Inuit Doll

Price: $28,000

Before Alaska became part of the U.S., this native from the Inuit Tribe has been made. It is said to date back to 1840.

The seller of this item wrote: “This came from a very reputable collector that owned a highly important collection of ancient, prehistoric, and antique artifacts.”

  1. Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 384GB RAam Data Storage

Price: $26,600

According to the listing, this workstation has a second CPU Riser Board, integrated Intel I219LM and Intel X722 controller, a dual Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 2.50GHz 28-Core, and 384GB DDR4 RAM.

  1. Muhammad Ali Pinball Machine

Price: $25,000

Described as “fully working, beautiful perfect cabinet and playfield and comes with a warranty.” Only 3000 of these Pinbal Machines have been made and as a heart fan of Mohammad Ali, it can be very precious.

  1. Instrument Once Owned By Prince

Price: $24,000

This is a four-stringed bespoke instrument that is said to have once been owned by the late musical icon Prince. A very special item used as a film prop and as a part of rich American Hollywood history.

  1. Beatles Pinball Machine

Price: $21,000

This is a handsome 1967 original pinball machine created to honor legendary English rock band The Beatles. The whole machine remains new; None of the wires have been chopped about.

  1. P1 Predator Mask

Price: $14,000

This is said to be an original pull of the P1 Predator mask complete with bio helmet. It was used as a reference for the production of the Predators used in the famous short film Batman Dead End.

  1. Fistful of Dollars Movie Poster

Price: $10,000

Have you seen this dramatic movie? This rare U.S. Advance Style B poster was created to promote Sergio Leone’s classic Spaghetti Western Fistful of Dollars. The actual size is 28 1.4 x 42 inches including the linen-backing.

  1. Stars Wars: Episode IV poster

Price: $10,000

This Stars Wars: Episode IV poster is signed by cast members George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Mark Tamil, Carrie Fisher, and Dave Prowse. This item would make a great addition to any collection.


eBay is one of the pioneers of online commerce and this site empowers lay individuals to buy, sell, and trade items online. You can find many items classified from the most cut-rate products to the most sumptuous ones here. So try to find your best!!!