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A brief guide to run Facebook Giveaway

With more than 2.5 billion monthly active users in 2020, Facebook is the exact place if you want to increase your reputation or impress your audience. Additionally, 78.4% of contest shares are done on Facebook, so don’t underestimate its potency.

Social media contests and giveaways are an excellent way to engage fans and acquire followers but it is not as easy as you think. In this article, we are going to introduce a shortcut method which you can save your time and energy.

What is Facebook Giveaway?

A Facebook Giveaway is the easiest way you can generate leads and grow your following on social media. Because all the methods are paid, Facebook Giveaway is the only remaining way which you use it freely.

Although there is no guarantee if you use Giveaways to increase your traffic, this chance is free and you will lose nothing if contributes to failure.

Facebook Giveaway Rules

Before starting to create your content, you need to understand the rules involved with running a Facebook contest. Here are the main rules you have to obey;

Rule #1: You are just allowed to run Facebook contests from business accounts and not personal profiles.

Rule #2: All official Facebook contest rules, terms, and entry requirements need to be visible.

Rule #3: The copy needs to include a complete release of Facebook by each entrant. Furthermore, you have to acknowledge that the giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Facebook.

Rule #4: You are not allowed to get people to share or tag your contest to enter.

How to run a Facebook Giveaway

  1. Set your goal

Before running a Facebook Giveaway, you need to have a clear objective for what you want the Facebook giveaway to achieve. This will make it easy for you to create an appropriate Giveaway.

Some Facebook giveaway goals include items like boosting brand awareness, gathering new leads, increasing your followers, sending more traffic to your website, or promoting a certain product.

  1. Choose your prize according to the target audience

After determining your objectives, you are going to choose the prize. Whatever prize you choose should make sense for your target audience and be something that they want. For example, a $30 prize will not increase your followers’ motivation.

Furthermore, generic prizes don’t usually work as well. Try coming up with something specific that your audience would like. For example, if you are a computer seller, it is better a nice laptop as the prize.

  1. Decide on a Giveaway theme

In the next step, you must choose a theme for your Giveaway. Whatever theme you choose for your contest on Facebook, should be unique to your business because it will dictate your rules for the followers. For more details, you can also answer these questions;

Is there;

  • A national holiday to celebrate?
  • A major sporting event? The Superbowl?
  • Are the seasons changing?
  • Are you launching a new line of products?
  1. Write your rules

Now, you can write your specific rules for these specific Giveaways. Remember to “write” your rules for the audience, because any additional verbal statement will not be validated. Don’t forget to include all the information that Facebook requires.

  1. Build your Giveaway page

Now, it is time to designing your Giveaway. This process is so easy and remember, there are lots of beautiful templates on the Internet, so there is no need to start from zero. More after, if your giveaway is going to be a massive success it needs to be exciting and simple.

  1. Promote and share your Giveaway

After finishing the design process, you have to market and promote it. You can choose two kinds of methods, which are paid or organic.

For new starters on Facebook, paid promotion can deliver immediate traffic to their giveaway page. This method also can be variable based on the budget. If you don’t like paid promotion method, you can promote your Giveaway organically. To do this, you can change the banner images on all your social media channels, send periodic emails to your email lists reminding them about the giveaway, or add inline calls-to-action to blog posts that you share on social media.

  1. Measure your success

Suppose that your giveaway is over, and you’ve contacted the winner. What to do now?

Remember that you have stated a specific goal at first. You should look at a few key metrics to see if you succeeded. Here are some of them;

  • Response rate
  • Impressions
  • Brand mentions
  • Comments and Shares
  • Email subscribers

16 real examples about Facebook Giveaway

Number one

Statistics: 57,300 views, conversion rate of 85.94%, and prize worth of $1200

Tips we can learn from this Giveaway

  1. Date: notice that this Giveaway ran in February. People haven’t yet given up on their New Year’s resolutions, and a prize pack of athletic gear and health bars is a great offer.
  2. Prize: these prize packages are a great chance for increasing entries and many customers will try to achieve one of these prizes.
  3. Minimum requirement: the only thing merchants were asked from entrants was Email. This will have been a huge part of the reason for their astonishing conversion rate.

Number two

Statistics: 24,600 views, conversion rate of 45.69%, and 10 prizes, each worth $30

Tips we can learn from this Giveaway

  1. Simplicity: you can see merchants have written terms of the contest clearly and in the main body of the contest. This will increase trust between the two poles.
  2. Visuals: the elements are also very professionally put together, giving an astonishing view.

Number three

Statistics: 37,100 views, conversion rate of 31.20%, and prize worth of $500

Tips we can learn from this Giveaway

  1. Prize: you only need to present the amount of your prize with a hot color, which makes it stand out and grab the eye.
  2. Details: The merchant also included a bit more detail about what they offer, so entrants will have a clear insight into the process.

Number four

Statistics: 594 views, conversion rate of 81.59%, and a prize amount of $500

Tips we can learn from this Giveaway

  1. Website & Social media: in this Giveaway, there is no advertisement. Instead, merchants drove visitors from their website to the giveaway, as well as social media Fans and users.
  2. Prize: the amount of $500 will allure any person to grab it, so it will have the nice potential for having high entrants.
  3. High-quality visuals: High-res images throughout the giveaway page communicate the value of a treatment.

Number five

Statistics: received more than 350 entries

Tips we can learn from this Giveaway

  1. Simplicity: suppose you are a parent and it is summer. Suddenly you see a Giveaway offering for a water park. All you have to do is put in your email address and you have a chance to win. Too easy to enter, isn’t it?
  2. Design: also this campaign has been taken place since 2014, but the graphics are still professional and exciting. This will keep the entrant more and more and bring trustworthiness to the connection.

Number six

Statistics: received 233 entries and the prize worth $200 to $2000

Tips we can learn from this Giveaway

  1. Prize: again, you can see the power of dollars to absorb the traffic. When you’re offering a prize like a hotel stay, facial, or breakfast and it could be anywhere, it will make it very clear what value you are talking about.
  2. Colors: if you consider, the background is in grey, as is the text and even the headline, so the orange text of the prize amount stands so clear.

Number seven

Statistics: received almost 100 entries and over 1000 votes

Tips we can learn from this Giveaway

  1. Theme: Mother’s Day is a great holiday on which to base gift-based celebrations to promote your social appearance.
  2. Simplicity: the main element of this campaign is that you only need 15 minutes to design the header, fill in the copy and start it. It is so easy

Number eight

Statistics: received 468 entries

Tips we can learn from this Giveaway

  1. Image: the main success reason for this Giveaway is its image; it shows exactly what people stand to win.
  2. Time of the year: For a lot of parents, back-to-school means they have to buy new notebooks, clothes and a backpack for their children. So when this Facebook giveaway popping up, many people will decide to achieve the prize.

Number nine

Statistics: generated 624 leads

Tips we can learn from this Giveaway

  1. Target audience: when you are using the term “His and Hers” it means all the people can participate, and the Giveaway is not gender-oriented.
  2. Time of action: This giveaway was run around Valentine’s Day, which is the main time of year for a jewelry business. So it will be too easier to convert entrants into customers with a discount or coupon after the giveaway is over.

Number ten

Statistics: received 568 entries from 1,100 visitors

Tips we can learn from this Giveaway

  1. Website-Giveaway connection: at first glance, you see a simple Giveaway, but the organizer also used website popups and opt-in bars on their website to drive traffic to the giveaway, one of the tricky strategies you can use for it.

Number eleven

Statistics: received 23,938 entries

Tips we can learn from this Giveaway

  1. Prize Format: the format of “one for you and one for them” is more lovely, according to the audience’s thoughts. People love to win, but they love to win something for a friend just as much, so the winner feels more emotional.
  2. Website promotion: in this Giveaway, you can see the combination of advertising and website promotion. In this case, the organizer drive the website traffics with ads and they prompt visitors to convert to this Facebook giveaway.

Number twelve

Statistics: received 5,287 entries

Tips we can learn from this Giveaway

  1. Share incentives: The addition of share incentives massively increases the spread of this contest, and takes a lot of the workload of the business. Followers will receive more entries if they share with Friends, and they will have more chances to win.
  2. More winners, more appealing: This is the golden fact; multiple prizes equal multiple winners, and multiple winners mean the people who enter will have a multiplied chance to get the prize, makes the whole process more appealing.

Number thirteen

Statistics: received 5,844 entries

Tips we can learn from this Giveaway

  1. Partnerships: when you encounter the Giveaway, it seems there is no chance for it to succeed. Not so fast!!! ShopLatititude, the organizer, ran it with five other businesses so a $1000 prize will be multiplied to $4000
  2. Design: This page might look like it’s been designed by a professional, but it was possibly done by a total marketing newcomer. All the elements seemed to be easily pasted and the template was ready before.

Number fourteen

Statistics: received 5,272 entries

Tips we can learn from this Giveaway

  1. Easy to participate: A vote giveaway is a great way to get a lot of entrants because the followers are free whether to choose to convert to a real customer or not.

Number fifteen

Statistics: received more than 15,900 entries

Tips we can learn from this Giveaway

  1. The prize: the prize of this Giveaway, which is 250 pounds, can be used in more than 20,000 stores.
  2. Newsletter list: This giveaway is a bit deceitful, as it was created entirely for The People’s Postcode Lottery’s existing email list – people whose contact information they already had.

Number sixteen

Statistics: received more than 7,680 entries

Tips we can learn from this Giveaway

  1. Multiple call-to-action buttons: in this Giveaway, the second CTA means that people who scroll down a bit don’t have to scroll all way up to enter.
  2. Design: you can see a modern-looking Facebook giveaway here, with no mistake


Finally, we have some free ideas which you can use for your business;

First, try to use Photo vote. A photo vote is a type of Facebook giveaway where you ask users to upload a photo. Thus, you will encourage people to choose the best photo and participate in your Giveaway.

Second, although you are not allowed to make your friends share your posts on their pages, you can ask them to comment on your posts to win. These Giveaways usually ask users to write a caption or answer some creative question.

What is my Instagram URL?

To be honest, Instagram is one the most mobile-friendly platforms, due to its high compatibility. Also, this social media has a PC version, it is easier to work with the interface on your phone.

But sometimes this high attenuation to mobile devices can be a weak point for Instagram, because it will not be going to operate as a traditional website, making it sometimes difficult to track down the URL for your Instagram account.

Many people ask, “what’s my Instagram URL?” and if you’re one of them, this article is for you. So we going to show how you can find your account URL both on desktop and mobile versions.

Finding your Instagram URL on your computer

if you are using a traditional web browser to view Instagram, you can use these steps to find the URL;

  1. Open your personal Instagram profile by clicking your username in the right corner of the screen
  1. At the top of the screen, you can see your profile’s URL in the browser’s address bar. If you want to copy and paste it and you using Mac, Hold down “command” + “C” and then “command” + “V”. But if your Windows user, you can do it simply by “Ctrl” + “C” and “Ctrl” + “V”.

Finding your Instagram URL on your mobile device

If you cannot access a web browser and trying to find a URL by Instagram app, these steps are useful;

  1. Open your Instagram app on your Android or iOS phone and login into your account
  1. Open your profile by tapping your photo in the lower-right corner of the bottom menu bar
  1. Now, you should remember your Instagram username located at the top of the screen
  1. Finally, your Instagram URL is made up of two components: Instagram’s website address and your Instagram username which are separated by slashes

How can I change my Instagram account URL?

Now it is time to see if we can change the URL to our desired one. To make this happen, take these steps;

  1. Open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device
  1. Click on your profile icon at the bottom right corner of the screen
  1. Click on the “Edit Profile” icon below your profile picture
  1. Now you can your display name and username. Make your desired changes to your username and finally tap the blue tick sign (✓) on the screen to confirm the change


Hope this brief article would solve your problem. Note that some Instagram accounts are private and may not be visible even if you have their URL. Deactivated Instagram accounts are also not visible.

Who is the brand ambassador?

Sometimes advertisement is not enough for companies and they need authentic and credible advocates. The fact is that reputation and popularity determine a company’s success, so why not using real people as a banner, especially when these guys’ referrals resonate better than solid ads? In this article, we are going to talk about these people, officially “brand ambassadors”.


Based on the definition, a brand ambassador (also called corporate ambassador) is a person employed by a company or corporation to represent their brands and help with increasing sales and ranking. Brand ambassadors are experts when it comes to talking about the brand online and offline. But it can also the company’s employees.

This job is created to consolidate the relationship between the company’s offer and the customer. As you know, there are plenty of social media like Facebook, Telegram, Snapchat, Instagram, and Tiktok. Brand ambassadors make full use of these channels to promote the company of their choice.

How a brand ambassador can be helpful for the company?

We have six main reasons to be a brand ambassador or from a company’s view, employ these experts;

  1. The brand will be more tangible and human-oriented

Honestly, a brand is only a logo or a piece of the image. In contrast, customers are more likely to identify brands and companies if they have a face for them. Even using beautiful models cannot make a desired influence on the audience these days. To overcome this problem, brand ambassadors can manage to make brands human and more tangible.

  1. Upgrading company’s social presence

Most of the time, candidates for being brand ambassadors are socially well-established with a high reputation. This means that they already have a following and an extensive social network. In other words, they are also can be callee influencers, too. Thus, brand ambassadors can easily drive traffic to the company’s website. This also applies to the application of the employer brand.

  1. Expanding market more easily and less expensive

With the help of brand ambassadors, new markets can be opened up. There are lots of unmentioned potency for selling products and sometimes companies cannot capture them with just solid advertising.

  1. The element of honesty

Many customers are seeking honesty in advertising and they are less willing to hear meaningless exaggerations. When they see a person who is respecting the company honestly, they will get more positive signals from ads.

  1. Strengthen of recruiting team

Without a doubt, word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of advertising. By employing brand ambassadors, this feature will be added to the company’s recruiting team. Furthermore, by giving positive reviews, they can change the public’s perception of the company.

  1. Form of customer support

When customers encounter a new brand, they cannot decide to use the service or not. They have lots of questions in mind. Because of this, many are looking to bloggers and other influencers. With brand ambassadors, this problem will be solved.


The salary of ambassadors can vary greatly because there are no exact work hours and ambassadors themself choose how much they want to work. There are typical forms of payment for them;

Yearly: according to Glassdoor, the average salary for a brand ambassador ranges from about $19,000 a year to up to $64,000 a year.

Hourly: If the brand ambassador is being paid hourly, the average is between about $10-16 an hour.

Commission: sometimes, companies prefer to pay ambassadors on commission rather than an hourly rate, so it will lead to the generation of leads by their brand ambassadors. The more leads an ambassador brings into the company, the more earning potential he or she will have.

The advantages of using own employees as a brand ambassador

  1. Deep trust

When you are a member of the brand, people will consider your comment more true. Employees’ social media followers are friends, family, and colleagues. And people consider direct referrals from their close colleagues to be the most reliable.

  1. Knowledge

Employees already are inside the system, making it easy for them to act as branding experts and also, no need to tutor them separately. They know the target groups and available tools to absorb them. Employees also save work in finding and training external ambassadors.

  1. Less charge

The simplest advantage is that he or she is already the company’s employee so they are not going to spend money to find a brand ambassador. This position also affects the amount of extra salary the headquarters are going to pay.


The fact is that people nowadays only trust real referrals and brand ambassadors as authentic brand pronouns, can do this task. The next thing is it will bring even more advantages if companies rely on their employees as brand ambassadors. On social media, users are more likely to trust family, friends, and colleagues.