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How to combine multiple links into one?

Technology is changing every day, and people also need changing based on technology. It is not clear whether technology can define the needs, or it is vice versa.

Since internet browsing is becoming rampant and people may browse hundreds of pages every day, they may prefer to save or bookmark some of them.

They may also want to combine the different URLs in one place or even use this unique link in their bio or social media profile.

How to combine multiple links into one?

As some of you may know, most social media have limited the number of links in bio, including Facebook, Instagram, twitter. However, using tools available, you can add multiple links to your bio or use multiple URLs in one link.

But the question I that how this system works and where to find this link combiner.

To combine the multiple links in one place, you can use ilink. The process of using this link combiner is easy, and you can easily have your unique URL.

ilink is a free tool to gather all URLs in one single URL that is sharable on any place, including social media.

With ilink, not only can you gather all links, but also you can keep and save your videos, audios, and social media profiles.

To combine multiple URLs in one single link:

  1. Go to ilink and set up an account using the register menu
  2. From the options choose, I have links
  3. From the dashboard, click on add links
  4. Customize as you want
  5. See the preview for all devices
  6. Share the unique link on the top right in any place you need


combining multiple links into one single and unique URLs can have lots of benefits for users. They can get more connections and have a profile for those who are looking for them. Others can find you wherever it’s possible.

Fix “Sorry, there was a problem with your request” Instagram

Instagram is now an inevitable part of every one living in the modern world. People wake up checking their Instagram account, and go to sleep with their fingers scrolling down the Instagram feed. with this much time spending on social media such as Instagram getting stuck in this app is a headache.

Since Instagram is launched, many bugs were its inevitable part. Instagram down is a trend on social media such as tweeter, and people are rushing to find its fixes. So many users are using Instagram as of their source of Instagram including retailers. They have stablished their online shop on Instagram, and expect to work without any problems. So, fixing such issues is vital, as they need to have access to their app 24/7. One of the main bugs and Instagram error is “sorry, there was a problem with your request”. So, we would consider the possible reasons why this happens.

Why do I see Sorry there was a problem with your request?

This could be a repetitive Instagram issue, or you may see it once you are scrolling the feed. so, here are some of the possible reasons why this happens:

  • Network connection is weak
  • There is something wrong with network connection or Wi-Fi
  • Instagram is not update to date  
  • There is something wrong with device (is blocked for example)
  • There is Instagram bugs

Fix Sorry there was a problem with your request

1.Check the network connection

You can turn off and on the network connection. Try again, and see if the Instagram feed gives the same error while scrolling down. In most cases it works.

2. Switch between mobile data and Wi-Fi

If you are using Wi-Fi or mobile data you can switch between them, for sometimes. Changing the mobile data to Wi-Fi is from the main menu of every smart phone.

3. Sign in again

You can log out from your Instagram account, and login to the account again. To log out from Instagram account on mobile:

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Go to your profile by tapping the profile picture
  • Tap the three-line icon on top right of the screen
  • Select setting
  • Select log out

You can choose to keep the password saved in the device

Then login in again to your again. See if it is fixed.

4. Reset network connection

5. Update Instagram

You should have the latest version of Instagram, to get the best of the app. To update the Instagram, go to the app store on iPhone, or google play on Android devices. Find the app in the search bar, and update if it is needed. if it is up to date, then leave it and go to the next step.

6. Reinstall the app

If you still see the problem, it is better to delete the app completely, and install it again. Remember that you should have the password, otherwise, verification might be required.

7. Use another device

If you have other devices including tablets, or other phones it is a good idea to try with them. You would realize that the problem is with your device or account. if it’s still doesn’t work, so you should do something with the account.

8. Try Instagram on desktop

You can see the Instagram feed, and post on Instagram from PC. So, if you are working with mobile app, you can switch to a desktop version. Using Instagram on laptop is easy, and to see the feed, you should go to Instagram website and login to your account.

9. Wait for sometime

Sometimes Instagram bugs cause these kinds of problems. So, it is better to wait for sometimes. If it is not still fixed, report the issue.

10. Contact Instagram support

If none of the above methods worked for you, you should contact the Instagram support from the Instagram app. To contact the Instagram support

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Login to your account
  • Go to your profile by tapping the profile picture on bottom right corner
  • Tap three-line icon (hamburger icon)
  • Go to Setting
  • Select Help
  • Select something is not working
  • Write your report

What are the best products to sell online?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, of course, the way to buy their products or service has changed. As they like to stay home, some of the products better sold during a pandemic. In this blog, we explain how pandemic has changed the way people buy online, and what goods are better to sell now. 

The best products to sell online

With the ever-increasing trend of coronavirus, many businesses decided to convert their sales into the online version. They use different eCommerce platforms to sell online, but there are some issues that they should tackle with them.

One of the issues that businesses are facing is changing the demand for products. In the coronavirus pandemic, of course, the need for medical products would be higher. So, the year 2020 would be more about mask, gown, or any other related devices.

Here I have reviewed the Alibaba website, and I found the best-selling products of 2020 all over the globe, the united states, and the UK. So, I would bring and list them based on the context. I hope it does help you to get an idea of what you can sell online.

Best-selling products in the USA, UK, and Germany in 2020

As you see in the table, the way people buy products has changed after the coronavirus pandemic. As it is written from, more than 30% of Americans buy their food online, and the next product is hygiene-related goods. This makes sense. If you wanted to sell products online, in 2019, the story was different. Now, the way people buy their products online has changed.

GermanyUnited KingdomUnited States
Restaurant delivery/takeaway16%19%31%
I have not shifted from offline to online purchases for any products or services47%35%29%
Hygiene products (e.g., hand sanitizer, toilet paper)13%21%27%
Household cleaning products9%17%26%
Food and drink delivery (e.g., from the supermarket)10%30%24%
Health products (e.g., medicine)15%15%21%
Hobby supplies9%14%15%
Consumer electronics, household appliances, furniture9%11%11%

Best-selling products in the USA

This is a screenshot from the Alibaba Group website that shows the best-selling products in the USA. As you see, the bar accessories are among the best selling products.

Best-selling products in Europe

It seems that the story in the UK is slightly different. In the same website Alibaba, the best-selling products are desktop purifiers, laser hair removal, toner, and some other services.


Coronavirus has changed the way we buy products online. Indeed, some products are still right to sell online, though their selling is competitive such as makeup products, sport wears, women dresses, etc. but it is useful if you assess how you might sell your products according to the current needs of the market. Every brand, now, has its own produced and branded mask. This can also be good for loyal customers.

How much does an eCommerce website cost?

Now having an online store or eCommerce platform is necessary to sell online in the market that everyone loves shopping online. However, it could be a bit challenging to select the best eCommerce services for the online store. Here in this blog, we would review the initial prices of different eCommerce platforms available on the market.

How much should you spend to start an eCommerce website?

There are two main ways to have an eCommerce website. First, you get a separate and independent website and make it an eCommerce website. Second, you can use ready themes to build an online store.

The first one, of course, is much expensive. To start an eCommerce website, you should at least spend 500 dollars per month. In the table below, there are comparisons of some of the eCommerce builders. You can check it out. There are some different expenses, including the design, coding, hosting, domain, and some licenses. This is apart from the costs of payment gateways.


There are other comparisons of price to build an independent eCommerce website. As you see, the minimum costs of starting an eCommerce website are about $20,000 per annum.


However, there are more convenient ways to build an online store, which is using ready themes. In this method, you just pay something like rent of themes, that’s it. There no more expenses like hosting, domains, coding, license, SEO, etc. in this method. So, if you have recently started your work, it is a good idea to start with this. It’s affordable and well worth it.

How much is an eCommerce website using ready themes?

The first and direct answer to this question is that it depends on your scale of business and the number of sales. The more you have deals, for sure, the more you need to get extra features, or budget to add products. Let’s start with the well-known eCommerce builders.

iLink online store builder

iLink is the most affordable online store and catalog builder available on the market with about $7.5 on an annual plan, and about $10 per month (if you do not choose the yearly plan).

There is no limit to add products, and you can enjoy all available features on your dashboard without paying the extra fees. There is no cost for your transactions, and you can insert your link to buy the products.

iLink main advantages

  • User-friendly environment
  • Strong SEO performance (Come in search engines results)
  • Ease of use
  • Fast set up
  • Unique design and themes
  • Flexible plan of pricing
  • Annual payment
  • Monthly payment
  • Free landing page

Other platforms prices

As you might search the internet, other platforms are charging at least $26 per month for their small plan. The advanced plans start from $40 to more than $299 per month, depends on your transactions.

Many of these platforms, like Shopify, charge extra fees for their transaction about 2%, which is a considerable amount.

The table below shows the comparison of different eCommerce platforms. It is true that they are valuable, but could be expensive, especially for those who have just recently started their selling.

The other point about these platforms is that not all of them are SEO friendly. This option would help your products come in Google search, but not all of them are available like Shopify. Due to the plugins and tough URLs, Shopify is now well known for being search engines optimized. So, if you are looking for an affordable one, iLink is a better choice for you.


Having an eCommerce website is necessary in the world that people are more interested in shopping online. This trend has been increasing since the recent pandemic. So, it is a good idea to start your online store using the websites mentioned above. However, you should choose it based on the size of your store. If it is small, you better start from ready themes like iLink store builder.

How to edit YouTube videos?

YouTube is now is the biggest platform to share videos, which has lots of benefits for its users. So many users make money on YouTube. So, uploading and all the actions can be vital for user son this popular platform. If you are using YouTube daily, and you are looking for more fans on YouTube, for sure, you need extra tools to perform better on this social media.

How to edit existing YouTube videos?

It might happen for you to upload any videos on YouTube, and you want to delete YouTube or edit it. YouTube is getting more complicated as it gets bigger. So, knowing the different parts of it can help you to fix many of your issues.

Uploading a video on YouTube is easy, and you can also edit your video directly from the YouTube website. However, you can completely delete a video or edit it using a YouTube editor.

To edit a YouTube video on the desktop:

  1. Go to YouTube website
  2. Login to your account
  3. Find “Your Videos” on the left menu
  4. Open and find the video you are going to edit
  5. Click on the video and open it
  6. Find the Edit below the video
  7. Click on Edit and find Editor on the left menu again
  8. you can edit the video as you need
Edit YouTube videos

Open Details to edit the information of the video

Click on Editor to trim the video

To edit a YouTube video on the mobile:

If you have no access to desktop or laptop and you should edit your videos using a mobile phone, you must use a browser on your mobile phone.

  • Go to YouTube website on the website
  • Tap on the switch to web version once the alarm appeared
  • Repeat the steps as it is mentioned for the desktop

All in all

Editing YouTube videos is easy, and you can easily edit it through a browser on a mobile device, or using a computer. However, you can not change the video completely, and you can trim some parts of the video if you need it. You can also edit the description and all other parts using the details section on YouTube itself.

How to delete a YouTube video?

YouTube is now the biggest video sharing platform that millions of users are sharing their videos there. However, you may accidentally share a video, or you want to replace your video. Using different devices may make the issue complicated; in this blog, we thoroughly explain how to delete or replace your videos on YouTube.

YouTube is now used for many different purposes, from having fun and entertainment or making money through influencer marketing. You can also share your online store link on the YouTube description part when uploading a video. So, knowing how its different parts work helps to perform better on it, like uploading, deleting, or replacing the videos.

How to delete a YouTube video?

YouTube will allow you to delete or replace a video immediately you upload it. However, it might be slightly different on different devices. Here we would like to explain how to delete a video on different devices, like Android, iOS, or desktop.

To delete a YouTube video on the phone:

  1. Open YouTube app
  2. Login to your account
  3. Tap on your profile picture to go to your profile
  4. Tap on your videos
  5. Tap on the three-dot icon
  6. Tap on delete
  7. Confirm the deletion

Please notice that you cannot undo this action, and if you delete a video, it will be permanently deleted.

How to delete a video from desktop or laptop

You can delete or manage your YouTube videos directly from a laptop. However, it would help if you used YouTube studio to manage the videos. Using the YouTube studio is easy, and all you need is taping in its icon on your YouTube profile.

To delete a video from desktop:

  1. Go to YouTube website
  2. Login to your YouTube account
  3. Click on your profile picture
  4. Go to the YouTube Studio to manage your videos
  5. Go to Your Videos
  6. Click on three-dot icon just beside the video
  7. Select Delete Forever
  8. Confirm the deletion

Please note that you can’t undo the delete action, and it will be permanently deleted. So, it is better to download the video from YouTube studio, option beside the video itself, to have a backup of your data.

All in all

You can easily manage your YouTube videos on mobile or desktop. Go to your YouTube studio and delete the videos there, by finding the video setting. However, make sure you have a backup of your data because videos will be permanently deleted.

How to delete a Facebook (page, account, group)?

Facebook is the first social networking apps that are popular among all age groups. Businesses are also using Facebook as their methods to sell their products. However, Facebook sometimes gets confusing when you are working with it.

Social media is now a must for every person or business. If you have a Facebook business page, you might get many advantages, like sharing your online store there in the website section. However, for thousands of reasons, you may want to delete and remove the page permanently.

In this blog, we would explain how to remove a page forever for both desktop and mobile users. Scroll down to find out more.

How to delete a Facebook business page on the desktop?

Not all Facebook users are comfortable with a mobile app to delete their Facebook pages. If you are using desktop more, it is easy to remove your page from the desktop.

To delete a Facebook page on the desktop:

  1. Open Facebook website and login to your account
  2. Go to the setting (a triangular icon) right from the home
  3. Open the setting and go to the page you have (in the page’s section)
  4. Open the page and go to the setting on the top right of the screen
  5. In the setting go to the General section
  6. Scroll down to find the Remove Page
  7. Click on Remove Page and confirm the removal by clicking on Delete

How to delete a Facebook page on the app?

If you have no access to the desktop, and you want to delete the Facebook page from a mobile phone, it is also possible. To remove the Facebook page, you should have installed the Facebook app.

To delete a Facebook page on mobile:

Open the Facebook app and enter your login info and go to your account.

  1. Tap on the profile picture and go to your profile. Tap on Pages (with a flag icon)
  2. Tap on the page you are going to delete
  3. Tap on the gear icon (setting) on top right
  4. Tap on general and scroll down to find Remove page
  5. Tap on permanently delete business
  6. Tap on Delete Page

All in all

Facebook can bring lots of advantages for its users from selling items by sharing websites. To use many of facebook options, you must have a Facebook page. If you decide to delete the page, you can create a new one to use different opportunities on Facebook.

How to delete Instagram account?

Instagram is now one of the most popular social media all around the globe. However, it becomes confusing and time consuming. There are lots of stories behind using Instagram, and users might want to delete Instagram due to thousands of reasons. Deleting Instagram account is easy and a few steps you can get rid of it forever.

Instagram is now one of the best platforms to make money, or growing your business. So, before deleting the Instagram account it is better to review how you can make money or share your website or even online store on Instagram.

How to delete Instagram permanently?

All of us using Instagram and having a personal or business account might have valuable data on it. However, while deleting Instagram we never know that later we need to that data. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get a backup of all data before deleting Instagram account permanently.

Step #1: Back up Instagram data

To back up your Instagram data you should have an email address provided on your Instagram account. If you still have no, go to your profile, edit profile, and enter the email address in the personal information section.

To back up your data on Instagram app:

  • Open Instagram app
  • Enter the login info and go to Instagram profile
  • Go to the setting by tapping a burger icon on top right
  • Go to privacy
  • Tap on access data
  • Tap on download data and follow the instruction

Instagram will send you all important information you have on Instagram. if you need to see the data by their categories, from the privacy section in the setting you can go to the separate data sections. View each category separately.

To delete Instagram account, you should use an external link provided by Instagram website. From there, you should know your password and enter it, and give one reason you are deleting the account.

To delete Instagram account permanently on desktop:

  1. Go to on a browser like Chrome or Firefox or Safari
  2. Enter your login information
  3. Select a reason from the menu in the center of the page
  4. Enter your Instagram password
  5. Click on permanently delete

To delete Instagram account permanently on mobile:

Unfortunately, there is no option on Instagram app to delete the account. Instead you should use a browser on your mobile phone to delete the Instagram.

To delete Instagram using mobile:

  1. Open a browser like Safari or Chrome on your phone
  2. Go to
  3. Enter your login information
  4. Select a reason from the menu in the center of the page
  5. Enter your Instagram password
  6. Click on permanently delete which is written in red color

All in all

If you are tired of having an Instagram account, or for any good reasons you are going to stop using social media, it is better you think about deactivation of social media account before deleting it permanently. It gives you time to think about it more. Make sure, have a backup of your data before deleting the Instagram account permanently.

How does eCommerce work?

Ecommerce platforms are now one of the best places to sell online. Digital marketers, small, medium-sized businesses, and freelancers use eCommerce platforms every day to increase their profits and interests. But the way it does work should be clear for users.

If you were wondering how you can make money online or how you can run your own business, and you conclude that making an eCommerce website is the best option for you, read this blog to find out how the eCommerce platform does work for you and your business.

How eCommerce store works?

eCommerce is a method of marketing and selling products or services using digital platforms like websites, blogs, and social media.

An eCommerce platform usually has three central part: 

  • Logo and a short bio 
  • Information on Social media networks 
  • Products (with their images and prices) 
  • Contact methods 

However, the underlying process from which a user enters a platform and buy a product is essential. There are three different parts about an eCommerce store you should know.

#1 Where to get customers? 

There are many ways that a user would come to the eCommerce platform.

Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are only some of the places that bring users to the eCommerce platform.

If you insert a link into a social media bio like Instagram, and Facebook, or any social network that allows the link sharing, users would click and will come to the eCommerce platform.

To bring users from social media to eCommerce platforms, you should be smart and create posts that are relevant or attractive to many users on social media.

There are many tips to get more followers or promote social accounts on the internet. The more you get engagement on social media, the more you will get referral clicks to your eCommerce website. So, it will worth working on them using all available tips or social media tools.

The tools would help you to edit images, create videos, or any other services that make or improve the Instagram posts. 

#2 What to sell on eCommerce store

on an eCommerce platform, you can sell every product. There are three different categories of products you can sell: 

  • Physical products: books, clothes, shoes, shirts, etc. 
  • Digital products: e-books, movies, CDs, DVDs, tutorial videos, online courses, etc. 
  • Services: using any apps, software, or cloud-based programs. 

#3 How to sell on the eCommerce store? 

A user can select a product in the eCommerce platform, and a call to action can be added. This call to action can be a link to buy a product, or a phone number to call to the seller. 

Once a user uses the link to pay, or contact sellers, sellers can check and confirm their payment, and place their orders. 

In this case, sellers can change the available items to make sure that customers are not buying the unavailable items on the eCommerce platform. 

The best eCommerce website builder 

iLink provides the best and most affordable eCommerce website builders. In the iLink, you can set up your eCommerce store with the ready themes and build your online store with a few clicks. 

Besides the eCommerce store, iLink is a platform to create a landing page for all social media. 

So, you can have a free landing page to share everywhere you need besides the eCommerce platform. 

How to earn money from home?

Running a business is a challenge and with the ever-increasing growth of companies. However, making money from home and having an independent business is not a challenge these days. In this blog, we explain how to earn money from home. 

Best way to make money from home instantly

You can follow these simple steps to run your business from home. All you need is having a product (even if it is handmade) and a platform to sell. iLink provides you the best platform to help you with earning money from home. 

To earn money from home: 

Make your products ready. There are three different types of products you can sell from home. 

Personally, to run a new business, I search among Instagram shop profiles for new ideas, or to find the “in need” products. 

  • Physical products 
  • Digital products 
  • Services 
  • Affiliate programs (websites like Amazon provides the affiliate program). 

1.Make your online store 

The best way to sell from home is by having an online store. Now, you can sell all kinds of products using the eCommerce store of the iLink shop. All you need is having pictures of products, their basic information and descriptions, and prices. 

iLink description section under each product name would help users buy the products from google search. 

Making an online store is a piece e of cake, and with a few clicks, your store is ready. 

Try it now! 

  • Go to iLink shop and sign up 
  • In the dashboard click on add products 
  • Type in the name and enter the details 

If you need more details on how to use iLink, you can check the blogs or iLink videos on the YouTube channel. 

Check the preview while you are making your store 

2.Share the online store 

Connection to social media is now one of the most critical stages of every business. This is most important for a small-sized business like yours. Using different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, increase your sells. 

3.Track your success 

Meanwhile, you are selling your products from home. You must track the sale and income. Making a business plan, marketing plan, knowing the target market, or even the language you can focus on, all can help you to perform better. 

You can read some precious materials about business tips and strategies. Even once you start your business, you will know which products are in need, and then you can focus on that. 

How can I recover my Facebook account?

Facebook is now is the largest social media all-round the glove with more than 2 billion active users monthly. Though it might happen for you to create an account, and you want to recover later. 

Having an old Facebook account if there are many friends or connections is like a treasure. You can use any social media like that to start your business online, for example, creating an online store. Recovering a Facebook account is secure, and, in this article, you will find out how to improve an account or even to recover the Facebook account you have used on another website. 

How to recover your Facebook account?

If you want to recover a Facebook account of your own, it is possible through the profile of that account. The key to this recovery is that you should find the pattern first, and then click for the account recovery. 

To recover your Facebook account: 

First You should find the account you would like to recover 

  1. Go to the profile you would like to recover 
  2. Click on the three-dots icon under the cover photo of that profile 
  3. Click on find support or something else 
  4. Click on something else and then click send 
  5. Click reclaim this account and follow the instruction given on the screen 

Facebook might need the recover code from the email or phone number you have first registered the account. 

How to recover your Facebook account on another website? 

If you have logged in to any other site like gaming websites, or GitHub you may want to recover that account. Each time you log in to any other sites, a key will be generated on your Facebook account that you can find it through your Facebook account. 

To recover the Facebook account on another website: 

  1. Log in to the main Facebook account 
  2. Go to recovery section of the website 
  3. Select Facebook as an option to recover 
  4. Follow the given instruction on the screen. 

Though, before doing so, you should turn on the account recovery first. To turn on the account recovery on another website or service: 

  • Go to the site or service
  • Find recover the account, and when you are asked how would you like to recover the account, choose Facebook 
  • The Account Recover Facebook page should be loaded
  • click turn on, and you will be redirected to the website again 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions 

How to recover a Facebook account without email?

Facebook provided some way to recover your account even if you have no email 

  1. Go to and follow the given instruction 
  2. You should use a mobile or computer you had legginged to your Facebook account before 
  3. Once you could log in to your account, reset your Facebook password. 


Facebook does allow you to recover the Facebook account in any condition. If you have access to any devices that you had login before, that is great. You can retrieve the Facebook account on another website to using the recovering options of Facebook. If that website supports the recovering the Facebook account, you can continue. 

How to start an online boutique?

If you have got the products, you are lucky that you are very close to your aim of building your online store. First, I will mention the main steps to start an online boutique; then, I would give you all details of that. 

Everyone might have dreamed of setting up their own business but it might seem unachievable. Thanks to the coding and technology that made this easy. 

Now, you can build your online store with any products with a few clicks and with no technical knowledge or coding. the price is very cheap and affordable. even less than maintaining a dependant website. 

What do you need to build your online store?

  • Name of your online store with some basic info like contact numbers, support numbers, etc. 
  • Picture of products 
  • Prices of products 
  • Payment links (or any method you desire like contact you directly) 

How to start an online boutique on desktop?

You came here to build your online boutique but my question is: “have you got any clothes or products to sell”? if your answer is yes, then you are lucky and very close to starting your business. May be Today! 

Keep in mind that to make your online boutique to need to pass three main steps: 

(1) Building an iShop (your website) (2) Add your products (3)Add payment links (4) Share your iShop with as many people as you can 

So, the first step is to have a website. Do you think that is time-consuming? finding a website designer to write codes for you and build your website? True! but iLink has a short way for you. iLink provides an opportunity to use the ready templates of online stores even more beautiful than Amazon!  

  1. Go to iLink and open an account 
  2. In the iShop menu add all your products, prices, and payment links 
  3. Share the link of your online store (or a single product) 

To start an online store on mobile

if you have no access to the laptop or computer but you can still manage your store and make your website through your mobile phone. 

you should use a browser on a mobile phone to sign up to iLink and make an iShop 

easily add your products from the gallery of your mobile phone and do all the action on your smartphone. 

Tips to start your online shop:

  • Take photos of all of your products and categorize them like what you see on Amazon. For example, men, women, accessories, etc. 
  • Look at the same products on Instagram by searching hashtags, accounts to find the best practice for photos. 
  • This is very simple and important. You can find the best selling clothes and their photography type on Instagram by looking at their likes, views, comments. In general, products that sell better get more likes and comments. Get the ideas of their photos, but never copy them. Be unique! 
  • For me, the best collection is an Instagram shop account. It already gathered hundreds of brands in which you can get some ideas of photos or how to present your clothes and accessories. 

Sum up

Building online boutique is easy and fun. If you have the pictures, price, name of your brands and all other necessary information iShop is made for you to start your business! Even today! Share your experience with us in the comment. Good luck with your online business!

iLink vs

A free tool to increase social media channels credibility and audience by adding multiple links and other stuff you would like to embed, solve the limitation of adding multiple links by one alternative link

Nowadays, It gets easy to expose your brand to a broader audience by using one link in which the multiple links are behind.

The fact is that many marketers’ communities are looking for a way to know how to drive more traffic to their website in order to grow their branding as well as product sales.

On the other hand, every user with any social media account private or business in every scale small or big start sharing links to their bio places to get more out of the single link

 Here, we are going to explain two platforms to achieve this marketing goal on the social media network as soon as possible.

Adding multiple links? (Why)

The answer is that sharing social media links on a specific page can increase engagement.

I know that everyone in the process of establishing any social media account might think of which bio link should be put in bio place to seem comprehensive and catchy at a glance. By the use of ilink, not only can you direct more reach to the destination page have been crafted as a business page but also bring a consistent brand personality with multiple links on a page. Ilink short clickable links like ilink/traise indicate that you are a member of a company with a validate link.

The advantage of multiple links on Instagram

  • Promote other links with one bio link
  • Increase the view of  multiple social media accounts
  • Lead to prove the brand identity and awareness
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts
  • Draw attention to a product launch.

Why should I use ilink to grow my business

As a matter of fact, ilink wants to complete its efficiencies and responsibilities with plenty of useful features as well as different social media platforms support.

Imagine that there is a landing page in which you are going to design it yourself with a mixture of colors, buttons, music, videos, texts, and of course links. When a user or a lead click on your Instagram bio link, come up with a well-designed page that can get more about your business and marketing activities. This is the only place to entertain them with the content you gathered before.  A shared link leaped into a cv of the business.

Ilink features in one view

Contact Information is divided into two different parts:


  • Description
  • Website
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Mobile

Social media

  • You should choose the social media platform to expose the  bio information


  • Add a new button to create every social media URL accessible for the user.

Add whatever you want music, video, and every page

URL and decorate each of them with a favorite design and color.

As the picture shows, you can see statistics of each social media link separately by clicking on-chain option. Also, the video or music links located in this section to increase the visibility and importance of them.

  • The preview of your ilink page is available right side of the  button links

Design: Several themes are ready to create the best shape of the landing page.

Ishop: One more thing which is good to know is that Ilink is going to roll out another paid version with new features comes with the idea of purchasing products and goods from right inside the landing page without any need to the website, and the other is Pro serves you with full analytic

Ilink marketing ideas

  1. Offer a free version
  2. Gather All your necessary links in one place
  3. Shows how your audiences contact you
  4. Add the newest contact info and another contact medium (email, social media, phone, website) to the microsite.
  5. Connect social media Influencers with the audience
  6. Impact your email marketing strategy with a lead magnet &landing page
  7. Best for bloggers and affiliate marketers to Send people to a popular blog post and products
  8. Give the number of clicks on every link
  9. Provide User-friendly setup

Ilink in compersion with is similar to ilink, and there is a page to promote who you are also what do you have to present the audience. It is free with one link used in bio places to direct people into your page with multiple links. Totally, like ilink, you can Invite people to get involved with your content such as videos, Email signature, add spotlight buttons to share multiple links. But the noticeable point is that has a few simple features to get help users in building a consistent brand personality in compersion to ilink because ilink has a variety of features in the free version.

 ishop and pro feature which is so amazing for amateurs in the marketing field in addition to analytics and graphical base platform to catch many eyes with colorful page themes and gradient backgrounds pro features

  • Connect your own domain to the landing page
  • Show highlights of your work visually
  • Convert your page visitors into contacts
  • Get insights about your page visitors
  • Customize the page appearance in search engine result
  • It costs 8$ per month

Why do I recommend ilink?

When it comes to growing the audience in each visual base platform, all of us may think of a free tool to flourish our marketing level with Promoting product sales or something like this. That is a great wish that ilink has held true. I want to admit that ilink has more useful features you can count on your marketing infancy like social media connections, fast and straightforward design, a well as a hit of multiple links versus released in a free version with limited features that might make it hard for every user to go on with. In addition, ilink to keep subscribers connected offers ishop and pro features at an affordable price at any time that if they want to make the most of it, pay the fare for that.

The last word is that it is up to you whether to choose ilink or, but I suggest that for making a better decision, consider the essential requirements of your social media marketing then the capabilities you can obtain from the optimizing tool.

Everything you Need to Know about Instagram Shoutouts

There are lots of ways to grow on Instagram, from sharing good quality content to playing the follow/unfollow game to get more followers. Let me tell you that there is another very effective way to boost an Instagram account, which you have surely heard of, which is an Instagram shoutout.

Shoutouts on social media platforms emerged not a very long time ago, but they kept growing as a well-known strategy for social media growth, and these days, so many people either give out an Instagram shutout or look for accounts to do shootouts for them. If only you knew how effective it could be for your account’s growth to get good shoutouts, then you’d never underestimate its power ever again. But in order to add this strategy to one of your marketing strategies, the first step is to get more information on what an Instagram shoutout is, where and how to get shoutouts and maybe you’ll want to do it for others later, as well.

Shoutouts on social media platforms emerged not a very long time ago, but they kept growing as a well-known strategy for social media growth, and these days, so many people either give out an Instagram shutout or look for accounts to do shootouts for them. If only you knew how effective it could be for your account’s growth to get good shoutouts, then you’d never underestimate its power ever again. But in order to add this strategy to one of your marketing strategies, the first step is to get more information on what an Instagram shoutout is, where and how to get shoutouts and maybe you’ll want to do it for others later, as well.

What is an Instagram shoutout?

An Instagram shoutout, also known as Insta shoutout or IG shoutout, is the act of promoting another account with a story or post you share, for different purposes. When people ask for a shoutout, they are either willing to get more followers or to promote their business or brand to a wider range of people.

The most effective kind of getting an Instagram shoutout would be to ask an influencer to do it for us because they are the ones who have the most followers on Instagram and If they share a story or post mentioning us or our businesses, we are on our way to go and we will get noticed by lots of users. But usually, such shoutouts are not free and come with a charge. Meanwhile, not all shoutouts need us to pay and we can even get free shoutouts too. In this section, I want to write about the different kinds of an Instagram shoutout so you’d get to choose which one of them best suits you and your account.

Different kinds of Instagram shoutout:

  • Shoutout for Shoutout (S4S), the free one

The most common type of giving out shouts outs on Instagram is the shoutout for shoutout, which is mostly called as S4S. In S4S both involved accounts would have a deal to promote each other’s accounts or businesses by sharing a post or story containing their pictures, videos or images of their products and mentioning their page. This is a mutual deal that would be free for both sides.

Usually, in Shoutout for shoutout, both sides need to have almost equal followers do they would not have to charge each other any money for the deal.

  • Paid Shoutout, the more effective one

A paid shoutout is almost just like an Instagram influencer marketing, in which you pay to someone who has lots of followers to promote your account, product or brand. Paid shoutouts require you to either pay money to the Instagram influencer doing it for you or to offer free service or product.

  • Voluntary shoutout

The last type of shoutouts on Instagram is the rarest one, but it actually happens when someone decides to compliment you, your business or product personally, without you asking them to do it. Take the example of a customer who is so happy with the product he bought from you and he experienced great customer care as well. This makes them want to introduce the product or service to their followers and thank you personally by giving out a free shoutout.  

How to get an Instagram shoutout for your account?

One of the best ways to boost an Instagram account’s popularity and get it noticed more, as I mentioned easier, is to get shoutouts from good and reliable Instagram influencers or accounts by paying them or agreeing on a S4S. Anyways, we have reached the stage that we now know what an Instagram shoutout is, and it is time to find out how we can get the vest shoutouts for our Instagram account.

  • Make a connection with Instagram users similar as you

The best way to get followers and attention using shoutouts is to connect with the people who have the same niche as you for shoutout agreement. If you own a page about fashion and makeup, promoting beauty products, then it won’t be a good idea to team up with an Instagram influencer who does yoga and their page content is all about sports because their followers are people who are interested in sports and would not welcome irrelevant content such as a beauty product.

So, find and connect with the users who have the same niche and almost, same follower count as you, and most probably, you two would agree on giving out Instagram shoutouts to each other’s pages because that would be a win-win game.

  • Find the best Instagram shoutout pages

There are several pages on Instagram which are dedicated only to share other pages’ good content and give out shoutouts to them. This way, they would both maintain a great Instagram profile with quality content, and they’d help other accounts get more followers and attention. Such pages are called Instagram shoutout pages.

Most of these Instagram shoutout pages are not paid, and all you need to do is to mention and tag them in the posts you share and the posts capture their attention; they’d repost it giving credit to you and this way. You’ll get the best of Instagram shoutouts. It is recommended to build a relationship with potential shoutout pages before pitching them.

The Influencer marketing hub website has provided a complete list of best shoutout pages to boost followers, which I really recommend you take a look at. 

  • Get help from an Instagram shoutout app

The last way in trying to get an Instagram shoutout for an account is to try out some tools to make the act of finding influencers and getting shoutouts easier. Yes, you read right; there are some tools such as “buy-sell shoutouts” which are networks to buy and sell Instagram Influencer Marketing Shoutouts.

Another example if an Instagram shoutout app is Shoutcart, which would help you find credible influencers that match your niche on Instagram. Keep in mind that if for “S4S” or “shoutout for shoutout,” the number of followers and engagement rate of the chosen shoutout page should be somehow near to yours. 

Instagram shoutout examples

An Instagram shoutout can be shared in different ways regarding the agreement between the one who asks for it and the one who posts it. As mentioned before, we can give out a shoutout either with a post or a story. This later divides into smaller categories because an Instagram shoutout can have different purposes such as getting more followers or merely advertising.

Paying attention to the information given above, here are some Instagram shoutout examples:

Instagram shout out post promoting something

The most common shoutout we see on Instagram is when an account promotes another account by directly posting pictures or videos of the product or service they offer. Take the example of the shoutout below in which a harry potter bracelet is clearly being promoted for the “@world.of.harry” account by another page.

Instagram shout out story promoting a product

Another place to share a shoutout would be to compose a story and share it with followers. This one is very common these days, and we see many stories daily that are directly promoting another page, service or product.

Shoutout posts or stories to get followers

Apart from advertising, another goal of Instagram shoutouts is to get more followers. In this type of shoutout, the poster posts a picture or video of the person or page that aims to get more followers, and asks their followers to check their account and follow them.

Get the most of your Instagram shoutout

Now that you successfully got to know how to get an Instagram shoutout for your account, it most probably would result in lots of new followers and visitors. If you want them to stay on your profile and tap that Follow button, create a good first impression on them bio having a great Instagram bio. You can make the most of this chance and drive traffic to other places as well. You can direct them to your other social media profiles, websites, blogs, etc. The only thing you have to do is to ditch the Instagram restriction which does not allow us to have more than one link on our bios and add as many links as you want.

This goal can be reached using iLink, which is a tool for converting countless links into only one short link, which can be shared in all social media platform bios. This way, when new visitors arrive at your profile, by clicking on the bio link, they’ll be redirected to a web page containing links to any place on the web you want.

How to write a bio for every social media platform professionally?

You are going to introduce yourself in front of a large crowd, looking forward to being offered a good job vacancy? Wondering how to write a bio Or want to interest people maybe impress a person in authority to call you? Or find an attentive reputation? How could you come up with a plan to put words or sentences together to make a short bio successfully? Accurately, for writing a bio to reach the desired promotional place?

Well, thinking about the best biographies for multiple social media platforms is probably challenging. You are looking for a biography template; either a comprehensive sentence or expression to describe your personal bio consist of the abilities, skills, knowledge, job positions, and achievements without any duplicative blurb.

 Not only, considering one particular great biography for each social media channel approximately makes it harder for us to think about obvious bio examples for every platform but also, with the leading role of social media have found, professionals and amateurs need to be aware of some well worth bio ideas to present their real and the best characteristics of themselves entirely.

Such a question may come to your mind, “What makes me unique in 150 characters examples?”

Using only 150 characters more or less to express all about you in short professional bio format sounds insufficient to cover the list of items you can do, but pay attention that with knowing the play with this amount of bio words, you can be qualified on having a  good bio comes up as one of the biography examples in online users minds.

Now, it is time to learn new points about how to write a good bio to shape your own business resume?

How to write a short professional bio to attract more audience

All of us love warmth and intimacy in reading a piece of professional bio or formal speech without any exaggeration, and extra details with a simple tongue, as well as a little bit mixture of a sense of humor. Going on with this structure in writing a biography takes you one step ahead in having the right biography template. Leave no stone unturned to note that the shorter efficient bio you craft, the more readable and noticeable it appears to people’s eyes.

Here are the most useful biography examples you should mention in the bio template to authenticate well enough.

  1. First name and last name in a biography example is an essential thing; it means who you are
  2. Job Position which says that what do you do 
  3. The company or brand you work.
  4. The achievements and success you have made so far ( at least one)
  5. Specify the topic you are interested in by putting hashtag beside it.
  6. Tell about the hobbies and talents you like
  7. Mention the relevant website link as a validation.
  8. Use emoji’s and breakpoints  increase readable and tidy
  9. Take advantage of tagging accounts to present you as  a professional bio template

How to write a biography template and examples of social media

One key point that hugely affects the biography template is the social media platform you choose for a biography outline. However, on each social media platform having a short professional bio template sounds awesome. Below are the short bio examples of  the famous Instagrammer also the business page which does it well

Instagram bio Templates

Whether we want it or not, the importance of Instagram bio hits a peak until recently. Various people are finding good bios on Instagram to be trained on how to start a biography to draw many users’ eyes. Honestly, writing an efficient short bio in 150  or 160 characters is a kind of glory provided that it amazes the reader. To do that, The structure below will help.

1. Consider a valid and meaningful name, as well as the username for the profile ( The brand name/Your name)

Remember to select a name that features your Instagram niche or activities to seem more authenticated for users. Like the example below

2. Creative sample bio typically notes the skills and description.

Some popular Instagrammers separate their skills by /Or, and generally, using these symbols can help to organize the Instagram bio; however, emojis are more useful to be considered in the bio template.

3. Using keyword can make a catchy biography sample

Indicate everything you are interested in a famous person, or whatever, by # sign to keep eyes on your bio words, but be careful about the words you are going to select.

4. Always have a bio link for self-description or accomplishment

It is good to know that a link on every social media profile is required to give a kind of vivid picture of yourself. People mostly take advantage of this opportunity to provide a video or content summary of their biography, brand, products, interests, accomplishments.

5. Make the most of tagging option to show the coordination and activities

Introducing the Instagram accounts that you are interacting them directly or indirectly as an example of personal achievements.

What are the twitter bio ideas:

When it comes to twitter blurb examples, many people seek a way to invoke more formal and serious about looking special because twitter is more formal social media in compersion with the Instagram platform. Have a look at examples of personal statement examples.

  • Jon Donahue is one of the best sample bios, which got the help of a sense of humor and seriousness, even though this type of bio resonates with artists or celebrities.
  • Larry Kim has built the best twitter business account. Actually, he lists the personal accomplishments of his job positions by mentioning them. It is more common to add the LinkedIn URL to prove your resume bio as well as possible. Such a formal bio
  • Harry bliss used third person examples in her bio to seems more formal but straightforward. Still, Larry Kim just tags the most important relevant twitter accounts, which are in the connectivity with his professions.
  • Some others, like Neil Gaiman, uses his creativity and intuitiveness to show off his accomplishment in a blurb. In this way, most of  the writers come to eyes with their inner self-sense sentence to seem 

Writing Facebook bio tips

Facebook is another platform we should know how to write a sample bio for. One thing I want to clear is that Facebook is known as a less formal platform than LinkedIn and Twitter.

Personal or business bio?

For personal facebook bio, it is excellent to about

  • The interests and hobbies
  • Accomplishments and capabilities
  • Inspirational,motivational quotes

In the “About”  tab, in the “Work and Education” part,  you see “Professional Skills,” Workplace” area, and in Details about You section, you can create the personal bio. Its menu clear options to guide you with writing a good bio.

For business facebook bio

For writing a facebook business bio, you have to put effort into making a distinct difference rather than other social media platforms. As there is no limitation to keep on writting more and more via the set of the short description. Do your best to control it.

At least break down the practical tips to make the bio valuable.

  • What you do or your mission
  • Home town & Current location
  • The products or services you may offer
  • Contact information
  • Key company personnel
  • Put the link to the company’s main website

Best biographies (LinkedIn bio)

LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for writing an excellent professional bio. The majority of people with the LinkedIn profile are experts in their posts or positions, and this platform pops up in all minds as a knowledge base social network for savvy and with a few amounts of amateurs.

  • A sample of professional LinkedIn bio known as a long formal bio, which makes users a little bit baffled. In turn, of its detailed practical information, which may resonate with just experts, not mediocre.

Thomas, with the HR position, is giving useful work data for the ones with the same job position. Indeed, he did it well as providing updated detail information, but we, as a viewer, may look at the dark side of it and call it a tedious long company bio.

  • Here, a creative bio example that tells the bio with friendly language motivates everybody to keeps on with the rest of the long bio. It needs more thoughtfulness to talk about the qualifications and knowledge of job experience and this stuff in a format of gentle, elegant tongue storytelling.

How to write a good bio for work

Well, each person may have already signed up for plenty of social media channels to share some qualifications, background, accomplishment with managers, business owners. Whereas there can be some common mistakes in these bios that need repairing.

  • Education should be considered first to assure who you are and what can you do for that company
  • Sometimes, the issue is that every year might bring new events, achievements, success, and breakthroughs, and if you have learned how to write a bio for yourself. Now it is time you should be able to edit and update the bio at the right time. Because being updated in such a digital era in every field is precious and absolutely essential.
  • Keep it in mind that most of the good bios for work or company is better to write in the third person to be more polite. On the contrary, personal bios (for social media accounts) will be more acceptable written in the first person to be more casual informal.
  • Do not forget to use a suitable amount of adjectives to educate you are well worth in your biography

Considering all the things mentioned above, what if we provide accessibility to all our social media bios with just one link click. Here the excellent piece of news is that ilink serves you with free capabilities to add multiple links bio, whatever your website URL, Twitter account, Instagram, etc. to direct more audience to the right place and check all social media bios and information in one place.

Make the most of this marvelous tool to manage all social media to make the first impression on your audience with every social media platform bio to draw them in and persuade them to follow you.