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Convert multiple links into one short link and use it anywhere you want!

How to share a post on Facebook?

One of the main attractions of social media is that you can share your favorite photos, thoughts, and opinions with your friends or the general public. Facebook, as one of the most popular social networks in the world, has made it easy for you to share. If you want to know how you can share a post on Facebook or have trouble doing so, read on.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On the Facebook homepage, click “What’s on your mind”
  2. There is a security button below your Facebook profile name. If you click on it, you can change it:
    General Option – Anyone can share the post you share on Facebook or offline by clicking this button.
    Friends option – By clicking on this option, your post will be shared only with those you like on Facebook.
    Special friends option – Your post can only be shared by people you specify.
    Only me option – This option means that only you can share this post.
    Custom – With this option, you can create a list of specific people you want to view the post.

Finally, click on the post to see its message. This post will then be shared by those you specify.

How can we share a post after posting it on Facebook?

If you have posted in the past but have not yet changed your security settings, do not worry; Because the security settings of old posts are still editable. To do this, you must perform the following steps in order:

  • First, you need to find something in your history that you want to share with others.
  • Then click on the small icon below your profile name, right next to the posting date.
  • The Security Settings menu should appear here. Then you have to choose the right settings you want.
  • Finally, when you click on your selection, the change will be applied to the post automatically. Now people with permission can easily share your post.

How to create a shareable Facebook post for a private group

If you are a member of a private Facebook group, anything you post in that group cannot be shared outside the group. But if you want others to be able to share the post you created in your private Facebook group, you should do the following:

  1. Create the post in your timeline first. Then make sure everyone can share your post.
  2. Then in the lower right corner of the post, click the share button to open the drop-down menu.
  3. In this menu, select the group sharing option. Then select the private group you are a member of.

This will allow the post to be shared in a private group. But anyone else who wants to share it outside the group has to go to the main post and share it from there.

How to share a post for a Facebook group?

If you are a member of a Facebook group that is open to the public, you can share everything you post in that group if you set the security settings to public.

How to share a post without public posting on Facebook?

You can easily specify the desired group or your friends except for certain people. This will allow you to share a post but not make it public. But you should keep in mind that if you post a message on someone else’s Facebook, that person can specify who can share that post.

How to create a Facebook post on a shareable page

To be able to share posts on a particular page, you need to do the following:

  • You must first click on the pages at the top left of your Facebook homepage.
  • In the next step, the list will open for you. From this list, you must select a page that has the post you want to share.
  • Then find the post you want and click on the share option at the bottom right of the post to share it with others. Keep in mind that all posts on the page are set to public security by default and cannot be changed. And anyone who has access to a page can share a post.

How to create a shareable post in the Facebook app

The Facebook app is not much different from its web version and its settings are almost the same as the website. In the Facebook app to do the security settings for your post, you need to do the following:

  1. First, like the Facebook web version, click on What’s on your mind on your Facebook homepage.
  2. Next, click on the security icon below your profile name to change the existing settings.
  3. All of the choices are the same as those described above for the Facebook web version.

How to share Facebook posts outside of Facebook

You must first click on the post date you want to share. Then copy the URL of the post in the address box. In the last step, paste this copied address in the desired location. By doing this, you have shared your desired post outside of Facebook.


In this article, we told you the ways to share your Facebook post. Sharing posts on a website and the Facebook app is almost the same. Also, the settings are simple and you can easily set the ability to share your posts. We hope we have answered all your questions. If you have a question, you can write it in the comments for us.

iLink vs. Linktree

If you are looking for ways to share multiple links in one link, then you are in the right place. We are going to compare two popular services that let people share several links, photos, videos, etc. in one link. So, let’s know more about iLink and Linktree.

Sharing several links on different social media platforms has become common among users, and many people are looking for ways to do it. For a long time, we weren’t allowed to add multiple links in Instagram’s bio, and we had to make a hard decision to choose one link over the other links.

But things have changed today! Fortunately, users can now add multiple links in one link and share it on different platforms. Now, many tools are out there that let users add several links in one link.

What do iLink and Linktree do?

Both iLink and Linktree are tools to optimize the Instagram bio link, for any Instagram users such as marketers, bloggers, businesses, etc.

Once you create a link on iLink or Linktree, then you can share it on any social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. and ask your followers to click on the link.

For instance, iLink lets you direct your customers from anywhere to your blog page, websites, YouTube, Social media accounts, new product introductions, etc.  

When users click on the custom link, they will be redirected to the page you have designed, and they’ll see all you have shared on the platform.

If you have already used the link tree, you may find that there are some pros and cons. For example, there are more professional alternatives. Linktree is functional, but it is very simple. Other websites provide a more beautiful, customizable design.

Why do I need multiple links on Instagram bio?

Well, anyone who shares blog posts, owns a website, wants to sell the products, etc. can easily redirect the audience to the place they should be!

Businesses usually use Instagram for branding and getting people familiar with their products and services, so, after attracting users by the things you provide, it is time to show them a way to reach the services or products you offer.

On the other hand, you might just like to promote your blog post and want to be popular, then using a service such as iLink is helpful again. Just copy and paste your iLink URL into your Instagram bio, and you’re all set.

Linktree alternatives

iLink is the best alternative to Linktree, which is a free tool to gather all URLs, videos, audios, and social media accounts in one place. What you build is like a landing page or web page. It means that you would have a web page with all your details.

You can use iLink in any way:

  • Add multiple links to Instagram bio
  • Redirect users to any place you want
  • Building your resume
  • Share your products
  • Build a rich profile
  • Cloud-based storage

What are the primary services of iLink?

iLink has three primary services:

  • A free version of adding multiple links
  • iLink pro (paid) to get more details and features
  • iStore (paid) making an online store


The free version of iLink:

  • Customize your profile (shows your email, phone number, mobile number, and your current location)
  • Add a description about yourself and your business.
  • Upload a profile photo for your iLink page.
  • easy to set up.
  • Unlimited beautiful free themes.
  • Provides stats, including the number of clicks on every link.
  • Easily counts the clicks.
  • You can add your social accounts to your page via default.
  • Shows your visitors little clickable icons of every social media.
  • No limits; you can add as much link as you want.
  • Add music
  • Add video
  • Add your website
  • Different button style options
  • It provides both an avatar profile and your own photo.

The paid version of iLink:

The paid version is not available yet, but it will be added soon. The new features will be iShop and Pro that I am going to explain it a bit.


iStore is an online store builder in which users can add their products and details on a landing page. Using available stunning features on iStore, users can build a unique store for all kinds of their products, including physical and digital products and services. Small-sized businesses and retailers can easily have a website for their products that is customized.

It lets customers buy directly from iShop and lets businesses and brands make their own designed page. It is a useful option for businesses that don’t own a website.


The free version of Linktree:

  • Unlimited links
  • Reporting on the total number of clicks for each link
  • Three Linktree themes
  • Upload your own profile image
  • Amazon Influencer Program Integration
  • See very basic Analytics stats

The paid version of Linktree:

  • Daily breakdown of your link traffic
  • Team access
  • custom buttons and styles
  • custom title
  • The ability to schedule links
  • Remove logo
  • Email integration
  • Link tracking
  • Add image or GIF

iLink and Linktree’s price:

iLink is free with all its provided features. The paid version of iLink will be available soon with an affordable price.

Linktree has both the free version, which is limited in some cases, and offers the pro version, which is $6 a month.

Why should I choose iLink over Linktree?

Another advantage of using iLink is the ability to add more info to your account by clicking on more info tab which includes:

  • Description:

 you can add whatever description about yourself or your business on this part. Basically it is like bio tabs that will show your audience more information about you.

  • Contact info: 

You should add your contact info here to let your audience stay in touch with you. These will be shown on your profile:

  • Email address
  • Phone number ( home or work)
  • Mobile number
  • Address
  • Social:

You can add the links of every social media account you have, so people will be able to contact your social accounts only by clicking on their little icon appearing under your iLink profile page.

  • Page Theme:

You can change the theme of your iLink page via this tool.

Main themes are an Instagram theme, side info theme, and default theme.

  • Background color: you can change your background color to every color/colors you want.
  • Button shadow: you can add a shadow to the button of your link to make it bold.
  • Text color: you can change the color of the text on your page.

After changing these, you should tap on the submit button to save the changes.

If you are looking for some tips and tricks to get more Instagram followers, then using iLink seems to be the best option comparing with Linktree.

Moreover, Linktree doesn’t show the photos and videos in the free version, which iLink does.

The last word

Using a single link instead of using several links is so powerful both for personal and business users because it prevents your audience from being confused by seeing multiple links. Moreover, you can add photos, videos, blog posts, products, etc. by using tools such as iLink and Linktree. After getting more information about iLink and Linktree, which one would you like to use? Please share your ideas and experiments with us; we are all ears.

How to put yourself on google search?

Google+ presents a social platform that you can use to build a significant web presence for you and your brand. When people search for you on Google, one of the first results will be your Google+ profile.

By including your business information in your Bio profile _ such as your website link or your products _ and making it public, a quick search for you on Google would provide potential customers for links and information about your brand.

How to put yourself on google search?

If you want people to find you when they are searching on the internet, you can create a landing page using iLink, and add all your information there. It would be great to add all the necessary information, and all names people may know you on those.

To create a landing page and add your biography:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up with the necessary information (you can upload a profile picture, at this stage too, or skip it).
  3. On the dashboard, go to info section on the left menu
  4. Write a short bio that best describes you
  5. Add any necessary link you want in the Links section on the left menu
  6. Add any music or video clip that you want your audience to see about you in the same section
  7. Add all your social media in the Info. The section on the left menu
  8. You can add any necessary information like phone, website, email address, or address for your audiences.

Check the preview of your landing page on the right side of the dashboard. You can check it for all three types of devices, desktop, notepad, or mobile.

Now, everyone searches on the internet; they can see your landing page (like a website). It is free, and you can set it up fast. The excellent point is that you can customize it as you prefer, according to your brand, for example.

If you are a writer, photographer, or any job you have, you can add your portfolio there too. The best point about the iLink profile is that you can share it on your social channels.

You can also sell any products there or add any links to download your eBooks or PDFs.

How to write a Google profile Bio?

  • Log in to your G+ account, and the main Google timeline shows up.
  • Click on the “profile” icon on the left side of the screen.

  • Click the “About link” and after that “Edit profile” button.

  • Click on the “introduction” header to edit your Bio. You can write about yourself or your brand in plain text.

  • This information will appear in Google searches when customers search for you.

The G+ profile includes these sections:

  • People
  • Story
  • Work
  • Education
  • Places
  • Basic information
  • Contact information
  • Links

How should my G+ Bio look like?

You should write a Bio that advertises you and your brand. There are no length limitations, so you can include as much information as you like. However, only a small part initially appears in a Google search, so you should put important information on the top.

  • you can use font effects such as bold and italic and lists, but don’t over-use them, because they can make your profile look too crowded.
  • You can add a link to your website or email, by:
  1. Highlight the texts
  2. Click on the link button on the editing menu
  3. Write the URL of your email or site in the link window
  4. Tap enter and done!
  • Choose an access type such as “Public,” ”Extended circles,” “your circles” or “only you.”
    allows everyone to see your profile.
    “Extended circles” allows people in your circles and their circles to view your profile.
    “Your circles” allows only people in your circle to see your profile.
    “Only you” will lock your profile as private.
  • your G+ introduction should include:
    -what you are passionate about
    -what type of content you will share
    -a brief story of yourself
    -social media and contact information
    -why people would like to circle you.
  • After editing your profile Bio, you should click on the “save” button, and you are all done!
  • After that, you can search your name on Google to see if your G+ account shows up or not. But remember you should be public for that.

As I mentioned before, the story section is one of the most critical parts of your G+ profile, fill it today and let yourself be verbose, not pompous.

How to Make your Description on Tumblr Shine?

Writing a description for your Tumblr blog is a task that can be done in many different methods, depending on your blog and how much data you want to share.

People who reach your Tumblr blog via search or by seeing a re-blog from you may be interested in understanding more about you and what you do, so it might be a good idea to have some information of yourself right there on your Tumbler blog, rather than sending them elsewhere. It all depends on you; you can write a brief biography in your blog’s description or a longer one on a different page or both.

What is the description box on Tumblr?

The description box is available on your Tumblr blog’s sidebar which lets you display a summary about you and your blog to your readers. All Tumblr themes include Tumblr’s proprietary have a code that allows you to quickly change the text in your sidebar’s description without requiring any coding experience. If you like to edit the description in your Tumblr blog’s sidebar, you can do so within your blog’s setting page by customizing the theme.

How to link in Tumblr description?

To add a link in Tumblr description, follow the instruction bellow. Remember that you should change the website to something like a code.

  1. Go to Tumblr website
  2. Login to your account
  3. From home feed click on the profile icon on top right
  4. Click on Edit appearance
  5. Click on Edit theme
  6. Wait until it completely loads
  7. Click on Description box on the left menu
  8. Replace your website in this code <a href=””>My Website</a>
  9. You can copy and paste this code and then replace your website
  10. Click Save on top of the screen
  11. Check the link on your profile
  12. You should direct to the website you have added

Remember that you should completely copy and paste the code which is in bold text. The work my website can be replaced with any words you want like Click here, this is my website, visit my website, etc. notice that space should be as it is written in the number eight in the instruction.

Tumblr description line break

Tumblr description works like simple html coding. To make a line break (a “gap”) in your description, paste the following code in your description:

How to add a perfect description to your Tumblr?

You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Tumblr
  2. Click “setting.”
  3. Select the blog to which you like to add your biography
  4. Click “customize.”
  5. Paste or type your biography in “Description” field to view an immediate preview of what it will look like on your blog
  6. Click “save” and then “close” to save your changes and get back to the dashboard.

Unlike Tumblr posts, the description field does not include a WYSIWYG editor, so If you want to attach any formatting, you have to type the HTML code yourself. If you are not familiar with HTML, the simplest way to do this is by creating a new text post on your blog, type your description and format it the way you want. Once you are done, click the “HTML” button to show the raw HTML code for what you have typed, select and copy it to your clipboard. Discard the blog post without sharing it and then paste the code into the description field.

Tips on writing a perfect Tumblr description

  • Choose what to include

While writing a description for Tumblr, your purpose should be to highlight what makes you and your blog different and valuable to your audience. There is no one-size-fits-all list of data you should always include in a blog description; your target audience varies depending on the type of blog you are publishing, and so does the kind of data they will find interesting, valuable and relevant. If you are writing a professional blog on a particular subject, for example, including your credentials would improve your credibility. If you are running a personal blog, on the other hand, you could write about your interests and the sort of content you post, to help first-time readers decide whether to follow you or not.

  • Short or long _ A matter of location

There are two section on your Tumblr blog where your description will be visible to your audience: the aptly named description section and a custom page.

If you are using a computer, the description section can appear in many different locations on your blog’s home page, depending on the theme you use; some themes show it as a sidebar, others display it at the top, and some present it at the bottom of your page.

Remember when your Tumblr blog is seen on a mobile device, the blog automatically shifts to using a mobile layout that puts the description right at the top, this means your visitors should scroll past it to get to your content. That’s why you should keep it short to avoid overwhelming mobile visitors by forcing them to scroll for too long to get to the main part of your content.

How to access the theme options?

  • Click the “person” icon on the Tumblr barClick “Edit appearance.”
  • Click “edit theme.”
  • Write in the description section
  • Click the “save” button and done!

How to create a custom page on Tumblr?

The custom page production tools are placed at the bottom of the theme options screen, so you should scroll down a little to find them.

  • Click ”add a page.”
  • Enable the show a link to this page toggle to automatically add a link to the page on your blog.
  • Type the address you want to use for the page in the URL field. Your blog’s address is automatically filled in, so all you have to do is to fill in the part after slash. For instance, for a page that contains information about you, you could enter “about me” after the slash, while for an FAQ page you can just write “faq.”
  • Type a title for the page in the “page title” section. This is the title that shows up at the top of the page itself.
  • Type your description in the large text section. This field is a full-fledged text editor, with formatting buttons you can use to change text formatting, add links, insert pictures, and add blockquotes or links.
  • Click on “Update preview” to see how your page will look; when you are okay with it, click save to save the changes. And if you want to return to the theme options, just click the arrow icon.

That’s it!

We hope you find this article helpful. For more information, you can reach us by commenting below. Tell us what you think about Tumblr and how you yourself would write a description on your Tumblr page.

How to link all social media?

Social media is now inevitable part of everyone living in a modern world. With ever-increasing trend of social networks, having necessary tools is necessary for everyone to perform better on these networks. This can be a software to link all social media into one app, or create post on one, and publish to many others.

How to link up all social media into one app?

There are few options that you can link all social media into one app like BlueStacks, but using BlueStacks you can only use the social media. You cannot share content to all of them at the same time. You can do it separately.

However, the better way is using a link combiner like iLink in which you can add all your social networks into a single page.

How to link all social media to my business?

Even if you are running a business, and you cannot add more than one link, you can use iLink to add all your connections in one place. This helps you users finding you better and faster. it happens that every user can connect to you with one social media, or the one they are comfortable with. So, it is better you add all networks in one single link and share the link everywhere they might see you.

How to link all your social media accounts together for YouTube?

If you have a YouTube account, and you are going to redirect users from YouTube to any other social networks you can use iLink. All you need is going to the iLink website and sign up. Once you complete the registration, on the dashboard in the bio section add all social media links, and in the end share the iLink URL in YouTube channel (in description or bio).

How can I link all my posts from Facebook to post to other social media sites for free?

You can post from Facebook to other social media, and if you need a completely free tools you can use Instagram itself for example. Instagram is now connected to many social networks like twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and some other Chinese apps.

It is free and if you need to post from Instagram to these networks it is better to connect the account sin the Instagram app. If you have any other social networks, and you are going to publish on all of them, you should use a social media management tools like which is paid. You can use for couple of weeks for free.

All in all

With ever increasing growth of social media, Connection all social networks accounts is necessary for those who wants to save their time and energy. Meanwhile, you can be active on all your account and take advantages of this. Using iLink you can have all accounts link in one place and share the unique URL instead. If you want to post to all social media at the same time, better use Instagram app or social media management tools available on the market.

How to Write the Perfect Bio for your Pinterest Account?

The purpose of every introduction is to make an impact and a great first impression! You want people to notice and remember you. For Pinterest this introduction is your Bio. In this part of your profile, you can introduce yourself and your company.

When the visitors see your Pinterest Bio, they should instantly understand who you are and what you do. It only takes a few seconds to make a first impression. In those seconds the user will decide whether to follow you or not. You should maximize this time to stand out.

Today we are going to share with you a few methods you need, to create the perfect Pinterest Bio to attract more followers, get more repins and drive more traffics to your website.

1.Profile photo or logo

Your profile picture is the face of your brand on Pinterest. It is the very first thing people notice when they visit your Pinterest profile, so it should make a good impression.If you have the account exclusively for your business or you are selling a product on Pinterest, you can use your brand’s logo as your profile picture.If you are a blogger, you should get more creative! Composition and color are essential. Your picture should not be a bathroom selfie! Have the crisp, bright color that will make you shine! Because it reflects who you are and what you are writing about.

2. Personal name, brand or business name

F you have changed your account to a business account, you can list your brand’s name instead of first and last names. Make sure it is the complete name of your business and grabs people’s attention.

If you are a blogger, write your name followed by an underline and then your industry related keywords or your blog name. Try to use SEO friendly keywords to be more visible to people searching for a specific topic.

3. Keep it short and sweet

The text is essential in writing bios, but remember when people visit your Pinterest profile, they are looking for more visual interaction than text! Just start with your personal or brand’s name, then mention the most important parts of your brand or business, but don’t overdo it. A couple of sentences are just enough for your Bio.

4. Writing your Pinterest bio

The platform only allows you to use 160 characters for your Bio. Don’t try too hard to be unique, just be yourself and you will succeed. Try to convey your message to your audience as clearly and naturally as possible. Keywords are more critical in Pinterest; this is the way you can show up on searches.

5. Link your website

You should link your website to your Pinterest account. This way you can direct pinners to your website to get more sales, page views and subscribers.

6. Add your other social media accounts

You can link your twitter for instance, so that people can quickly follow you and get daily updates from you on twitter.

7. Add a call-to-action (CTA)

You can add a call-to-action (CTA) to a targeted place on your site to direct people to your online shop or a page that you need more traffic for. It can help convert regular visitors to loyal customers.

8. Include your location

Add your location to get help with your local SEO and make better social connections. Don’t write your whole home address, dear, just including your country or state would be enough.

You can easily create a complete Pinterest Bio with these steps.

Let your mind and creativity flow and focus on building your brand as you develop your Pinterest page.

What is Pinterest bio character limit?

Like other social media, Pinterest has its own limit of characters for the different types of text. Like bio, brand name, etc. here is the summary of Pinterest bio character limit.

Pinterest Profile Name: 20 Characters with space

Pinterest Bio: 160 Characters with space

Pinterest Username: 15 Characters with space

Pinterest Board Name: 100 Characters with space

As you see, you can write about 160 characters in Pinterest bio, which is about three lines.

Remember, that the bio is the first thing people would see about you. So, you should include the most amazing things about you or your highest achievement. Or even your goal from creating a Pinterest account.

All of this would help users to stay in your profile, and click more on your posts. The more you increase the impressions, the more you will get benefits from your Pinterest account.

You can also include some quotes about your life, or add your business vision in Pinterest bio. All help users to find who you are. There should also be some tools to change the font of Pinterest bio if you prefer something different.


Having an amazing and eye-catching Pinterest bio is necessary to get more traffic and clicks. If you link your website to the Pinterest posts you can many referral traffic which can become your future customers.

What is the best value online store builder?

With the ever-increasing trend of online shopping of users and ease of choice and access to any products globally, building an online store is necessary. Now, every retailer or small business need

Thanks to technology. Now, some websites let you build your website quickly and sell online with a price of coffee. If you have just started your selling or even, you have the experience, but you prefer to save your money. If you are wondering how eCommerce website builder works or how it might help you grow, read this article. 

What is eCommerce store builder?

An eCommerce store or online store builder is a website that gives the ready themes to make a shop online. However, an online store builder provides all other things like host, domain, for you, and all you need is to customize your eCommerce website. You can add any products on the site, and get your unique link to share everywhere.

You can also have your method of payment and add it to your online store. eCommerce store builder makes it easy for all retailers or small businesses to make brochures ready from the web within a few hours, with no coding or technical knowledge.

The great advantage of building an online store is that you can show the products more efficiently and faster. They can find what they need, through hundreds of products, while you have no competitors.

Best value eCommerce store builder

If you have any products (services, physical, digital), you can sell them by making a collection on your website. But the most critical question is once you make your online website from where your customers would come? Your customers come from anywhere you share your iLink shop or Google search engine. 


iLink is an eCommerce website builder platform which has ready themes and customizable design to set up an online store in the fastest time. The iLink is also providing the landing page builder, on which you can add all multiple links, share your unique iLink URL in any places you want (there are audiences). Visitors can sort out the products by different factors, including price, popularity, newest products, categories).

So, it made it easy for customers to choose between hundreds of products, which is difficult on the Instagram feed itself.

How can you use the iLink shop?

  • Find customers by inserting iShop link in your Instagram bio and all your social media (wherever is possible), and the user would visit that place. 
  • iShop is designed to bring customers from Google search engines too. So, you can get a higher chance by adding a full description for each product, and once people search on Google, they can find yours. 

Seven advantages of using iLink shop

iLink shop is easy to set up just with few clicks, and it is affordable. You can match the theme with your brand and make it unique and attractive. 

1.Set it up easily

iShop from ilink is easy to set up. All you need is having your products and their price. You can quickly sign up to ilink and right from your dashboard, build your online store. You can start with any number of products, even less than ten items. All of the necessary pieces of an online store is in iShop, including categorizing option, different price options, live preview, etc. 

2. Customize your store

Uniqueness is now the key to success. By making iShop, a unique landing page, attract more customers. You can match it with your social media feeds and logo.

3. Lowest price 

with a price of coffee, you can own an online store. There are indeed many more store builders, but iLink gives you high quality with the lowest price to grow and expand your business. iLink store builder makes you an online store, sharable on any social media or places you have an audience.

4. Add Unlimited products on iLink

some of the services have a high price for the limited number of products, but iLink gives you a chance to add as many products as you want to your online shop. 

5. Choose different payment method  

iLink has considered different payment methods. For example, you can put an option for customers to contact you if you see it is necessary or put your payment link like PayPal. 

6. Add all your social media on the online store  

there is a place for you to combine all social media on your page. Nowadays, people search for brand social media before the purchase decision. So, it is an excellent chance to connect all customers through your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

7. No technical knowledge required

 It might seem very difficult or confusing at first, but iLink has already done all the tasks and prepared templates for you. You only need to add your products, that’s it! 

iLink online store builder

Here is the picture of the iLink online brochure of your products. Now, you can add the link in your Instagram bio, and once users visit your profile, they can see your store. But what are the main points of using iShop in your Instagram bio?

On the iShop online store:

  • Customers from Instagram can sort out the products by popularity (though, they cannot do it on Instagram feed)
  • They can see all products in different categories
  • Old products can be seen
  • They can sort the products out by price
  • They can see the detailed descriptions of a products

So, the iLink would be the best option to facilitate user experience on Instagram. This is the best value online store builder available on the market in which you can add any products with your payment links.

All in all

iLink is the best online store that is well worth it. with paying about $7 per month, you create an online brochure with the links to pay online. iLink will give you a free landing page to include all your other URLs too. Through iLink statistics, you can get valuable insight to know what products requires the the market.

How to Add WhatsApp Link to Instagram Bio?

WhatsApp is a free popular messaging app owned by Facebook. Using the Internet, you can send text messages, photos, audio files, and videos in private and group chats. Due to its widespread use, many users seek to put a direct link to their WhatsApp on social media platforms, including Instagram.

We’ve put together four simple ways to insert a link from Instagram profile to WhatsApp chat:

How to create a WhatsApp link?

If you want to share your WhatsApp ID or link without sharing a phone number, you should create a link. Generally, there are two ways to develop and cope with the link.

  1. You can create it manually by adding your number at the end of the
  2. Create a WhatsApp link with pre-filled message



Don’t use:

To create a pre-filled message, you should write your text in something like a code format:

For example, I’m%20looking%20forward%20to%20meeting%20you%20soon

Then, add the code in the URL as follow instead of TEXT:

For example:’m%20looking%20forward%20to%20meeting%20you%20soon

Create WhatsApp link manually using iLink account

In the 9th step of the 3rd method, it was mentioned that you could add links without limitation on their numbers. So, whether you already have an iLink account or are in step 9 of making a new account, you can type the WhatsApp link manually. It will be something like this: “” or “”. The phone number at the end is written in an international format without zeros, dashes, or “+” sign.

If you know about other creative ways to add WhatsApp link to the Instagram story, feel free to share them with us in the below comments.

How to add WhatsApp link to Instagram bio?

Use WhatsApp link in the Instagram bio

As you may know, you are allowed to have only one unique clickable link in the Instagram bio. To add this link, go to “Edit Profile” and in the “Website” section, put the direct link to WhatsApp chat that looks like this: phone number should be without the “+” sign and the zero numbers “’00” with the country code at the beginning. The steps are shown below, and finally, the link in your bio will be like the 4th photo.

This approach is practical, yet it has two main problems. The first is that many users do not want to put their direct WhatsApp’s click to chat on their Instagram bio since it’s not typical to show your mobile number clearly. Visitors see your private number at first glance when they come into your Instagram profile.

Another problem with putting WhatsApp’s link on bio is related to Instagram’s limitation on the number of clickable links in bio. If you spend the single link on WhatsApp, what are you going to do with other URLs? Stay tuned to find the solution.

Use WhatsApp link in Instagram story highlight

This option is available for Instagram business accounts, which are verified or have more than 10,000 followers. Instagram doesn’t allow others to put a clickable link in stories.

Follow below steps to put click-to-chat WhatsApp link in a story and highlight it on your Instagram profile:

1. Find and download the WhatsApp logo. Then, save it in the picture gallery.

2. Open the Instagram app on the mobile phone. On the Instagram feed, tap “Your Story” at the upper left.

3. Tap the photo appearing on the bottom left and choose the downloaded WhatsApp logo from the gallery.

4. Click on the chain icon. In the new window, type WhatsApp link as “” or “” The last digits represent the phone number in international format. As you see, it should be written with any zeros or “+” sign, brackets or dashes. Tap the “tick” button to upload the story.

5.Then, go to the story highlight it so that it will be shown permanently in your profile.

Create a WhatsApp icon using iLink tool

With iLink, you can choose your username and create a single URL that leads you or visitors to a page containing all your relevant links, including WhatsApp link. Follow the below steps to learn how:

1. Go to

2. Click “Login” on the top-right of the screen. Then, click “Sign up Instead,” as shown below.

3. Choose a desired username on your own and fill in “Username,” “Email”, “Password”, “Repeat Password,” and tick the “I’m not a robot” box. Then, tap “Sign Up”.

4. Choose one of the default avatars as your iLink profile photo or upload one from your device. Then, choose a name.

5.Click on “Add more info” and below form appears. Tap on WhatsApp icon.

6.Enter your phone number in international format after the default text of ‘’. Omit any zeroes, brackets, dashes or “+” sign and “zeros” at the beginning of the phone number. It should be something like 123456789012.

7.Choose a design or skip this stage to do it at a later time. Tap “Submit”.

8.Add links here or skip.

9.Your iLink profile is ready! iLink profiles vary depending on your chosen design, the links or the social icons you choose. It will look like below. When users click on WhatsApp icon, they can instantly chat with you.

Note: If you didn’t manage to do the above steps (except for the “Name” field), you could complete your profile later by signing into your account again. It means you can add WhatsApp link in the “Identify” tab in iLink panel then.

Using this approach, you are in fact getting around Instagram’s limitation on the number of clickable links in bio. Feel free to add as many links as you want to your iLink page and share the created single URL on your Instagram bio as shown below.

All in all

Using WhatsApp link on Instagram can be of great help to lead more users to your WhatsApp. If you are running a business, you can make great support by sharing WhatsApp linkswith customers.

How do Famous People Write their Bio on Instagram?

We all follow Hollywood celebrities on Instagram to get daily updates about their amazing life, right?

Let’s say we follow them to get hairstyle ideas, fashion ideas or just because they are too hot to be ignored. Even though we follow them, we don’t still know what their Instagram bio is, because we mainly just want to see what they are uploading.

I am pretty sure that even though millions of users follow them on Instagram, some have no clue what their favorite celebrity’s Instagram bio is.

No, no. You don’t have to go and check them now! J Here I save your time. I have listed the Instagram bios of Hollywood celebrities that you might want to see.

10 Famous people bios on Instagram

Here is the list of some of the famous users on Instagram with millions of followers and what they have written in their bio. Though, to get the newest number of followers and bio you can search their name on Instagram.

1.Chrissy Teigen (21.1 million followers)

” Chrissy Teigen | making America great again.”

She is such a nationalist girl, and her bio is just a famous sentence and a link to her site.

I think this would be enough information for someone as famous as her.

2.Marnie the dog (2 million followers)

“Marnie the dog | 17-year-old NYC Shih Tzu adopted from a shelter at age 11. I’m a lady! Adopt senior dogs?”

Marnie used her Instagram bio to inspire other people at first sight. You can always use an inspiring quote or your favorite motto which is relevant to your lifestyle and your Instagram account.

3.Leonardo DiCaprio (27 million followers)

“Actor and Environmentalist”

Leonardo doesn’t even need an introduction. He can get millions of followers without saying much in his bio. As you can see famous people use a brief bio on their Instagram following a link.

4.Nicole Scherzinger (3.6 million followers)

“Nicole Scherzinger | When you are born in a world you don’t fit in, it’s because you were born to help create a new one.”

Another inspiring Instagram bio. Nicole is known for her lovely motivational captions. So her bio must be inspiring too, right?

5.James Charles (10 million followers)

“James Charles | Unleash your inner artist ?”

He is a close friend of Kylie Jenner, so he must have something to do with makeup or arts. Lol, but as you can see he used an inspiring quote on his Instagram bio following the link to his youtube channel.

6.Taylor Swift (113 million followers)

“Taylor swift | it’s delicated.”

Taylor has 113 million followers on Instagram! This means she can use a great bio! But as you can see she has mentioned her latest song, and that’s all! Stories highlights are also something celebrities use on their Instagram bio.

7.Selena Gomez (144 million followers)

“Selena Gomez | Light, space, zest -that’s God. With him, on my side, I’m FEARLESS, afraid of no one and nothing. A21 global anti-human trafficking organization”

Selena used her faith in God to write her bio on Instagram. This is so sweet. No wonder she has 144 million followers, right?

8.Amanda Cerny (23.3 million followers)

“Amanda Cerny | Actress -Queen of my own fantasy🌸& ur daily dose of happiness💎 @cernyfit @acerny2 #AmandaCerny 💛”

A..manda has used the new Instagram bio feature; she mentioned her other Instagram accounts and her branded hashtag to direct visitors to her other channels. And also a link to her affiliate site.

9.Brent Rivera (10.8 million followers)

“Brent Rivera | Snap • TheBrentRivera Twitter • @BrentRivera biz •”

Brand Rivera is a talented social media comedian, so he wants to direct his followers to his other social media accounts.

10.The rock (121 million followers)

“The rock | Mana. Gratitude. Tequila. And not necessarily in that order.”

Everyone knows that the rock is awesome! He used a funny bio to show his lifestyle to followers with just a short link to his landing page.

Instagram bio tips

If you are looking to have an attractive Instagram bio you can use the following tips.

Use iLink landing page

A landing page is where you can add all your links. Since you cannot add more than one link to Instagram bio, so you can make a landing page and insert the URL in Instagram bio as website.

You can use a platform like iLink to convert your multiple links into one short link to use on your Instagram bio. This way you can drive traffic to more than one of your links and you do not have to change or update it all the time.

Instagram bio font

If you search the internet you can find so many tools to change the font of Instagram bio. It makes the bio more attractive and people may wonder how did you change that.

Instagram bio inspirational quotes

Another tip is using inspirational quotes (which you can get from the internet) to give the positive vibes to the visitors.

Sum up

So as you can see, celebrities don’t have to try too hard to get followers on Instagram.

  • Some of them use inspirational quotes to influence the world.
  • Many of them don’t even have a bio!
  • Some of them mention their other social accounts to promote their social accounts, or they just use a link to their website or a landing page full of links to their blogs, products,

How to Fix “Link Not Allowed” Error on Instagram?

Instagram has set some boundaries in using the clickable link in bio to protect its users, especially teens, and prevent spams. Be more cautious when you want to use this single URL on Instagram to draw benefits and try not to get yourself blocked.

What Is “Instagram Link Not Allowed” Error?

The persistence of social media in this digital world is unquestionable; it’s all about staying in touch with friends and family and, of course, about sharing information effortlessly. So why not share links on it to drive traffic and increase our visibility to the whole world?

Instagram is one of the popular social networks in which you can share links yet with some limitations and under certain conditions. That is to say, you can only put a single clickable URL in your bio and are not allowed to have it in your post captions. It’s also possible to share an Instagram link in your stories only if you have a business account and more than 10,000 followers. But that’s not all you need to know about using Instagram links in this platform. Instagram has set some boundaries in this regard to protect its users, especially teens, and prevent spams.

Some of these restrictions are summarized as below:

· Shortened links such as bitly are not usually allowed because it’s unclear what you’re linking to.

· Links to adult websites or explicit content are not allowed.

· A certain link which is appearing on several accounts within a short period is not permitted.

· Links encouraging others to follow you on another service are not approved on Instagram

· Fake URLs may be blocked.

· URLs containing elements or misspellings of Instagram might get blocked.

· Links to your Snapchat or Telegram are not supported.

· Links to Etsy shops in any format are not allowed.

· Sometimes, Instagram doesn’t let you put a certain link just because of your WiFi connection!

· Affiliate links may be blocked.

· Your account may be reported or blocked if you share the links of other people’s contents without permission.

You will get below error message if you do one of the above:

Your account may be frozen; as a result, meaning you cannot get into it. In this case, contact Instagram support or wait a few days, hoping for the return of your account. But if none of these worked, you have no choice but to remove your account and to create a new one.

However, if your account is still available, I can provide you some ways to fix the error.

How to fix “Instagram link not allowed”?

There are several things you can do to fix this error, depending on the root cause of the problem. First, check your link for typos and then try the following solutions. I hope they will work for you.

·      Use iLink to convert multiple Instagram links into one

The easiest way to tackle this problem is to merge all your links, even those considered spammy by Instagram, and use one single iLink URL in your bio. 

·      Change your IP address

If the problem is with your network, you can solve it by changing the IP address. Don’t know if you knew it already or not, but restarting your WiFi will assign a new IP address to your device.

·      Restart or turn off your mobile phone

It will not harm if you turn off your cellular phone or put it in airplane mode for about 2-3 minutes as a possible solution to this error.

·      Change Router Configuration

Go to the homepage of your router and log in. Click on Network Connection in Select My Network tab. Then, select Broadband (Ethernet) under Rule Name and go to settings. Click on Renew > Release > Apply.

·      Debug your blog

Debug your web page by typing it in the box at Facebook debugger and running the URL through it before posting.

Multiple Instagram link in bio 

Now, many Instagram users might know that Inserting any links in the Instagram bio is easy. All you need is going to your Instagram profile, and using the “Edit Profile” section, paste the link in the website section. 

However, users may face issues regarding the Instagram link in bio, such as having multiple Instagram links. Instagram does not allow users to have multiple links in bio, though it is possible using iLink. 

How iLink helps to insert multiple Instagram links in bio?

You can create a landing page with all links and URLs you have. Then insert the iLink URL in your Instagram bio. 

To use this trick: 

  • Go to iLink and sign up. 
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to set up your account. 
  • Using the “add link” button insert your links 
  • Check the preview 
  • When you’re done, copy your unique iLink URL on the top left 
  • Paste the URL in Instagram bio using “Edit Profile.” 

Wrap it up

Instagram has its policies and rules, just like any other social media platform. These rules are there to keep the community clean and protect its members against spams and other potential risks. Be more cautious when you want to use that one Instagram link in bio to draw benefits and try not to get yourself blocked.

How to put multiple links in the Instagram bio?

Instagram is an exciting social network because it avoids many social media conventions and yet is pretty successful. Where most social media platforms support link in bio and curated content sharing, Instagram doesn’t allow multiple links in bio and caption to be clickable, though post them if you like, or you are able to put one in Instagram bio only.

The main focus of Instagram is to keep people on their platform only, not sending them away around the internet. That’s why they are providing a place to add external link in bio or posts.

Add more than one link to Instagram bio 

There’s only one section on a profile (Instagram website section in bio) where the link can be clickable. That link is only available link slot in the Instagram bio. So, there is a choice to make. Would you link to the homepage? Or to a landing page? Would you use an affiliate link to an online shop?

What if I told you that there was a way you could place more than one link in bio Instagram? But the truth is, it is a bit of a workaround. Add multiple clickable links to Instagram bio using tools. It’s not against any terms of use or rules of Instagram, so you won’t get shadowbanned for using this system at all.

iLink is a free platform to convert the multiple links into one short link and use it on the Instagram bio or anywhere needed.

By using iLink, no need to choose between the various links; share them all!

Publish this web page and then put its link in bio Instagram. Now visitors who click or tap it will be directed to link page, from which they can go through whatever content looks interesting.

The service is easy to use and super-fast, and best of all, free!

To add multiple links in bio Instagram:

· Go to and click Register

· Enter a unique username.

· Sign up and Type in a Name

· Skip the rest and go to Dashboard

· Click on Add New Button

· Paste any URLs

· Copy the unique iLink URL on the top left

· Open Instagram, and click on the Edit profile 

· Paste the URL in the Instagram website section and submit

· Now, users who click on the website will go to the landing page you made. Add as many links as required.

You should also keep up with maintenance for the page. Change calls to action, Test links, etc.

Follow the steps in the pictures below: 

How does adding multiple links on Instagram work?

iLink profile includes clickable buttons with links to online offers. So if you add its link to an Instagram bio, followers will observe an excellent overview of all of the multiple pages you need to share with them.

Customize the design and color of the buttons on the setting menu; also, use the click stats to find out which one of the links is more popular.

This is a personalized landing page for traffic coming from Instagram. Manage it like a landing page, and put it through all the difficulties of landing page optimization that apply.

The track hits to find out which links are clicked and which aren’t, remove the unpopular ones, add new ones.

How to put a YouTube link in Instagram bio?

You may want to add one YouTube link or multiple YouTube videos on your Instagram bio. Both of them are easy. 

To put one YouTube link in Instagram bio: 

  • Go to the YouTube video you are going to add to Instagram 
  • Copy the URL on top in the browser 
  • Open the Instagram app 
  • Go to the profile 
  • Tap on edit profile 
  • Paste the URL in the website section of the Instagram bio 
  • Tap on save 

To add multiple YouTube links in the Instagram bio 

  • Go to iLink and sign up 
  • Go to the dashboard and using add link option paste all YouTube URL on the dashboard 
  • Customize the links as you prefer 
  • Copy the link on the top left of your dashboard 
  • Open the Instagram app and go to your profile 
  • Tap on edit profile 
  • Paste the iLink URL on the website section 
  • Tap on save changes 

Now, your audiences will be able to see all the YouTube links you added using the iLink. 

You can change links at any time using the iLink dashboard. 

Get a single link and insert into business cards, social media accounts, etc. no need to be a technical professional to use multiple clickable links in Instagram bio using iLink. Everyone can use this platform for free!

3 Steps to make money online for beginners

you have recently started your business, or you are wondering how to make money online from home in your spare time. This blog would help you to get an idea of making your online store and website to sell online and get customers from google search engine. 

A couple of years ago, having a website was a big challenge, and it needed coding and technical knowledge. You could never think of building a website or even an online store to make money. 

Now, with the help of technology, everyone can have its website. If you have not started your site yet, I highly recommend it to start here. Making your website now is better than building it tomorrow with this fast rapid, and competitive environment. 

3 Steps to make money online for beginners

I would start by giving an overview of how you can make money online! 

  1. You need any products (services, physical, or digital products)
  2. Build an iLink Shop 
  3. Share your iLink Shop URL everywhere you can* (or get customers from Google by following the tips in step #2 below)

*Tip: you can copy your iLink shop URL from the dashboard directly. The URL is located on the top left of your dashboard (it is ending with your username). 

STEP #1: Prepare your products to sell 

If you have your products in your hands, then you are lucky. You can search the internet for ideas of handicrafts you can make quickly or any art stuff. If you get some physical products in wholesale like clothes, shoes, accessories are also great! 

If you have none of this! Join some of the affiliate programs and sell Amazon, eBay, or any other websites products. 

You can search the internet for some of the highest-paid affiliate programs, and join them to have service or products to sell (without paying in advance). 

STEP #2: Build your iLink shop 

Setting up the iLink shop is easy, and you can go to iLink to sign up and prepare your store. 

To build an iLink shop: 

  • Sign up to iLink 
  • Add basic information 
  • Add products, pictures, and prices. 

The most crucial point here is the descriptions and titles. If you get customers by sharing your website on all social media, that is fine, and you need a satisfying title and descriptions. 

However, if you aim to get customers from Google search engines (users that search for your specific products), the story is a bit different. 

iLink product descriptions and titles would help users to see and find your products from google search engines across the world. Therefore, take your time and prepare the description with all possible words that users might search for. 

STEP #3: share your iLink shop 

The last step is to share your iLink shop URL everywhere you can. I would list some of these places.

  • Instagram (insert the URL in bio, website section). 
  • Facebook as posts or your story
  • YouTube (in the description section of a video) 
  • Pinterest as posts
  • Twitter, insert in the bio. 

Sum up

If you are a beginner, to make money online, you no need to have any expertise and you can do it from anywhere with any time. All you need is finding a service or products to see, be brave to start and continue the journey, make your iLink shop and sell them online.

Top 10 e-Commerce websites (with reviews & plans)

With the ever-increasing growth of the online store, having an eCommerce store is necessary. Knowing which eCommerce website is suitable for you helps you to choose more comfortable. This blog listed the best eCommerce platform for you. 

If you are running a small business, you most probably own a website, but you were wondering about its cost or the process. 

Building the eCommerce website is secure now, using ready templates provided by the following platforms. 

What you should do is sign up to the dashboard and start building your store only with the pictures and price of any products you have. 

Best eCommerce websites builders are:

  1. iLink Shop
  2. PrestaShop
  3. Weebly
  4. SquareSpace
  5. Magneto
  6. Wix
  7. WooCommerce
  8. BigCommerce
  9. Shopify
  10. 3dCart

For your ease of use, I have included the starting price, so you would have an idea about which is the best value. 

1.  iLink shop 

iLink is the best eCommerce website builder in which you can build your online store with affordable prices and the highest quality. There are other options beside iLink shop like link in bio using iLink. The dashboard is user friendly and easy to set up. All you need is adding pictures and price tags. The plan is about $6 per month, and you can use iLink for free. 

2. PrestaShop

PrestaShop’s apps can become costly, but SEO performance is its positive reviews. Slower load time makes it complicated for stores with lots of products, and if the customer needs to choose between a variety of options. 

3. Weebly

Weebly is suitable for the primary store for its price, and stunning template designs are available. Though there are no amazon integrations and weak SEO are its disadvantages. Value is its strongest point, and if you have a limited budget so, it is a good option. 

4. SquareSpace 

Overall it is very good; excellent template design and easiness to set up is of great help for simple stores. Though there is no phone support, and limited payment gateways are its disadvantages. 

5. MagnetoCommerce

One-click selling apps are available in this platform, and SEO strength is another advantage. However, development skills are disadvantages if you have no technical or coding knowledge. 

6. Wix

I recommend WIX for website building but not for its online store because of poor SEO and https issues. Overall, WIX is not a great option, but if you had no choice, you could use Wix. Lacks of marketing features and integrations are other negative reviews of this platform. 

7. WooCommerce

woocommerce has a strong point for SEO platform, so if you are looking to attract more customers from Google, you can use woocommerce. However, its high price could be troubling if you have just recently started your business. Or you are not sure about the income at first, so the rental could be risky. 

8. BigCommerce

Big-commerce is flexible, and you can sell multiple products. Big-commerce is also known for its SEO performance, but there are some disadvantages to it. For high volume stores, you should pay more, and it is not very strong on designs and themes, but performance, in general, is excellent. 

9. Shopify 

Shopify is known for its fastest load time and easy setup; however, weak SEO performance and apps that are costly and some limitations in checkout are of its disadvantages. Ease of use is its strongest point, so if you are not looking for customers from Google, and your business size is small can be a good option for you. 

10. 3dcart 

The overall performance is good, and value is the strongest point of 3dcart. Tons of integrations, better blog features than others are other advantages. If you are more into blogging, it can be the right choice then. 

iLink vs.

Social media is the best marketing platform of this era for its great popularity and daily amount of active users, but marketing through these platforms needs the ability to share links.

Since the emergence of social media platforms, marketers, businesses and brand owners started looking for ways to showcase their products and career to broader audience by sharing links to for example their websites, but they always faced the limitations of almost all social media platforms which does not allow users to add more than one link in their bios. 

This makes it very hard for a marketer to choose one of their links over the other ones. Another obstacle was that many business owners would want a platform to give them the opportunity to get in touch with their audiences easier, but with this restriction, they have to choose to either add a contact option, such as their email, or their website, as a link in their profiles.

The good news is that this social media restriction can now be ditched using link shortener services, which make us able to add many links as we want in our bios without having to choose only one connection.

How is the link in bio useful?

A social media link in bio has lots of advantages for either business pages or personal ones. Social media is the best platform for marketing all kinds of content in this modern era, which brings together billions of people from all over the world. Such a platform cannot be ignored while marketing a business or brand.

The only way we can gain more traffic to our business’s website or get it noticed by more people is to drive users from social media to our website, blogs, or product pages. This is only possible by adding a link of these sources to our desired social media platform.

Let’s say you have added an Instagram link in bio, which is your website link. Any Instagrammer paying a visit to your profile, might find the content interesting enough and want to know more about it. All they want would be a link to more information such as contact ways, or your website. They’ll simply click on your link in bio and be redirected to where you want, and this way, you’ve gained traffic as easy as that.

You surely have more than only one social media account, since no one leans to a single platform, especially when it comes to marketing. You can make use of a link in profile to direct the audience of your most followed social media account to the other profiles you own. 

You can either add your blog or website links or as a service or business, add contact ways to social media bios to let potential customers keep in touch with you and ask their questions.

How to add multiple links in social media bios?

Adding multiple links in bios has been like a dream for marketers, but here you’ll know exactly how to add countless links on your profiles. We can make more use of a link in bio when there are no limits of adding as many links as we want. 

One of the most asked questions these days is, for example, how to post an Instagram link in bio, which includes multiple clickable links when clicked. It is actually possible using link shortener services such as iLink and, which are even better alternatives than Linktree, which is a well-known service for adding multiple social media bio links. 

Below, I am going to introduce two of the best link in bio services for all social media platforms to gain more traffic and audience to your website and other social media profile.

iLink link in bio service

iLink is the first link in bio service, which I find to be the most useful one. iLink makes it possible for its users to add as many links as they one into only one short link they put on their social media bios, including Instagram bio, Twitter bio, Facebook bio, and much more.

I do not name iLink a competitor to Linktree or because it is much better than them in every way. 

The main features of iLink are free, and without any cost, you can sign up and start adding multiple links to your profiles, but it also has two paid versions, which has many more options, which is better for marketers, businesses, and brand owners.

The free features of iLink 

  • Add limitless links on all social media bios.
  • Change your landing page theme and background. (Gradient and animation)
  • Clickable social media buttons for your other social profiles.
  • Customize link buttons, text, and colors.
  • Add playable and clickable music and videos.
  • Get the number of your link clicks on the iLink dashboard.
  • Change button style options.
  • Set an avatar for your profile and landing page.
  • Have a description about you or the business or brand you run.
  • Add as many contact buttons as you wish.

The paid features of iLink

  • iLink Pro

As I mentioned before, iLink has paid versions , which one of them is the iLink pro for the users who are willing to have even much more professional options of the service.

  • iShop

iShop is a very helpful and unique feature of iLink, which is the second paid feature of the service. Brand and business owners, influencers and marketers who want to sell their products and service but are not willing to establish their own website or pay lots of dollars to submit a webpage, would find iShop to be very handy.

With iShop, users can create a mini webpage (Landing page) which is just like an online shop of their own products and services as a link in bio on their social media profiles. by later

The second service I trust to be a good tool for link in bio is the service provided by the very famous Later brand, which is well-known for supplying Instagram services. by Later turns your posts into traffic drivers, and comes with our Instagram marketing must-haves—like seamless scheduling and a visual content planner.

Advantages of using

  • Add multiple links on an Instagram bio
  • Free to use 
  • Track your link clicks

iLink vs. 

Both the services I talked about in my blog have one similar goal, which is to ditch the social media restrictions of link sharing and provide users the opportunity to share multiple links in profiles. But there are some reasons why you should choose iLink over Linkin. Bio, which I am going to explain below.

  1. The first and most important reason to choose iLink is that Linkin. Bio offers services for only Instagram and can be used only on Instagram bios while iLink is a service to allow users to add multiple links on almost all their social media bios.
  2. Both iLink and offer their main features free, but iLink has more features provided for the people who want more than only a link in bio service.
  3. does not offer the design options iLink does for your landing pages. Such as free beautiful themes and gradient backgrounds, button styles and shades, text colors, and much more.


Adding multiple links in social media bios is a very wise step toward getting more traffic to both your website and other social media profiles. I have compared two of the best Linktree alternatives here in this blog in a very detailed way, making it easy for you to choose the one service you need to begin using as your social media link sharing trick. 

Link in bio: iLink vs. Manylink

There are websites and tools that help you put as many links as you desire in your social media bios? One of these websites is iLink, which provides social media users with more functionality and lead.

Most of us, be it, marketers, brands, influencers, or ordinary users of social media, would be most grateful if there was a possible way to add more than one link to our bios. Almost all the social media platforms allow only one link in bio, which is a huge limitation for the users.

But, what if we told you some websites and tools help you put as many links as you desire in your social media bios?

One of these websites is iLink, which provides social media users with more functionality and lead. Sites similar to iLink let you create a free landing page and add to it as many interactive buttons with links to your desired destinations. Then all you need to do it to put the link to this page in your social media bio.

A similar service to iLink is manylink, with almost the same functionality and some slight differences.

In this article, I want to clarify the differences and similarities between the two: iLink vs. manylink.

What is the benefit of having multiple links in Instagram bio?

Well, as a blogger, marketer, business owner, or any ordinary user on social media, you have some ideas and links that you might wish for others to see them. Social media platforms are one of the best and most easily accessible places where people can share and reach for links.

The problem is, for all of the users on almost all social media platforms, it is impossible to put multiple links in their bio. These social media allow only one link at a time in bio, and this is a significant constraint for those who want to share things with people.

With services that help you add multiple links to your social media bio, this limitation is removed, and you can get more leads and clicks via different social media websites. More lead and more centered traffic are what link in bio services grant you.


What is free in iLink?

  • Profile customization
  • About me description.
  • Easy setup.
  • Free spectacular themes.
  • Stats, including the number of link clicks
  • Click counts separately for each link
  • Social media links and buttons
  • Unlimited number of links in one page
  • Music specific links
  • Video specific links
  • Different button styles
  • The possibility to add an avatar or your photo as a profile picture
  • Different background colors
  • Animated design for pages (optional)
  • Phone, address, and email spaces

What comes with a cost in iLink?

iLink offers two kinds of paid services for those who seek a more professional aspect of this software: iShop. This feature is most useful for business owners and marketers. Now let’s explain more about this program.


Affiliate marketers, drop-shippers, social media influencers, and small business owners who own no website or have no plans for establishing their website will definitely find this feature very helping and beneficial.

iShop provides you with a professional shopping page where you can add links to your products, with a brief explanation and a photo for each item. iShop is most favorable for shop owners and those who have something worthy to sell. The analytics of the iShop page is also available on your iLink dashboard.


What is free in manylink?

  • Profile customization
  • Easy setup.
  • Free themes.
  • Click counts separately for each link
  • Social media links and buttons
  • Unlimited number of links in one page
  • Profile picture

All of the above features in are free in This website has no paid program for more professional use. But it is a very easy-to-use tool for those who want to have a space to share and save their links simply.

The simple design, also, is more attractive to some people and makes them want to use this website and their choice to put multiple links in bio.

To wrap up

So many other tools and websites provide link in bio services for social media users. The ones introduced in this article are those of an excellent reputation, among others. If you want to learn about more tools like these, please read iLink vs. Linktree and iLink vs. These articles are also about a comparison between iLink and two of the most well-reputed tools for adding multiple links in bio.