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What is the best value online store builder?

What is the best value online store builder?

With the ever-increasing trend of online shopping of users and ease of choice and access to any products globally, building an online store is necessary. Now, every retailer or small business need

Thanks to technology. Now, some websites let you build your website quickly and sell online with a price of coffee. If you have just started your selling or even, you have the experience, but you prefer to save your money. If you are wondering how eCommerce website builder works or how it might help you grow, read this article. 

What is eCommerce store builder?

An eCommerce store or online store builder is a website that gives the ready themes to make a shop online. However, an online store builder provides all other things like host, domain, for you, and all you need is to customize your eCommerce website. You can add any products on the site, and get your unique link to share everywhere.

You can also have your method of payment and add it to your online store. eCommerce store builder makes it easy for all retailers or small businesses to make brochures ready from the web within a few hours, with no coding or technical knowledge.

The great advantage of building an online store is that you can show the products more efficiently and faster. They can find what they need, through hundreds of products, while you have no competitors.

Best value eCommerce store builder

If you have any products (services, physical, digital), you can sell them by making a collection on your website. But the most critical question is once you make your online website from where your customers would come? Your customers come from anywhere you share your iLink shop or Google search engine. 


iLink is an eCommerce website builder platform which has ready themes and customizable design to set up an online store in the fastest time. The iLink is also providing the landing page builder, on which you can add all multiple links, share your unique iLink URL in any places you want (there are audiences). Visitors can sort out the products by different factors, including price, popularity, newest products, categories).

So, it made it easy for customers to choose between hundreds of products, which is difficult on the Instagram feed itself.

How can you use the iLink shop?

  • Find customers by inserting iShop link in your Instagram bio and all your social media (wherever is possible), and the user would visit that place. 
  • iShop is designed to bring customers from Google search engines too. So, you can get a higher chance by adding a full description for each product, and once people search on Google, they can find yours. 

Seven advantages of using iLink shop

iLink shop is easy to set up just with few clicks, and it is affordable. You can match the theme with your brand and make it unique and attractive. 

1.Set it up easily

iShop from ilink is easy to set up. All you need is having your products and their price. You can quickly sign up to ilink and right from your dashboard, build your online store. You can start with any number of products, even less than ten items. All of the necessary pieces of an online store is in iShop, including categorizing option, different price options, live preview, etc. 

2. Customize your store

Uniqueness is now the key to success. By making iShop, a unique landing page, attract more customers. You can match it with your social media feeds and logo.

3. Lowest price 

with a price of coffee, you can own an online store. There are indeed many more store builders, but iLink gives you high quality with the lowest price to grow and expand your business. iLink store builder makes you an online store, sharable on any social media or places you have an audience.

4. Add Unlimited products on iLink

some of the services have a high price for the limited number of products, but iLink gives you a chance to add as many products as you want to your online shop. 

5. Choose different payment method  

iLink has considered different payment methods. For example, you can put an option for customers to contact you if you see it is necessary or put your payment link like PayPal. 

6. Add all your social media on the online store  

there is a place for you to combine all social media on your page. Nowadays, people search for brand social media before the purchase decision. So, it is an excellent chance to connect all customers through your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

7. No technical knowledge required

 It might seem very difficult or confusing at first, but iLink has already done all the tasks and prepared templates for you. You only need to add your products, that’s it! 

iLink online store builder

Here is the picture of the iLink online brochure of your products. Now, you can add the link in your Instagram bio, and once users visit your profile, they can see your store. But what are the main points of using iShop in your Instagram bio?

On the iShop online store:

  • Customers from Instagram can sort out the products by popularity (though, they cannot do it on Instagram feed)
  • They can see all products in different categories
  • Old products can be seen
  • They can sort the products out by price
  • They can see the detailed descriptions of a products

So, the iLink would be the best option to facilitate user experience on Instagram. This is the best value online store builder available on the market in which you can add any products with your payment links.

All in all

iLink is the best online store that is well worth it. with paying about $7 per month, you create an online brochure with the links to pay online. iLink will give you a free landing page to include all your other URLs too. Through iLink statistics, you can get valuable insight to know what products requires the the market.

3 Steps to make money online for beginners

you have recently started your business, or you are wondering how to make money online from home in your spare time. This blog would help you to get an idea of making your online store and website to sell online and get customers from google search engine. 

A couple of years ago, having a website was a big challenge, and it needed coding and technical knowledge. You could never think of building a website or even an online store to make money. 

Now, with the help of technology, everyone can have its website. If you have not started your site yet, I highly recommend it to start here. Making your website now is better than building it tomorrow with this fast rapid, and competitive environment. 

3 Steps to make money online for beginners

I would start by giving an overview of how you can make money online! 

  1. You need any products (services, physical, or digital products)
  2. Build an iLink Shop 
  3. Share your iLink Shop URL everywhere you can* (or get customers from Google by following the tips in step #2 below)

*Tip: you can copy your iLink shop URL from the dashboard directly. The URL is located on the top left of your dashboard (it is ending with your username). 

STEP #1: Prepare your products to sell 

If you have your products in your hands, then you are lucky. You can search the internet for ideas of handicrafts you can make quickly or any art stuff. If you get some physical products in wholesale like clothes, shoes, accessories are also great! 

If you have none of this! Join some of the affiliate programs and sell Amazon, eBay, or any other websites products. 

You can search the internet for some of the highest-paid affiliate programs, and join them to have service or products to sell (without paying in advance). 

STEP #2: Build your iLink shop 

Setting up the iLink shop is easy, and you can go to iLink to sign up and prepare your store. 

To build an iLink shop: 

  • Sign up to iLink 
  • Add basic information 
  • Add products, pictures, and prices. 

The most crucial point here is the descriptions and titles. If you get customers by sharing your website on all social media, that is fine, and you need a satisfying title and descriptions. 

However, if you aim to get customers from Google search engines (users that search for your specific products), the story is a bit different. 

iLink product descriptions and titles would help users to see and find your products from google search engines across the world. Therefore, take your time and prepare the description with all possible words that users might search for. 

STEP #3: share your iLink shop 

The last step is to share your iLink shop URL everywhere you can. I would list some of these places.

  • Instagram (insert the URL in bio, website section). 
  • Facebook as posts or your story
  • YouTube (in the description section of a video) 
  • Pinterest as posts
  • Twitter, insert in the bio. 

Sum up

If you are a beginner, to make money online, you no need to have any expertise and you can do it from anywhere with any time. All you need is finding a service or products to see, be brave to start and continue the journey, make your iLink shop and sell them online.

Top 10 e-Commerce websites (with reviews & plans)

With the ever-increasing growth of the online store, having an eCommerce store is necessary. Knowing which eCommerce website is suitable for you helps you to choose more comfortable. This blog listed the best eCommerce platform for you. 

If you are running a small business, you most probably own a website, but you were wondering about its cost or the process. 

Building the eCommerce website is secure now, using ready templates provided by the following platforms. 

What you should do is sign up to the dashboard and start building your store only with the pictures and price of any products you have. 

Best eCommerce websites builders are:

  1. iLink Shop
  2. PrestaShop
  3. Weebly
  4. SquareSpace
  5. Magneto
  6. Wix
  7. WooCommerce
  8. BigCommerce
  9. Shopify
  10. 3dCart

For your ease of use, I have included the starting price, so you would have an idea about which is the best value. 

1.  iLink shop 

iLink is the best eCommerce website builder in which you can build your online store with affordable prices and the highest quality. There are other options beside iLink shop like link in bio using iLink. The dashboard is user friendly and easy to set up. All you need is adding pictures and price tags. The plan is about $6 per month, and you can use iLink for free. 

2. PrestaShop

PrestaShop’s apps can become costly, but SEO performance is its positive reviews. Slower load time makes it complicated for stores with lots of products, and if the customer needs to choose between a variety of options. 

3. Weebly

Weebly is suitable for the primary store for its price, and stunning template designs are available. Though there are no amazon integrations and weak SEO are its disadvantages. Value is its strongest point, and if you have a limited budget so, it is a good option. 

4. SquareSpace 

Overall it is very good; excellent template design and easiness to set up is of great help for simple stores. Though there is no phone support, and limited payment gateways are its disadvantages. 

5. MagnetoCommerce

One-click selling apps are available in this platform, and SEO strength is another advantage. However, development skills are disadvantages if you have no technical or coding knowledge. 

6. Wix

I recommend WIX for website building but not for its online store because of poor SEO and https issues. Overall, WIX is not a great option, but if you had no choice, you could use Wix. Lacks of marketing features and integrations are other negative reviews of this platform. 

7. WooCommerce

woocommerce has a strong point for SEO platform, so if you are looking to attract more customers from Google, you can use woocommerce. However, its high price could be troubling if you have just recently started your business. Or you are not sure about the income at first, so the rental could be risky. 

8. BigCommerce

Big-commerce is flexible, and you can sell multiple products. Big-commerce is also known for its SEO performance, but there are some disadvantages to it. For high volume stores, you should pay more, and it is not very strong on designs and themes, but performance, in general, is excellent. 

9. Shopify 

Shopify is known for its fastest load time and easy setup; however, weak SEO performance and apps that are costly and some limitations in checkout are of its disadvantages. Ease of use is its strongest point, so if you are not looking for customers from Google, and your business size is small can be a good option for you. 

10. 3dcart 

The overall performance is good, and value is the strongest point of 3dcart. Tons of integrations, better blog features than others are other advantages. If you are more into blogging, it can be the right choice then.