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How to write a bio for every social media platform professionally?

How to write a bio for every social media platform professionally?

You are going to introduce yourself in front of a large crowd, looking forward to being offered a good job vacancy? Wondering how to write a bio Or want to interest people maybe impress a person in authority to call you? Or find an attentive reputation? How could you come up with a plan to put words or sentences together to make a short bio successfully? Accurately, for writing a bio to reach the desired promotional place?

Well, thinking about the best biographies for multiple social media platforms is probably challenging. You are looking for a biography template; either a comprehensive sentence or expression to describe your personal bio consist of the abilities, skills, knowledge, job positions, and achievements without any duplicative blurb.

 Not only, considering one particular great biography for each social media channel approximately makes it harder for us to think about obvious bio examples for every platform but also, with the leading role of social media have found, professionals and amateurs need to be aware of some well worth bio ideas to present their real and the best characteristics of themselves entirely.

Such a question may come to your mind, “What makes me unique in 150 characters examples?”

Using only 150 characters more or less to express all about you in short professional bio format sounds insufficient to cover the list of items you can do, but pay attention that with knowing the play with this amount of bio words, you can be qualified on having a  good bio comes up as one of the biography examples in online users minds.

Now, it is time to learn new points about how to write a good bio to shape your own business resume?

How to write a short professional bio to attract more audience

All of us love warmth and intimacy in reading a piece of professional bio or formal speech without any exaggeration, and extra details with a simple tongue, as well as a little bit mixture of a sense of humor. Going on with this structure in writing a biography takes you one step ahead in having the right biography template. Leave no stone unturned to note that the shorter efficient bio you craft, the more readable and noticeable it appears to people’s eyes.

Here are the most useful biography examples you should mention in the bio template to authenticate well enough.

  1. First name and last name in a biography example is an essential thing; it means who you are
  2. Job Position which says that what do you do 
  3. The company or brand you work.
  4. The achievements and success you have made so far ( at least one)
  5. Specify the topic you are interested in by putting hashtag beside it.
  6. Tell about the hobbies and talents you like
  7. Mention the relevant website link as a validation.
  8. Use emoji’s and breakpoints  increase readable and tidy
  9. Take advantage of tagging accounts to present you as  a professional bio template

How to write a biography template and examples of social media

One key point that hugely affects the biography template is the social media platform you choose for a biography outline. However, on each social media platform having a short professional bio template sounds awesome. Below are the short bio examples of  the famous Instagrammer also the business page which does it well

Instagram bio Templates

Whether we want it or not, the importance of Instagram bio hits a peak until recently. Various people are finding good bios on Instagram to be trained on how to start a biography to draw many users’ eyes. Honestly, writing an efficient short bio in 150  or 160 characters is a kind of glory provided that it amazes the reader. To do that, The structure below will help.

1. Consider a valid and meaningful name, as well as the username for the profile ( The brand name/Your name)

Remember to select a name that features your Instagram niche or activities to seem more authenticated for users. Like the example below

2. Creative sample bio typically notes the skills and description.

Some popular Instagrammers separate their skills by /Or, and generally, using these symbols can help to organize the Instagram bio; however, emojis are more useful to be considered in the bio template.

3. Using keyword can make a catchy biography sample

Indicate everything you are interested in a famous person, or whatever, by # sign to keep eyes on your bio words, but be careful about the words you are going to select.

4. Always have a bio link for self-description or accomplishment

It is good to know that a link on every social media profile is required to give a kind of vivid picture of yourself. People mostly take advantage of this opportunity to provide a video or content summary of their biography, brand, products, interests, accomplishments.

5. Make the most of tagging option to show the coordination and activities

Introducing the Instagram accounts that you are interacting them directly or indirectly as an example of personal achievements.

What are the twitter bio ideas:

When it comes to twitter blurb examples, many people seek a way to invoke more formal and serious about looking special because twitter is more formal social media in compersion with the Instagram platform. Have a look at examples of personal statement examples.

  • Jon Donahue is one of the best sample bios, which got the help of a sense of humor and seriousness, even though this type of bio resonates with artists or celebrities.
  • Larry Kim has built the best twitter business account. Actually, he lists the personal accomplishments of his job positions by mentioning them. It is more common to add the LinkedIn URL to prove your resume bio as well as possible. Such a formal bio
  • Harry bliss used third person examples in her bio to seems more formal but straightforward. Still, Larry Kim just tags the most important relevant twitter accounts, which are in the connectivity with his professions.
  • Some others, like Neil Gaiman, uses his creativity and intuitiveness to show off his accomplishment in a blurb. In this way, most of  the writers come to eyes with their inner self-sense sentence to seem 

Writing Facebook bio tips

Facebook is another platform we should know how to write a sample bio for. One thing I want to clear is that Facebook is known as a less formal platform than LinkedIn and Twitter.

Personal or business bio?

For personal facebook bio, it is excellent to about

  • The interests and hobbies
  • Accomplishments and capabilities
  • Inspirational,motivational quotes

In the “About”  tab, in the “Work and Education” part,  you see “Professional Skills,” Workplace” area, and in Details about You section, you can create the personal bio. Its menu clear options to guide you with writing a good bio.

For business facebook bio

For writing a facebook business bio, you have to put effort into making a distinct difference rather than other social media platforms. As there is no limitation to keep on writting more and more via the set of the short description. Do your best to control it.

At least break down the practical tips to make the bio valuable.

  • What you do or your mission
  • Home town & Current location
  • The products or services you may offer
  • Contact information
  • Key company personnel
  • Put the link to the company’s main website

Best biographies (LinkedIn bio)

LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for writing an excellent professional bio. The majority of people with the LinkedIn profile are experts in their posts or positions, and this platform pops up in all minds as a knowledge base social network for savvy and with a few amounts of amateurs.

  • A sample of professional LinkedIn bio known as a long formal bio, which makes users a little bit baffled. In turn, of its detailed practical information, which may resonate with just experts, not mediocre.

Thomas, with the HR position, is giving useful work data for the ones with the same job position. Indeed, he did it well as providing updated detail information, but we, as a viewer, may look at the dark side of it and call it a tedious long company bio.

  • Here, a creative bio example that tells the bio with friendly language motivates everybody to keeps on with the rest of the long bio. It needs more thoughtfulness to talk about the qualifications and knowledge of job experience and this stuff in a format of gentle, elegant tongue storytelling.

How to write a good bio for work

Well, each person may have already signed up for plenty of social media channels to share some qualifications, background, accomplishment with managers, business owners. Whereas there can be some common mistakes in these bios that need repairing.

  • Education should be considered first to assure who you are and what can you do for that company
  • Sometimes, the issue is that every year might bring new events, achievements, success, and breakthroughs, and if you have learned how to write a bio for yourself. Now it is time you should be able to edit and update the bio at the right time. Because being updated in such a digital era in every field is precious and absolutely essential.
  • Keep it in mind that most of the good bios for work or company is better to write in the third person to be more polite. On the contrary, personal bios (for social media accounts) will be more acceptable written in the first person to be more casual informal.
  • Do not forget to use a suitable amount of adjectives to educate you are well worth in your biography

Considering all the things mentioned above, what if we provide accessibility to all our social media bios with just one link click. Here the excellent piece of news is that ilink serves you with free capabilities to add multiple links bio, whatever your website URL, Twitter account, Instagram, etc. to direct more audience to the right place and check all social media bios and information in one place.

Make the most of this marvelous tool to manage all social media to make the first impression on your audience with every social media platform bio to draw them in and persuade them to follow you.

How to Improve your LinkedIn Profile for Better Visibility?

LinkedIn is a professional social network enabling recruiters and job-seekers to connect. In this platform, users are invited to create contents, showcase their skills and expertise, build connections, or create a company page.

Because of its high rank in Google, LinkedIn is an excellent place to establish credibility for yourself or your company. So, start with a bang by investing in your LinkedIn profile and do your best to stand out and make important business connections.

Below you’ll find a guide to optimizing your LinkedIn profile and making a good impression:

1.Cover Photo

Your cover photo or background should represent your brand’s identity or show off your personality. You can find great free images in, Unsplash, Pexels, etc., or use Canva for free banner templates.

Many people underestimate the power of a good cover photo and decide to ignore it for good. If you go through profiles on LinkedIn, you’ll see that most users have not uploaded any. I advise you not to be like everyone else with the boring blue backgrounds. Do not miss any opportunity that elevates your presence on LinkedIn.

Some tips on choosing the right cover photo are as the following:

  • If you are a member of the management team, a founder or an entrepreneur, use your company’s colors, name, and logo in your background.

John Lee Dumas LinkedIn cover photo
  • If you are an employee, you can either put your skills and interests on view or have a quote on your favorable background, which can be nature, books, or abstract images.

Georgia Tildesley LinkedIn cover photo
  • Some people go for an appealing photo that sparks others’ interest and add a deep and thoughtful tone to their cover photo. There’s no harm in doing that, too.

An example of an inspiring LinkedIn cover photo

Your cover photo says a lot about you, so try to choose it wisely and avoid driving potential clients, investors, and hiring managers away at first glance.

2. Profile Photo

For your personal profile, choose a headshot in which you have a natural smile on your face and are looking at the camera. It is recommended that your photo shows your head, neck, and top of your shoulders. Avoid wearing dresses which are too revealing because it doesn’t seem fit for LinkedIn as a professional network.

Examples of good LinkedIn profile photos

Other tips on deciding on a good profile photo for your LinkedIn account are as below:

  • Be consistent across all social media channels, especially if you are a personal brand or have a business page. This way, visitors will recognize you instantly. So, put the same profile photo as other social accounts.
  • Keep away from photoshoots with strange facial expressions, complicated body gestures, or casual poses.
  • Use a high-quality image.
  • Look as normal and welcoming as possible.
  • Make sure you don’t have too much makeup on.
  • Pick a solid background.
  • Shoot a natural light photo

3. Headline

Your headline is what appears just below your name and can be up to 120 characters. It should include your current position and highlight your expertise and career accomplishments. If you want to land a job with a company, hiring managers should be able to find you as easily as possible, so include your desired job post in your headline.

Kyle Elliott LinkedIn headline

For having a more impactful headline, factor in below points:

  • Find powerful keywords in your field and use them.
  • Be sincere.
  • Bragging too much can ruin your chances of impressing recruiters. Don’t do it excessively.

4. Contact Information

Try to fill in as many elements as you can in the Contact Info section so that LinkedIn rewards you with more visibility.

  • You can add up to three clickable links in the profile URL section. They can be links to your company, blog, or your career portfolio.
  • You can put phone number and address of your home, workplace and your mobile number.
  • Your primary email address is added by default
  • LinkedIn supports some instant messengers, including Skype, ICQ, Google Talk, QQ, WeChat. Add the accounts you have.
  • You can add your birth date, and it’s up to you to make it visible to your connections only, your network, or all LinkedIn members.

LinkedIn contact info section

5. Profile section

As mentioned earlier, you’ll get more search visibility for a complete profile. So, take the time to fill in as many fields as you can in this section.

LinkedIn profile section

Your profile section has the following elements:

  • About

Craft your LinkedIn summary here. Show visitors what you do at the present time and what you aspire to do in the future. Tell it in 3-5 short paragraphs clearly and simply to make it more readable. Avoid using slangs, jargons, acronyms, or abbreviations, which are confusing and out of the average’s depth and repels visitors.

  • Background

Bring your background into the spotlight by putting information about your work experience, education, licenses & certifications, and volunteer experience in it.

  • Skills

Your profile is more likely to get viewed if you highlight skills relevant to your career goals and your circle endorse you for your strongest assets. Don’t undervalue this section.

  • Accomplishments

There are several fields in this section, such as patents, projects, honors & awards. Check this part carefully and make sure not to leave any part you could have filled empty. Your accomplishments can project a highly professional image to professional contacts, and most ordinary users have nothing to offer in this section. So use this opportunity to rocket to stardom.

  • Additional information

As you may already know, testimonials are highly influential. So, ask colleagues or employees for glowing recommendations. It can be nice to return their favor by offering to write for them.

  • Supported languages

Add your language skills here to grab the attention of international corporations.

6. Profile URL

LinkedIn gives you a Public Profile URL, which is a combination of your name and random numbers & characters. You can create a customized URL for your page by clicking on the pencil icon next to “Add profile section”. At the bottom of the page that appears, you can edit your profile link as you want.

7. Broaden your network

Communication is the lifeblood of social networks, and so you have to have a quality network. Request to connect to your colleagues, employers, or employees and accept others’ requests. Don’t be afraid to have people of the same profession in your circle as they may be beneficial to you in the future.

To sum up

LinkedIn has a professional environment in which you can grow your business, seek job opportunities, and reach millions of executives in decision-making positions. Leverage your LinkedIn profile and stand out from the crowd by implementing the above-mentioned recommendations.Feel free to share other points that help improve LinkedIn profile in the comments below.

How to Create High Engagement LinkedIn Posts?

Company pages on LinkedIn are so crucial for brands to be able to build relevance, credibility, and showcase services mainly if that company is a start-up.

But, how can you increase your company page engagement on LinkedIn? It looks much easier on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook where your brand can have its own account and directly connect with other users’ content. In this article, we are going to share our tips for how to improve your engagement on LinkedIn.

1- Try out different messaging strategies to see what works

LinkedIn is a business-focused platform, so it has a different target audience than other social networks.

To understand what works out best with your LinkedIn audience, you’ll want to try different messaging approaches. Using these:

  • Your style and tone. Is it serious, playful, educational?
  • The text length. Is it compact or long-form?
  • Your valuable media. How do visuals support the text?

It’s necessary to test—instead of making theories—because the results will amaze you.

2- Use your ad budget to reach your target audience

If you’re running with a budget, you should be more selective. Try to boost your organic posts such as product launches and campaigns often to make sure that you reach your target audience.

By generating highly targeted ads, you can increase your engagement during the campaign periods and receive greater conversions.

3- Examine your publishing volume to increase engagement

Here’s why publishing volume imports: If you post too short, you’ll get less engagement, on the other hand, if you post too much on LinkedIn, you may run the risk of spamming your readers.

You have to notice that magic posting number to increase your engagement without spamming.

4- Create high-quality content stand out from competitors

You’ll experience a significant increase in engagement and conversions when you produce our own content—this is because you focus on creating quality content that gives immediate value for your audience.

5- Extend your content mix to influence a broader audience

LinkedIn is so much more than just a marketing platform. It also lets you reach administrators, introduce your company experience, and hire top talent.

So, consider sharing:

  • leadership quotes from your own managers
  • Business news and updates
  • Job perks and postings
  • HR advices on the workplace

Follow these tips to start getting more engagement on LinkedIn. You will be on your way to producing your best content yet.

How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Summary?

A few years ago, I posted an article about writing the perfect LinkedIn summary. A lot has changed since then. LinkedIn has made many revisions and updates, and lately, they launched a whole new interface. Also, the world of work has developed even more into a place where the free-agent mindset is necessary for success. So it’s time for a significant update to my last post on this topic.

Before we get into the methods of crafting a brilliant summary, let’s begin with why your LinkedIn summary is so important for your success:

  • LinkedIn is usually the first place people go when they are looking to estimate you in a professional position.
  • If people search your name on Google to learn about you, your LinkedIn profile will likely show up in one of the top places in the search results. Since 78% of Google clicks go to the top three results, those who begin at Google will end up at LinkedIn.
  • For most of us, a LinkedIn profile is the most extensive bio we have online. Your LinkedIn summary will likely be seen by more people than any other social media bio. This added exposure gives you an outstanding opportunity to catch the attention of decision-makers — but only if you have a relatable summary.

A valuable LinkedIn summary does three things:

  1.  It shows the connection. It attracts the right audience who are crucial to your career success, letting them know what you’re about so they can decide if you are related to their goals.
  2. It differentiates you from competitors. With so many people presenting the same services as you, standing out is important.
  3. It makes people want to learn more about you and eventually interact with you one-on-one. Of course, this means congruence with the real-world you is essential.

I have had the chance to help a lot of professionals describe their story in their LinkedIn summary, and what I write here is the proven process we use. It’s a simple method that makes your summary shine:

Step one: Set the scene

First of all, you should decide what you like your summary to say and want you want visitors to do. These questions will help you set the scene for your summary:

  • Who is your target audience? Who are the most important influencers and decision-makers in your world?
  • What do you want them to know or do?
  • How do you want to make the visitors feel?

Write our responses to these questions so you can begin gathering your raw data.

Step two: collect your content

You may feel overwhelmed by the different choices for writing your bio. I recommend organizing your content into these seven buckets:

Skills: write a few sentences about what you do to provide value for your team, brand, and internal or external customers. (I’m the content manager. I have a team of best and brightest writers. I brought them together to write about the most important updates in the world!)

Victories: write about your achievements in your career. Be sure to describe the value you brought. (I saved my company $100k by using a better and cheaper version of blogging software.)

Passions: values and passions. write your operating principles and the things that inspire or energize you (for example, “diversity, creativity, and developing win-win relationships” along with UNICEF.”)

Your superpowers: Explain the things you do better than anyone else – the talents that allow you to be a hero for your colleagues (for instance, “I make team conferences fun and productive, making everyone feel involved; I have been told I am the best listener”).

Interesting stats: Mention things you can quantify – and don’t limit yourself to just the ones that are work-related. (“I climbed four of the tallest peaks; I speak two foreign languages and travel to at least eight new countries every year”)

Validation: Cover all those things that help you prove what you say about yourself such as awards and accolades (for example, “Graduated from the University of Harvard; was awarded an innovation fellowship by the Association of Advanced science”)

Uniqueness: One of the most crucial aspects of reliable content is exclusiveness. If the content on your website is duplicated or plagiarized, then you may not get the desired results from it. One of the best and easiest ways to detect piracy in content is the use of an online plagiarism checker. You can find many online duplication finder tools over the web that can assist you in detecting duplication in writing within a few seconds. You can get access to an effective free online similarity checker by clicking on without any hurdles. 

After completing your content category collection, take a look at them and try answering these questions:

  • Is there anything missing?
  • Is there anything irrelevant?
  • Is it aspirational and authentic?

Make any adjustment, deletion, and additions to your raw content and then prepare to share.

Step three: showcase your story

Before writing anything, give yourself a “permission to suck.”  we put a lot of pressure on ourselves while writing, and if we lower the expectations of our first attempt, we can typically improve, edit, or recreate something that’s really quite satisfying.

 I recommend crafting your summary in the first person for these reasons:

  1.  Everyone understands you wrote your own LinkedIn summary, so drafting about yourself in the third person looks a bit insincere.
  2.  Writing in the first person creates communication between you and your audience, and that’s the best way to develop a relationship.
  3.  The first person version of your bio seems more like storytelling and less like recording your accomplishments — and the LinkedIn summary is all about storytelling.

That’s it.

Comment us below and tell us about your methods of writing a good bio on social media.