A new Bottlecap challenge?

What is the Bottle Cap challenge?

Almost in all period of time people have something to make them have fun. It is not always just about having fun, sometimes these kinds of challenges cause an excellent event happens, like a charity. They invited people or celebrities to do the challenge to understand a special group of people, like the cold water challenge. The cold water challenge started on July–August 2014 to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. And then the 10-year challenges started. It may not remind us of a particular group of people, but it profoundly reminds us of ourselves and how we get through our life during these ten years? Where are we now? And is that a place we always wanted to be in these ten years.

After these exciting challenges, we get to this new one:

“Bottle Cap Challenge”

This challenge is in a way that you should unscrew a bottle cap with your foot. But the question is when does it start? By who? There is no reliable source, but the researchers show that Farabi Davletchin, a Taekwondo instructor and fighter, was the first person who started this challenge on June 25. After that, the game started, and even celebrities followed him same as Max Holloway, who challenged John Mayer. That was just a beginning; here are the top Bottle Cap challenge on social media. Some celebrities take it seriously, but there are always a group of people that love to make fun of everything.

Take a look at some celebrity’s challenges :

Kendall Jenner

Jason Statham

Donnie Yen

Justin Bieber

Here are some funny celebrity’s challenges

 Blake Shelton



What do you think? Are you able to meet this challenge? Let’s give it a try

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A new bottle cap challenge?
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