iLink vs

iLink vs

A free tool to increase social media channels credibility and audience by adding multiple links and other stuff you would like to embed, solve the limitation of adding multiple links by one alternative link

Nowadays, It gets easy to expose your brand to a broader audience by using one link in which the multiple links are behind.

The fact is that many marketers’ communities are looking for a way to know how to drive more traffic to their website in order to grow their branding as well as product sales.

On the other hand, every user with any social media account private or business in every scale small or big start sharing links to their bio places to get more out of the single link

 Here, we are going to explain two platforms to achieve this marketing goal on the social media network as soon as possible.

Adding multiple links? (Why)

The answer is that sharing social media links on a specific page can increase engagement.

I know that everyone in the process of establishing any social media account might think of which bio link should be put in bio place to seem comprehensive and catchy at a glance. By the use of ilink, not only can you direct more reach to the destination page have been crafted as a business page but also bring a consistent brand personality with multiple links on a page. Ilink short clickable links like ilink/traise indicate that you are a member of a company with a validate link.

The advantage of multiple links on Instagram

  • Promote other links with one bio link
  • Increase the view of  multiple social media accounts
  • Lead to prove the brand identity and awareness
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts
  • Draw attention to a product launch.

Why should I use ilink to grow my business

As a matter of fact, ilink wants to complete its efficiencies and responsibilities with plenty of useful features as well as different social media platforms support.

Imagine that there is a landing page in which you are going to design it yourself with a mixture of colors, buttons, music, videos, texts, and of course links. When a user or a lead click on your Instagram bio link, come up with a well-designed page that can get more about your business and marketing activities. This is the only place to entertain them with the content you gathered before.  A shared link leaped into a cv of the business.

Ilink features in one view

Contact Information is divided into two different parts:


  • Description
  • Website
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Mobile

Social media

  • You should choose the social media platform to expose the  bio information


  • Add a new button to create every social media URL accessible for the user.

Add whatever you want music, video, and every page

URL and decorate each of them with a favorite design and color.

As the picture shows, you can see statistics of each social media link separately by clicking on-chain option. Also, the video or music links located in this section to increase the visibility and importance of them.

  • The preview of your ilink page is available right side of the  button links

Design: Several themes are ready to create the best shape of the landing page.

Ishop: One more thing which is good to know is that Ilink is going to roll out another paid version with new features comes with the idea of purchasing products and goods from right inside the landing page without any need to the website, and the other is Pro serves you with full analytic

Ilink marketing ideas

  1. Offer a free version
  2. Gather All your necessary links in one place
  3. Shows how your audiences contact you
  4. Add the newest contact info and another contact medium (email, social media, phone, website) to the microsite.
  5. Connect social media Influencers with the audience
  6. Impact your email marketing strategy with a lead magnet &landing page
  7. Best for bloggers and affiliate marketers to Send people to a popular blog post and products
  8. Give the number of clicks on every link
  9. Provide User-friendly setup

Ilink in compersion with is similar to ilink, and there is a page to promote who you are also what do you have to present the audience. It is free with one link used in bio places to direct people into your page with multiple links. Totally, like ilink, you can Invite people to get involved with your content such as videos, Email signature, add spotlight buttons to share multiple links. But the noticeable point is that has a few simple features to get help users in building a consistent brand personality in compersion to ilink because ilink has a variety of features in the free version.

 ishop and pro feature which is so amazing for amateurs in the marketing field in addition to analytics and graphical base platform to catch many eyes with colorful page themes and gradient backgrounds pro features

  • Connect your own domain to the landing page
  • Show highlights of your work visually
  • Convert your page visitors into contacts
  • Get insights about your page visitors
  • Customize the page appearance in search engine result
  • It costs 8$ per month

Why do I recommend ilink?

When it comes to growing the audience in each visual base platform, all of us may think of a free tool to flourish our marketing level with Promoting product sales or something like this. That is a great wish that ilink has held true. I want to admit that ilink has more useful features you can count on your marketing infancy like social media connections, fast and straightforward design, a well as a hit of multiple links versus released in a free version with limited features that might make it hard for every user to go on with. In addition, ilink to keep subscribers connected offers ishop and pro features at an affordable price at any time that if they want to make the most of it, pay the fare for that.

The last word is that it is up to you whether to choose ilink or, but I suggest that for making a better decision, consider the essential requirements of your social media marketing then the capabilities you can obtain from the optimizing tool.

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iLink vs.
A free tool to increase social media channels credibility and audience by adding multiple links and other stuff you would like to embed, solve the limitation of adding multiple links by one alternative link
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