iLink vs.

iLink vs.

Social media is the best marketing platform of this era for its great popularity and daily amount of active users, but marketing through these platforms needs the ability to share links.

Since the emergence of social media platforms, marketers, businesses and brand owners started looking for ways to showcase their products and career to broader audience by sharing links to for example their websites, but they always faced the limitations of almost all social media platforms which does not allow users to add more than one link in their bios. 

This makes it very hard for a marketer to choose one of their links over the other ones. Another obstacle was that many business owners would want a platform to give them the opportunity to get in touch with their audiences easier, but with this restriction, they have to choose to either add a contact option, such as their email, or their website, as a link in their profiles.

The good news is that this social media restriction can now be ditched using link shortener services, which make us able to add many links as we want in our bios without having to choose only one connection.

How is the link in bio useful?

A social media link in bio has lots of advantages for either business pages or personal ones. Social media is the best platform for marketing all kinds of content in this modern era, which brings together billions of people from all over the world. Such a platform cannot be ignored while marketing a business or brand.

The only way we can gain more traffic to our business’s website or get it noticed by more people is to drive users from social media to our website, blogs, or product pages. This is only possible by adding a link of these sources to our desired social media platform.

Let’s say you have added an Instagram link in bio, which is your website link. Any Instagrammer paying a visit to your profile, might find the content interesting enough and want to know more about it. All they want would be a link to more information such as contact ways, or your website. They’ll simply click on your link in bio and be redirected to where you want, and this way, you’ve gained traffic as easy as that.

You surely have more than only one social media account, since no one leans to a single platform, especially when it comes to marketing. You can make use of a link in profile to direct the audience of your most followed social media account to the other profiles you own. 

You can either add your blog or website links or as a service or business, add contact ways to social media bios to let potential customers keep in touch with you and ask their questions.

How to add multiple links in social media bios?

Adding multiple links in bios has been like a dream for marketers, but here you’ll know exactly how to add countless links on your profiles. We can make more use of a link in bio when there are no limits of adding as many links as we want. 

One of the most asked questions these days is, for example, how to post an Instagram link in bio, which includes multiple clickable links when clicked. It is actually possible using link shortener services such as iLink and, which are even better alternatives than Linktree, which is a well-known service for adding multiple social media bio links. 

Below, I am going to introduce two of the best link in bio services for all social media platforms to gain more traffic and audience to your website and other social media profile.

iLink link in bio service

iLink is the first link in bio service, which I find to be the most useful one. iLink makes it possible for its users to add as many links as they one into only one short link they put on their social media bios, including Instagram bio, Twitter bio, Facebook bio, and much more.

I do not name iLink a competitor to Linktree or because it is much better than them in every way. 

The main features of iLink are free, and without any cost, you can sign up and start adding multiple links to your profiles, but it also has two paid versions, which has many more options, which is better for marketers, businesses, and brand owners.

The free features of iLink 

  • Add limitless links on all social media bios.
  • Change your landing page theme and background. (Gradient and animation)
  • Clickable social media buttons for your other social profiles.
  • Customize link buttons, text, and colors.
  • Add playable and clickable music and videos.
  • Get the number of your link clicks on the iLink dashboard.
  • Change button style options.
  • Set an avatar for your profile and landing page.
  • Have a description about you or the business or brand you run.
  • Add as many contact buttons as you wish.

The paid features of iLink

  • iLink Pro

As I mentioned before, iLink has paid versions , which one of them is the iLink pro for the users who are willing to have even much more professional options of the service.

  • iShop

iShop is a very helpful and unique feature of iLink, which is the second paid feature of the service. Brand and business owners, influencers and marketers who want to sell their products and service but are not willing to establish their own website or pay lots of dollars to submit a webpage, would find iShop to be very handy.

With iShop, users can create a mini webpage (Landing page) which is just like an online shop of their own products and services as a link in bio on their social media profiles. by later

The second service I trust to be a good tool for link in bio is the service provided by the very famous Later brand, which is well-known for supplying Instagram services. by Later turns your posts into traffic drivers, and comes with our Instagram marketing must-haves—like seamless scheduling and a visual content planner.

Advantages of using

  • Add multiple links on an Instagram bio
  • Free to use 
  • Track your link clicks

iLink vs. 

Both the services I talked about in my blog have one similar goal, which is to ditch the social media restrictions of link sharing and provide users the opportunity to share multiple links in profiles. But there are some reasons why you should choose iLink over Linkin. Bio, which I am going to explain below.

  1. The first and most important reason to choose iLink is that Linkin. Bio offers services for only Instagram and can be used only on Instagram bios while iLink is a service to allow users to add multiple links on almost all their social media bios.
  2. Both iLink and offer their main features free, but iLink has more features provided for the people who want more than only a link in bio service.
  3. does not offer the design options iLink does for your landing pages. Such as free beautiful themes and gradient backgrounds, button styles and shades, text colors, and much more.


Adding multiple links in social media bios is a very wise step toward getting more traffic to both your website and other social media profiles. I have compared two of the best Linktree alternatives here in this blog in a very detailed way, making it easy for you to choose the one service you need to begin using as your social media link sharing trick. 

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Social media is the best marketing platform of this era for its great popularity and daily amount of active users, but marketing through these platforms needs the ability to share links.
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