A complete guide about Amazon Influencer Program

A complete guide about Amazon Influencer Program

There are lots of methods and ways in which you can use your social media for monetizing, but the Amazon Influencer program is one of the latest methods. By using your influence, you can get paid to promote products you think your audience will love and all this can be done without any special investment or incurring upfront costs.

What is exactly the Amazon Influencer Program?

This program is an extension of Amazon’s Associate’s program in which anybody with a qualifying website can earn money on sales they bring to Amazon. The commission a user can earn by selling products can vary from 1% to 10%.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Amazon Influencer and even more!!!

How does the Amazon Influencer Program work?

At first, you should know there is a big difference between Amazon Associates and Amazon Influencer Program; the first is set for all people with their blogs and websites but the newer one is suitable for the people who have a loyal and large audience in their social media. Another difference is the way program members direct their audience traffic toward the product they choose. With Associates Program, users can only share their affiliate links for the goods they have on their website or social media. But in Amazon Influencer, can custom the way customers view the products. According to this statement, people can see all of an Influencer’s product recommendations together with just one link.

With this method, influencers can even classify their products into a different types of classes for easy navigation and better performance.

Each Influencer’s storefront has its own and specific URL which is easy for followers to remember. By this specific link, influencers can share their Amazon storefront across several platforms; such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

How can we start our career in the Amazon Influencer Program?

Another difference between Amazon Associates and Amazon Influencer Program is the requirements for qualification. For the Associate’s Program, all you need is your website or blog but for Amazon Influencer Program, it is somehow more rigorous. To be honest, Amazon will analyze your social media to see if you are good enough for their project or not.

If you apply for the Influencer program, Amazon will ask to allow them to review the social media account that you won’t use in their platform and have the most influence. Although Amazon does not have a threshold for the number of followers required to become an influencer, your follower account will affect your further activities. Currently, your options as an influencing platform include Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. Maybe it will be options for the users in the coming days.

What are the main criteria of qualification for Amazon?

As a career, the more loyal and active followers you have, the more valuable your profile or account will be considered. It is not important how much your total audience is. Amazon will review your post account, consistency, and follower engagement and in fact, these parameters will make your eligibility.

Your Task must be focusing on the improvement of your engagement rate by posting consistent, high-quality content that your audience enjoys, and remember, you should be always accessible.

For writing good content and improving engagement, you can use these tips;

  1. Instead of writing many unrelated posts, focus your content on your desired niche. For example, if you are a shoe seller and want to promote your products, you can build your posts around a specific kind of shoes, such as women’s shoes or sport shoes.
  2. Always be up-to-date and keep your social media or website updated.

How can I apply to Amazon Influencer Program?

If you think your social media or blog is strong enough and many followers are engaging, then why not trying Amazon Influencer Program?

According to Statistics, the market for influencers is growing and nearly 10% of Amazon sellers are hiring influencers to promote their products and Nowadays more and more people are planning to grow their business through social media such as Instagram and Youtube.

Here, we will teach you how to apply to Amazon Influencer Program easily. Follow these steps;

  1. Go to the Amazon Influencer Program homepage
  2. Click the “Get started” button
  3. If you have an available customer account, you can log in and continue the application process. If not, tap on the “Create new account” to make one.
  1. At this level, you need to connect one of your social media accounts to your application to let Amazon determine your eligibility. You can choose to connect to Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook as three options.

Caution: if you choose Youtube or Facebook, you will know whether you are approved or not in a fraction of a minute. But if you choose to continue with Instagram, it may take up to a week or so to check your status. In this process, Amazon will ask you some questions about your Instagram handle,  follower count, and post count. Amazon will use these data to see if you are good enough to move forward with registration or not.

  1. After that, enter the name you want to use, a short description of your bio, what you promote, and other essential information and links
  2. Enter your storefront name and tagline
  3. At last, enter your account information. After completion, click the “Save and Finish” button and you will go to your Amazon Associates dashboard.

After entering your dashboard, you need to follow the Amazon Influencer Program on Instagram with your account. After following, your application will be approved.

How much I can earn money as an Influencer?

The main point is that the Amazon Influencer Program uses the same payment structure like the Amazon Associates Program. If you review, you will see each category on Amazon has its commission rate for influencers and it can be as little as 1% up to 10% in some categories like Amazon Coins and Luxury Stores Beauty. For more information, you can read Amazon’s Commission Income Statement before deciding which category to promote.

You may think the commissions for some categories are too low, but this low amount can be really valuable if the payments continue over time and the sum of these payments will be huge. More after, it costs nothing to throw your storefront link to your Instagram bio or Youtube description.

As an example, you will earn a 2% commission for your product and you have 20K followers. The product is listed 69.99$ on Amazon. If we imagine just 2% of your followers decide to buy your product, you will make 560$ just by linking it in your Instagram bio!!!

How can I create my Influencer store?

Similar to the Amazon storefront, you as an influencer can add your logo and portrait to custom your landing page. As we discussed earlier, you can choose different products you recommend into different categories. If a visitor clicks on a category, he or she can view all the products it contains. More after that, you can add your shoppable posts to your store like many other social media platforms.

To start adding products to your storefront;

  1. Tap on the link provided in your dashboard
  1. Now, click on the “Create Content”
  1. Now you can choose from four options which are an idealist, a shoppable photo, a video, or a live video.

With this method, you can add in as many products as you like and after the follower purchases your product, you will earn a commission on that sale.

How can you promote your store in the Amazon Influencer program?

After getting approved a starting your career in this program, the second imported question is “how can we promote it?”

Remember, the promotion requires a large following to be approved, the best way is to start promoting your own social media account and make a trustful relationship with your audience via your valuable recommendations and so on.

Furthermore, Amazon also provides some great methods on how you can promote your store to increase your commissions. These are some tips which you can try;

When you are on Instagram;

  1. Add a link to your influencer page or your bio. Also, you can put your influencer link in your captions so people can find your further products and recommendations.
  2. Use Instagram stories to engage with your followers, increase your audience and upgrade your personality view.
  3. You can encourage your audience to purchase the products via the link in your bio.

When you are on Facebook;

  1. You can add your link of influencer page to your “About”
  2. You can add a “Shop Now” button to your Facebook profile and link it to your influencer page
  3. in every post, include a link to both your influencer page and the corresponding product detail page

When you are on Youtube;

  1. You can put a link to your influencer page in your channel’s “About”
  2. You can add your link in your videos’ description and you can tell your viewers to shop your video by clicking the link in the description

When you are on Twitter;

  1. You can add your influencer page to your Twitter bio
  2. You can tweet about your products and include your influencer link if possible

When you are using your website or blog;

  1. make some notes comparing your products with others and make attractive recommendations on your website.
  2. make a list of products and content your audience is interested in, and create blog posts to support it
  3. Write new notes frequently to keep your readers alert and engaged. You can include your links to your products and point readers to your influencer page.

Also, you can use promote Amazon services for your career. These services are called “Bounties” and include 5 services;

  1. Amazon Baby Registry
  1. Amazon Business
  2. Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trial
  1. Prime Video Channels Free Trial
  1. Amazon Home Services

This program offers a fixed commission for each specific service promoted by the influencer. The best choice can be the combined promotion of both products and services. For example, if your activity field in your Website or Social is video editing, by promoting your account there will be a nice chance somebody also likes them in “Prime Video Channels for trials” and it will be an additional earning for you.


I hope this guide can be useful for you. For more information, you can download tutorial videos on the Internet or contact experts who are ready to give you a consultation about the field. Technically, any skill needs to be practiced over and over to be perfectly performed and you can start your career by join groups and rise your talents.

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