How to lock your Facebook profile?

In Facebook, locking your profile means you choose to show just a limited view of your profile to people that are not friends or in your content. After locking the profile, “public” posts will not be public anymore and only friends can see them.

The ability to locking the profile is designed especially for women who want to have more control over their Facebook experience. On Facebook, you can lock your profile whenever you want and it is much easier on the android platform rather than on desktop browsers or laptops. To be honest, this option is only available in mobile app and if you prefer doing it on your computer, there will be a lot of work to do. In this article, we will discuss both methods.

Locking your profile through your mobile app

For doing it on your phone, take these steps;

1- Go to your Facebook account and open your profile.

2- Tap on your three-dot menu.

3- Now you should see the “lock profile” option. Tap on it.

4- Now you will see a brief description of how it works, with a button at the bottom. Please tap on it.

5- In this step, a pop-up will say “you locked your profile” please tap on the “ok”.

Locking your profile through your desktop

There is no direct way to the goal and you should lock your profile with taking these steps;

1- Go to the

2- Click on your profile icon and replace “www” with “m”. Now you should read “”.

3- By using two previous steps, you will be taken to the mobile version of Facebook. Now three-dot menu next to the Edit profile option will be seen.

4- By tapping on the menu, you can see the lock profile option. Please tap on it.

5- Like the previous method (mobile app), a description with a button on the bottom will be displayed. Click on the button.

6- Your profile is now locked

IOS users should use the desktop method to lock their profile or borrowing an android device and use the mobile app method.

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