What do we know about Instagram careers?

What do we know about Instagram careers?

If we want to define Instagram, there are not enough words to do it completely!!! When you log in to your account or rolling other people’s posts, you are working with a platform that has a very strong potential for anything you think; you can find friends, learn a new language, know about the latest news and also, be famous!!!

What about earning money?

Yeah, why not? Based on statistics, nearly one billion people use Instagram actively, and more than 400 million of these people check their accounts every day.  As a result, Instagram is a brilliant platform for relationship and brand building. Many users try to buy Instagram followers to get more engagements for their profile.

On Instagram, you can do more than just keep your posts updated. you can find your next job.

Which kind of jobs can I find on Instagram?

You can find any kind of job and career you may imagine but based on the data, more than 50% of available jobs are related to social media, IT, programming, coordination, or the jobs that you can it at hone like writing. if you are lucky, you can also find requirements for a home teacher, photographer or even a chef!!!

How can I use Instagram in my job search?

These are five tips that you can use to find your best choice;

  1. Consider creating a new account or optimize your current account

If you think your account is full of homemade prank videos or your selfies in nature, you should know it is not appropriate for finding a job. So in the beginning, you have to establish an environment representing your social characteristics, which companies need to know about you.

  1. Build your brand

Identify how you want to market yourself and how you might be able to use Instagram to help your job search. This will be easier for some fields than for others. For example, for models and artists, Instagram is a fantastic place to show their talents but the trend is a little bit difficult for Javascript programmers.

It’s up to you to figure out how you can include Instagram in your job search and you should use your creativity. If you are a writer, you can establish an Instagram account with posts of your recent poems or if you are a nature photographer, you can post some of your recent works to the public.

  1. Try to be the “number-one” in your area

It is not important if you are searching for a job on Instagram or in newspapers, you should be the best among your rivals. Most companies nowadays are looking for a professional with a great CV. So, the higher expertise you have, the more chance you have to get a nice career.

  1. upgrade your communication skills

Try to contact your rivals on Instagram and literally, try to learn from them!!! By extending your area of knowledge and communication, you can keep yourself updated easier and get an advantage in comparison with others. If you still want to keep yourself secluded, you will never find your way.

  1. Use hashtags

You can use hashtags so that your photos show up in searches. These hashtags can contain your brand or name so other people will recognize you by that.

You can also use Instagram to search for popular tags in your field. However, posting a photo with too many hashtags makes your framework ironic, so limit your use of them.

  1. Follow companies and influencer

Stay updated with your dream employers and industry heroes by following them on Instagram. You can also discover your current trends in your field, plus the hottest information which others are talking about.

Best Brands for employee engagement

Here, we have 5 top accounts which you can check out and you can take away from their approach to apply to your feed;

  1. ADP

ID on Instagram: @adpcareers

  1. Marriott hotels

ID on Instagram: @marriottcareer

  1. Yellowstone National Parks

ID on Instagram: @yellowstoneparks

  1. Kohl’s

ID on Instagram: @lifeatkohls

  1. Mars

ID on Instagram: @careersatmars


Although many people still are researching in the newspapers or even on websites for a job, Instagram has made a new aspect to find your wanted one easier. With more information about the accounts and ways of building your brand, you can reach your career very soon.

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