Where is my Facebook Refund?

Where is my Facebook Refund?

Nowadays Facebook has grown to become an active marketplace, which you can consider your account as a commercial hub. Unfortunately, the Facebook refund process is not that easy the people think and they should know the basics. We will take a closer look at these basics and learn how to use the tools for purchasing.

Millions of people are using Facebook as one of the biggest communication platforms, for their jobs, habits, and photos sharings. But what about earning money? In this article, we’re going to discuss the coins and bills you want to take back.

What really “Where’s my refund” is?

The Facebook page “Where is my refund” can make a piece of good advice for people who want to manage her/his financial input and output. You can find much information about any kind of tax refund, paying back your mortgage, and even more. There is also a list of methods that can be utilized. Most posts on this page are updated and you can read the most recent 2021 notes. 

However, if you are looking for another type of refund on Facebook you can look through the blog. 

Facebook messenger refunds

There is no official method to refund any purchase from the messenger, based on Facebook’s guidance. According to this policy, you should deal with the seller personally and it is not recommended to buy items if you don’t know the seller very well. Facebook Pay is suitable for transporting money to your friends and family.

Facebook page purchases 

There is no refund processing in page purchases, too. This means you should contact directly to the seller and if there is no choice, start bargaining. If you are willing to use this kind of purchasing, this is a good instruction to do it well;

1-click arrow on the upper right hand and go to settings

2-select Facebook pay in the left panel

3-click on the item you are going to have refunded

4-choose contact seller

5-fill the form

6-press the send button

Facebook games and In-app purchases 

You should be aware that any kind of bought app delivery could take lots of hours to accomplish. For better refund performance, use this instruction;

1-go to the settings and payment section

2-click on the payment to make sure the process is finished

3-click the “dispute” button fill in the information

Group purchases

If you have chosen the “buy and sell group” option, you should know you are not supported by Facebook and no refund will be processed. Again, any responsibility falls on the seller and you should negotiate if you decide to get a refund.

Get refunds from others 

To be honest, app developers are not willing to pay back the money you have sent to their bank account so this process will be a little difficult to happen.


Besides all the discussed paragraphs, a Facebook refund sounds unreliable and you should always be careful what you are purchasing from the platform. Moreover, purchase items from the seller who you know him/her enough so your connection can be trustworthy. 

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