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For people is interesting to know about their favorite celebrities. So follow their plans and private life on the internet and social media.

How do Famous People Write their Bio on Instagram?

How do Famous People Write their Bio on Instagram?

We all follow Hollywood celebrities on Instagram to get daily updates about their amazing life, right?

Let’s say we follow them to get hairstyle ideas, fashion ideas or just because they are too hot to be ignored. Even though we follow them, we don’t still know what their Instagram bio is, because we mainly just want to see what they are uploading.

I am pretty sure that even though millions of users follow them on Instagram, some have no clue what their favorite celebrity’s Instagram bio is.

No, no. You don’t have to go and check them now! J Here I save your time. I have listed the Instagram bios of Hollywood celebrities that you might want to see.

10 Famous people bios on Instagram

Here is the list of some of the famous users on Instagram with millions of followers and what they have written in their bio. Though, to get the newest number of followers and bio you can search their name on Instagram.

1.Chrissy Teigen (21.1 million followers)

” Chrissy Teigen | making America great again.”

She is such a nationalist girl, and her bio is just a famous sentence and a link to her site.

I think this would be enough information for someone as famous as her.

2.Marnie the dog (2 million followers)

“Marnie the dog | 17-year-old NYC Shih Tzu adopted from a shelter at age 11. I’m a lady! Adopt senior dogs?”

Marnie used her Instagram bio to inspire other people at first sight. You can always use an inspiring quote or your favorite motto which is relevant to your lifestyle and your Instagram account.

3.Leonardo DiCaprio (27 million followers)

“Actor and Environmentalist”

Leonardo doesn’t even need an introduction. He can get millions of followers without saying much in his bio. As you can see famous people use a brief bio on their Instagram following a link.

4.Nicole Scherzinger (3.6 million followers)

“Nicole Scherzinger | When you are born in a world you don’t fit in, it’s because you were born to help create a new one.”

Another inspiring Instagram bio. Nicole is known for her lovely motivational captions. So her bio must be inspiring too, right?

5.James Charles (10 million followers)

“James Charles | Unleash your inner artist ?”

He is a close friend of Kylie Jenner, so he must have something to do with makeup or arts. Lol, but as you can see he used an inspiring quote on his Instagram bio following the link to his youtube channel.

6.Taylor Swift (113 million followers)

“Taylor swift | it’s delicated.”

Taylor has 113 million followers on Instagram! This means she can use a great bio! But as you can see she has mentioned her latest song, and that’s all! Stories highlights are also something celebrities use on their Instagram bio.

7.Selena Gomez (144 million followers)

“Selena Gomez | Light, space, zest -that’s God. With him, on my side, I’m FEARLESS, afraid of no one and nothing. A21 global anti-human trafficking organization A21.org.”

Selena used her faith in God to write her bio on Instagram. This is so sweet. No wonder she has 144 million followers, right?

8.Amanda Cerny (23.3 million followers)

“Amanda Cerny | Actress -Queen of my own fantasy🌸& ur daily dose of happiness💎 @cernyfit @acerny2 #AmandaCerny 💛management@amandacerny.com”

A..manda has used the new Instagram bio feature; she mentioned her other Instagram accounts and her branded hashtag to direct visitors to her other channels. And also a link to her affiliate site.

9.Brent Rivera (10.8 million followers)

“Brent Rivera | Snap • TheBrentRivera Twitter • @BrentRivera biz • brentriverabiz@gmail.com.”

Brand Rivera is a talented social media comedian, so he wants to direct his followers to his other social media accounts.

10.The rock (121 million followers)

“The rock | Mana. Gratitude. Tequila. And not necessarily in that order.”

Everyone knows that the rock is awesome! He used a funny bio to show his lifestyle to followers with just a short link to his landing page.

Instagram bio tips

If you are looking to have an attractive Instagram bio you can use the following tips.

Use iLink landing page

A landing page is where you can add all your links. Since you cannot add more than one link to Instagram bio, so you can make a landing page and insert the URL in Instagram bio as website.

You can use a platform like iLink to convert your multiple links into one short link to use on your Instagram bio. This way you can drive traffic to more than one of your links and you do not have to change or update it all the time.

Instagram bio font

If you search the internet you can find so many tools to change the font of Instagram bio. It makes the bio more attractive and people may wonder how did you change that.

Instagram bio inspirational quotes

Another tip is using inspirational quotes (which you can get from the internet) to give the positive vibes to the visitors.

Sum up

So as you can see, celebrities don’t have to try too hard to get followers on Instagram.

  • Some of them use inspirational quotes to influence the world.
  • Many of them don’t even have a bio!
  • Some of them mention their other social accounts to promote their social accounts, or they just use a link to their website or a landing page full of links to their blogs, products,

The Best Twitter Memes of 2018

If you feel like there is only bad news on social media and it bums you out, you are not alone. Especially, going on twitter can be really overwhelming, with constant drama, argument and snitch tagging. Memes are the only thing holding social media together at this point. Its been a stressful year so far, but at least we have these funny memes! Let’s take a walk down the memory (or should I say meme-ory!) lane If you like.

1- Eating tide pods

The Tide Pod eating craze started in 2017, but its effects remained well into 2018. The forbidden meals will always have a place in our hearts for the endless memes and cursed foods it inspired.

2- What your child is really texting about?

It looks like texting lingo will always be a mystery to the parents. Luckily, a useful guide to common acronyms became a meme. What are your children texting about? Apparently Olive Garden.

3- Change my mind

Sometimes you see a meme that makes you think there is still hope for humanity. When a conservative expert troll set up a table encouraging people to change his mind about “male privilege,” Twitter got to work and transformed him into a meme. It became a platform to share your real opinions, from putting pineapple on pizza to the plot of Bee Movie.

4- American Chopper hot takes

American Chopper came back this year, helping Twitter to bring back an iconic scene from the original show. The unfavorable father-son duo became a meme for the hottest takes.

5- Build your perfect man

Is there even a perfect man alive? This meme encourages women to build their ideal man. There is only one catch, and you have limited choices. Maybe you will just settle for Paul wisely. LOL

6- Who killed Hannibal?

The “who killed Hannibal” meme is perfect for when you have done something awful and want to shift to blame it to someone else. Some people just refuse to be responsible like Eric Andre in his show!

7- Is this a pigeon?

This picture has been on internet since 2011, but the blow up in 2018 to convey total confusion.

8- Imagine your best life, ladies

A Twitter movement reversed a romanticized version of provincial life by asking ladies about their most ideal life. The meme covers it all, from the plot of Bee Movie to imagining a marriage with Stuart Little.

9- Laurel or Yanny?

The audio illusion tore apart the twitter, with friends turning against each other over whether a recording said: “Laurel” or “Yanny.”It was fun until the Trump administration jumped on and destroyed the meme forever. RIP.

10- By age of 35

By the age of 35, there is no need to have your life figured out. The meme works off a report by Marketwatch telling people that by the age of 35, they should have twice their payroll saved. Twice. Who even has the time for that??

11- I am: straight/gay/bi

The straight/gay/bi meme has it all: nods to classic Vines, pop-punk lyrics and punching fun at tired gender sexuality labels and binaries.

12- Distressed LeBron

Poor LeBron. His reaction after the Cavaliers lost to the Golden State Warriors turned to an iconic meme for, how can I say, when you are so stressed for words.

13- Melania’s awful jacket

Dear Melania, what are you up to? The First Lady wore the worst possible coat for a visit to meet kept immigrant children at the US border. Was she messing with the social media? Was she trolling her husband? Either way, the awful Zara jacket will presumably be recognized as one of the memes defining this presidency.

14- Alexa, play Despacito

This is a nice shitpost. Recollective of the world’s smallest violin meme, “Alexa, play Despacito” is the excellent reaction for overdramatic. Why is this so funny? It is not just about the situation, but telling Alexa to play Despacito is a perfect sign of not feeling anything. It’s art guys.

15- Wholesome memes

People had a knack for seeing the good in anything, and as dark as 2018 was, the wave of wholesome memes brought us a little hope.

16- Selfie kid from the super bowl

Ok, guys, I laughed a lot with this meme on February. I can’t stand it anymore. But seriously, who is Justin Timberlake?

17- The buff Kim Kardashian

You should send this meme to all “gym” selfie guys! What’s up with that? Just go to gym Kim! Go!

18- Left exit 12 off ramp/highway exit meme

This is so true! Have you seen those vague cries online? I should we all should take the right exit.

19- When the wrong song comes up

This is something we all can relate to. Who doesn’t like shower karaokes?

20- Meryl streep at the Oscars looking like fairy godmother from Shrek

I really think celebrities are watching too much animations. Or their stylists at least! This just can’t be an accident!

That’s it for now guys. I will get back to you as soon as I find something trendy for this year. Comment us below if you have a funnier meme on your mind.

20 Celebs Who Nailed their Twitter Bios

Sharing your life story in roughly 160 characters is impossible.

Celebrities do it easier on Twitter. They’re already famous. They don’t need to introduce themselves—we are coming to them.

Here are 20 of the very best Twitter bios of celebrities. You will laugh. You will cry. You will instantly follow them if you are not already.

  • Hillary Clinton

  • Shaquille O’Neal

  • Andy Murray


  • Amanda Bynes


  • Tom Hanks

  • Weird Al Yankovic

  • Anna Kendrick
  • Rain Wilson

  • Josh Groban

  • Katy Perry

  • Joel McHale

  • Sarah Silverman

  • Jimmy Fallon

  • Jimmy Kimmel

  • Ellen Page

  • J. Novak

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt

  • Patton Oswalt

  • Miley Cyrus

  • Olivia Munn