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What are the ways to Search Facebook Without an Account?

Facebook is a massive place to learn, enjoy, and present. You can upload dozens of photos and videos on your account under the reason of getting famous, boosting your position on social media, or just sharing your information with your friends.

In some cases, you don’t want to use your account (or even don’t have any) to view Facebook and prefer to search Facebook without logging in. This post will show you how to search Facebook without an account and what methods we have.

Can you Search Facebook Without an Account?

A long time ago, Facebook allowed any random person to look up information about everybody on the platform. More after, browser extensions that could help us view people on Facebook have been deprecated. As for the Facebook Directory, it is more convoluted and difficult to sift through than before.

However, this doesn’t mean that your question’s answer is no. We still have some hidden paths to reach our target profiles from Facebook. In the next section, we will show you how we can seach Facebook without logging in.

How to Search Facebook Without an Account?

Now let’s see how we can search Facebook without logging in and just trying to use passive viewing. In general, there are four main methods which you can use for your goal. You should know that the methods described in this post will only work if the target user hasn’t locked their Facebook profile with the highest privacy settings. Here we go;

  • Search engines

This is the easiest way to view Facebook’s info without an account. In this method, you can use search engines such as Google to search Facebook, but you need to specify your results just to include Facebook items.

This can be done by just adding a “site:facebook.com” part to your search bar. As a result, all search results will just be limited to Facebook. Note that the search engine you are using will only list information under that name as long as users do not set their personal privacy controls to restrict visibility.

  • Social search engines

Social search engines are kind of algorithm-based systems that can search for specific information on a vast range of social media. We have online platforms such as Social Searcher, Mentionytics, and Social Mention to give some examples.

As mentioned before, they only work based on the privacy settings of the user you are trying to locate, as usual as other methods on this list.

  • People search engines

There are also some platforms called “People search engines,” which help folks search for their long-lost friends or look up somebody they met at a party or concert. You can use these services to search Facebook without logging in. However, their search results are not Facebook-specific.

There are several People search engines on the internet, such as Pipl, Talkwalker Social Search, and PeopleFinder. You can turn to use PeopleFinder if you want to get some more basic information for free.

  • Enlist the help of your friends with Facebook account

I know it seems ridiculous, but you can ask your friends who have Facebook accounts. With a friend who is inside of Facebook’s circle, your search results will be more reliable and specific. Again, how much information you can access will depend on the privacy settings.


Thank you for reading this text. Based on the statistics in the second quarter of 2018, Facebook announced that it had reached around 2.23 billion users. Facebook users are so curious to get rapid success that some users buy Facebook likes, followers to keep their growth steady. Although the Cambridge Analytica scandal inspired some users to delete, the number of users is still increasing.

Sometimes you decide to view Facebook’s information because “you have to,” and there is no alternative resource. You can use the four methods mentioned above to search Facebook without an account to overcome this problem.