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How to link all social media?

How to link all social media?

Social media is now inevitable part of everyone living in a modern world. With ever-increasing trend of social networks, having necessary tools is necessary for everyone to perform better on these networks. This can be a software to link all social media into one app, or create post on one, and publish to many others.

How to link up all social media into one app?

There are few options that you can link all social media into one app like BlueStacks, but using BlueStacks you can only use the social media. You cannot share content to all of them at the same time. You can do it separately.

However, the better way is using a link combiner like iLink in which you can add all your social networks into a single page.

How to link all social media to my business?

Even if you are running a business, and you cannot add more than one link, you can use iLink to add all your connections in one place. This helps you users finding you better and faster. it happens that every user can connect to you with one social media, or the one they are comfortable with. So, it is better you add all networks in one single link and share the link everywhere they might see you.

How to link all your social media accounts together for YouTube?

If you have a YouTube account, and you are going to redirect users from YouTube to any other social networks you can use iLink. All you need is going to the iLink website and sign up. Once you complete the registration, on the dashboard in the bio section add all social media links, and in the end share the iLink URL in YouTube channel (in description or bio).

How can I link all my posts from Facebook to post to other social media sites for free?

You can post from Facebook to other social media, and if you need a completely free tools you can use Instagram itself for example. Instagram is now connected to many social networks like twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and some other Chinese apps.

It is free and if you need to post from Instagram to these networks it is better to connect the account sin the Instagram app. If you have any other social networks, and you are going to publish on all of them, you should use a social media management tools like hootsuite.com which is paid. You can use for couple of weeks for free.

All in all

With ever increasing growth of social media, Connection all social networks accounts is necessary for those who wants to save their time and energy. Meanwhile, you can be active on all your account and take advantages of this. Using iLink you can have all accounts link in one place and share the unique URL instead. If you want to post to all social media at the same time, better use Instagram app or social media management tools available on the market.