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How to convert from Youtube to MP3? (On all devices)

here are lots of unique and educational videos on YouTube, so that millions of subs and users visit the platform every day. However, some videos on YouTube were previously a podcast, or just their audio is helpful; therefore, some people want to download them as MP3 files.

This post will explain how to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files, and no matter if you are using a desktop, Android, or even an iOS device.

Is it possible to convert from Youtube to MP3?

The answer is yes. You can find thousands of applications or websites which can convert YouTube videos to almost any known format in the world (except for text formats, sorry!!!). You can find some of these apps on Google Play or the App Store.

We will learn how to download MP3 from YouTube on different devices in the following sections.

How to convert from Youtube to MP3 on iPhone

If you decide to convert from YouTube to mp3 on your iOS device, you can use the “Documents by Readdle” app to do it. To download mp3 from YouTube on your iPhone, follow these steps;

  1. Go to AppStore, and tap on the “Search” button on the ride side of the screen.
  2. Now type “Documents by Readdle” on the search bar.
  3. Click on the “Get” option next to the “Documents by Readdle” heading. Now, enter your Touch ID or Apple ID password when prompted.
  4. As you download “Documents by Readdle,” open the application on your phone.
  5. Now, you need to open the app’s web browser. To do that, click on the Safari icon in the lower-right corner of your screen, and then decline if asked to type your email address.
  6. Next, clear any text from the address bar at the top of the screen, and then enter “genyoutube.net” and click on the “Search” tab.
  7. You can search for one of your desired videos now. Since GenYouTube uses YouTube as a search engine, you are able to search any YouTube video on GenYouTube.
  8. Step eight: Select the video that you want to download into an MP3 format.
  9. Scroll down to the “Download Links” section and tap an MP3 link you see in the box. If you can’t see any link, you have to click on the “Back” button and re-select the video.
  10. As a pop-up window appears, you need to enter the name that you want to use for your MP3 file. To do that, type your name in the “Name” text box at the top of the screen.
  11. Click on the “Done” button in the top-right corner of the screen. Your file will begin downloading into the Documents app.
  12. Congratulations! You just need to click on the “Downloads” arrow at the bottom of the screen and tap on the MP3 file to listen.

How to convert from Youtube to MP3 on Android

To convert from YouTube to an MP3 file, you almost need no additional application, and we are going to do it with one of the online converting websites (here, we use YouTubeMP3). To convert online YouTube to MP3 on your Android device, follow these steps;

  1. First, open the YouTube app on your phone.
  2. Click on the “Search” icon in the top-right corner of your screen, and enter the name of the video you want to download. Scroll the search results and find your target video.
  3. Click on the “Share” button below the video’s play window so that a pop-up window will prompt.
  4. Click on the “Copy link” button in the pop-up window. The YouTube video’s link will be copied to your Android’s clipboard.
  5. Now, close your YouTube app, open your Chrome (or Firefox), and go to the YouTubeMP3 website.
  6. To enter your copied link, tap on the text box to bring up your Android’s on-screen keyboard, and then tap on the text box again and click on the “PASTE” tab when it appears as an option.
  7. Click on “CONVERT,” which is a red button near the middle of the screen. Your video will begin converting.
  8. As the converting process finishes, a green box saying “DOWNLOAD” will appear on your screen. Click on it to download your file.
  9. Finally, you can listen to your MP3 file. You can find your file in “File Manager” and in the “Downloads” section.

How to convert from Youtube to MP3 on a web browser

How to convert from YouTube to MP3 on your desktop? It is so easy. To make this possible, you have to follow these steps;

  1. Go to https://www.youtube.com_ in your web browser. This will open the YouTube home page. If your target video has an “age restriction,” you have to log into your account.
  2. Now, search for the video you want to convert. Scroll the search results and select your video. Note that if your video is in a playlist, you have to find a video that isn’t in a playlist. Otherwise, you cannot download the video since playlist addresses are not compatible with online converters.
  3. To copy the video’s address, click on the address bar at the top of the browser window to highlight the address, and press “Ctrl + C” (if you are using Windows) or “Command + C” (if you are using Mac).
  4. Now, you can open the converting website on the internet. As the method is almost the same for all of them, you use MP3Converter.net as an example.
  5. Click on the text field at the top of the screen, and then press “Ctrl + V” (if you are using Windows) or “Command + V” (if you are using Mac) to paste the address.
  6. Now, you have to choose the type of file your final product is going to be. Here, we will check the “.mp3” option.
  7. Click on “Start,” which is a  green button near the bottom of the screen. As you click on it, the file will start converting.
  8. Finally, click on the green “Download your converted file” on the left side of the page when prompted.


Thank you for reading the post. As you see, converting YouTube videos to MP3 files is too easy, and you can run the process on almost any device you have. You can use either online websites or applications to convert online YouTube to MP3 format, and rarely you may encounter some errors.

How to Fix YouTube Down Easily

YouTube is a social media platform for sharing and watching videos. This powerful American platform enjoys enormous popularity. However, like every other website, it can sometimes go down or crash. In this article, we explore some common errors you may encounter while using the app or website and offer ways to solve them.

Why use YouTube

As we said before YouTube is really popular. Almost 100 hours of video is uploaded to it per minute. Hence there is always something to watch. People can create their own channels and get monetized after some time. There is also a live stream option available. You can find videos of different topics on it. Some people even use this platform to improve their English. Some other people earn money by selling products or promoting companies that sponsor them. With a wide range of audiences, it’s a great place for branding getting your message to them.

Common errors and how to solve them

It may happen that videos don’t play, they play slowly or the problem may be something else entirely. Here are some common ways and fixes that may solve your problem.

  1. Check if Youtube is down: it rarely happens that YouTube has a complete outage. However, it is a good idea to check it when you face a problem. To do this you can use the Downdetector website. This website shows you if there are reports of YouTube outages and from where they are in the world. In case you find out YouTube is down, you may want to search for its news on the internet. If you realize that YouTube is only crashing for you, try the other steps.
  1. Check your internet connection: it might be the case that you can browse other websites yet your connection is not stable enough to watch videos on YouTube. Open the local troubleshoot page on your device and see if you can solve the errors.
  1. Restart your device: some background apps and smartphone issues may interfere with YouTube’s performance. Restarting your phone solves many small problems and can help you get rid of what is slowing you down.
  2. Update your device: if your operating system is not updated, YouTube may not be able to work properly. Ensure your Android or iOS device is not outdated in settings. Usually, you can know about this when you open the “About Phone” page on your mobile phone. Download and install the new version. Check if YouTube works well after this. 
  1. Disable the extensions: EarthWeb suggests that some extensions can be incompatible with YouTube, removing them will tackle the issue. To view all the extensions you have installed, search in Chrome. You can see a slider beside each one. Click on it and it turns gray. Disable the extensions one by one and after turning each one off, reload the page to find out if the problem is solved.
  2. Clear your cache: every time you use the app it leaves out a small bit of data. In the long run, it accumulates and builds up a huge amount and causes trouble. The best way to clear the cache on iPhone is to uninstall and reinstall the application. Android users should go to their device settings and clear the cache from there.
  3. Update your browser: click on the three dots you can see on the top right corner of chrome. Click “help” and then “About Google Chrome”. On the page that comes up, you can see if any updated version is available. The process repeats for Firefox as well. Open menu, click “about Firefox”, a window opens that looks for the updates. Install and enjoy!
  1. Update YouTube application: Youtube is always launching newer versions. You must have the latest one on your device to make sure you benefit from the recent features and bug fixes. To do this open the Play Store app. In the menu, tap “My apps and games”. See if the label of YouTube says “update”. In that case, it’s time to download and install the newest version. 
  2. Check date and time: YouTube may not be able to work properly if the date and time of your device are not synced with its servers. The easiest way to solve this is to let your network handle it.