What Should your Social Media Intern Do?

What Should your Social Media Intern Do?

Perfect Tasks for Your New Social Media Intern

Many companies like to have a few extra hands on building their social presence.As a former social media intern myself, I can relate to the lack of transparency within companies about what a social media intern should actually do.

Hiring a social media intern without a project for them to do doesn’t work for everyone. To prevent you from going through this with your interns, here are a few things that you can do which will help your brand and provide your intern for some actual hands-on experience!

What Should you Have your Social Media Intern Do?

Costumer or product research

The best thing about working for a social media analytics company that helps social media marketers is that when they hire a social marketing intern, they are a perfect opportunity for testing and receiving feedback on their re products.

You can ask your new intern to dive into the measured apps to observe use cases, as well as receiving any other qualitative feedback they might have.

The cooperation of intern and target audience might not be a good idea for you, but you can have your intern conduct customer and product research in different ways.

For instance, ask your intern to do a competitive audit. Go through the social strategies of your competitors, learning takeaways and new ways that you can use to improve your social media strategies.

Create content or schedule calendars

Another thing you can ask your social media intern to do is social media content calendars.

When I was new to social media, one of my favorite tasks to do was planning out content. This is something your new social media intern can get busy doing. Just before telling them, make sure they get some information on the product, the company and the language of your brand.

What Should you Have your Social Media Intern Do?

Plan campaigns

Yep, that’s true.

You can even ask them to plan some campaigns for you. Whether you want them to map all of it or just give some input, there is no reason why your social media intern shouldn’t ask for help here.

You can always use fresh eyes for your campaign. Hopefully, your Social Media Intern shows an ability for creative social planning and marketing.

What Should you Have your Social Media Intern Do?

Community management

Another task your social media intern could do is to get on social every now and then. I know it can be scary, but you can allow them to collaborate on all things related to publishing. You can add a layer of permissions, requiring all posts to be approved by yourself.


One of the good ways for a social media intern to learn about the company’s presence is to report on their performance. You can either ask them to come up with their own analysis or method or have them use yours.

This is really helpful for tracking your performance and measure their improvement at the same time.

Don’t leave your social media intern hanging. They have come to you to learn, not just to fill their resume. So give them something they can involve in.