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GEOfinder – The Bad Boy That Always Knows Where You Are

It would be difficult for lone wolves to understand all the importance of GEOfinder, but those who are in love or have children will definitely appreciate this fantastic application. This guy will always keep you informed on one’s location without any extra fuss and tons of never-ever-used features you are still required to pay for.

GEOfinder – The Simpliest Location Tracker to Use

The main advantage of GEOfinder is that no installation on the target device is required before using it. The key word here is “required”; we will discuss the details later in this review. There is a web interface on the website, as simple as ABC. The only thing you are required to do is to enter the phone number of the person in whose location you are interested. With location results, you will also be informed about what WiFi network name they use now, SIM card info, and VPN connections.

Upon opening the website, you see an empty field in the center of the screen – it is where you need to type in the phone number. Please, note that first, you must choose the country on the menu on the left, as it is linked with the country code. Next, you are asked to compose an SMS your target will receive with the link or choose a template. You will see their location as soon as they click this link, so make your message as trustworthy as possible. 

GEOfinder for Your Mobile Phone!

We live in times of fast-paced technological development: if you do not follow the trends and requirements – no one will use your application. Thus, it was only a matter of time before this location tracker appeared in App Store and Google Play

Mobile platform users can finally use GEOfinder on their devices with comfort. It was also available for portable devices, but only through the website, which is not always convenient. And not it can be downloaded for Android or iOS from the corresponding store. 

Reasons to Install GEOfinder

As we have already stated in the beginning, GEOfinder probably does not make any sense for people who do not have anybody to take care of. However, in the opposite situation, there might be several good reasons to use it:

  • track where your children are;
  • check where your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend is;
  • spot your friends, relatives, or employees hassle-free;
  • control if your target uses VPN to surf the internet (it might mean they are hiding something).

Safety is of great importance nowadays for both parents and spouses. In the first case, the issue is that children are becoming more independent and rebellious, and extra hidden monitoring capabilities would be a great plus. Especially considering that one can download GEOfinder from App Store or Google Market and use it anywhere. In the second case, knowing where your partner is is always a good thing. Trust is concrete for relationships, and GEOfinder is a test for it.

A  Step-By-Step Guide for GEOfinder

The main GEOfinder advantage is its ease of use. Whether you use the web or Android/iOS-based version, it will still be more accessible than any other phone tracker.

Step 1

To start successfully using GEOfinder, you need to register an account. Upon clicking the corresponding button on the website, you will be redirected to the registration/payment page. We recommend you deactivate the auto-renew feature to avoid being charged for the following months unexpectedly. Enter your credentials, make the payment, and proceed.

Step 2

Enter the number of the device you want to track. While waiting for the system to proceed, you can grab a cookie, as this process is quite fast, and you won’t have enough time to make a cup of coffee. 

Step 3

Compose an SMS message you want to send. You can also choose one from the offered templates. The main point is that this message is sent with the tracking link, and it should be as persuasive as possible, pushing the user to click on it. As soon as they do – you will know their location. Simple as f….ruit jam!

How Much to Pay?

No multiple subscription plans are available for GEOfinder – there is only one, but a good one. You are expected to pay $39.99 monthly to use the web-based tracking solution. Compared to full-scale tracking apps, and considering the features GEOfinder provides, this price might seem a bit too high, but you may consider it is the price you pay for simplicity. The app, available for download in Google Play and App Store, costs $9.99/week.

Systems It Operates on

Now we can proudly announce that GEOfinder can be used on desktop workstations and downloaded on iPhones and Android mobile devices. As for its tracking abilities – the target device must have a SIM card to be inserted, otherwise, GEOfinder will show you an error message. Regardless of mobile network or phone model, any phone number can be traced.

Advantages & Disadvantages

It shares the current location and shows the location change history.If the target doesn’t click on the link, the tracking process won’t be possible.
Accurate and anonymous tracker.Considering the number of available features, the price might seem too high.
Nothing is simpler than using this service.In the timespan of three hours, it only allows sending 1 location-tracking SMS.
The remote capabilities of this application impress.$1 trial is not generally accessible and has to be requested from customer support representatives.
Cross-platform compatibility.
Operated online and is available in Google Play and App Store.
24/7 customer support via live chat upon subscribing.

GEOfinder Is Not a Scam

GEOfinder is a 100% legit application provided by the well-known ERSTEN GROUP LTD, known for creating a full-scale mobile phone tracker uMobix. It is not free, but you can try all the features for an affordable price, and it is available in App Store and Play Market for mobile phone users and via the official website GEOfinder.mobi for those who prefer to track the location from their PC. 

GEOfinder Helps

Of all existing phone trackers, GEOfinder provides the most useful location-tracking features as it focuses on them only and is not overloaded with a hundred other functions. Thus, not being a Jack of all trades, GEOfinder is a useful application for location tracking.

Final Word

GEOfinder is an anonymous location tracker operating via phone number. It is available for any operating system. Finally, its location tracking service is fast and precise. We do not see any reasons not to try it and not to recommend it for usage.