How to Test Content Marketing and Digital Campaigns with Social Media?

How to Test Content Marketing and Digital Campaigns with Social Media?

The new social and digital world creates fantastic opportunities for digital marketers and brands to produce, test, and launch marketing plans, campaigns, products, and services to promote in less time than before.

You don’t need to wait for weeks and months to understand how a campaign works to receive feedback on how well the message and program were accepted and operated by your target audience.

Thanks to social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram, brands can get real-time audience insight in no time and start using them to create their digital and social media marketing strategies for more benefit and ROI.

Social media is similar to a greate market group that never rests. There is not a time of day that you can’t sit in your comfortable couch with your mobile and discover what others think of you and your business. It’s there for the catch. Smart brands understand how to tap into the analysis and examination power of the social network platforms without spamming.

How to test your marketing campaign using social media?

  • Use Twitter to Test Email campaigns

Email subject lines are similar to the wrapping of an excellent gift. Let’s confess; We get much more excited to open a beautifully wrapped gift over one that comes in a crumpled brownish paper bag.

Twitter is an excellent tool to test your subject lines before sending emails to your customers.

Here is how to do it:

Create a specific shortened URL to each Tweet to individually manage click-through (try

Create an appealing subject line that will attract your target audience. Here’s a plan that outlines the features of a good subject line:

How to Test Content Marketing and Digital Campaigns with Social Media
  • Use Facebook to test your marketing campaign

You can use Facebook to test your ad creative. Facebook lets you upload six pictures for each ad. It also automatically improves your campaign to represent the best performing ad for your marketing campaign.

Note! Test your promotion, not your audience and customers. As brand owners, you should already know your target audience. All you need to do is testing ad pictures and content based on your target customer.

Here is how to do it:

As a business owner, you can post two versions of a picture and ask your audience which image resonates with them. Since Facebook owns a high number of active users typically, it gives direct engagement. As a result, you can post this picture an hour before your marketing conference and come to that meeting provided with relevant insight.

That’s all!

How to Test Content Marketing and Digital Campaigns with Social Media
  • Use YouTube to test your video campaign

People won’t forget the “Ship My Pants” Kmart commercial. The use of obscene wordplay brings observers into the ad. Great method! Kudos to the FCB Agency for thinking outside of the box and taking Kmart to green light this.

Usually, advertisements like these would get caught in the focus group hereafter. This one didn’t. And it definitely paid off.

Try taking a page like these playbooks. While testing your promotion campaign, start by examining your commercial on YouTube before spreading it on TV.


Using social media platforms is an excellent device for examining your marketing campaign themes, topics, construction, messaging, length, and anything else that should’ve been traditionally preserved by your focus group. The key is to examine just one part at a time so you can divide your variables for final results.