Outdoor Adventures: Thrilling Activities and Recreation in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is associated with casinos, shows, and bohemian life, but this city is also famous for its admirable outdoor leisure options. Many tourists come here all year round for sports entertainment, surrounded by magical landscapes. Read this article until the end to discover the exciting outdoor adventures in Las Vegas away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Skiing or camping on Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston offers tourists an extensive range of outdoor adventures depending on the season. During winter months, you can go snowboarding, sledding, or skiing. You can enjoy scenic walks, hikes, picnics, or camping from spring to autumn. Mount Charleston rises in a National Wildlife Refuge with interesting flora to explore.

Rock climbing in Las Vegas

Excellent rock climbing spots attract tourists from all over the world to Las Vegas. One of the best places to practice this extreme sport is Red Rock Canyon. Pay attention to the following:

  • Gunsight Notch Peak,
  • Calico Hills Overview Scramble,
  • Hidden Canyon Trail,
  • Climbers Trail to Mescalito Peak.

In the Canyon, you can also organize a horseback ride or barbecue. If you prefer a sporty but not-so-risky outdoor activity, pay attention to these breathtaking hiking routes:

  • Keystone Thrust,
  • Turtlehead Peak,
  • Grand Circle Loop,
  • Ice Box Canyon,
  • Middle Oak Creek.

Plan your trip carefully, and familiarize yourself with the route, the weather, and the duration of the trail in advance. Make sure you have a hat and enough water. The best time for hiking in Red Rock Canyon is autumn to spring. In the hot summer, even the light route will seem exhausting. While it gets too hot in Red Rock, alternatives for climbing and hiking are the scenic Mounts Potosi and Charleston.

Water activities

Want to ride a boat or kayak and admire the mesmerizing landscapes – make a route to Lake Mead. Lake Las Vegas also provides spots for water activities, and the highlight of the place is flyboarding. Flying over water is a marvelous opportunity to refresh yourself on a hot day and recharge with adrenaline. The local water park is perfect for families.

For thrills, head to Nelson’s Landing for some cliff jumping. If you prefer to avoid the risk of jumping from a height, it is possible to swim relaxingly in cool water as well. The magical atmosphere of this area is suitable for an original photo shoot in nature. The best time for water sports in Las Vegas is summer. In cool weather, you can go hiking near a water reservoir or have a picnic.

Las Vegas is famous for its hot springs, which give a remarkable recreational experience if you’re visiting during the nippy season. Enjoy the desert scenery in peace while the warm waters rejuvenate your body. The best hot springs to visit are:

  • Gold Strike,
  • Hot Spring Arizona,
  • Spencer Hot Springs,
  • Ruby Valley,
  • Alkali Hot Springs.

Quiet walks

Ethel M Botanical Cactus Gardens is an excellent choice for a leisurely walk in nature with astonishing views. Here you can find more than three hundred species of desert plants. Here you can combine a romantic date with healthy physical activity for Valentine’s Day or Christmas holidays. On these dates, garlands and decorations are hung in the garden, making the atmosphere truly magical.

You can combine wellness with an educational experience at Springs Preserve. The gently dignified protected nature is full of recreational places and paths. There is an interactive museum on the territory, and various exhibitions, fairs, and outdoor workshops are often held here.

An alternative place for an exciting walk is the Valley of Fire. Excursions to this ethereal valley are short, and you can always rest, cool off, and grab a bite to eat at the visitor center. Valley of Fire is perfect for photo shoots and getting to know the region’s natural gems.

Excursion to Hoover Dam

Just half an hour from Las Vegas is a unique architectural and engineering monument – Hoover Dam. The dam was built in the 40s of the 20th century, but to this day, it strikes the imagination of tourists. This enormous building is on the list of National Historic Landmarks.
You will climb up and view the dam inside and out during the tour following the walking trail. Along the way, you will learn the non-trivial history of the design and construction of this attraction. Interestingly, when you cross the bridge here, you cross the border between Arizona and Nevada.

Closing remarks

Las Vegas offers many outdoor activities for every taste and preference. It is in your power to make the trip richer by renting a car in the area. When arriving with a large company, it is better to rent a van so as not to be separated on the way.

An excellent solution for camping or outdoor sports is to use the services of 12 passenger van rental. Take everything you need with you and ensure the comfort of passengers in the spacious cabin. Select the suitable offer of passenger van rental in Las Vegas in advance and book early to save!

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