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Choosing CMS Platform for Your E-commerce

Choosing the right ‘shopping cart’ platform for an Internet store is a complicated issue for most of those starting their online businesses for the first time. Therefore, in most cases, Internet (digital) marketers try to postpone the decision on the choice of platform for as long as possible. 

So, what is the best shopping cart for your e-store? In this text, we will try to investigate this issue and help all online merchants who have exactly this dilemma. We collected all available information about the most popular platforms and, based on that, created a ‘pros and cons’ list. But before the list itself, we must first understand the basic elements of modern shopping carts, and even before that… don’t forget to include an email marketing campaign to drive sales to your e-commerce. 

Email marketing is important because it connects businesses and customers directly, allows retailers to capitalize on the growing trend of personalization and collection and testing of data-driven insights, and is the most effective way to segment and target customers with customized offers and promotions. To get the most out of a good email campaign, you will need a solid platform, for instance, Benchmark, that can handle the segmentation demands of today’s marketing trends. It is proven that e-commerce clients who receive several abandoned shopping cart emails are more likely to complete the transaction than those who just receive one, the so-called ‘follow-up’, email.

Types of Shopping Carts

Hosted Shopping Carts

They are simple and easy to implement and use. At the same time, they are limited in functionality because they are hosted by the company that made and maintains the shopping cart. 

Hosted shopping carts are recommended for beginners in Internet commerce. Due to a variety of constraints, the trader may not be able to fully customize the business to meet all of his needs and preferences. The cost associated with such solutions is usually a monthly fee that, in addition to using the software, includes hosting and security features (SSL).

Platforms Hosted by the Merchant

These are the solutions of the so-called ‘open-source’. They can be downloaded and used for free. However, unlike hosted solutions, the merchant must manage his own infrastructure and purchase his own SSL certificate. Furthermore, compared to hosted systems, managing such shopping carts can be more difficult. The merchant has complete control over the site’s upkeep and updates. 

A significant advantage of such solutions is that the retailer, with the help of developers, can access each line of code and adapt the store to any specific needs and desires. In addition, with such solutions, there are thousands of add-ons (plugins, modules, extensions) and patterns (themes, templates) that can be acquired free of charge or purchased.

Most Popular CMS Platforms

WooCommerce (Merchant-Hosted Platform)

The popular ‘Woo’ is, in fact, a module owned by WordPress. Woo is most known for its plugins, and it is perfect for small and medium businesses looking to set up an online store to sell a limited number of products and services.

Pros: Free and easy to install and with unlimited customization options and a large number of available extensions. The biggest advantage is that there are millions of individuals in the world who work on this platform so help can be obtained relatively easily. If you already have a WordPress site, all you need to do is install free WooCommerce and then access the thousands of available visual templates and modules. The advantage is that such an online store can use all WordPress functionalities (e.g. Blog).

Cons: WordPress, as one of the most popular platforms, is also one of the most targeted by hackers. As a result, it is important to maintain and upgrade the system’s new available versions on a regular basis. A huge number of plugins available often leads to inefficient use, which causes the store to slow down. In our perspective, such a solution necessitates the trader hiring someone to be in control of the platform.

OpenCart (Merchant-Hosted Platform)

This is one of the platforms whose importance and the number of users are constantly growing.

Pros: It has probably the best-reviewed and simplest user interface. All default themes contain a decent set of functionalities. In addition, the settings are easy to change and adjust. It has a large number of integrated modules for deliveries and payments.

Cons: Limited number of additional functionalities as well as limited adaptability. Problems with SEO are also known. It is not the most suitable solution for large online stores.

Magento (Merchant-Hosted Platform)

This is probably the best solution for large Internet stores. It is the result of many years of experience in the field of e-commerce.

Pros: One of the most advanced platforms. It offers customer support features. It has a marketplace for add-ons where users can find a large number of tools, extensions, templates, etc. The big advantage of Magento, the same as with WooCommerce, is that a large number of developers work on the platform, i.e. there is healthy competition.

Cons: You will need to get used to the admin interface because it is not always intuitive. But we believe that the biggest problem with Magento is its ‘slowness’. Of course, this flaw is relatively easy to solve with a more serious hosting package, which brings the performance of the store to a satisfactory level.

Shopify (Hosted Platform)

With over 100,000 online stores, Shopify is undoubtedly the most popular option in this area. It is ideal for small and medium Internet stores. Shopify is, by the way, a sought-after platform among so-called ‘dropshipping’ retailers.

Pros: With a variety of well-designed templates, the platform is relatively simple to set up. It includes an iOS app for online store maintenance, inventory management, ordering, and customer contact.

Cons: This is not the cheapest solution. As the number of sales grows, the monthly price of its use becomes more and more expensive. The choice of supported Payment Gateways is limited, and to use some, it is necessary to use an intermediary in the integration, which leads to additional costs. The trader has limited control over the appearance of the checkout process.

BigCommerce (Hosted Platform)

This is a platform used by CNN, Food Network, ABC News, GQ, and other large and world-famous corporations, among others.

Pros: It integrates on eBay, Facebook, Shopzilla, and PriceGrabber. BigCommerce allows you to accept payments through a variety of Payment Gateways, including PayPal and Google Checkout. The platform offers a complete package that includes a shopping cart, product catalogs, payment gateway, marketing tools, and a store optimized with mobile devices. The user interface of the admin panel looks clear and easy to use.

Cons: At the beginning of use, the platform is significantly cheaper, and then the fees increase over time. The platform is quite customizable, but without complete control and does not have the best customer service.

Key Factors to Consider Before Making a Final Decision

Why are you creating an online store? Do you want to sell a small number of items or do you hope to make a huge Internet ‘supermarket’? Is the shopping cart easy to install as well as set up and use? Is it flexible and how flexible? Does it have built-in SEO functionality? Can it be used in multiple currencies and multiple languages? Is it compatible with appropriate banks and payment gateway systems? Does the platform provide a support and maintenance service? What payment methods does it support? Are there any restrictions on transactions (by type, number, etc.)?

Finally, the success of your online store also depends on whether you have the right tools at your disposal.

This includes proper shopping cart and a reliable payment gateway.


Whichever platform you choose, it cannot satisfy all your needs and desires. So we suggest you focus on your priorities and choose a platform that can meet at least 75% of your requirements. 

Think about your budget and take some time to analyze the available platforms and match them to your specific requirements. Only then make a final decision. And most importantly, try to first determine what your online store needs and can get from the shopping cart. Take a look at the demo versions of those platforms that are shortlisted for you, ask questions, and test them before you apply them to your online store.

What are the stores like Walmart? (Walmart alternatives)

As a chain retailer store, Walmart is based in Bentonville, Arkansas, and was founded by Sam Walton in 1962. Nowadays, Walmart offers a wide range of products, including electronics, tools, clothes, drugs, construction materials, groceries, and more. However, some people find working with Walmart difficult or just want to try new platforms to search for their required items. In this brief text, we are going to list the top ten stores like Walmart, which can be chosen as an alternative.

Top 10 Walmart similar companies

Although there are lots of chain retail stores companies all over the world, we have collected top ten Walmart similar companies that can satisfy your demands for sure;

  1. Amazon
  • Headquarters: Seattle, Washington
  • Date of foundation: July 5, 1994
  • Founder(s): Heff Bezos
  • Number of employees: 1,608,000
  • Website:

As a global eCommerce powerhouse and Walmart’s top competitor, Amazon nowadays is one of the best choices for customers. With a wide range of goods and products available on this market, there is no way but to accept that Amazon generates 40% of all e-commerce sales in the US.

  1. Target
  • Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Date of foundation: June 24, 1902
  • Founder(s): George Dayton, John Giesse
  • Number of employees: 409,000
  • Website:

The next position can belong to Target, which operates 1,868 stores across North America and competes with Walmart both on offline and online markets. The fact is that nearly half of Target’s income relates to beauty care products and apparel, good news for young ladies.

  1. Kroger
  • Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Date of foundation: 1883
  • Founder(s): Bernard Kroger
  • Number of employees: 465,000
  • Website:

It is time to see one of the world’s largest food retailers in the third position on this list. Kroger operates more than 2700 department stores in the United States, and with new centers, they believe they can reach twice as annual profits of 2019 in 2023.

  1. Alibaba
  • Headquarters: Zhejiang, China
  • Date of foundation: June 28, 1999
  • Founder(s): Jack Ma
  • Number of employees: 251,500
  • Website:

Another member of the “Walmart similar companies” creed comes from Asia. Although Alibaba is very young indeed, it has taken a giant piece of online market sales for itself. Alibaba operates in more than 2000 markets in over 200 countries. Furthermore, in 2019, Alibaba opened its first marketplace for American suppliers.

  1. Best Buy
  • Headquarters: Richfield, Minnesota
  • Date of foundation: August 22, 1966
  • Founder(s): James Wheeler, Richard M. Schulze
  • Number of employees: 102,000
  • Website:

If you are looking for a platform that can be considered as the home of electronics, Best Buy is for you. Best Buy has implemented innovative ship-from-store capabilities in 450 stores with four fulfillment hubs. That can name this company as one of the most ingenious members of the “Walmart similar companies” group.

  1. Walgreens
  • Headquarters: Deerfield, Illinois
  • Date of foundation: 1901
  • Founder(s): Charles Rodolph Walgreen
  • Number of employees: 218,000
  • Website:

With around 18,750 stores in 11 countries and territories, Walgreens deserves to be one of the stores like Walmart. The company supplies pharmaceuticals to more than 24,000 pharmacies annually through 400 distribution centers worldwide.

  1. Tesco
  • Headquarters: Hertfordshire, UK
  • Date of foundation: 1919
  • Founder(s): Jack Cohen
  • Number of employees: 423,100
  • Website:

Let’s look at Europe, where Tesco stands as the largest supermarket chain and retailer in the UK, where it generates nearly 80% of its revenues. Tesco doubled its delivery capacity in 2020, which increased its online sales by 77% to $8.9 billion.

  1. eBay
  • Headquarters: San Jose, California
  • Date of foundation: September 3, 1995
  • Founder(s): Pierre Omidyar
  • Number of employees: 478,000
  • Website:
  1. Lowe’s
  • Headquarters: Mooresville, North Carolina
  • Date of foundation: March 25, 1921
  • Founder(s): Lucius Smith Lowe
  • Number of employees: 300,000
  • Website:

Lowe’s specializes in home improvement and service, and it is one of the largest retail stores on this list. Lowe’s is the second-largest hardware chain in the United States, which The Home Depot surpassed. As of February 2021, Lowe’s and its associated businesses operate 2,197 home improvement and hardware stores in North America.

  1. Aldi
  • Headquarters: Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
  • Date of foundation: July 10, 1946
  • Founder(s): Karl Albrecht, Theo Albrecht
  • Number of employees: over 12,000
  • Website:

The last member of this family is Aldi, a retail chain store that offers grocery, food, fresh products, and beverages to its customers. The Aldi group is made of two parts; The Aldi Nord and the Aldi Süd, and the border between their territories are commonly known as ″Aldi-Äquator″. The company’s competitive edge over Walmart is its high-quality products and low prices.


Thank you for reading this post kindly. As it is evident, most online retail stores have the same structure, and even most of their community guidelines and privacy rules are in common. However, some minor but significantly effective differences can change the game for customers, and you need to find out these signs on each platform.

Of course, there are many additional stores like Walmart; you just need to run a search on the internet to know more about them.

What’s the most expensive thing on amazon? (Complete list with prices)

Whether you are looking for your daily used goods or just a lovely person to gather special masterpieces; Amazon is the place where you can find both categories.

Although Amazon is designed to purchase American products by all global users with high shipping speed and great prices, there is a small corner for those unique boxes, sometimes called “the most expensive item on Amazon.”

In this complete post, we will see what is the most expensive item on Amazon and why these items are so expensive for customers

What is the most expensive thing on Amazon?

The answer to this question is not the same at all times. As you may have seen official auctions on TV or just read them on your phone, classic and luxurious items never remain forever in stores, and if you want to get one of those, you have to be as fast as a hurried rabbit.

What are the most expensive things on amazon?

Now, let’s see how luxurious items look like on Amazon. Here, we have collected the 25 most expensive items on Amazon. Here we go;

Luxurman Ladies Designer Jewelry 18K Gold Diamond Bracelet

Price: $10,000

This item is a Luxurman’s designer bracelet for ladies of 18K gold with six carats of round cut diamonds. The gold is authenticated with a stamp. A signature confirmation confirms that the bracelet is made in the NYC jewelry district.

Muhammed Ali Autographed WBA Mini Black Belt

Price: $10,960

Have you ever watched Muhammed Ali? This mini black belt is a close copy of the actual belt, which Muhammed Ali personally signed. Note that Muhammed Ali’s signature is evaluated and authenticated by Fanatics Authentic.

Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Autographed Jersey

Price: $15,000

This 1997/1998 season of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls jersey that has been personally autographed is an excellent example of basketball’s history and legacy. This jersey belongs to Mitchell & Ness, and the National Basketball Association officially licenses it.

Luxurman Hip Hop Jewelry Diamond Pendant 18K Gold

Price: $15,850

Jewelry is always expensive, but it gets even more when it comes to history. This masterpiece is a Luxurman’s Hip Hop diamond pendant which is made of 18K gold, authenticated with a stamp. You can see Jesus’s face on it, and you are able to choose among three available colors, including the Rose Gold, White Gold, and Yellow Gold version.

Annie “Little Sure Shot” Oakley Autographed Letter

Price: $19,000

Annie Oakley, the American sharpshooter, was better known as Little Sure Shot, and people may remember her from the Buffalo Bill West Wild shows. This note is an extremely rare letter Annie Oakley has written to her friends and was dated September 24, but with no year mentioned. However, the estimated year is in the early 1900s.

Autographed John F. Kennedy Check

Price: $19,000

This is an excellent prize for political lovers; this is an autographed check by president John F. Kennedy, the original document that three third parties, including Pasadena, JSA, and SGC, have authenticated.

World’s Finest Comics #3

Price: $25,990

If you are craving vintage comics, you will love to see a 96-page extremely rare edition of World’s Finest Comics, a 1941 issue, number 3. This comic features Superman, Batman, Robin Red, White & Blue, Zatara, Crimson Avenger, Johnny Thunder, and Lando.

Rocky Marciano 1951 Rare Sparring Gloves

Price: $38,650

An excellent item for boxing fans, Rocky Marciano’s sparring gloves from 1951 are super rare, and since they are signed, they can tickle any person to have them in their collection. Rocky Marciano is globally known for being a super heavyweight champion and finishing his career without defeat.

Roberto Clemente Last Pittsburgh Pirates Game Bat

Price: $45,520

If you are a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, the following item is for you. This bat was belonged to Roberto Clemente, graded for a hood condition with an excellent mark. Although Roberto Clemente did not sign it, it is still a personalized bat that he has used.

Daum Crystal Blue Horse Magnum Vase, 3 Silvered Heads

Price: $48,600

Daum Crystal Blue Horse Magnum Vase is the only commercial crystal manufacturer still employing the pâte de Verre (glass paste) process for art glass and crystal sculptures. This elaborate technique produces transparent and even opaque coloring.

Ancient Jewish War V Romans “Great Revolt” Rare Year 4 Shekel Coin

Price: $89,100

If you are a history collection guy, you can get this rare Year 4 Shekel coin, which there are only 50 of these coins on the planet. With less silver available to craft coins, you can notice the amount of preparation by dies used to strike these great coins since they had no choice but to do their best to produce as many coins as possible.

Lladro Niagara Chandelier

Price: $100,650

Lladró is currently selling its 1.1 meter Niagara Chandelier at a great price. This delicate chandelier features handmade matte white porcelain fairies and modern fiber optic technology. Note that each fiber optic strand produces light cascades down on the fairies.

Michael Jordan Autographed Goodwin Portrait

Price: $115,000

This is an excellent item for Michael Jordan fans. This portrait represents Michael Jordan during a photoshoot for the 2011 NBA Goodwin Championship cards, in the middle of his career. You can see the upper Deck authenticated Michael Jordan’s signature on his portrait.

6.8-Carat Milano Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $127,540

Diamond is always a shiny item for customers, and this beautiful Milano Diamond Engagement Ring has all the possible lethality to pierce into the heart of a would-be fiancé. Notice that the Cupid quiver is just a miniature in front of this diamond ring.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Gold Watch

Price: $176,990

This shiny watch is one of the most expensive watches you can find online on marketplaces. The Nautilus version started back in 1976, and they are still selling a couple of collectible watches annually to tycoons and enthusiasts in the world. You can identify the high-end Nautilus watches by the porthole case formation and octagonal bezel shape.

Heart Colombian Emerald & Round White Diamond Necklace

Price: $181,130

Heart Colombian necklace is worth it’s salt by extending an accurate glitzy display of real-world diamonds and emeralds in a heart-shaped garland. More after, the pendant is also fastened with a lovely diamond-studded chain. The presenter Dazzlingrock Collection also gives the customer a certificate of authenticity.

Queen Victoria Banco de Londres Y México 1,000 Pesos Bond

Price: $250,000

This beautiful bond collection is a set of bearer stock certificates issued from Banco de Londre Y Mexico (a defunct Mexican bank) back on May 10, 1905. The bonds have acquired a nickname of Queen Victoria for the reasons unbeknownst.

MysticDrop Natural Fancy Black Diamond

Price: $253,530

This loose natural black diamond weighs approximately 56.34 Carats. The company claims to roll out the best Himalayan fancy diamonds. On the other hand, the expensive gift could be adorned in engagement rings and selected as a prime gifting item.

1909 All-PSA Almost Complete Baseball Set

Price: $314,970

This is a set of 482 baseball cards from 1909, where all cards passed the PSA grading system. All cards average excellent or excellent condition. You can find top players such as Cy Young and Ty Cobb in this set.

Manhattan Oriental Antique Indian Carpet

Price: $350,000

This is the most expensive carpet you can find on this platform. As an Octagon hand-knotted woolen carpet introduced by Manhattan Oriental, you can purchase it for 350,000 bucks. Whether you believe it or not, the brand insists that this price is discounted as the actual tally hits a whopping 400k figure.

Mickey Mantle Autographed Set

Price: $363,640

Mickey Mantle, which is better known as “The Commerce Comet or The Mick,” was a professional baseball player, and to be honest, his baseball career cards are tough to find. Each card is signed personally by Mickey Mantle in this set of six cards. These cards include;

  1. Going, Going, Gone
  2. World Series
  3. The Rookie
  4. Speed and Grace
  5. A True Yankee
  6.  unnamed card

1969 Topps Johnny Bench PSA 10

Price: $363,650

The 1969 Topps Johnny Bench PSA 10 collection listed by Sports Memorabilia was graded by PSA, the most trusted card grading service globally, as a GEM MT 10. This means that this 1969 Topps Johnny Bench All-Star Rookie card is in absolute mint condition

Cal Ripken Jr. 1981 Used and Signed Game Jersey

Price: $895,910

This is one of the items that not only did Cal Ripken Jr. use this jersey, but also he signed it. The mentioned jersey has been used only once by Cal Ripken Jr., and after that moment, it has been neatly kept and available on the market.

1884 S American Silver Morgan Dollar MS-67 Illinois Set

Price: $995,000

This item can be considered as one of the most expensive items on Amazon. The coin appeared to be authentic and was even graded by PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service), one of the world’s most trusted coin grading services. While the 1884 S Silver Morgan Dollar is relatively rare, it is not the rarest Morgan Dollar on earth.

Dracula 1931 Bela lugosi Poster

Price: $1,250,000

This can be the most expensive item currently available on Amazon. However, the classical decor trend has shifted sands from paintings to movie posters. You can see even the original poster of Dracula 1931 Bela Lugosi is a high-end deal for art enthusiasts all over the world. This artifact is an exclusive collection and, unfortunately, maybe the only living legend for lovers.


Thank you for reading. Finding unobtainable items in online stores needs special effort, and of course, a significant budget. If you are craving expensive, historical, or reminiscent items, just try searching for them on Amazon.

What time does amazon deliver your order?

The population of people who never have ordered from Amazon is getting smaller day by day, and with no doubt, this platform is going to play a more critical role in our daily life.

One of the crucial subjects about online shopping is delivery time, and it gets near to concern when you are too far from the delivery location, and your purchased product is extremely sensitive (being high-tech or fragile).

In this brief post, we will talk about the questions “when does Amazon deliver?” and “How late does Amazon deliver?”. Furthermore, we will discuss if there is a chance to change the delivery time on Amazon.

What time does amazon deliver?

According to Amazon’s official website, they can deliver between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. local time. To avoid disturbing you, they will knock on the door, ring the doorbell, or directly contact you for delivery. But it is not enough.

In general, there are two methods of shipping goods to Amazon’s customers: free shipping and Prime shipping. With free shipping, your purchased items will be delivered within five to eight business days based on an average distance. If you are living overseas, this may take a little longer.

But if you are a Prime Amazon member, the delivery time will be decreased to four to five days. Of course, this delivery option will be more expensive for you.

What are the benefits of using Amazon Prime? There are several packages for users to choose from here;

  • The Prime Now Package

With this package, you don’t need to wait four or five days to receive your order. Your delivery will be sent as early as two or three hours. This offer is limited to a few cities. Automatically, the eligible cities would pop on your screen.

  • Twitch Prime Package

If you are a gamer, this package offers a considerable discount on pre-orders and new releases of physical games. You are also able to link your twitch account to Amazon prime for more free games.

  • No Rush-Shipping Package

If you are not in a rush, this offer is for you. With the “No Rush-Shipping Package,” you will get a one-dollar reward that you can use for prime videos, music, ebooks, and apps.

  • Free Release-Date Delivery Package

With Free Release-Date Delivery Package, you can get a pre-ordered item on the day of its release. As a result, you don’t have to wait for an extra day or two to receive your order. This offer is available primarily in books, music, and video games.

Does amazon deliver on Saturday?

Usually, shipping does not occur on weekends, but in some cases, the option for delivery on Saturday and Sunday might be available in your region, and you can select it at the checkout. Note that in this case, a three-day delivery option will change to a three-day delivery plus Saturday and Sunday.

Can You Change Your Amazon Delivery Time?

Yes, you can. According to Amazon’s official website, you can update your Scheduled Delivery date and time on orders that haven’t entered the shipping process. To update the delivery time, you need to follow these steps;

  1. First, log in to your Amazon account and go to the “Your Orders” section.
  2. Click on the “Order Details” link for the order you want to change the details.
  3. If you want to edit orders shipped by Amazon, just choose the “Change” option next to the details you wish to modify (such as payment method or shipping address).
  4. Next, click on the “Reschedule this delivery” tab on the screen.
  5. Finally, follow instructions to select another date and time.

Note that in some cases, an adult signature may be required for large items delivery to change an order’s time and date. Furthermore, you can’t modify orders that have entered the shipping process. If you see any problem, you can contact Amazon’s support team.

Reasons Why Your Amazon Package Might Be Late

There are some reasons for being late in delivering packages from Amazon. They could be:

  1. Bad weather conditions.
  2. A recent natural disaster occurrence in your location.
  3. When a third-party seller is involved.
  4. Incorrect address in the delivery form

If you see the delivery time is delayed, you have to wait for 48 hours (because of unexpected events explained above). If the package is delayed more than 48 hours, you can take some action.

In the beginning, you can track your order. Furthermore, check if the shipping address you gave is correct. You may also have to verify payment processing. If you are dealing with a third-party seller, you need to contact the seller; because, in some cases, another person has accepted the delivery.


Thank you for reading this post. To answer the question “What time does Amazon deliver?” we can say there is no fixed time for delivering. But according to statistics, we can assume that Amazon will deliver your purchase on time.

How late does Amazon deliver? In some cases, unexpected events can put Amazon shipping into trouble, and you need to wait for your goods, respectively.

How to cancel CBS All Access on Amazon 2022?

CBS All Access is a platform where you can watch many beautiful TV shows such as Star Trek. This service is available on many platforms like Smart TV, Roku, and Apple TV, and by subscribing to it, you will enjoy a host of new and classic programming, including sports and live news.

If you are one of the new subscribers to CBS All Access, you will get a 7-day trial, and after that, you have to pay $5.99 or $9.99 per month to access its programming on your devices. In this post, we teach you how to cancel CBS All Access on Amazon and how we can link Amazon Prime and CBS All Access for more fun and enjoyment.

How to cancel CBS All Access on Amazon?

Sometimes CBS All Access is too dull for you, and you decide to cancel the subscription, or you just thought it isn’t worth paying for this thing. Anyway, if you are sure to cancel CBS All Access, you need to follow these steps;

  1. Furst, go to your Amazon account. You need to log into your account if required.
  2. Next, go to the “Accounts & Lists” menu on your account.
  3. After that, click on the “Membership & Subscriptions” option.
  4. Now select the “Channel Subscriptions” tab, and then choose “Prime Video Channels.”
  5. You need to scroll the screen to locate CBS All Access.
  6. You can see the “Cancel Channel” button under the Actions section. Please click on it.
  7. Finally, confirm the selection.

Note that you will not lose access to your subscription immediately once you cancel CBS on Amazon; in fact, it will end on the date listed as Renewal Date.

How to link Amazon Prime and CBS All Access accounts?

In some cases, users prefer to link Amazon Prime and CBS All Access accounts in order to multiply the enjoyment of this service rather than canceling it. If you are just one of these users, follow these steps;

  1. From your computer browser, visit the link “”
  2. Now search CBS All Access, and after you find it, click on the channel.
  3. Next, click on any video on the list.
  4. Click on the “Watch with CBS All Access” button.
  5. Now select the “Start your Free Trials” option. You have to sign in to your Amazon account on the next level.
  6. Confirm your billing information on the screen.
  7. Finally, click on the “Start your free trial” button.


  • I can’t cancel CBS All Access as you mention above. Is there any alternative way?

If you can’t get any result from the process we mentioned earlier, you can cancel CBS All Access via CBS Website. Follow these steps;

  1. First, visit the CBS All Access website. You need to sign in to your account.
  2. Now, go to the “My Accounts” section.
  3. Here, scroll to locate “Cancel My Subscription.” Click on it.
  4. Finally, confirm your cancellation. A popup will appear, which you need to click on the “Yes, Cancel My Subscription” button.
  • Can I cancel CBS All Access at any time?

This service allows subscribers to cancel their subscriptions anytime. To cancel, you can contact the company using the number (888)274-5343. Lines are continuously open from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to midnight EST.


Thank you for reading. We have answered the question “How to CBS All Access on Amazon,” and we can either solve the problem via an Amazon account or an official website. You can contact the CBS All Access support team and ask your questions for more information.

Everything about Amazon repricer and how to use it?

It doesn’t matter if you are an independent merchant or just want to start a new journey in online marketing; the most essential tool you act as a magnet to absorb customers is your products’ prices.

As a massive global market, Amazon is sensitive to prices, and you need to set your products carefully. This guide will help you use an Amazon repricer and why we should have at least one of them.

What is an Amazon repricer?

By definition, Amazon repricing is changing the prices of products on Amazon’s marketplace. Why did they change the prices? Because many factors that affect the price, such as shipping storing, and competition, are different from one business to another. Nowadays, several third-party tools can help sellers in repricing.

There will usually be multiple sellers all competing for the sale for each listing. Those sellers who aren’t priced competitively are unlikely to get a deal or win the Buy Box. The point is; you cannot set prices manually as there are so many sellers to compete with them.

What are the advantages of using an Amazon repricer?

We can summarize them into four main fields as follows;

1.React fast to the market

Setting prices manually means that your reaction to the market’s waves will be slow. Do you really want to spend hours and hours just on this thing? You can skip all of them let the Amazon reprices do their job.

2. More money earned, less money spent on labor

Based on the ratio of labor hours to revenue, you want to try and minimize the amount spent on repricing as much as possible. But this is in controversy with repricing items manually. With an Amazon repricer, you can save your budget and use it to develop your business.

3. Take multiple factors into account

If you want to set the prices manually, I am definitely sure you cannot handle all possible affecting factors in your mind. In contrast, the software has no problem with it, and it can put all elements next to each other at the same time.

4. Minimize your margin of error

The beautiful thing about a machine (or software) is it does exactly what you tell it to, nothing more and nothing less. It never gets tired and makes a mistake because of being tired. As a result, it is better to put an Amazon repricer tool in the task and a human supervisor.

How do I use an Amazon repricer?

Although there are many patterns, it is better to use a simple strategy to work with an Amazon repricer. Basically, a tool needs three factors to start working;

  1. Minimum and Maximum prices
  2. Strategy applied
  3. Active inventory

The biggest mistake which you may also make is that many sellers opt to set wide minimum and maximum price ranges. This doesn’t seem right. Statistics show that higher performances can be achieved when min and max prices are close to each other.

Once you have completed the mentioned steps, the Amazon repricer will begin to watch the products on your marketplace and update them as needed, increasing Buy Box ownership and sales.

As your business grows, you will see that your time is very limited just to set the prices compatible with the market and need a little bit of automation. Here is the place which you need a nice Amazon repricer.

Top 10 best Amazon repricer

You can find repricing tools in many shapes and sizes. While some of them are suitable for getting familiar with the repricing process, some professional software can make a big difference in your selling statistics.

When looking for an Amazon repricer, consider three elements of flexibility, cost, and automation speed, as they will make a repricing software the best one. Here, we have gathered the top ten Amazon repricers guaranteed for any Amazon seller;


Compatible with both Amazon and eBay, RepricerExpress is aimed at Amazon FBA and Featured Sellers and helps you set up your repricing strategy. If you want to purchase RepricerExpress as an Amazon repricer tool, plans start at $55 per month for sellers with less than 2,500 SKUs and go up to $249 per month for sellers with 50,000 SKUs.


If your budget is limited but still looking for affordable Amazon repricer software, take a look at RepriceIt. This tool starts at $9.95 per month if your inventory is under 500 SKUs. More after, there are seven different types of plans for the seller at each stage.


If you are just a newbie and want to learn about repricing, SellerRepublic has almost all standard tools which an excellent Amazon repricer should have. It has a quick setup and a user-friendly interface. SellerRepublic’s Lite plan covers up to 50 listings and costs $8.95 per month. To cover 500 listings, you just need to pay $18.95.


If you want to spend on your Amazon repricer based on your sales, Sellery is a good option. Designed by SellerEngine, it can draw your selling strategy to make your business profitable. As mentioned earlier, Sellery will cost you 1% of your sales, starting with a minimum of $100 a month and a maximum of $2,000.


BQOOL is one of the most reliable Amazon repricers, which updates the price multiple times within an hour and tracks the competitor’s price simultaneously. The repricing in BQOOL is available with Amazon US, DE, FR, IT, CA, UK, JP, and MX.


One of the best options for Amazon FBA sellers with extensive inventories is Teikametrics. This Amazon repricer helps you to maximize your assets by setting prices correctly; however, Teikametrics is not an all-in-one solution for your business and is also somehow expensive.


If you are seeking an Amazon repricer with multi-channel inventory management, try ChannelMax. This software comes with the auto-convert listing from the other non-Amazon platforms to the Amazon FBA. You can also use ChannelMax’s calculator to find the best minimum price for your products.


Wiser uses a predictive Buy Box algorithm that calculates the maximum you can charge for an item and stay in the Buy Box. It can help you bring more attraction to your business and boost your position on Amazon.


Similar to Wiser, Feedvisor is designed based on algorithmic repricing and uses machine learning to power up your repricing strategy in real-time. It can calculate the best price for each item you have on Amazon. Feedvisor is more suitable for large or enterprise sellers who are ready to invest.


As a cloud-based Amazon repricer system, SellerDynamics is designed for eCommerce sellers who want to organize their work in a much cleaner way. It has practical tools to reprice prices on Amazon and eBay, and it can also integrate with popular platforms like Magento and Shopify.


Thank you for reading this guide. We have explained why Amazon repricers are important and how to use them. Which Amazon repricer software is the best? The answer is entirely personal-related. All Amazon repricer tools introduced in this text are deserved to be purchased, but you should choose based on your business size and budget.

Best ideas for an online business(Start making money online)

Any person wishes to have a great job with an excellent salary and the best coworkers. But most of the time, this situation cannot be found in offices, and you should think “more virtual” about it.

If you are wondering, starting an online business is as hard as lifting an elephant, I have to tell you this is a terrible mistake you are making!!! With this guidepost, I will tell you the most popular online business ideas and which of them are suitable for you.

What are the best ideas for an online business?

online business ideas for beginners

If you think you are only a newbie and do not have a considerable budget for starting a professional business, we offer you trying these options to get more familiar with trading;

  • Flipping website

The whole process is straightforward; you buy a website, upgrade and optimize its design and content, and sell it at a higher price. If you are an expert in web designing and marketing, you launch your business with this occupation.

  • Translation

If you are a bilingual person or good at more than one language, why not be a translator. You will have a better chance if you have a degree or certificate in both languages from a local university. General translators can earn up to $20 per hour, but professional ones have a chance to reach $45 per hour.

  • Digital products and Online courses

As more and more are trying to learn without going outdoors or sitting in a physical class, you can use this opportunity to make money. If you have any expertise, just make a video of yourself and teach it to the audience. You can also produce podcasts, as they have a smaller size compared with videos and are more popular.

  • Resume writer

From employees to students, many people need to present a resume, but only some have the skills to write them. If you are good at writing resumes, try to absorb customers on the internet. As long as you can write and give a unique resume that can help people land jobs or register to universities, you can offer your services.

  • Online coaching

You can train people about any topic in which you have expertise. All you need is to run a personal profile on social media, such as YouTube, Instagram, or Telegram, and share your lessons with the audience. You can also start your business with some free sessions and then charge your followers with more sessions.

  • Massage therapist

Many people nowadays have muscle aching due to the wrong type of shoes they wear or the position of sitting. If you have a certificate from a local massage school (it is better to have), you can start with a small spa and massage your customers with friendly oils.

  • Tour guide

Are you good at your city or town’s historic places? Then being a tour guide can be an excellent option for you. As a typical tour guide, you will need to conduct plenty of research to be able to do the job well, but that is half the fun. You also need to promote your communication skills to absorb tourists and prevent getting them bored.

Best online business ideas for startups

If you are planning to set a startup with your friends, it is time to think about what you are going to do in your company. If you still don’t have any idea on the paper, we have collected some of them here for you;

  • Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the simplest method you can choose as an activity, either doing it with your friends or individually. All you need for dropshipping is just a little capital to get started because it is hands-off and scalable. You can cooperate with a popular platform such as Shopify -which will do the paperwork automatically- or you can try by yourself if you have any personal website.

  • Handcrafted goods

You should know that art nowadays is more previous than any time in history and if you are talented, you can establish a small workplace in your home and start your business. You can also market them online via social media and in-person through local venues.

  • Selling cellphone accessories

If you have enough knowledge about cellphones and what they need, why not sell their accessories online?

Although this kind of activity seems saturated on the internet, you can still profit from using your creativity. You might also offer phone repair services along with products.

  • E-Books

Are you talented in writing? Then you can try writing e-Books for readers. The only thing you need is a particular niche that you are good at it. You can use Amazon best sellers to see what topics people are actually reading. If you want to self-publish, many platforms can help you with that.

  • Homemade eco-friendly and health products

Many people now are craving to buy healthy homemade products, and you can satisfy their desires. Just look for the ingredients and processes for making the products; it could be a nice, homemade lemon skin mask or delicious baby food. Some platforms allow you to sell online. Never forget: the more creative you are, the more profit you can make from this business.

  • Print-On-Demand T-shirt

As you can see outdoors, this kind of garment is prevalent among teenagers, and it could be an excellent option to start a business. Many platforms can help you customize your designs, including Fine Art America, Zazzle, and Printful. Remember, most customers will be loyal if your unique and appealing strategies.

Best online business ideas for women

Are you afraid of doing complex jobs as a woman? Do you want to have more maneuverability in your business? Maybe you need to get new skills or just try your chance again. Here, we have listed top business ideas for ladies as you see;

  • Social media manager

Any business now needs a virtual representative and, of course, a manager to run it. Social media managers respond to comments, create content and provide guidance to enhance an organization’s online presence. A person’s task as social media manager is endless, and based on your experience, you can earn up to $65000 annually.

  • Affiliate Marketing

By definition, affiliate marketing is an advertising performance-based type of marketing. A company hires third-party publishers to generate traffic or to the company’s main website, finally products and services.

If we talk about these days, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways people make money online as a passive, secondary income source. Another positive feature about this activity is that you don’t need much exertion to run it and make up to $50,000 per year.

  • Healthcare for old people

As humans get old, some of them need a person to care about them and help them with their activities. Sometimes, senior citizens just need companions to talk and gossip or help around the house, but others need critical help. If you are interested in this job, you can advertise your service on social media

  • Freelance writing

As you have heard many these days, “freelancing” is a way of thinking now. Mainly, freelance writing is to write texts and articles required by clients or companies, which they have not hired you officially.

Most freelance writers charge based on the amount of work they will have to put into the project. However, if you are creative and skillful enough, you make more than $110,000 per year.

  • Fitness trainer

If you have a nice, regular body and exercising is one of your daily programs, you can teach your expertise as a fitness trainer. You will need a degree or certificate and robust social media for absorbing customers to yourself for this job. Never forget that you will not earn much money at the beginning, but the situation will get better as you become more famous and reliable.

  • Event Planner

Many individuals have problems with their schedules and need someone to help. If you are god-talented in programming, you can try arranging other people’s events. You may start with smaller local events. We recommend a degree from a local university in event planning or management. An event planner earns about $1500 per week.

  • Blogging

This job is one of the most practical business ideas for women at home. The best thing about blogging is that your working hours are flexible; you can work 9 hours on one day and nothing on another. Depending on your interest, you can start a blog, like food blogging, health & beauty, travel, or novels.

One of the best strategies you can do is to get more loyal followers to convert your blog into an app finally or just integrate. Creating an app for your blog gives you countless opportunities, but not many bloggers do it.

Best online business ideas for small town

If you live in a small village or town and far too away from golden opportunities in capitals, it doesn’t mean that you won’t own a successful business. In this section, we offer a list of ideas which you can try in your lovely town;

  • Grocery store

As you know, small towns are not potential to have chain grocery stores as bigger cities. As a result, you can set up your own smaller store selling various food products. The average salary depends on your market size and experience, but it can be as high as $65000 per year.

  • Icecream shop

Seems cute? But the fact is that you can be famous as soon as you start your ice cream business. If you don’t already have many dessert options in your area, an ice cream shop can be a great place to start.

  • Bookshop

Books are always popular in cities, and the town’s size cannot have any effect on this reputation. Thus, you can establish an excellent, small bookshop as your business. You can also sell stationery and notebooks along with books in your store.

  • Furniture upcycle

Many people in small towns don’t have enough income to buy a new collection to replace their old-fashioned furniture. If you have enough skills, set up a store, get customers’ old furniture pieces, and give them new life before reselling them.

  • Carpenter

If you are good at woodworking, there is a high potential for a carpenter in small towns. As you see, many cellars, warehouses, and stables are made of wood, and they need routine service to look safe and healthy. As an average carpenter, you can earn up to $90000 annually, based on your expertise.

  • Firewood seller

Not all small towns are modern enough to have central heating systems in houses, so you can collect firewood and then try to sell it to nearby customers for use in their fireplaces. You need to be good at working with axes and detect which wood pieces are suitable to be burned.


Thank you for reading this brief guide, and I hope it will be helpful. Never forget that success needs three elements; a goal, exertion, and the idea. If you are still hesitant about the idea part, review this guide and find your desired option one more time.

What are the Amazon salary levels?(Complete guide)

Amazon is not just a place for purchasing goods by customers and selling products by drop shippers; you can also find a job on this platform.

Due to many Amazon offices all around the world, a person can find almost any kind of job on it and choose them freely based on their field and skills. The article you are reading now is going to show you how these job requests are organized on Amazon and some examples for each of them.

What are job salary levels?

As you may find out on the Amazon page, they have categorized all job requests into twelve levels, and each level has its salary range and description. To better understand what we have on Amazon, we have briefly explained each level to you.

Before reading each level’s description, let me give you a brief introduction to the whole process; as mentioned above, there are twelve levels on Amazon, which at Level-12 is Jeff Bezos himself. At Level-11 are the recently announced CEOs, Jeff Wilke and Andy Jassy, and all the SVPs (about 20 senior leaders). At Level-10 and Level-9 are all the VPs (a few hundred).

Furthermore, Level-8 is for Directors (several hundred), Level-7 for Senior Managers (a few thousand), Level-6, 5 & 4 for Managers and individual contributors (few tens of thousands). Levels 1, 2, and 3 are primarily for support staff, FC workers, and similar roles. Fresh graduates join at Level-4, while MBAs join at Level-6 or 5.

  • Level 1

According to Glassdoor, the salary trajectory of an Associate Level I ranges between locations and employers. The salary starts at $43,813 per year and goes up to $134,118 per year for the highest level of seniority.

  • Level 2

According to Glassdoor, the salary trajectory of Level II ranges starts at $88,012 per year and goes up to $211,266 per year for the highest level of seniority.

  • Level 3

According to Glassdoor, Level 2 hourly pay at Amazon can range from $14 – $19. When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a Level 3 at Amazon can expect to make an average annual salary of $35,006.

  • Level 4

Full-time workers entering the workforce start at Level 4 with a salary range of $50,000-$70,000 per year. The typical Amazon Area Manager L4 salary is $52,141 per year. Area Manager L4 salaries at Amazon can range from $47,857 – $65,804 per year. The average sign-on bonus is $26,000.

  • Level 5

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an Area Manager Level 5 is $85,984 per year in the United States, 0% lower than the average Amazon salary of $86,562 per year for this job. Level 5 Area Manager salaries at Amazon can range from $59,154 – $101,513 per year. The average sign-on bonus is $21,000.

  • Level 6

Level 6 in Amazon is an extensive range. It’s a post-MBA role at the lower end of the spectrum and a Sr. At the higher end of the spectrum. According to Glassdoor, the highest salary for a Level 6 in the United States is $107,170 per year. The average sign-on bonus is $17,000.

  • Level 7

According to Glassdoor, the typical Amazon Senior Manager salary is $167,325 per year. Senior Manager salaries at Amazon can range from $18,002 – $422,963 per year, with an average sign-on bonus of $16,000.

  • Level 8

The salary basement of level 8 (or Director level) is around %15 higher than the previous level. You can see several job titles such as network with the base salary of $600,000 per year up to $1.4 million per year with a bonus.

  • Level 9 & 10

You can see all VPs in this level, which is only a few hundred. Unfortunately, their salary range is not fully known.

  • Level 11

As mentioned above, at this level, there are leading Amazon CEOs and all SVPs, so you can’t any job requests related to this level.

  • Level 12

At this salary level, you only can find Jeff Bezos.

Some job request examples on Amazon

In this section, we have listed recent forty job requests displayed on the Amazon page. You can consider your ideal job and salary type by assuming these typical requests and comparing them with your local jobs.

#1Company: Amazon, Seattle, WA

Job title: Hardware Engineer

Job level: Level 5

Base salary: $125,000

Equity value: $30,000

Sign-on bonus: $20,000

#2Company: Amazon, Bengaluru, KA, India

Job title: Software Development Engineer

Job level: Level 5

Base salary: $38,000

Equity value: $17,000

Sign-on bonus: $7,000

#3Company: Amazon, Irvine, CA

Job title: Solution Architect

Job level: Level 4

Base salary: $102,000

Equity value: $20,000

Sign-on bonus: $0

#4Company: Amazon, Hyderabad, TS, India

Job title: Product Manager

Job level: Level 6

Base salary: $104,000

Equity value: $39,000

Sign-on bonus: $12,000

#5Company: Amazon, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Job title: Software Development Engineer

Job level: Level 4

Base salary: $96,000

Equity value: $15,000

Sign-on bonus: $19,000

#6Company: Amazon, Seattle, WA

Job title: Technical Program Manager

Job level: Level 6

Base salary: $160,000

Equity value: $60,000

Sign-on bonus: $44,000

#7Company: Amazon, Denver, CO

Job title: Product Designer

Job level: Level 6

Base salary: $152,000

Equity value: $36,000

Sign-on bonus: $0

#8Company: Amazon, San Francisco, CA

Job title: Recruiter

Job level: Level 5

Base salary: $110,000

Equity value: $14,000

Sign-on bonus: $17,000

#9Company: Amazon, Toronto, ON, Canada

Job title: Software Development Engineer

Job level: Level 4

Base salary: $80,000

Equity value: $20,000

Sign-on bonus: $0

#10Company: Amazon, Austin, TX

Job title: Technical Program Manager

Job level: Level 6

Base salary: $158,000

Equity value: $49,000

Sign-on bonus: $50,000

#11Company: Amazon, Seattle, WA

Job title: Data Scientist

Job level: Level 5

Base salary: $160,000

Equity value: $72,000

Sign-on bonus: $0

#12Company: Amazon, Seattle, WA

Job title: Product Designer

Job level: Level 5

Base salary: $110,000

Equity value: $70,000

Sign-on bonus: $10,000

#13Company: Amazon, Melbourne, VI, Australia

Job title: Solution Architect

Job level: Level 4

Base salary: $74,000

Equity value: $17,000

Sign-on bonus: $9,000

#14Company: Amazon, San Francisco, CA

Job title: Product Designer

Job level: Level 7

Base salary: $185,000

Equity value: $211,000

Sign-on bonus: $0

#15Company: Amazon, Boston, MA

Job title: Data Scientist

Job level: Level 5

Base salary: $147,000

Equity value: $47,000

Sign-on bonus: $10,000

#16Company: Amazon, San Diego, CA

Job title: Software Development Engineer

Job level: Level 5

Base salary: $160,000

Equity value: $52,000

Sign-on bonus: $36,000

#17Company: Amazon, Sunnyvale, CA

Job title: Software Development Engineer

Job level: Level 6

Base salary: $160,000

Equity value: $90,000

Sign-on bonus: $0

#18Company: Amazon, Sydney, NS, Australia

Job title: Software Development Engineer

Job level: Level 5

Base salary: $115,000

Equity value: $28,000

Sign-on bonus: $24,000

#19Company: Amazon, Sunnyvale, CA

Job title: Product Manager

Job level: Level 7

Base salary: $200,000

Equity value: $50,000

Sign-on bonus: $0

#20Company: Amazon, Chicago, IL

Job title: Technical Program Manager

Job level: Level 5

Base salary: $160,000

Equity value: $30,000

Sign-on bonus: $30,000

#21Company: Amazon, Courbevoic, IL, France

Job title: Solution Architect

Job level: Level 5

Base salary: $100,000

Equity value: $15,000

Sign-on bonus: $8,000

#22Company: Amazon, Los Angeles, CA

Job title: Marketing

Job level: Level 6

Base salary: $120,000

Equity value: $8,000

Sign-on bonus: $0

#23Company: Amazon, Sunnyvale, CA

Job title: Software Development Engineer

Job level: Level 5

Base salary: $180,000

Equity value: $90,000

Sign-on bonus: $0

#24Company: Amazon, Seattle, WA

Job title: Hardware Engineer

Job level: Level 5

Base salary: $125,000

Equity value: $30,000

Sign-on bonus: $20,000

#25Company: Amazon, Edinburgh, SC, United Kingdom

Job title: Software Development Engineer

Job level: Level 4

Base salary: $72,000

Equity value: $18,000

Sign-on bonus: $7,000

#26Company: Amazon, Luxembourg, LU, Luxembourg

Job title: Business Analyst

Job level: Level 6

Base salary: $120,000

Equity value: $20,000

Sign-on bonus: $0

#27Company: Amazon, Taipei, TP, Taiwan

Job title: Software Development Engineer

Job level: Level 5

Base salary: $73,000

Equity value: $36,000

Sign-on bonus: $6,000

#28Company: Amazon, Aliso Viejo, CA

Job title: Product Designer

Job level: Level 3

Base salary: $135,000

Equity value: $0

Sign-on bonus: $0

#29Company: Amazon, Hyderabad, TS, India

Job title: Software Development Engineer

Job level: Level 6

Base salary: $78,000

Equity value: $46,000

Sign-on bonus: $0

#30Company: Amazon, New York, NY

Job title: Sales

Job level: Level 4

Base salary: $78,000

Equity value: $4,000

Sign-on bonus: $33,000

#31Company: Amazon, Herndon, VA

Job title: Software Development Manager

Job level: Level 6

Base salary: $155,000

Equity value: $165,000

Sign-on bonus: $30,000

#32Company: Amazon, Bengaluru, KA, India

Job title: Software Development Engineer

Job level: Level 5

Base salary: $42,000

Equity value: $17,000

Sign-on bonus: $13,000

#33Company: Amazon, Dallas, TX

Job title: Software Development Engineer

Job level: Level 4

Base salary: $125,000

Equity value: $21,000

Sign-on bonus: $17,000

#34Company: Amazon, Luxembourg, LU, Luxembourg

Job title: Product Manager

Job level: Level 6

Base salary: $118,000

Equity value: $24,000

Sign-on bonus: $21,000

#35Company: Amazon, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Job title: Software Development Engineer

Job level: Level 5

Base salary: $125,000

Equity value: $36,000

Sign-on bonus: 0$

#36Company: Amazon, New York, NY

Job title: Software Development Engineer

Job level: Level 4

Base salary: $132,000

Equity value: $25,000

Sign-on bonus: $17,000

#37Company: Amazon, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Job title: Solution Architect

Job level: Level 6

Base salary: $140,000

Equity value: $42,000

Sign-on bonus: $32,000

#38Company: Amazon, Houston, TX

Job title: Solution Architect

Job level: Level 6

Base salary: $160,000

Equity value: $130,000

Sign-on bonus: $0

#39Company: Amazon, Seattle, WA

Job title: Human Resources

Job level: Level 4

Base salary: $57,000

Equity value: $12,000

Sign-on bonus: $0

#40 Company: Amazon, Tempe, AZ

Job title: Software Development Engineer

Job level: Level 4

Base salary: $129,000

Equity value: $25,000

Sign-on bonus: $16,000


Thank you for reading. As we mentioned, jobs available on Amazon are classified based on their type. Never forget; the base salary of a specific position at a particular specific level could not be the same in different countries. phentermine online weight loss clinic phentermine online florida For more information, you can visit the Amazon website and do some researches about your wanted job.

What are the best Amazon jobs?

Amazon is a beautiful place for seeking your desired items or selling your products easier and globally. These are regular events running on the Amazon website but do you ever try to choose a job from this platform?

This post will introduce you to the top twenty Amazon jobs that you can select as your primary occupation or secondary employment combined with your previous one.

Top Amazon jobs which can bring a smile to your lips

Here we have listed the top twenty high salary jobs which you can examine your chance in them. Note that you can take a short trial from each job you think is appropriate and check the results.

Art Director

Average annual income: $87,800

Your primary focus is on creative imagination, design support, and pixel-perfect execution of IMDb TV creative art assets in this position. If you seek more special missions, you can lead a team with the business for more guidance in visual and motion designing.

Benefits Support Specialist

Average annual income: $63,100

In this job, you are a person who will be owning and managing many complexes, boring problems, and engaging with cross-functional teams directly and through influence. To get better results in this job, you must update your patience and skills continuously.

Executive Assistant

Average annual income: $76,900

It would help if you had a high ability to deal with tight deadlines, excellent organizational skills, and integrity and discretion in handling confidential information for doing this job. Executive Assistant is ideal for a multitasker and self-motivator.

Senior software development engineer

Average annual income: $142,400

As you can find out through its name, a senior software development manager leads multiple software development teams within the company. 

Customer Service Associate

Average annual income: $38,100

This job includes a person who can deliver customer service to all Amazon customers quickly, accurately, and professionally. You will communicate with customers via phones and emails.

Technical writer

Average annual income: $149,600

With this job, you can raise the cloud computing business and impact an exciting, growing market. For being successful, you have the skills to research internal AWS information and draft compliant responses to RFP/RFI, partner, and customer inquiries.

AWS Partner Trainer

Average annual income: $46,200

Your job is to deliver training content to partners to drive the adoption and usage of AWS infrastructure services. For this job, you must be an expert in both teaching and technology.

Number eight: AWS security software developing engineer

Average annual income: $171,400

If you are a detailed engineer, you can try this job. As an AWS security engineer, you have to manage many aspects of development, such as documentation, clarifying requirements, applying design patterns, and testing.

Social Care Advocate

Average annual income: $61,500

You should be an active listener if you want to try this. Furthermore, you will be tasked to turn an escalated situation into a fantastic customer service experience. Also, you have to build a rapport while providing phenomenal customer service with a list of excellent solutions.

Digital Devices and Alexa Support Associate

Average annual income: $30,400

In this job, you are going to foster a culture of innovation and agility for technical support in an ever-changing environment of connected devices and services.

Content & Communications Specialist

Average annual income: $113,500

In this position, you will own the process of creation and maintenance of content and partner closely with business leaders, stakeholders, and agents to ensure that they know the main requirements of the business and communication.

Brand Specialist

Average annual income: $61,300

As you know, a works in the marketing team and focuses on customer interaction and company image. If you have a manager-oriented brain, this job is yours.

Senior Program Manager

Average annual income: $122,900

If you choose a senior program manager as a job, you are going to be the head of a specific program or project within the company. To become a success, you must have many skills such as organizational managing and handling problems.

Enterprise Finance Strategist

Average annual income: $151,500

If you have worked as an experienced CFO, you can be successful in this position. Your responsibilities as an enterprise finance strategist are not too long. It includes guiding enterprise efforts and advising companies on how they can transform the way they use technology to deliver business value.

Corporate Counsel

Average annual income: $154,200

According to Glassdoor, a corporate counsel will partner with the legal team and their business operations clients to achieve operational excellence, ensure compliance with state and federal regulators, and consider legal issues of first impression.

Corporate Recruiter

Average annual income: $117,400

As a corporate recruiter, you have to manage client-account organizational relationships, provide customer generation, and understand the value of delivering outstanding customer service.

Software Development engineer

Average annual income: $104,600

If you choose this job, you will use computer engineering, information analysis, and computer science to make more efficient software for companies.

Business Analyst

Average annual income: $73,300

If you are comfortable with statistics and data, you can choose to be a business analyst to help companies make better decisions.

Software engineer I

Average annual income: $102,500

By definition, software engineers work with coders, programmers, and software design teams. According to Amazon guidelines, I am a software engineer with at least three years of experience working.

Software engineer II

Average annual income: $116,900

Unlike software engineer I, A Software engineer II is a software engineer with a few years of experience and somehow a “newbie.”


That is it. Although jobs with high salaries have become a priority in our social life, we recommend you look for a job that you are comfortable in, and of course, it is compatible with your skills. For more information, you can also check the Amazon website to see more job requests. I wish you success!!!

Who is the brand ambassador?

Sometimes advertisement is not enough for companies and they need authentic and credible advocates. The fact is that reputation and popularity determine a company’s success, so why not using real people as a banner, especially when these guys’ referrals resonate better than solid ads? In this article, we are going to talk about these people, officially “brand ambassadors”.


Based on the definition, a brand ambassador (also called corporate ambassador) is a person employed by a company or corporation to represent their brands and help with increasing sales and ranking. Brand ambassadors are experts when it comes to talking about the brand online and offline. But it can also the company’s employees.

This job is created to consolidate the relationship between the company’s offer and the customer. As you know, there are plenty of social media like Facebook, Telegram, Snapchat, Instagram, and Tiktok. Brand ambassadors make full use of these channels to promote the company of their choice.

How a brand ambassador can be helpful for the company?

We have six main reasons to be a brand ambassador or from a company’s view, employ these experts;

  1. The brand will be more tangible and human-oriented

Honestly, a brand is only a logo or a piece of the image. In contrast, customers are more likely to identify brands and companies if they have a face for them. Even using beautiful models cannot make a desired influence on the audience these days. To overcome this problem, brand ambassadors can manage to make brands human and more tangible.

  1. Upgrading company’s social presence

Most of the time, candidates for being brand ambassadors are socially well-established with a high reputation. This means that they already have a following and an extensive social network. In other words, they are also can be callee influencers, too. Thus, brand ambassadors can easily drive traffic to the company’s website. This also applies to the application of the employer brand.

  1. Expanding market more easily and less expensive

With the help of brand ambassadors, new markets can be opened up. There are lots of unmentioned potency for selling products and sometimes companies cannot capture them with just solid advertising.

  1. The element of honesty

Many customers are seeking honesty in advertising and they are less willing to hear meaningless exaggerations. When they see a person who is respecting the company honestly, they will get more positive signals from ads.

  1. Strengthen of recruiting team

Without a doubt, word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of advertising. By employing brand ambassadors, this feature will be added to the company’s recruiting team. Furthermore, by giving positive reviews, they can change the public’s perception of the company.

  1. Form of customer support

When customers encounter a new brand, they cannot decide to use the service or not. They have lots of questions in mind. Because of this, many are looking to bloggers and other influencers. With brand ambassadors, this problem will be solved.


The salary of ambassadors can vary greatly because there are no exact work hours and ambassadors themself choose how much they want to work. There are typical forms of payment for them;

Yearly: according to Glassdoor, the average salary for a brand ambassador ranges from about $19,000 a year to up to $64,000 a year.

Hourly: If the brand ambassador is being paid hourly, the average is between about $10-16 an hour.

Commission: sometimes, companies prefer to pay ambassadors on commission rather than an hourly rate, so it will lead to the generation of leads by their brand ambassadors. The more leads an ambassador brings into the company, the more earning potential he or she will have.

The advantages of using own employees as a brand ambassador

  1. Deep trust

When you are a member of the brand, people will consider your comment more true. Employees’ social media followers are friends, family, and colleagues. And people consider direct referrals from their close colleagues to be the most reliable.

  1. Knowledge

Employees already are inside the system, making it easy for them to act as branding experts and also, no need to tutor them separately. They know the target groups and available tools to absorb them. Employees also save work in finding and training external ambassadors.

  1. Less charge

The simplest advantage is that he or she is already the company’s employee so they are not going to spend money to find a brand ambassador. This position also affects the amount of extra salary the headquarters are going to pay.


The fact is that people nowadays only trust real referrals and brand ambassadors as authentic brand pronouns, can do this task. The next thing is it will bring even more advantages if companies rely on their employees as brand ambassadors. On social media, users are more likely to trust family, friends, and colleagues. 

52 most expensive items ever sold on eBay

eBay is a revolutionized e-Commerce website that all can sell and buy goods with no time and geographical limitations. Meanwhile, you can also find some items that billionaires seeking for them and they will be sold at a fabulous price. In this article, we are going to list the most expensive items eBay has sold in the whole period of its life.

52 most meritorious items according to their prices

  1. Gigayacht

Price: $168 million

Have you heard about the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich? The reality is, he owns the most expensive item of all time which has been sold on eBay, a 124-meter ship!!!

Gigayacht was designed by naval architect Frank Mulder and it hosts a helicopter pad, retractable glass elevator, spa, office area, jetstream swimming pool, eight guest cabins, and 10 multilevel VIP suites. Abramovich collects luxury yachts as a hobby.

  1. Screenplay from Don Quixote Transcript

Price: $21 million

These are story documents in handwritten letters and press articles by Salvador Dali named “the fantastical saga of the Don Quixote”. These writings are prepared from the logbook of Joseph Foret, which is described as “one of the greatest publishers of all the time”

  1. Talisman of Napoleon Bonaparte

Price: $21 million

This masterpiece made from 114 precious jewels, is one of Napoleon’s historic 1798 campaigns in Egypt. It seems the jewels are arranged specifically by a secret code and reflect his successful career and his love for his wife Josephine.

  1. Antique Sword

Price: $10 million

This pair of antique swords reportedly originates from ancient China. On the swords, you can see a 1986 monochrome pen and ink drawing by artist Christopher Beau and relocates City With Flying Beings.

  1. Artemis Smith’s PteroDARKtyl

Price: $10 million

This “multimedia long-poem” was written by Artemis Smith, recognized as the founder of the 1950s’ Unisex Movement. This feat is described on the site as a “9-panel serial tapestry.”

  1. Ancient Chinese Book

Price: $8,888,888

An ancient Sutra book is a collection of aphorisms in the form of a manual. It is written in the era of the Yongle Emperor (1402-1424). An anonymous bidder bought the book near 9 million dollars.

  1. Hooranky Bae Digital & Acrylic Art

Price: $7,673,000

The works of Hooranky Bae are described as belonging to “abstract expressionism and the dramatic contrast of non-figurative strange shape and coloring”. The title “hoo202002260208” gives us the exact date and time of production in Arabic.

  1. Brexit 50p Coin

Price: $7.2 million

This extremely rare coin dated January 2020 reads: “Brexit Peace, Prosperity and Friendship With All Nations.”

  1. Gulfstream II

Price: $4.9 million

Personal jets are expensive but one of them, named “Gulfstream II”, was sold for 4.9 million dollars on eBay. The aircraft was offered by Texas-based Tyler Jet and it includes luxury facilities for 12 passengers. At that time, it was the most expensive purchase on eBay.

  1. Lunch with Warren Buffett

Price: $2.6 million

Warren Buffet is one of the richest men on the planet and of course, time is really “gold” for him. Any rich person wishes to spend even one minute with him to pick his brain and gain any advice on where to put their money. In 2010, a bidder take the opportunity and spent $2.6 million to have lunch with Buffet in New York. Buffet has earned more than $25 million via these lunch auctions.

  1. The town of Albert, TX

Price: $2.5 million

The little town of Albert, with just five residents, has a hoary history and functioned as a stop on the Fredericksburg-Blanco stage route. The former owner, Bobby Cave, has made 2.5 million dollars from selling it on eBay in 2003.

  1. House with a war-proof bunker

Price: $2.1 million

This seems strange but when you are living in the cold war era, sometimes it is an obligation. Realtors Bruce Francisco and Gregory Gibbons understood this reality and prepared a property in the Adirondack Mountains that was a former missile silo base and made a luxurious house. Now, this cylindrical house has been sold for 2.1 million dollars on eBay.

  1. The Town of bridgeville, CA

Price: $1.77 million

Real estate is a popular category on eBay. This private town is Bridgeville in California and it is spread over 83 acres and it has eight houses, a café, a post office, and 30 residents. The Lapple family decided to buy the item. The point is, this town again went up for sale as the buyer named Krall wished to dispose of it.

  1. Ferrari Dino 2.4

Price: $1.38 million

One of the lovely supercars finished in Rosso Corsa with crema leather. For advertising the car, eBay wrote “The car was originally a dream of the young Dino [Enzo Ferrari’s son], who put the idea of Ferrari producing a V6 car to his father.”

  1. Bentley S1 Continental Fastback

Price: $1.38 million

Another nostalgic car with a 4.9L straight six-cylinder engine, 4-speed automatic gearbox, Smiths Dash Clocks, adjustable sun visor with tinted inserts, and de-mist function. The bold presence of the car is accentuated by its spotless chrome grille while at the rear you can find more chrome works around the iconic Bentley emblem. The interior seats are in grey leather and very comfortable.

  1. Farmhouse villa cottage in Algarve

Price: $1,166,100

This beautiful cottage is located at Santa Clara dam on the border of Algarve and Alentejo. It has direct access to the lake so it is a big opportunity for fishing. Furthermore, it benefits from solar energy and spring water supply.

  1. Honus Wagner Baseball Card

Price: $1.1 million

Baseball cards are very popular among collectors and the rare Honus Wagner card went for $1.1 million in 2000. Honus Wagner was against smoking so he dissociated himself with the American Tobacco company so they produced only 200 of these cards. Baseball fan Brian Seigel bought this card with 1.1 million dollars.

  1. McLaren Senna V8 S-A

Price: $1.1 million

We have another beautiful car on our list. The stunning and super-rare McLaren Senna is the elite manufacturer’s latest addition to its Ultimate Series. Some of its fabulous features are; MSO defined black exterior paint, Bowers & Wilkins sound system, gorilla glass door lower panel, and 6 point harness in blue.

  1. Ferrari Enzo

Price: $1 million

Just to know, only 399 Ferrari Enzo has made, which can be a candidate for rich car collectors. In 2004, one of these cars went up for sale on eBay and attracted bids from automobile aficionados. A Swiss gentleman won the prize by shelling out $1 million. Many experts estimate that this amount is less and that the price of the car will continue to rise in the coming years.

  1. All Star Comics #8

Price: $936,000

A magazine originally sold for only $0.10 in 1941, was sold in 2017 for a staggering $936,223. All-Star Comics #8 is notable because it contains the first appearance of Wonder Woman, as well as her origin story. It has the highest Certified Guaranty Company-graded copy of this issue known.

  1. Vintage Dutch Gum #67 Superman Batman DC Comic

Price: $700,000

This is one of the 1968 Dutch Gum #67 Superman/Batman strip with a white number in a black square and graded PSA 10. In eBay’s advert, you can read: “As rare as rare can be. Vintage cards keep skyrocketing in value and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. A great item for any collection.”

  1. $1 U.S. 1975 Postage Stamp

Price: $600,000

Stamp collecting is one of the trending hobbies, no matter in the 1980s or 21st century. This stamp has only 90 copies in the world and is known by philatelists as the CIA Invert. To be honest, very few stamps can be considered true investments, the CIA invert is one of them!

  1. Shoeless Joe Jackson`s Baseball Bat

Price: $577,610

Shoeless Joe Jackson is one of the legends of American baseball. he got his nickname when he once played without.

In 1919, he courted controversy when he was accused of throwing that year’s World Series to receive a bribe. In 2001, his nephew put up his Black Betsy bat for sale on eBay.

  1. Les Paul Signed Baseball JSA Certified

Price: $499,000

This ball was signed at New York’s Iridium Jazz Club only a few months before Les Paul died. After the signing, he stated, “Well that makes two”.

  1. Marilyn Monroe Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Movie Worn Jewelry Set

Price: $415,000

This is a great chance to gain costume jewelry worn by actress Marilyn Monroe in the classic movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. It also has a bracelet and earrings in a gilt metal setting.

  1. Elvis Presley’s Baby Grand Piano

Price: $375,190

On the 40th anniversary of the “King” Elvis Presley, his 1912 Wm. Knab & Co.’s white baby grand piano was sold in 2017 on eBay. The piano has been played and recorded by musical legends, starting with Duke Ellington in the 1930s until Elvis purchased it in 1957. A portion of the profit was donated to benefit the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which provides hearing aids to children worldwide.

  1. Cæremoniale Episcoporum Antique Rare Book

Price: $318,816

The Cæremoniale Episcoporum (Ceremonial of Bishops) belonged to Padre Pio, a man-made famous for being a Catholic saint is about Church services to be performed by the Bishops of the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church.

  1. Ian Usher`s “Life”

Price: $309,292

Have you ever tried to sell your life whatever on eBay? Well, Ian Usher, a travel enthusiast, did just that and made $309k. He was struck by a mid-life crisis and therefore took the inspired decision to put up his life for sale. The money he got brings a new wave of energy to his life. After that, he got the power to travel to many places and even writing two books.

  1. Michael Jordan Upper Deck 22 KT Gold 23 Nights – Complete Set

Price: $250,000

This mint condition set has the album, original inserts with a history background, and all cards in the collection, and original boxes. eBay has stated some of the cards are less than 2000 all over the world.

  1. Black Lotus Magic Card

Price: $250,000

Earlier in 2020, the most expensive Magic: The Gathering card ever was sold on eBay. It was the very first printing of Magic cards ever made. The card has also received the highest possible grading from Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA 10). The last similar sale on eBay was for a PSA 9.5 Black Lotus, with the price of $200,000.

  1. Leica MP #143 & matching P143 chassis

Price: $245,000

This is the Leica MP original black paint camera and is incredibly rare, with only a handful of black paint examples ever sold on the open market.

  1. 18th Century German Occult Book

Price: $220,000

One of the oldest and scarce books you can find these days. Written by Georg Adam Keyser in 1786, relates to the hermetic arts, alchemy, and the occult. As eBay stated, the work is incomplete and one of the volumes has been missed.

The Book of the Horse by S.Sidney

Price: $207,940

The first edition of this is believed to be an original 1880 copy. It is described on eBay as a “fantastic and extremely rare opportunity to acquire this exceedingly scarce superbly illustrated huge first edition first printing antiquarian book on Horses that should not be passed by.”

  1. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band LP

Price: $200,000

This item has a special story for itself. In December of 1967, a special Christmas party was held at Capitol Records in Hollywood. The biggest selling album of 1967 was The Beatles Sgt. Pepper. To commemorate, Capitol took photos of many of the sales reps and executives who helped make the LP the biggest seller of the year. They took those photos and created a new cover slick for the “Sgt. Pepper” LP using the sales reps. Now, it is only 100 or fewer of these covers worldwide.

  1. Howard Stern Fartman Costume

Price: $175,000

One of the unusual costumes billed as a “quintessential piece of Howard Stern memorabilia.” eBay has stated on the listing: “If you are a Howard Stern fan then you know exactly what you are looking at.”

  1. The Beatles Autographed ‘Please Please Me’ 1963

Price: $155,000

This one of the rare record autographed copies of The Beatles single Please Please Me. Made in 1963, with signed beautifully and boldly on the back cover in black felt tip pen by John Lennon, Paul McCartney who added “all the best!” and a caricature, and Ringo Starr who added, “To Dave Best Wishes from the Beatles.”

  1. Accutech Apparel Autobagger Dynamic Automated System

Price: $125,000

This high-tech machine made by Accutech is used for processing linens and shoes. According to the listings, The robotic armed auto bagger is fully automated and is also capable of printing invoices and invoice labels.

  1. 12 English 19th C Juvenile Carousel Galloper Horses by Anderson

Price: $100,000

A masterpiece from the 19th century, this beautiful set has had sympathetic repairs and has all the historic layers of paint up until the 20th century.

  1. Barbie Ken Error Doll

Price: $100,000

This attractive set includes Barbie’s crush, Ken, with a beard along and a kiss mark on his cheek. The seller wrote: “I have searched the internet and have not found another one like it.”

  1. The Illustrated London News

Price: $75,000

One of the influential Victorian periodical The Illustrated London News, featuring “highly desirable folding plates and illustrations and covering some of the most important events of the nineteenth century.”

  1. “Star Wars” Stormtrooper Prop

Price: $41,500

It is a rare opportunity to achieve an original production promotional Stormtrooper helmet made for the 1977 George Lucas classic Star Wars. The helmet is 80% raw and only has the mouth section and lower center section painted black.

  1. Smart Keys Touchscreen Keyboard Laptop Patent

Price: $40,000

Would you like to have a biometric keyboard screen with a flat-screen laptop system? This laptop was designed in 2006 with a traditional keyboard layout and introduced a tablet-like design for the keys.

  1. Vintage Cabbage Patch Kid Doll

Price: $30,000

Most cabbage Patch dolls were sold with a machine stamp on the left cheek of the rear of the doll. the rarest of these dolls were reportedly hand-signed by Xavier Roberts. The seller wrote: “It has taken me years to muster up the courage to list this precious, little guy.”

  1. Michael Jordan Muhammed Ali Tiger Woods Signed Display

Price: $30,000

This is billed as a “huge Michael Jordan Muhammed Ali and Tiger Woods signed and framed lithograph authenticated by UDA Upper Deck.”

  1. Alaskan Inuit Doll

Price: $28,000

Before Alaska became part of the U.S., this native from the Inuit Tribe has been made. It is said to date back to 1840.

The seller of this item wrote: “This came from a very reputable collector that owned a highly important collection of ancient, prehistoric, and antique artifacts.”

  1. Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 384GB RAam Data Storage

Price: $26,600

According to the listing, this workstation has a second CPU Riser Board, integrated Intel I219LM and Intel X722 controller, a dual Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 2.50GHz 28-Core, and 384GB DDR4 RAM.

  1. Muhammad Ali Pinball Machine

Price: $25,000

Described as “fully working, beautiful perfect cabinet and playfield and comes with a warranty.” Only 3000 of these Pinbal Machines have been made and as a heart fan of Mohammad Ali, it can be very precious.

  1. Instrument Once Owned By Prince

Price: $24,000

This is a four-stringed bespoke instrument that is said to have once been owned by the late musical icon Prince. A very special item used as a film prop and as a part of rich American Hollywood history.

  1. Beatles Pinball Machine

Price: $21,000

This is a handsome 1967 original pinball machine created to honor legendary English rock band The Beatles. The whole machine remains new; None of the wires have been chopped about.

  1. P1 Predator Mask

Price: $14,000

This is said to be an original pull of the P1 Predator mask complete with bio helmet. It was used as a reference for the production of the Predators used in the famous short film Batman Dead End.

  1. Fistful of Dollars Movie Poster

Price: $10,000

Have you seen this dramatic movie? This rare U.S. Advance Style B poster was created to promote Sergio Leone’s classic Spaghetti Western Fistful of Dollars. The actual size is 28 1.4 x 42 inches including the linen-backing.

  1. Stars Wars: Episode IV poster

Price: $10,000

This Stars Wars: Episode IV poster is signed by cast members George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Mark Tamil, Carrie Fisher, and Dave Prowse. This item would make a great addition to any collection.


eBay is one of the pioneers of online commerce and this site empowers lay individuals to buy, sell, and trade items online. You can find many items classified from the most cut-rate products to the most sumptuous ones here. So try to find your best!!!

What are the best products to sell on Shopify in 2021?

Starting an online store seems fantastic for any seller. The first platform which could be perfect for starting a dropshipping business is Shopify and once you start your career on Shopify, you should know what is better to sell on the platform. In this article, we are going to briefly discuss Shopify and how we can utilize it to have the optimal output.

Which products are better for dropshipping?

All customers are not the same. Some of them prefer to purchase small items and some tend to buy their expensive electronic devices online. Besides all the differences, there are 3 criteria which they can be spotted to choose the best product to present;

  1. Hobbyist products

People love hobbies and they spend money to have fun. Some people have some equipment which is more expensive than their cars. If you target a correct hobbyist niche and successfully connect with the members, you can do very well.

  1. Business products

Although business customers are likely to be price-sensitive, they tend to buy in larger quantities than individuals. Once you have set the initial connection and get their trust, you are welcomed to a long-term and profitable business.

  1. Product with repeated purchases

Some products are disposable or required to be purchased again. If you are trying to find an easy profit with fewer challenges, this field is for you.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a Canadian multinational e-Commerce service that is available in more than 170 countries. Shopify is created in 2006 and the good news is, 1.6 million websites run on this platform as of 2021.

The best thing about a dropshipping business is that, unlike traditional online retail where you need to have a certain set of products, dropshipping allows you to gauge the market without keeping an inventory. This advantage even becomes greater when your business is connected to a massive network of selling websites where you can find more than a million costumer in less than a day.

Once you have decided on the product you want to sell, you also need to consider other factors which could affect your business. The following aspects, when explored will help you get a better idea of which products to sell on your Shopify store. The most common mistake at this stage is picking a product based on personal interest or passion. Let’s review them;

Question number 1: what is the potential market size of your product?

An idea of the market size will tell you the potential size of your target audience and whether you will be catering to a broad audience or a narrow one. A narrow market means the future of the product you are selling is not so sweet. But otherwise, if your product’s potential is high enough, you can imagine penetrating and capturing all the possible markets.

Question number 2: is the product available now?

Another question is to determine your product’s availability. A product that is available on a local store sends a message that “hey! Nobody here will buy it online. So go away!”. but if there are some difficulties to find the product, it is an opportunity for you to present it on online platforms and absorb the customers.

Question number 3: who are your competitors?

This question is really important because if you are the only seller, there will be minimal or no competition consequently so you can get a high benefit from it. But if there are lots of stores which are working the same as you, you have to put more exertion to differentiate your product from the others.

The best 45 products which you can sell as dropshipping business

In this section, we have listed 45 items that are popular these days and you can start your dropshipping journey by selling them;

  1. Masks

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and being a new addition to the back-to-school shopping list, masks may be the most important item this year. There are many types of masks, with two sizes for children and adults and a wide range of colors, so it has nice potential for starting your career successfully.

  1. Bamboo toothbrushes

Bamboo toothbrushes function like any toothbrush but without plastic handles. These toothbrushes are on an upward trend because many people believe these products are more eco-friendly than traditional ones.

  1. Interdental toothbrushes

Many food particles remain between the teeth, even after several toothbrushing. After several days, these particles will build up plaques and cause gums bleeding. To avoid that, tiny interdental toothbrushes are invented so you can make sure your teeth are fully cleared.

  1. Sleep gummies

Sleep gummies are candy supplements containing melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone that plays a key role in sleep regulation in humans. Melatonin is selling over the counter in pharmacies and could be a good alternative for other medications which needed prescription.

  1. Yoga mats

Many people nowadays are joining to Yoga lessons, so Yoga mats are getting more popular, respectively. Yoga mats are lightweight, come in many colors, and need to be replaced frequently.

  1. Jade rollers

One of the massage tools which is recommended by many experts is jade rollers. Jade rollers are made from jade or quartz stone. They work by being firmly rolled along the user’s skin. Searches for jade rollers started at the beginning of 2018 and have grown since then.

  1. Vitamin C serum

Like many other lotions, vitamin C serum could be used to clean your skin, moisturize, or protect against sun damage. It is also believed that it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your face. Remember, Vitamin C serum is considered a medical product, so the trustworthiness of your brand is very important.

  1. Acne patches

Acne patches are small bandages used as a treatment for surface-level acne. These products have been used as a treatment for acne for just a few years now, but they are getting famous so easily. Because acne patches are a member of the skincare regimen, you can also bundle these products with others such as face masks or even skin lotions to have greater sales. buy xanax in las vegas

  1. Mom jeans

These jeans are kind of high-waisted women’s jeans, originally popular in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Because it being more comfortable, searches for mom jeans are growing in the last year.

  1. Tracksuits

tracksuits are a hybrid of athletic and casual wear, containing loose-fitted pants and a hoodie or zip-up jacket. Searching for tracksuits has grown from four years ago, so if you have a cloth sales line, it can be a nice option.

  1. Balaclava

Balaclava is a kind of warm headwear that covers both your head and face. They are usually come in a ton of colors and styles and have the added benefit of mouth coverage. balaclavas tend to be popular holiday gifts, so you can start a new business by selling these winter-wear clothes.

  1. Slides

Slides are a kind of sandal-liked footwear which being open-toed and made of rubber. slides have made a nice transition to high fashion and many famous brands like Prada, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs have all introduced them in recent collections.

  1. Silicone rings

Maybe they are not as valuable as gold rings, but they are some have waterproof, are less expensive, and are made in different kinds of colors. They tend to be most popular in the summertime, as customers are doing more outdoor activities, so seeking for accessories with less likely to break.

  1. Air fryers

The fact is, conventional deep fryers are clunky, difficult to clean and use a lot of expensive oil. As the result, air fryers can be a good alternative these days and they are so much researches about their brands on the internet.

  1. Portable blenders

These blenders are smaller, more mobile, and easier to store than the usual ones. So, young couples or small households are more eager to buy them. Portable blenders started picking up in the past few years and the pandemic appears to have given the product its largest peak ever.

  1. Electric kettles

Electric kettles have been invented since the late 19th century, but the rising of their popularity has begun just from 5 years ago. Their advantages are being more mobile and also no need for natural gas supply.

  1. Fasting tea

Any tea can be a fasting tea, but generally, green tea or teas made with hibiscus or ginger are the most common. Tea is more popular in autumn and winter, and the searches for fasting drinks are rising every year.

  1. Doormats

It seems they are not much important, but doormats are the first item which going to impress your guests. These products are not new in markets, but searches and sales for doormats have climbed higher and higher each year over the last decade.

  1. Air-purifying plants

Any plant can make the air cleaner and raise the humidity, but the term “air-purifying plants” is referred to the plants being larger and leafier. Many people are now trying to have at least one of these greenies in their homes.

  1. Dog bed

Dog odors can be unpleasant and too much pet dander can trigger allergies, so the owners prefer to buy a specific bed for them. Remember, dog beds are not the only product that owners need. If you are going to start a pet business, you can sell them inside a full package with treats, bowls, and even toys.

  1. Soapdish

Soap dishes are getting so popular, due to their emphasis on cleanliness. they often have aesthetic flourishes⁠ and can be made from all kinds of materials, from porcelain to wood to plastic.

  1. Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are somehow thick, opaque curtains that can be useful for a person who wants to escape from a hot sunny afternoon or making a nice atmosphere for watching a movie.

  1. Duvet covers

Duvet covers are thick and nice blankets that have experienced a steady rising in past few years. Duvet covers can come in all kinds of designs and styles, making them great for niching. 

  1. Bedside lamps

When you are thinking about your home’s decor, there is no way to not discussing bedside lamps. unlike chandeliers or pendant lighting, they don’t require any installation, so these products always have their potential customers.

  1. Pencil cases

It doesn’t matter if you have a young school child or you want to use it by yourself, almost any person likes to have a nice pencil case. They’re easy to dropship and come in a variety of styles and colors, perfect for building a brand around.

  1. Blue light glasses

If you are working with computers and laptops for several hours, you should know starring at blue light-emitting screens all day can cause eyestrain, fatigue, and headaches. To avoid this, blue light glasses are developed to filter the excess blue light which can be harmful.

  1. Podcast microphones

The most crucial piece of podcasting equipment is the microphone. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a student, for having good audio, you need to buy a high-quality microphone.

  1. Smart lights

Smart lights are a kind of LSDs with low energy consumption and can be controlled by an application in your phone. They can also change their color and very useful parties or as a decorative.

  1. Automatic soap dispensers

You have almost seen automatic soap dispensers in public restrooms, airports, or restaurants but these days the number of domestic customers for these products is also rising.

  1. Smart plugs

Smart plugs are devices that allow users to automate any existing home outlet and are getting popular since 2017. They can easily be controlled and even scheduled to turn on and off at certain times.

  1. Ring lights

Ring lights, initially developed for the dental industry, are circular lights designed to help evenly illuminate surfaces in close-up photographs. Because of an exclusive pattern of illumination, many streamers and influencers are trying to get one of them.

  1. Portable green screens

Many influencers nowadays are making homemade trailers, ad clips, or trending tutorials so portable green screens are becoming viral to be utilized. These screens come in different sizes and styles, which some of them designed for a small room and some are as big as a hall.

  1. Mobile skins

For people who want to fantasize about their phones, mobile skins are kind of flexible phone casts, usually made from padded rubber. These skins are provided in different kinds of styles, colors, and designs and are easy to sell.

  1. Gaming mouse pads

Many young gamers dream about them at night, Gaming mouse pads include friction-resistant surfaces to have smoother movements for the mouse. Because having quality is one of the important elements in this product, if you have something brilliant in-store, your business will rocket up.

  1. Ceramic coating

Many people love their cars and seeking any way which can guarantee their appearance them. Ceramic coating, invented in the early 21st century, is a chemical solution applied to vehicles that creates an external layer of protection against rusting and external paint damage. So it can be a nice choice for your business.

  1. Socket wrenches

These tools are getting more popular in 2021 and can be a new strategy to reach a big profit. Socket wrenches are tools used for tightening hard-to-reach nuts and bolts sunken into a “socket”; so many men are trying to have one of these tools at home.

  1. Portable power stations

Portable power stations are rechargeable and battery-powered generators used to recharge car batteries, electronic devices, and give power to your home supplies when you are on blackout. New versions also have USB ports. They are much quieter, cheaper, and give off less pollution than gas-powered generators.

  1. Decorative bottles

Decorative bottles are somehow new to the fashion world, but they have found their way into the markets. You can find these decorations in different shapes, like vases, urns, and jars.

  1. Bras

I am not joking, these women-weared clothes are still globally listed in the top trending products. The term “bras” gets 1.6 million searches per month. Since all women are the target market for bras, visual platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are ideal pathways for you to extend your business.

  1. GPS navigation systems

Always essential anywhere, GPS systems are also another item which you can investigate. These top trending products give you a ton of opportunities to target different customer segments based on car type and system type. While some people prefer to purchase handheld GPS, others are trying to integrate a GPS into their vehicles.

  1. Office chairs

Another product that its customers are increasing in 2021 is office chairs. Good office chairs help people work more efficiently and they can reduce chronic back pain and lower healthcare expenses related to poor posture from bad chairs.

  1. Kitchen towels

So simple it seems, but do you know The global kitchen towel market is expected to reach a value of $20.9 billion by 2026? Wow!!!

This trend is happening because people are using the kitchen not only for drying their hands but also to clean the table, hold hot utensils and also dry their pets!!! Competition in this field is so high and you can see many famous brands like Williams Sonoma.

  1. Eyebrow enhancer

Many teens are searching for this word on their phones. So why not we sell them in our store? Eyebrow enhancers are seeing a sharp increase in interest across Shopify stores, Google, and AliExpress. If you scan the Youtube video statistics, you will see the 10 YouTube videos for “eyebrow enhancer” are getting 1 million views per month.

  1. Neon signs

Nowadays, Neon signs are more eco-friendly and can make their way back into the consumer’s eye. So many people have searched different kinds of neon signs on the internet and the Instagram hashtag #neonlights has been reached more than 30 million users who have searched it per year.

  1. Tablet computers

These tiny computers are the last item on our list which are popular in 2021. They usually come with a mobile operating system in a thin, flat package display, and a rechargeable battery. They also have many nice elements such as being light-weighted, compact, quick to start up, and simple web browsing.


I hope this can make a clear map for you to find your start route. Besides all this information, you also have to utilize these lessons to have better performance;

  1. Make sure your prices are competitive and low enough. If you want to sell expensive items, you can put a phone support option for the customer so he/she can make a trustful connection with you.
  2. Take care about the marketing potential so you can pre-estimate how you will market a product before launching the business.
  3. As a customer, people are more price-sensitive about big-priced items and care less about the accessories. So if you want to be the number one in the market, you can lower your main product’s price and instead, make it as a combination with other small goods.