Best Way to Use Social Media for Multiple Affiliate Marketing Programs

Best Way to Use Social Media for Multiple Affiliate Marketing Programs

Using social media for affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and quickest ways to start making money online. Affiliate marketing is a partnership between a brand and an external website, where the external party helps promoting a product or service, and the brand pays them a commission for each click that drives into an actual sale.

While using social media for affiliate marketing can be the most efficient method, you have to make sure your social media posts not only spread your affiliate and website links but include actual value as well.

Posts without value are the ones that will cause your followers to lose interest in you. And without your audience, you can’ be successful in affiliate marketing. For example, on my social accounts, I like to have 75% of my posts as education or entertainment purposes only, and only 25% of my posts are promotional.

Facebook for affiliate marketing

Many influencers are focusing on Instagram, but we should have Facebook in our minds too. The average user spends 35 minutes per day on Facebook, compare that number to 15 minutes per day on Instagram. Additionally, based on my personal experience of running multiple affiliate programs, Facebook produces higher conversions for affiliate marketing campaigns.

Multiple affiliate marketing programs

Organizing and maintaining affiliate links on a single website can be a task one person can manage. If you own multiple affiliate programs, though, managing links without an effective strategy can waste so much of your time that leaves little to no time for creating new content and building relationships with your audience. To manage our affiliate links efficiently across different websites, you can use the platforms which can help you convert your multiple links into one short link.

  • Create a fan page: yes, fan pages can be challenging when it comes to audience reach. However, only fan-pages can boost a post on Facebook, so your affiliate blog should be seen on your fan page at first.
  • Boost your post: A Facebook boost is required if you want To catch some fresh eyes on your post,  The first type of boost I suggest is to your existing followers. Because they have already Liked your page. It is the most modest and top converting boost.
  1. To get started, just click on the Boost Post button.
  2. Once you click, select users Who Like Your Page, Your Total Budget and Duration.

 I recommend beginning with a small budget and duration until you have endorsed your return on investment. If you got your Likes authentically and chose a product your audience responds to, your ROI will be high. If you do not have a substantial ROI, test different titles and content.

  • Share on personal pages: Don’t forget to share your Page post to your personal Profile too. Facebook’s algorithms do not affect personal Profiles. Personal profiles are an excellent way to reach out to family and friends who want to support your business.

YouTube for affiliate marketing

Videos are a fantastic way to engage your audience on a personal and relatable level. Every top converting affiliate creates both a regular blog post as well as a video review.

  • Keep your YouTube videos under 5 minutes if possible. The shorter, the better.
  • Begin the video with your key selling points.
  • Ask your subscribers to click on the affiliate links for more information and to purchase.
  • Include multiple calls to action throughout the post.
  • Titles are the first impression. Your video title should include keywords and be engaging.
  • Include your script in the Closed Caption for optimization goals.

Instagram for affiliate marketing

Instagram is an excellent tool for affiliate marketing. The challenge with Instagram is persuading your followers to click on a link. Instagram has only one place for clickable links, and that is just in the bio. Remember; it is absolutely okay to change your bio link frequently.

  • Use a URL shortening platform for your affiliate links like iLink.
  • Use a unique and personal photo whenever possible.
  • Direct followers to your blog where you have included your affiliate link.
  • Use Instagram to drive traffic to your website and develop your email list.
  • Do not purchase followers. Organic engagement equals conversions. Don’t be seduced by offers of cheap followers or fake likes and comments through “comment pod” groups.
  • Use related hashtags and be consistent with them.
  • Reach for influencers in your niche and take notes.

Multiple affiliate marketing on one social media account

As you may know, every social media platform has its own flows. For Example, Instagram doesn’t let you use more than one link on your profile bio. Or in some social networks, links you share would not be clickable. So as for Instagram, you should consistently change the link on your bio to be able to affiliate for different brands.

But don’t worry.

I have the best solution to this problem. Just keep reading.

Have as many affiliate links as you want

You can be an affiliate to different brands by using short link generators or creating a landing page for your affiliate links. This way you don’t have to spend your precious time on replacing links all the time. Instead, you can focus on creating engaging content to attract new followers from your target audience, therefore make more money, right?

Best platform for URL shortening


iLink is a full-service URL shortener that helps you convert multiple links into one short link. Part of the appeal is that iLink is simple and easy to use. It has a comprehensive dashboard where you can track and analyze the statistics about your links like click-through numbers and rates. Tools for trailing campaigns are easy to use as well.

  • You can also set beautiful themes for your iLink page
  • You can add your contact information to your iLink bio
  • You can also add your social media accounts to your home page so that people can reach you online.
  • iLink is entirely free! So you can enjoy using it without paying anything.

That’s it

Have you tried link shorteners before? What do you think about affiliate marketing on social media?

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Best Way to Use Social Media for Multiple Affiliate Marketing Programs
Using social media for affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and quickest ways to start making money online. Affiliate marketing is a partnership ...
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