Funny Facebook posts and Comments

Funny Facebook posts and Comments

Even after 15 years of emergence, Facebook is still the most used social media platform in the whole world. Funny Facebook posts and comments still make us laugh and reminisce about good old memories.

Most of us got to know what social media is and how connecting to people all around the world feels like after Facebook was founded.

One of the biggest reasons many people love using Facebook is because of entertainment. People get to see lots of funny posts on this platform. We all have had very good moments going over Funny Facebook posts and reading the comments other users have left on them.

Many of us know how to work with Facebook. We make posts and update our Facebook status, but there might still be some people who want to learn how to do these actions to get started with Facebook. So just keep reading to know how to make your own funny Facebook status, and after that, you’ll watch some funny Facebook posts and comments that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

How to share Facebook posts to Timeline?

Sharing Facebook posts and updating your Facebook status is not a big deal and is as easy as tweeting to Twitter or creating posts on Instagram. All you have to do is to follow the steps below:

  1. From the top of your News Feed or timeline, click Make Post.
  2. You can both add a text or choose to share something. (example: Photo/Video, Feeling/Activity).
  3. Add how you’re feeling or what you’re doing.
  4. Choose where you’d like to share your post. You will be given two options when sharing your Facebook post, and those two options are:
  • News Feed: The posts will be shown in the news feed and your timeline.
  • Your Story: The story will be visible to selected audiences for 24 hours.

5. Click next to News Feed or Your Story to select an audience for your post.

6. As the last step, just click “share.”

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What is a Facebook status?

Facebook status is a feature on the platform that lets users share a small amount of text or content on both either their own profile or their friend’s timeline.

The difference between a Facebook status and post is that status is somehow just a small text similar to tweeting, but Facebook posts are much longer and contain more pictures and videos.

There is no doubt that Funny Facebook statues are more popular because people love the things that make them laugh. If you want more engagement, consider making Funny Facebook posts and statuses for your account.

Different kinds of Funny Facebook posts?

It is not easy to create good content that the majority of people would love and enjoy.  It takes time and creativity to be built. Facebook users love funny content. But you should never stick to only one form of content. For example, avoid only sharing images you find to be funny and use other forms of content.

You can choose three things to share as a Funny Facebook status or post.

  • Funny texts
  • Funny Images
  • Funny Posts
Funny Facebook posts

How to make Funny Facebook posts?

Not only on Facebook but also on all other social media platforms, funny posts are more welcomed than the other kinds of posts and get the highest engagement from the users. If you want to make your Facebook posts to be funny, there are a couple of things you need to try.

  • Write a funny story as the caption

People will first relate and then react, and that’s what you’re looking for, the first step in making Funny Facebook posts is to add a caption for the image or video you want to share to make it even more fun.

  • Choose your subject from the current trends

You cannot just make fun of the subjects that are now out of fashion, and people find to be boring. That’s why I recommend you to do a bit of research before start updating your desired funny Facebook status.

Take the example memes, including cats and dogs. Since pets are very popular, the memes having funny animals would never get old. So try to make up to dated Funny Facebook posts that go best with the latest trending subject.

  • Design your own funny Facebook posts using a tool

Tools of any kind always help people to get what they want in an easier way and help to satisfy the different needs of users. I want to recommend a tool that would surely come in handy for making funny Facebook posts and designing them. FotoJet is a useful tool for you to get some wonderful Facebook post ideas. FotoJet has some cool editing features would help you in making your posts funny with different filters and effects.


Where can I find Funny Facebook posts and comments?

Tons of images are uploaded to Facebook daily, with more than 1 billion users. When such huge number of users are on a platform that almost all of the posts are public, there surely are lots of funny posts to watch and enjoy out there. If you are willing to find funny Facebook posts and comments, there are actually two ways to do so.

  • Browse top-ranked websites

There are plenty of websites that have gathered the funniest Facebook posts and comments in one place, and you can enjoy these sites by just googling “funny Facebook posts and comments” and heading over to the top sites which appear.

As mentioned above, there is not a huge difference between Facebook Status and posts, so if you want an alternative search, you can go for “Funny Facebook Status” as well.

  • Search for funny posts on Facebook itself

If you are willing to find thousands of funny Facebook posts and comments, head to the Facebook search bar and search for them.  When you search for a word on the Facebook search bar, these tabs would appear at the very top of the page:     Posts, People, Photos, Videos, Pages, Places, Groups and etc.  You can exactly choose what type of funny posts you want to see, funny videos, funny photos and all that.

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Where to find funny Facebook comments?

After you have searched and decided what type of funny posts you are more interested in, you can head to the comment section of each post and read the comments. I can assure you that funny Facebook comments can mostly be found under funny posts. The more hilarious a post is, the funnier the comments users leave under it might be.

You can also google “funny Facebook comments” and go through the top sites which have listed the best ones for your entertainment.

What are some funny Facebook comments and posts?

I have written so many things about funny posts on Facebook, but don’t you think it would be very nice to include some of the funniest posts that were ever shared on the platform in this blog? I invite you to watch some of my favorite Facebook comments and posts.  

  • Moms would be Moms
Funny Facebook posts3
  • The upcoming meme target
Funny Facebook posts 4
  • The poster got it wrong
Funny Facebook posts 5
  • This is the power of meditation.
Funny Facebook posts 6
  • Genius point dude
Funny Facebook posts 7
  • What a sharp observation
Funny Facebook posts 8
  • Making fun of the founder!
Funny Facebook posts 9
Funny Facebook posts and Comments
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Funny Facebook posts and Comments
Funny Facebook posts and comments still make us laugh and reminisce about good old memories.
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