How Often to Post on Social Media?

How Often to Post on Social Media?

Social media trends are now increasing day by day. So, it is essential for businesses and people who want to stand up among this ever growing trend. Many critical aspects contribute to your success into social media including the number of post and time you should care about once you want to be an active user.

best time to post on social media

How often to post on social media?

First of all, we need some categorization about social media, then the reason why you need to know the number of posts and the exact number of your social media posts.

popular social media

The most popular social media that people are struggling with to become famous are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These are the top three, but how often you should post on social media? The difference between social media is about their algorithm. The number of posts on these social media is slightly different. The studies show while the number of posts is vital in Facebook and Twitter, the consistency matters once you post on Instagram. I would explain in the following paragraphs why you should care about the number of posts per day and the actual number of post you should use, then the best time to posts on social media.

best time to post on social media

Why should you consider the number of your posts on social media?

First of all, is your audience active time. If you want your post reaches to many people, you should post it at a peak time, when most of your viewers are engaged. It seems that the peak time to post is about 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, but according to my research on the best time to post, 3:00 and 9:00 pm is the time that most of the users are active. It makes sense, because 3:00 pm is a break time, and people have time to check their mobile phones. Another matter is that you should keep in your mind is that most of the users are mobile users. So, when you are posting, you should consider that people are going to watch it through phones. Thus, the dimension is essential too.

The second reason is about the psychological part of this story. If you post less than required times, you seem inactive, and people don’t have the chance to know you or your products more. On the other hands, if you post more than required, people recognize you as disturbing, they might mute your stories or posts. So, you should post as much as needed, not less and not more.

The social media posting time

The Number of posts if you have big fans

Now, after understanding the reasons, it is time to talk about the frequency you need to post on your social media. Did you know that the number of posting depends on the number of your followers? Many articles mention the frequency, but not all of them explain how your friends’ circle is essential. It is different if you have a small group of friends around hundreds or a big fan like more than 10k.

If your followers are more than 10k, so you need 1-2 posts per day on your Facebook account. In the twitter account, the number of posts doesn’t matter 5-30 posts per day on twitter doesn’t affect your audiences, but what is essential is the engagements. If you post around five a day, your engaged followers would be more. 1-3 post per day on your Instagram account lead to having more actions and profile visits. You can also see this in your analytics. However, studies show that on Instagram the trend is different. The number of posts doesn’t matter, but consistency is essential. It means you should not change the posting habit suddenly. If you post ten times a day, and suddenly decrease this to one post per day, your follower may fall.

best time to post on facebook

It does make sense, imagine you have a fixed number of followers. Does anyone able to engage each time you post? Most probably no, but if you have a quite enough quantity of posts, it doesn’t make your followers tired to take actions when you post.

Number of posts if you have a small group of fan

The studies show if you have followers less than 10k, post three times a week on Facebook, 1-2 times on Instagram, and up to five times on Twitter best suits you. Along with the number of times you need to post on your social media account, the time you post is also essential which I would explain in the following.

best times to post on social media

The best time to post is from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, according to our research and the best is 3:00 pm. Wednesday to Friday is the best days to post. Thursday is the best and Sunday is the worst. Also, when you are posting on Instagram, you can get help from your social media analytics. For example, if you have a personal Instagram account, switch that one to a business account. Now, you can see, the best days and hours that your audiences engage more. 

Social media posting tools

Now, you could understand the timing of your posts. Though, it sometimes becomes difficult. Hopefully, there are some tools that you can use to schedule your posts and make a plan for your posts. These remarkably help you to plan and post at the right time.


Your goal or your company aim is vital to plan for your posting. Do you look for followers’ engagements? Know the size of your audience; if you have less than 10 k followers, you can keep three times a week posting. If you have more than 10 k followers, 1-2 posts a day is enough. Know your media that you are using; consistency is crucial once you are using Instagram.

How Often to Post on Social Media?
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How Often to Post on Social Media?
If you have more than 10 k followers on your social media, you can post 1-3 times on Instagram, 1-2 on Facebook and 5-30 on Twitter. If you have small groups ...
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