How to Get Verified on Twitter and Get the Blue Badge?

How to Get Verified on Twitter and Get the Blue Badge?

One of the most significant forms of social media currency is a verification badge on top platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Though both are administered by different social media entities, the similarities as far as successfully being verified are very related. For those who don’t know, a blue verified logo on Twitter shows that an account is authentic. A Twitter badge is always placed next to the username and can only be applied by Twitter.

Usually, verified Twitter accounts are celebrities or brands in the fields of fashion, music, acting, politics, government, religion, journalism, sports, media, business, and other key interest areas. If your brand can make use of the blue check mark, here’s a step by step guide on how to get verified on Twitter:

Step 1: Fill out the Verification Request Form on Twitter

First, you should fill the twitter’s verification request form to start the process of getting verified on twitter. Remember that you have to be logged into your target twitter account to fill the form.

For your Twitter account to be considered for verification, you should have the following elements presented on your profile:

  • Verified phone number: This will help you confirm your identity and connect your target audience to your office entity.
  • Confirmed email address: if your twitter account belongs to your business or organization, the email address associated with your account should be an organization or company email address (i.e., [email protected]).
  • Profile picture: if you already have a strong presence on another social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) make sure they all have the same profile picture. In platforms like Instagram, they grab relevant information from other social media platforms to make a verification decision.
  • Header picture: When it comes to brand verification, Twitter accepts those who complete their profile in the highest level. An incomplete profile will decrease your chances of getting the badge on twitter, even if you fit all other verification inquiries.
  • Your birthdate: This only includes individual accounts. You can choose whether to display this information on your profile or not. Similar to your phone number, this just helps you confirm your identity.
  • Your website: if you are a brand or a public figure, you really need to have a site. Twitter won’t think of you as a professional if you don’t have one.
  • Public twitter account: You can’t be considered as a public figure if your tweets are private!

Once you make sure that your profile is fully set up with all required information, you will be asked to enter your username. Also, if you are trying to have your business account verified, remember to check the box at the bottom left of your screen to indicate this.

How to Get Verified on Twitter and Get the Blue Badge?

Step 2: Fill in The Missing Requirements

If you still haven’t filled out the information required (as I mentioned above), you’ll be prompted to do so. You will know right away if this is the case with your profile information, as Twitter will display a message that says “Account Not Eligible for Review” if you lack anything important mentioned above. You will have the opportunity to fill the missing parts to submit yourself for Twitter verification.

How to increase your chances of getting verified on twitter?

Here are a few additional tips that will help you get verified on Twitter:

  1. If you’re trying to get your personal account verified, your account name should reflect your real or stage name. Similarly, if your account is about your brand, it should indicate the actual name of your brand.
  2. Your profile and header picture should reflect you or your company’s branding. If you’re trying to verify your personal account, make sure to use a profile picture that matches other social media profiles. If you’re trying to verify your business account, you should use your logo, and include other elements of branding (like color theme) into your cover picture.
  3. Your bio should define your skills or your brand mission. If you’re just starting out, use these tips to optimize your Twitter bio.
  4. Make sure that you are active on Twitter. The platform rolled out the verification feature to help people find authentic, high-quality accounts to follow. If you aren’t tweeting on a regular basis, you won’t let twitter reach this goal, and they won’t recommend you for verification.
  5. Use professional pictures. Having a consistent brand photo will make your account more recognizable, and will help twitter confirm your identity.
  6. Try to be precise with your location, especially if you own a local business. This is how Twitter connects you to people nearby.

Step 3: Enter Websites as References

The next step for getting verified on twitter is entering up to five websites that can be used to identify you and associate you with your Twitter account. As you have listed your site in your profile, you don’t have to enter that again.

It would be a better use of space to enter additional websites that are considered proof of your public influence. Such as high-traffic websites or instances of appearances in the news sites.

Step 4: Explain why you should be Verified

At this point in the platform, Twitter will provide a section where you should make a case for why you should be verified on Twitter. If you are applying as an individual, explain your impact. Display your public reach, as well as examples about where you have made waves in your community. For brands and companies, you should highlight your mission and what you have been trying to achieve.

You only have 500 characters to use, so don’t overthink and just write something down. In general, just focus on mentioning the ways that you or your company adds value to the twitter community.

Step 5: Submit your verification request

Once you have confirmed the validity of your information, all you should do is wait. Twitter will email you as soon as they make the decision. Also, you will know that you have been verified once the @verified Twitter account follows you.

If your request is declined the first time around, don’t worry, you can apply again after a month. And if you get verified, remember that verified accounts which do not follow the Twitter terms and conditions can have their verified badge revoked.

How to Get Verified on Twitter and Get the Blue Badge?


Before this, the twitter verification process was complicated. Now, the platform lets you request verification, all you need to do is to make sure that you have prepared all the requirements before applying. A strong online presence can be helpful, even if you don’t have many followers on twitter just yet.

So what do you think?

Why do you want to get the blue badge on your twitter account?

Comment us below and let us know what do you think about verification on social media platforms.

How to Get Verified on Twitter and Get the Blue Badge?
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How to Get Verified on Twitter and Get the Blue Badge?
One of the most significant forms of social media currency is a verification badge on top platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Though both are ...
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