How can I view Instagram posts without any account?

How can I view Instagram posts without any account?

Also interesting, Instagram has a giant influence on our society. In 2020, 95 million posts are made on Instagram every day and this rate is rising in 2021. Most young girls and boys nowadays share their daily experiences, family trends, and personal favorites on this platform.

Can I see the posts without having an account?

The answer is yes. You can see your beloved stories and posts on Instagram and this article will show you how to do it, also there are some limitations.

If you have never jumped on Instagram but intended to view someone’s account, there must be a way to reach the goal. If you go to without registering an account, you will get nothing. There is still a login window waiting for you to enter your account info. To be honest, it seems you have got no way to access the users’ profiles.

But there is good news for you. You can find a specific profile as long as it is public and you have the exact username.

What should I do?

The only thing you should do is to write the Instagram URL in your browser followed by the account’s username. For example, you can type in “[username]” and see the profile’s feed photo.

The reason that you cannot reach your favorite profiles is that Instagram doesn’t want anyone to view the posts on the platform without any own-build account. Because of that, there are some limitations for you. Here are some of them;

1- Liking photos

2- Zooming in on photos

3- Viewing stories

4- Following as Instagram account

For every time you want to do these items, Instagram will find out and show you a login window; so you should prevent from doing them while you don’t have an account.

How to see private Instagram posts without any account?

You may try using an Instagram viewer to view private accounts. There is also a security breach on Instagram which you can access to private publications on the social network. To do this, you have to know the basic knowledge of HTML programming language to give the browser the direct address of the image or post you want to view. The good news is this method also works for profiles and posts that have expired or been deleted in the last 24 hours.

If you don’t know much about HTML, there is also an online tool that permits you to reach the wanted information. Some apps make the process much easier for you, though you cannot download them from Google Play Store or the ios App store.


Via this way, you can view profiles and posts on Instagram but you cannot interact with or view the posts in detail because you have to pass the Instagram verification.

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