Social Media Marketing Trends 2019

Social Media Marketing Trends 2019

These days, social media is playing an important role on every business strategy. If a brand isn’t active on social media, they are making things very harder on their business than they need to be. Social media is consistently changing and improving, so it can be hard to understand how social media is changing the game. In this article, I am going to break down the top social media marketing trends of 2019 that entirely changed our perception of social media.

1-   Augmented reality

Augmented reality is already being used in a few small ways, but it’d leaving a great impact that can last into the future. One of the most obvious examples is facial filters of snap chat. Many of them have sponsors in the corner of screen and users can create their own geo filter as well, you can take advantage of these features to build a better brand awareness on other platforms to further your reach while personalizing interaction.

2-   From text-first to visual-first

2019 is all about visuals. In addition to temporary content, video content in general, including live video, is the crucial section that brands need to focus on. Videos will continue to dominate social network and can be a massive trend for 2019, as it was, for 2018. According to digital marketing expert Marcus Sheridan, 80% of what we share and consume online will be video content, by 2019. Even YouTube continues to grow as platform, giving more opportunity to YouTubers to create authentic video content for their subscribers. By making their presence stronger on these video platforms, brands can benefit from the productive effects of owning and engaging an audience.

“With organic social media for brands slowly trending towards zero across all social media platforms, businesses in 2019 will have to focus on two things to be able to continue to be seen in the newsfeed of their fans and target audience: 1. Engage and build relationships with influencers and invest in a comprehensive and long-term influencer relations program, and 2. Invest exponentially more in newer content mediums such as Stories and live streaming, as well as more traditional visual content mediums such as photo and video.

Brands need to move from a text-first approach to a visual-first mentality when communicating, and similar to how every business became a media company with the advent of social media, they now must transform themselves into a visual magazine if not a television station in order to continue to be heard by the audience that matters to them.”

Neal Schaffer – Renowned author, CEO & Principal Social Media Strategy Consultant at Maximize Your Social.

3-   Social data _ transparency and trust

Data privacy and security across social media has been a critical matter of policy debate during 2018. In fact, social media has made it much easier to create, collect, and collect people’s data on a big scale. Marketers have to find more authentic and interactive ways of communicating with their audience, instead of one-sided marketing discussions twirling around gathering masses of user data without giving any value proposition to the audience.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2019

4-   Changing organic reach

Finally, organic reach on social media is also changing. Earlier this year, Facebook published significant changes to its algorithm, to ensure users see more posts from their friends and family and less from pages and brands. As a result, companies that had powerful methods of organic reach set in place did not face drastic declines in views and engagement due to this change and brands that did not make use of organic reach found themselves at a more significant loss. These highlights are the main area to focus in 2019, maybe one that brands take for granted on social media, to improve their organic reach over social media platforms.

That’s it for today. There are more trends that I will talk about them later on the next blog.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2019
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Social Media Marketing Trends 2019
These days, social media is playing an important role on every business strategy. If a brand isn’t active on social media, they are making things very ...
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