7 Tips on How to Design a Good Landing Page

7 Tips on How to Design a Good Landing Page

Those familiar with online marketing are most likely to know about landing pages because they are closely related to each other. A landing page is a page dedicated to encouraging visitors to take a particular action such as filling a form, downloading an app, attending an event, starting a free trial, etc. The more visitors complete the action after landing on the page, the higher the conversion rate will be.

While it matters a great deal where you put the link to your landing page (it can be via Google ads, Facebook ads, …), there is no denying that its design is of great importance in getting more users to convert.

Below tips will help you get the most out of your landing page by designing it effectively:

1- Use minimal navigation

The main reason why businesses create a landing page is to convince visitors to click on the call-to-action (CTA) button or buttons, not making them wander aimlessly through the page in a hope to find other valuable information. Depending on your landing page’s primary purpose, remove navigation items as much as possible to more highlight your main goal and offer.

Progressive Corporation landing page design

The landing page of Progressive Corporation – an American insurance company

As illustrated in the above example of an insurance landing page, people should only fill in the two fields: “Zip Code” and a service or product and then press “Get a Quote”, nothing else. People rarely click on privacy or terms of use and as you see they are not prominent enough to attract attention. Progressive company has decreased navigation buttons to the least possible to eliminate all confusion.

2- Stick to short and clear texts

Your unique value proposition (UVP) should be expressed as clearly as possible. UVP tells visitors why they are on your landing page, what you are offering to them, how you can solve their problems or what the benefits are. It is the key element of your online marketing strategy when you are promoting a product or service.

Below image shows the upper part of the landing page for a website which offers free answers to your legal questions. As you see, the UVP is expressed clearly both in the heading (which is “Get answers from lawyers 24/7) and subheading (which is “Unlimited chat – one-week trial membership for $5. Cancel anytime”).

askalawyeroncall.com landing page heading and subheading
‘askalawyeroncall.com’ landing page design

The heading is the first thing that catches the eyes of a visitor to your page, so it should be written in such a way that people can grasp it in a second and askalawyeroncall.com couldn’t be better at it. Otherwise, people will bounce from your page as soon as they got there. Subheadings are used to complement heading and show people transparently what they can do to get the available benefits. Both heading and subheading should be placed in such a way that get noticed without scrolling the page.

There are also other items that are worthy of attention for the above-mentioned landing page. If you scroll down the page, you come across more information about their service and what the experts can do for you. It is up to you if you want to include other pieces of information in your own landing page; however, try not to make them as showy as heading and subheading and aim not to make your visitors confused.

If you have a lead generation landing page and aim to collect leads’ data, it’s recommended not to get obsessed with collecting extra information. As per below, just name and email address will do. It’s frustrating for many to go to the effort of filling out long forms or they might even think you are violating their privacy.

lead page design

an example of the design for a lead generation landing page

3- Use appealing visuals

It is widely known that humans respond to visual data much better than any other types, so take advantage of this feature and invest in the image or images you choose in your landing page. They should be striking, unique, and of high quality.

Many high-converting landing pages have opted for using larger images to make themselves stand out and be more attractive. But pay attention to your page’s loading time and avoid using excessively large photos. Use tools to compress your images, adjust their size, add effects and do not neglect to write proper Alts for them. Short videos or slide shows are also popular to be used in landing pages if you want to make thing clearer to your prospects.See below samples and come up with a clever idea for your own landing page.

lead page design

an example of the design for a lead generation landing page
officevibe landing page design

officevibe landing page design
FITLIGHT landing page design

an example of a landing page design using video

4- Make it mobile-friendly

The growing importance of smartphones cannot be overemphasized. Many people have their phone with them everywhere and it’s unimaginable for them to live without it, so you cannot underrate optimizing your landing page design for mobile phones at any cost. By doing this, you are making sure you are getting traffic from all possible sources and also you are getting more support from Google. Note that your page should load fast enough on cell phones to be effective and prevent causing friction for users.

5- Choose catchy call-to-action (CTA) buttons

Pay attention to the placement and design of the CTA button. It should instantly grab the attention of users and encourage them to click on it. That’s the final goal of your landing page. Isn’t it?

call to action button for a landing page

 The image was taken from https://www.business2community.com

What is more, the message of the CTA button should be consistent with your purpose and your heading. Different landing pages choose different texts depending on the action they want users to take. Some examples are as below:

For signing up landing pages:

  • Get started
  • Create account

For apartment booking pages like Airbnb:

  • Start hosting

For eBook landing pages:

  • Download now
  • Download your guide
  • Get the eBook

Some landing pages instill creativity into their CTA button to be more alluring to their audience, for instance, by using “I’m In” instead of “Join Now”, or color-changing or animated buttons. If you search on the Internet, you can get inspiration from many samples available to create a stronger CTA.

6- Show social proof

Social proof has the power to convince visitors that others are valuing your service or product, and your landing page is trustworthy. Showcase testimonials, reviews, trust badges, received endorsements, etc. to reassure users that their decision is worth, persuade them to convert, and boost your brand image. Bear the burden of background check for them!

7- Analyze your performance

You will not know if your page is working well if you do not monitor your page’s metrics such as conversion rate, traffic source, average time on page, bounce rate or other factors depending on what you want to measure. Analytic tools, such as Google analytics, help you test and try everything possible to reach the maximum efficiency on the landing page. It is recommended to create a ‘thank you’ page to better measure your performance. The more people directed to that page, the higher the conversion rate!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to creating great landing pages, you will have a larger impact by sticking to minimalistic designs. Be transparent and do not overwhelm users by too much confusing information as it will drive them away and leave you wondered what’s wrong. Convince visitors that your offer is worth pursuing by taking above tips into account and we will be pleased if you comment us below for other components of a good landing framework.

7 Tips on How to Design a Good Landing Page
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7 Tips on How to Design a Good Landing Page
When it comes to creating great landing pages, you will have a larger impact by sticking to minimalistic designs. This way, more visitors complete the desired action and conversion rate increases.
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