What are the best Amazon jobs?

What are the best Amazon jobs?

Amazon is a beautiful place for seeking your desired items or selling your products easier and globally. These are regular events running on the Amazon website but do you ever try to choose a job from this platform?

This post will introduce you to the top twenty Amazon jobs that you can select as your primary occupation or secondary employment combined with your previous one.

Top Amazon jobs which can bring a smile to your lips

Here we have listed the top twenty high salary jobs which you can examine your chance in them. Note that you can take a short trial from each job you think is appropriate and check the results.

Art Director

Average annual income: $87,800

Your primary focus is on creative imagination, design support, and pixel-perfect execution of IMDb TV creative art assets in this position. If you seek more special missions, you can lead a team with the business for more guidance in visual and motion designing.

Benefits Support Specialist

Average annual income: $63,100

In this job, you are a person who will be owning and managing many complexes, boring problems, and engaging with cross-functional teams directly and through influence. To get better results in this job, you must update your patience and skills continuously.

Executive Assistant

Average annual income: $76,900

It would help if you had a high ability to deal with tight deadlines, excellent organizational skills, and integrity and discretion in handling confidential information for doing this job. Executive Assistant is ideal for a multitasker and self-motivator.

Senior software development engineer

Average annual income: $142,400

As you can find out through its name, a senior software development manager leads multiple software development teams within the company. 

Customer Service Associate

Average annual income: $38,100

This job includes a person who can deliver customer service to all Amazon customers quickly, accurately, and professionally. You will communicate with customers via phones and emails.

Technical writer

Average annual income: $149,600

With this job, you can raise the cloud computing business and impact an exciting, growing market. For being successful, you have the skills to research internal AWS information and draft compliant responses to RFP/RFI, partner, and customer inquiries.

AWS Partner Trainer

Average annual income: $46,200

Your job is to deliver training content to partners to drive the adoption and usage of AWS infrastructure services. For this job, you must be an expert in both teaching and technology.

Number eight: AWS security software developing engineer

Average annual income: $171,400

If you are a detailed engineer, you can try this job. As an AWS security engineer, you have to manage many aspects of development, such as documentation, clarifying requirements, applying design patterns, and testing.

Social Care Advocate

Average annual income: $61,500

You should be an active listener if you want to try this. Furthermore, you will be tasked to turn an escalated situation into a fantastic customer service experience. Also, you have to build a rapport while providing phenomenal customer service with a list of excellent solutions.

Digital Devices and Alexa Support Associate

Average annual income: $30,400

In this job, you are going to foster a culture of innovation and agility for technical support in an ever-changing environment of connected devices and services.

Content & Communications Specialist

Average annual income: $113,500

In this position, you will own the process of creation and maintenance of content and partner closely with business leaders, stakeholders, and agents to ensure that they know the main requirements of the business and communication.

Brand Specialist

Average annual income: $61,300

As you know, a works in the marketing team and focuses on customer interaction and company image. If you have a manager-oriented brain, this job is yours.

Senior Program Manager

Average annual income: $122,900

If you choose a senior program manager as a job, you are going to be the head of a specific program or project within the company. To become a success, you must have many skills such as organizational managing and handling problems.

Enterprise Finance Strategist

Average annual income: $151,500

If you have worked as an experienced CFO, you can be successful in this position. Your responsibilities as an enterprise finance strategist are not too long. It includes guiding enterprise efforts and advising companies on how they can transform the way they use technology to deliver business value.

Corporate Counsel

Average annual income: $154,200

According to Glassdoor, a corporate counsel will partner with the legal team and their business operations clients to achieve operational excellence, ensure compliance with state and federal regulators, and consider legal issues of first impression.

Corporate Recruiter

Average annual income: $117,400

As a corporate recruiter, you have to manage client-account organizational relationships, provide customer generation, and understand the value of delivering outstanding customer service.

Software Development engineer

Average annual income: $104,600

If you choose this job, you will use computer engineering, information analysis, and computer science to make more efficient software for companies.

Business Analyst

Average annual income: $73,300

If you are comfortable with statistics and data, you can choose to be a business analyst to help companies make better decisions.

Software engineer I

Average annual income: $102,500

By definition, software engineers work with coders, programmers, and software design teams. According to Amazon guidelines, I am a software engineer with at least three years of experience working.

Software engineer II

Average annual income: $116,900

Unlike software engineer I, A Software engineer II is a software engineer with a few years of experience and somehow a “newbie.”


That is it. Although jobs with high salaries have become a priority in our social life, we recommend you look for a job that you are comfortable in, and of course, it is compatible with your skills. For more information, you can also check the Amazon website to see more job requests. I wish you success!!!

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