How to Become a Successful Vlogger on YouTube?

How to Become a Successful Vlogger on YouTube?

First, let me explain who a vlogger is and what he/she does. A vlogger is a person who produces online video blogs and posts them online. A video blog is a short film in which you express your thoughts and ideas or show your lifestyle, interests, or skills.

Vlogging on YouTube is an ever-growing trend allowing businesses, influencers, or even ordinary users to gain in popularity and make money. Vlogs are effective tools in attracting the target audience more effectively because of being more relatable and more real.

Start setting up your YouTube channel and growing your vlogging brand. The following tips will help you get insights into how to achieve more success.

  1. Be creative

Bunny Meyer is an American beauty vlogger who has gained 8 million and a half subscribers on her YouTube channel so far. What’s interesting about her is the use of funny gestures, weird body languages, and having unusual appearances in her vlogs. She advertises for different products of the beauty industry such as trimming devices, body foundations, face washes, etc. mostly entitles “Does this thing really work?”

How to become a successful beauty vlogger

Bunny Meyer – a successful beauty vlogger on YouTube

In my opinion, what has made her successful in her vlogging journey is the courage to be different. You can also be unique if you stop giving in to your fears and step out. Find ways to stand out by creating something fun or inspiring.   

2. Be authentic

Don’t go to extremes to be influential. It just drives people away. Being the real you will ensure more sustainable growth in your vlogging career. Show emotions in your videos and behave in an open, natural, and uninhibited manner. Believe me! People will eventually fall in love with your true personality. You might impress people by being pretentious for a while, but the impression will fade away sooner or later.

See your viewers and subscribers as typical individuals who are seeking joy, happiness, and sometimes someone to empathize with their situation! Educational contents can also appeal to many users as they provide value or solutions to problems. The thing is you have to showcase whatever you want in its simplest form and passionately like a human, not a robot.

3. Edit your vlog

There are various tools which provide you video editing features such as trimming, cropping, merging, changing the motion speed, adding metadata and effects, etc. Some of these programs include Windows Movie Maker, Filmora Video Editor, or iMovie (for iPhone). Polish your videos by taking advantage of these to make sure not to fall behind several other vloggers who make high-quality ones.

4. Be patient

Keep in mind that getting more views and subscribers takes time. It surely doesn’t happen overnight. While you should not feel worried or be obsessive about what type of content you should upload (when you are a newbie), the patience on getting popularity will pay off. Instead of focusing on the numbers or making money, try to gradually improve the quality of your videos, make them more engaging, and be persistent in your activity.

Pay more attention to the comments people leave below your videos and implement their recommendations if reasonable. What’s more, be in contact with people on your level and ask them for advice. This way, you may speed up your success.

How to become a successful vlogger on YouTube

Shane Lee Yaw – a successful American YouTuber

5. Engage with people

Shane Lee Yaw, with over 22 million subscribers on YouTube and being amongst the top YouTube channels, has started his activity in 2008 as a nineteen-year-old boy. He began by posting comedy videos in which he impersonated celebrities or joked about popular culture. He managed to reach over half a billion views in two years. The thing is he never stopped moving forward and continued to shine as an actor, film director, and musician. Thinking big and persistence is the key to accomplishing your biggest or most complicated goals!

There are several ways whereby you can increase engagement on your vlogs. To become successful, you need to get more feedback from viewers or have more comments and shares. Some ideas are listed below:

  • Ask viewers to answer a particular question or share their experience in the comment section
  • Respond to comments
  • Show gratitude when people share your content
  • Don’t stop posting frequently
  • Use annotations and CTAs
  • Go live

6. Join social media

You can leverage social media platforms other than YouTube to drive more traffic and boost your presence. First, find the best-suited social networks and then put the link to your YouTube channel on your bio. See if Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or other tools can be to your benefit.

How to add multiple links to Instagram bio

Get the most out of your Instagram link in bio

On Instagram, if you want to add multiple links to the bio, use iLink to convert them all into one. When visitors click on the produced iLink URL, they are directed to a page with all the information and links showing your contact details, photos, YouTube channel, and other social media accounts.

7. Use YouTube analytics

Monitor your channel performance by analyzing your efforts via YouTube Analytics. You can get reports on earning, watch-time, and interaction, which will help you get more insights into the weak and strong points. You are also able to understand when is the best time to post your video or what type of content sparks your audience’s interest more.

To sum up

If you go through the biography of the most popular YouTubers, you’ll make sure that hard work and determination were priceless assets in their journey to fame and success as vloggers. Take wise steps from the beginning by trying to create appealing contents and engaging your audience. Take advantage of YouTube automation tools to look more professional and track key metrics of your video performance to better judge your success.

How to Become a Successful Vlogger on YouTube?
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How to Become a Successful Vlogger on YouTube?
A vlogger is a person who produces video blogs and posts them online. Vlogging on YouTube is an ever-growing trend allowing businesses, influencers, or even ordinary users to gain in popularity and make money.
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