How to Add more than One Link to Your Instagram Bio

How to Add more than One Link to Your Instagram Bio

Instagram is an exciting social network because it avoids many social media conventions and yet is pretty successful. Where most social media platforms support links and curated content sharing, Instagram doesn’t allow links in captions to be clickable, though you can still post them if you like.

Because Their main focus is to keep people on their platform, not sending them away around the internet.

There’s only one section on a profile where your link can be clickable. That link is your only available link slot in your Instagram bio.

So, you have a choice to make. Would you link to your homepage? Would you link to a landing page? Would you use an affiliate link to your online shop?

What if I told you there was a way you could place more than one link in your Instagram bio? You can, but the truth is, it is a bit of a workaround.

It’s not against any terms of use or rules of Instagram, so you won’t get shadow banned for using this system.

It doesn’t hurt to try.

There are two ways to do it:

  • You can do it yourself
  • You can use a platform

The do it yourself method

First off, you need to have a website. All you should do is making a single page, mostly, which will have links directing to your other pages. Name it something like, or whatever you want.

Next, you want this page to be non-standard. I mean that you don’t need to make it a blog post format in WordPress or something like that. It can be just a blank HTML file at first, and it can contain as many links as you want.

Publish this web page and then put its link in your Instagram bio. Now visitors who click or tap it will be directed to your link page, from which they can go through whatever content looks interesting.

You should also keep up with maintenance for your page. Change calls to action, Test links, etc.

This is a personalized landing page for your traffic coming from Instagram. Manage it like a landing page, and put it through all the difficulties of landing page optimization that apply.

Track hits to find out which links are clicked and which aren’t, remove the unpopular ones, add new ones.

Remove the content that is falling out of favor.

The platform method


ilink is a free platform that you can use to convert your multiple links into one short link and use it on your Instagram bio or anywhere you want.

By using iLink, you don’t need to choose between your multiple links; you can share them all!

The service is easy to use and super fast and best of all, free!

You will get a single link that you can insert into your business cards, social media accounts, etc. You do not have to be a technical professional to use iLink. Everyone can use this platform for free!

How to Add more than One Link to Your Instagram Bio
How does it work?

iLink profile includes clickable buttons with links to your online offers. So if you add its link to your Instagram bio, your followers will observe a great overview of all of your web pages you want to share with them.

You can customize the design and color of the buttons on the setting menu; also you can use the click stats to find out which one of your links is more popular.