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Best TikTok bio ideas (Add multiple bio links )

Many people -even those who are from western regions- enjoy using Asian social media, TikTok. This event indicates that there is no social barrier between people of different nations, even if there is a physical one in the customs or borders.

If you are also a TikTik user, you may like to write a beautiful text in your bio, so it shows your personality, your favorites, and also your age. buy provigil without Here, we have listed more than 900 TikTok bio ideas to choose your desired freely.

How to edit my TikTok bio?

Do you want to edit your TikTok bio? Then just to follow these steps;

  1. Open your TikTok.
  2. Next, click on the “profile” icon. It is the outline of a person at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap on the “Edit Profile” button on the page.
  4. Now tap your current bio, or “No bio yet” if you haven’t added one, and then type a bio that describes you.
  5. Finally, click on “Save” at the top-right corner of the screen when you are finished.

How to add a link to TikTok bio

A hyperlink to their bio on their profile page is available for some users while using a personal account. If you can’t find the hyperlink on your account, you should switch your account to a business one. Follow these steps to convert your account and add your link;

  1. Open your TikTok account.
  2. Now click on “Profile” at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Next, click on the “three-dots” button on the top right corner of the page.
  4. By clicking on the button, you will be taken to the “Settings and Privacy” page. Tap on Manage account.
  5. Now, click on “Switch to Business Account”
  6. You will be taken to a page that breaks down what a business account offers in the next level. Click on “Next” and choose a category that suits your business on the next page, and tap on “Next” again.
  7. Finally, tap on Edit profile on your profile page, and tap the Website to add a hyperlink to your site. 

How to add multiple links in tiktok bio

Did you know that you can add multiple links in tiktok bio and not only one? To combine the multiple links in one place, you can use ilink. The process of using this link combiner is easy, and you can easily have your unique URL.

ilink is a free tool to gather all URLs in one single URL that is sharable on any place, including social media.

With ilink, not only can you gather all links, but also you can keep and save your videos, audios, and social media profiles.

To combine multiple URLs in one single link:

  1. Go to ilink and set up an account using the register menu
  2. From the options choose, I have links
  3. From the dashboard, click on add links
  4. Customize as you want
  5. See the preview for all devices
  6. Share the unique link on the top right in any place you need

Best TikTok bio ideas

Now it is time to talk about brilliant ideas and captions for your TikTok bio. You can refer to these websites to see more ideas, as we bring some examples from them here for you;












Funny TikTok bio ideas


Life is what happens to you while you scroll through Instagram.


I love this app a little more every day.


Fewer people you chill with, less bullshit you deal with.


Love me but leave me wild.


Hey, maybe… it is me, whom you are looking for?


A firm believer of annoyance at first sight.


A weirdo, but I am honest, though.


All of my puns are intended.


At least mosquitoes find me attractive.


Bedtime can be any time of the day.


Being in a pickle sounds nice.


The cake is just eggs that got a severe glow up.


My craziness is not everyone’s cup of tea.


Sorry! I am too busy now. Come back later.


The best of me is yet to come.


Phones are better than girlfriends; at least we can switch them off.


Draw me like one of your conclusions.


Popular TikTok bio ideas


I am busy, but you do something useful.


The thermometer is not the only thing in the world having degrees without brains. Hurray, at last, I got my degree. Graduated.


Spreading smiles


I have a funny TikTok video coming out tomorrow. Check back for laughs!


I kind of feel sorry for people who don’t know me yet.


I may be wrong, but I doubt it.


I am here to avoid my other social network friends.


Following me is a dream for many. Try yourself


Where the damnation am I, and how could I have been able to arrive?


You see, everyone has a story, but mine is a mystery.


Words can’t express my affection & energy for Fridays!


Attempting to raise the casual conversation to medium talk.


Champ of World’s Best Wife Award (Category: Nagging)


insert pretentious stuff about myself here*


I am honest, and I hope some of my followers are too.


Worst two minutes of my life when I tried to be expected.


I am quitting TikTok. Change my mind.

Creative TikTok bio ideas


If you feel that it is funny then please like…


I used to be an atheist, but then I realized I was God.


I am just a web that you can’t find anywhere else.


Sadness happens when you have someone in your heart but not in your arms.


I put the hot in psychotic.


When I miss you, it seems like every song I sing is about you.


It is not always easy, but always try to do right.


Being an Internet sensation sounds pretty cool.


This place must be where the fun stuff happens.


Going with the idea that nothing can stop me.

Great TikTok bio ideas


Live your life, babe.


Sharing my happy thoughts


Just keep swimming.


Don’t quit your daydream.


It is so. It cannot be otherwise.


I set my trends.


What should I put here?


I prefer my puns intended


Life is short; make every selfie count


I am like a pro, handsome, calm, intelligent, well-dressed, cute, and funny.

Lovely TikTok Bio ideas


I am the boss; my wife is just the decision-maker.


All the things I like to do are either impure, prohibited, or fattening.


I look like trouble and fun.


Who else are you going to follow? Really?


He turned his impossible ideas and his dreams into plans.


As innocent as an angel, as handsome as the devil.


Bro, bruh, sis, because, fam. Yup, everyone is related now.


Clown check!


Life happens when you go to TikTok.


It is time for me to guide meditation; I got it.

Cute TikTok bio idea


I am excellent, but unfortunately, global warming made me hot.


I practice what I post.


No fighting in the comments, please.


No one can call me a troublemaker these days. I’m losing my touch.


Not bringing anything to the table is my specialty.


Not to brag, but I always win when I compete against myself.


Passionate about napping and snacking.


Putting the “ok” in “TikTok.”


Remember this, and there would be no defecation without mastication.


Scrolling millions of miles with my thumb is my proudest achievement!

Capital letter TikTok bio ideas






















Thank you for reading this post. I hope these ideas make you satisfied. Note that there are thousands of other beautiful bio ideas for TikTok, so you can use your creativity or just create a new one from these bio ideas by editing one or two words of them.

How to search Instagram with a phone number? (Fast and Easy)

The first principle of social media is to connect people to each other. As a result, social media platforms should be planned to find the person for the user via as many tools as they have. This tool can be their emails, usernames, or even phone numbers.

As one of the most powerful social media platforms worldwide, Instagram can use all of these tools to give you the best search results. This post will show you how to search Instagram with your phone number and look for your friend or relative on it so easily and quickly.

Can you search Instagram with the phone number

Yes, you can. Instagram uses different algorithms to find users on central databases. It also allows us to search our friends (even if we don’t know their usernames) through the phone number medium.

We will show you quickly how to use this feature to search for your target person on Instagram in the next section.

How to search Instagram with phone number

Now let’s see how we can search Instagram by phone number. To find someone with the phone number on Instagram, first, you must have added them as a contact, and the user also must have an account set up with a phone number instead of an email.

After you add the user as a contact to your phone’s contact app, follow these steps to search Instagram with phone number;

  1. Open your Instagram.
  2. Next, go to the “Profile” tab.
  3. Now, click on the hamburger icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Select the “Discover People” option on the page.
  5. If prompted, allow Instagram to access your contacts.
  6. Finally, go through the list of people on the screen. View the people who are considered as “Suggested” by Instagram for you.

Always remember that this method is far less reliable than using a username, so there are always some contacts whose Instagram account will not be found (either because they don’t have an account or Instagram error).

What to do if I can’t find my friend on Instagram?

As mentioned earlier, the method of searching for someone on Instagram with a phone number is not %100 guaranteed. If you search Instagram by phone number and don’t get your desired result, there are two possible reasons;

  1. Instagram servers cannot find their account
  2. they don’t have an account on Instagram (or at least their Instagram account is not linked to this phone number).

What to do now? Well, since you have the person’s phone number, you can call them and ask for their account link. Alternatively, you can also send a message to them or ask one of their friends about the username.


Thank you for reading this text. In general, we have explained how to search Instagram with phone numbers, and this method is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. You can refer to Instagram’s official website and ask for help to get more information.

How to get Premium Spotify? (%100 working)

Many people complain about having a limited music account in which there are only a few plays on it, and you have to listen to the same music several times. Now imagine you have got a nice, endless list of music and you are free to choose your desired one. This option can be found on Spotify’s premium version.

How do I get a premium on Spotify? It is so easy. If you are thinking about it, this post will show you how to get the Premium Spotify both on iPhone and desktop devices.

How to get a premium Spotify

As you know, users with a free Spotify version have only a limited music list, and also they have to view boring ads within the app.

According to the official website, Spotify Premium typically costs $9.99 per month. Still, if you are a university student in the USA, you can apply for “Spotify Premium Student,” which only costs $4.99 a month. The problem is you have to prove that you are a genuine student, and you should send your name and student email and the college ID.

We will show you how to get a Premium Spotify account on iPhone or desktop devices in the following sections.

How to get Spotify Premium on your iPhone

Let’s learn how do I get premium in Spotify on your iPhone. Note that the method is almost the same for all types of iOS-based smartphones. Follow these steps;

  1. First, open your iPhone and in your phone’s web browser.
  2. Next, tap on the three stacked bars in the top-right of the screen, click on the “Log In” button, and enter your Spotify username and password to log into your account.
  3. After that, tap on the Account Overview menu bar at the top of your screen. From the appeared drop-down menu, click on the “Subscription” button.
  4. Now, you will be offered a free Spotify Premium trial. This option will allow you to try the Premium version free for a deadline of 30 days, and after that, you will be charged by $9.99 monthly subscription fee. In another plan, you can apply for a Student account for $4.99.
  5. If you click on “Try Premium Free,” you will receive a payment form page, in which you can either enter your credit card information or choose PayPal if you wish to pay with that. Finally, click on “Start 30-Day Trial Now” to begin your subscription.

How to get Spotify Premium on desktop

If you have a desktop device, we will show you how to get Premium on Spotify. Follow these steps;

  1. First, go to and log into your account using your username and password. 
  2. Now, look for the Upgrade option in the menu bar on the screen and click on it.
  3. As you can see, Spotify offers a free 30-day trial of their Premium service, and after that, you will be charged $9.99 per month. You can also purchase Student premium for $4.99.
  4. If you want to activate Spotify Premium, click on the “Start Free Trial” button. 
  5. On the next step, enter your credit card info. You can also pay the fee via PayPal if you have an account.
  6. Finally, after filling in your credit card information, click on the “Start 30-Day Trial Now” button at the bottom of your screen, and your Spotify Premium subscription will begin. You need to charge $9.99 after 30 days.

Is there a way I can get Spotify premium for free?

The answer is yes. However, these methods cannot guarantee that you will receive a Spotify premium account, and you have to accept the risks. There are several ways to get a complimentary premium account;

  • Borrow an account

This method is one of the simplest ways to get a premium account from your friend or family relative. However, you should know that multiple users can’t stream music using a single Spotify Premium account at the same time. Thus, if you try to listen on Spotify while someone else is using the account, you will get a pop-up message that the account is already being used on a different device.

You need to change your account to offline mode to solve this problem. Follow these steps;

  1. Open your Spotify app on your phone, and go to the “Home” tab.
  2. After that, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen to go to settings.
  3. Now choose the “Playback” button
  4. Finally, click on the switch beside the “Offline” option to turn on Offline Mode.
  5. After choosing the offline mode, all files you haven’t downloaded will change to gray text and unavailable.
  • Ask for a Spotify Premium Gift Card

The following method is getting a Spotify Premium Gift Card to purchase the account. Note that there are four types of the gift card and how long a Spotify Premium gift card lasts depends on the price.

The cheapest gift card costs $10 and gives you one month of Spotify Premium. Also, you can get a 30-dollar one, which lasts three months. If you are looking for something special, the 60-dollar and 99-dollar ones are the best options. The 60-dollar gift card can remain for six months, and you can use Spotify Premium for one year with the 99-dollar one.

If you have goy a Spotify gift card, follow these steps to redeem it;

  1. First, go to, and log into your account.
  2. Now scratch off the cover at the back of the card to reveal the PIN.
  3. Next, type in the PIN found on the receipt.
  4. Finally, click on the “Redeem” button.
  5. You can enjoy your Spotify premium account now.
  • Sign Up for an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription

You can also get a free Spotify premium account by signing up for an Xbox Pass Ultimate Subscription. An Ultimate subscription costs $14.99 a month and gives you access to over 100 Xbox games, cloud gaming, and more offers. Furthermore, you get a four-month free Spotify Premium trial. However, never forget that this offer is available only if you haven’t tried the Spotify premium yet.

If you want to redeem the option, follow the steps;

  1. First, launch the Xbox Game Pass app on mobile, PC, or even console.
  2. Now go to the Perks gallery.
  3. Choose Spotify Premium as your perk.
  4. Step four: Finally, you can redeem the four-month free Spotify Premium trial by following a link to Spotify’s portal.

As a result, you will receive your Spotify Premium code through the Xbox Message Center.

  • A Samsung Galaxy Smartphone or Tablet

If you live in the US, you can get a free Spotify premium account by buying a Samsung smartphone or tablet. To get the bonus, you need to have purchased the device anytime between May 4, 2021, and May 3, 2022. Of course, you need to redeem the offer by May 3, 2022, as well. Follow these steps to get the Spotify Premium;

  1. Open your Spotify app on your new phone or tablet and log into your account. If you don’t have any, create one.
  2. Click on the “Premium” tab in the bottom right corner of your phone’s screen.
  3. Next, tap on the “Spotify Premium for Samsung” button.
  4. Finally, select the “Try 3-Month Free” option to redeem the offer.
  • Pay with Paypal

Yes, you can get the first three months of Premium for free by paying with Paypal. However, remember to cancel your subscription before the end of the three-month trial if you don’t want to pay the monthly fee. You can get your bonus by following these steps;

  1. Step one: Open the Spotify app on your phone.
  2. Step two: Now click on the Premium tab in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Step three: Click on the “Get Premium” button. The billing page will appear.
  4. Step four: Finally, Select PayPal from the payment options.

As a result, Spotify will then redirect you to PayPal’s website to complete your purchase.

  • Get an AT&T Subscription

With AT&T subscriptions, you can also get a free Spotify Premium account, and it doesn’t matter if it is an AT&T Unlimited & More Premium, AT&T Connected Car, or AT&T Thanks.

If you have AT&T Unlimited & More Premium (which is the best option here), you can follow these steps to activate your Spotify Premium account;

  1. Set up an AT&T WatchTV account by going to the AT&T WatchTV website and selecting “Create an account.”
  2. Now, you will see a list of premium entertainment benefits offered by AT&T. Choose the “Spotify Premium” option from the list.
  3. Click on the “Confirm choice” button and then “Visit Spotify.”
  4. Now, you need to log into your Spotify account. A page will appear asking if you want to link your Spotify and AT&T accounts. Click on the “I Agree” option.
  5. Finally, choose the “Start Subscription Now” button.

Now you are allowed to enjoy your free Spotify Premium.

If you have AT&T Connected Car or AT&T THANKS, you are eligible for a six-month free Spotify Premium trial. The bad news is you can only claim the offer if you haven’t tried Spotify Premium before. To get your free Spotify trial, follow these steps;

  1. First, go to the AT&T THANKS website
  2. Next, select the “Start Trial” button. After that, log into your Spotify account, or sign up if you don’t have one.
  3. Choose a payment option, and enter your credit card or Paypal details.
  4. Finally, click on the “Open Premium” button to get started with your Spotify Premium free trial.
  • A Spotify Premium One-Month Free Trial for newbies

If you don’t have to get a Spotify Premium account yet, you are eligible for a one-month free trial. If you can’t remember if you have got it before or not, you need to go to your Receipts page, or you have to check your email for any past messages from Spotify Premium. Follow these steps to activate the offer;

  1. First, go to Spotify’s official website and click on the “Start Free Trial” button.
  2. Next, you will be taken to the billing information page for a Spotify Premium Individual plan. If you want to try out another program, simply click on the “Change plan” button.
  3. Choose a payment method and enter your payment details in the next step.
  4. Finally, click on the “Start My Spotify Premium” button. Spotify will then take you to a confirming page that you are now on Premium.

Never forget that you can easily switch to another Spotify Premium plan at any point during the trial period.


Thank you for reading this post. To buy Spotify plays and followers is a very common topic and very easy process. Purchasing a premium Spotify account is also very easy, and if you are a student, you will have a better condition to get the account. You can also get a free Spotify Premium account by the methods explained above.

Although it rarely occurs, you may encounter a problem purchasing a premium subscription on Spotify. You can send a help request to the official website to resolve the issue.

How to discover what is trending on Twitter?

Although many teens and adults are using Twitter in their free time, some people look different and more professional to Twitter, and they want to know what is strictly a “hot topic” on this platform. If you are going to learn what is trending on Twitter, read this post.

What does “trending” mean on Twitter?

By definition, a trend on Twitter refers to a hashtag-driven topic immediately popular at a particular time. Trends are determined by some algorithms that monitor hot subjects based on who you follow and where you are located. So, when a topic rates more than others on Twitter, it will consider as a “trending” topic.

A trending topic can be anything; it could be hot news from a celebrity or a political debate about a current national position. We will introduce methods to explore what is trending on Twitter in the next section.

How to discover what is trending on Twitter?

Now let’s talk about the methods. Following the new trends will help you to get more followers. To be honest, there are generally three ways which you can use to see what is trending on Twitter; first, see the trending topics on the desktop device. The second way is to use the Twitter app. The third way is to choose Twitter Lite as the tool.

  • Checking on a desktop device

If you are intended see what is trending on Twitter on your desktop, follow these steps;

  1. First, go to on your web browser and sign in with your username and password.
  2. Next, click on the “# Explore” option on the screen. You can also use the link to open it.
  3. Now, just navigate to the “trends” section to see the latest trending hashtags and topics. If you want to see more topics, click on the “show more” option.

As a result, you can see the trend box on the Home timeline, Notifications tab, Lists tab, Bookmark tab, search results, and profile pages.

  • Using the Twitter app

Use these steps to see what is trending on Twitter with your application;

  1. Open your Twitter app on your android or iOS phone, and enter your credentials to log into your account.
  2. Now go to the Explore tab. To do that, find the magnifying glass icon from the menu bar and click on it.
  3. Finally, you can see the current list of Twitter trends.
  • View trending topics via Twitter Lite

You can also use Twitter Lite to see trending topics. Follow these steps;

  1. First, open in your mobile browser and log into your account.
  2. Next, click on the “# icon” option from the menu bar to open the “Explore” tab.
  3. Finally, you just need to scroll down to see more trending topics and the latest news on your phone.


Thank you for reading this post. You can use all these three methods for watching trending topics. If there is a problem with your web browser or Twitter app, just write a message to Twitter customer support and ask for help.

How to delete Spotify playlist? (Desktop and Mobile)

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming platforms worldwide, and this is happening because of its unlimited playlists. You can find plenty of music libraries based on your mood, occasion, and so on. You are also allowed to share playlists with your friends.

In some cases, you might think your account has been crowded by lots of playlists and need to be cleaned. In this text, we are going to show you how to delete a playlist on Spotify both on phone and PC devices.

Deleting Spotify playlist

Now let’s start the guide to how to delete your playlists from your Spotify account. However, never forget that when you delete a playlist that others have subscribed to, it will only be deleted from your Library, and your subscribers will still have it. 

How to delete Spotify playlists on mobile?

It doesn’t make a difference if you have iPhone or Android phone; You can delete a playlist on Spotify on both of them. Follow these steps;

Step two: Next, click on the “Library” tab

Step three: After that, open the playlist and click on the three dots option below the playlist’s title to open the menu.

Step four: Finally, click on the “Delete” button. A pop-up will appear, which you need to click on the delete button again to confirm.

  • Android users
  1. Open your Spotify on your phone
  2. Next, click on the “Library” tab
  3. After that, open the playlist and click on the three dots option on the top-right corner of the screen to open the menu.
  4. Finally, click on the “Delete” button. A pop-up message will have appeared on the screen, and you need to click on the delete button again to confirm.

How to delete Spotify playlists on a computer?

  1. First, open your Spotify on your PC or Mac
  2. Next, click on the playlist you want to delete in the left sidebar on the screen.
  3. After that, click on the three dots button under the playlist’s title. By clicking on it, an options menu will be open.
  4. Finally, click on the “Delete” button. After clicking, a pop-up will appear, which you need to click on the delete button again to confirm.

How to unfollow a playlist on Spotify

Sometimes you decide to unfollow a playlist on Spotify, especially when you can’t delete playlists you haven’t created. You can remove playlists that you have followed from your Library very quickly. Note that the primary process is the same on all devices, including iPhone, Android, PC, and Mac. Follow these steps;

  1. Open your Spotify
  2. Now go to the “Library” section
  3. Once you enter, find the playlist you want to unfollow on the screen
  4. Finally, click on the green icon below the playlist’s title to unfollow it.


Thank you so much for reading this text. As you see, you can delete your target playlist on any device with no problem. If you have any issue deleting the playlist, visit the Spotify website and ask for help.

How to download Facebook messages?

As you are chatting with your friend or relative on Facebook Messenger, you may decide to find an old conversation from several months ago and talk about it. Still, the problem is there are thousands of messages, and you get tired of scrolling the screen to reach the target chat.

There is a better solution; all you need is to download the whole message in a single file, transfer it to a word processor and search for text quickly. This post will show you how to download Facebook messages both on phone and desktop versions.

How to download Facebook messages

Speaking generally, you can download any kind of information from Facebook, including photos, texts, GIFs, and so on. The good news is the process of downloading is too easy, and you only need a few clicks to complete it

Now it is time to learn how to download Facebook messages from old conversations. Note that you can download messages both from a mobile app or web browser;

Downloading Facebook messages via mobile app

  • Firstly, open your Facebook Messenger and click on your profile picture at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Now, go to the “Account” section on the menu. Here, click on the “Account Settings” option.
  • Next, scroll to the “Your information” section and click on the “Download your Information” tab.
  • Go to the “Request Copy” section on the following screen. As you can see, all the options would be selected by default.
  • Now select the “Deselect All” option, then scroll down and only select “Messages.”
  • At the bottom of the page, specify the Date range, Format, and Media Quality. After you have done it, click on the “Create File” button.
  • Your file will be ready in just a few minutes based on the amount of data.
  • While the file creation is in process, you will be taken to the “Available copies” tab, where you need to click on the “Download” button for completion.
  • After that, you will be redirected to the browser and made to log in to your Facebook account. Once you enter, you will see a Zip file on your account.
  • If you want to view conversations, extract the Zip file, go to “Messages,” then “Inbox,” and open the folder with the name of the person you wish to view the conversation with them.
  • Finally, open the HTML file in this folder, and you will be able to see the entire conversation

Downloading Facebook messages via a web browser

  1. Log into your Facebook account via the web browser
  2. Now click on the “Account” option on the screen.
  3. On the left side menu, go to the “Your Facebook information” section and click on the “Download your information” option.
  4. As you enter, you will see all the options checked in the “Request copy” tab. Deselect all of them and scroll down to select “Messages.”
  5. Now, select the date range, format, and media quality you desire. Once you set them, click on “Create File.”
  6. After a while, you will get a notification when the file is ready for download.
  7. Now click on the notification and select “Download.” After that, enter your password in the popup shown, and your zip file will be downloaded.
  8. Finally, extract the downloaded zip file to access your messages on Facebook.

Can we download Facebook messages through third-party applications?

The answer is yes. You can use several alternatives in the format of an application or a plugin to download Facebook info, including messages. Here, we have collected three top candidates for you;

  • Facebook Messenger Lite

Although aimed at people in developing countries where the internet speeds are slow, Facebook Messanger Lite can be useful for those with an excellent internet configuration but are tired of Facebook online games.

This app has all core features such as chat, sharing photos, and downloading information. There is also a Facebook button that will take you directly to the main Facebook app.

  • Disa

Disa uses a third-party source plugin, and after installing it, you have to download Facebook Messanger as a plugin from an external source. The most disappointing thing about Disa is that you will be restricted to just sending and receiving messages and send and receive photos and videos. Thus, there is no GIF, sticker, or call feature.

  • Friendly

Friendly has gathered both Facebook and Messenger in one place. As you enter your credentials to use the app, you can either use it as the Facebook app or tap on the Messenger icon to use Messenger and chat with your Facebook Friends. However, you cannot make calls with Friendly.


Thank you for reading this post. As you see, downloading Facebook messages (all information, generally speaking) is not a big problem, and you can also use alternative apps to do that. If you have any issues with downloading, you can ask Facebook Help Center for more help.

17 best Linktree alternatives to try

Many people now are working with Instagram to make money, raise their followers or present their new products. In order to manage Instagram pages better, powerful link-in-bio tools are required, which the most famous one is Linktree.

For some guys, Linktree is not the desired choice, and wanna have an alternative for it. This article will introduce several Linktree options with their pricing and a conclusive review.

What is Linktree?

Before starting our journey to review the alternatives, we should define what exactly Linktree is.

Historically, Linktree was introduced in 2016 as the first link-in-bio tool in the shape of a mini-website to Instagrammers. As of 2020, Linktree has more than 8 million users all over the world.

With Linktree, you can display several types of websites in a clean and straightforward format, such as lyrics, news, images, videos, webcasts, and educational lecture slides. Many celebrities use this tool on their social media, as you can check their pages on Instagram.

Never forget that this tool is not just for Instagram; you can add your Linktree link to Twitter, Facebook, Github, YouTube channel, and TikTok.

Why should we look for an alternative for Linktree?

Well, it seems Linktree is the best shining star in the sky on the internet. But the point is; there are many features that you need to have for your job, which Linktree cannot provide. For example, you want to embed your social media content, or maybe you want to add pictures and rich content to engage users.

Because of these additionally wanted capabilities, Linktree is not suitable now, and we need to look for an alternate with more available tools. In general, Linktree is simple and easy to use, but consider using one of the Linktree alternatives listed below if you want more control.

What are the Best Linktree Alternatives?

Here, we have gathered eighteen top Linktree alternatives which you will enjoy without a doubt. Note any item has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Shorby

Shorby is the closest platform to Linktree. With Shorby, you can share links to your latest Snapchat Stories, as well as your YouTube, Twitch, and Patreon pages. Furthermore, you can also enable a link to your desired messenger, such as Whatsapp and Telegram, and then place it anywhere you want.

Shorby offers three types of subscriptions for users; which the starter begins with paying $15 per month (or $12 per month annually). You can also view a Pro subscription ($24 per month yearly) or Agency one ($82 per month annually). They also have a free 5-day trial.

  • Tap. Bio

Tap. Bio is a more dynamic environment where you can create CTA buttons for specific sections of your link in Bio. More after, you can add supporting text to provide context about the content and finally, an option for adding a YouTube subscribe button with a feature video to help grow your channel. Paid plans on Tap. Bio starts with $5 per month or $36 annually.

  • ShortStack

If you want to have a more beautiful page on your Instagram, ShortStack can help you do it. ShortStack lets you use its random entry selector for Instant Win contests. After that, you can also embed the contest landing page on your website for maximum visibility and details.

There are two subscription plans on ShortStack; you can use a Business account for $99 per month or a more expensive one, the Agency account by $199 per month for the additional retweeting contests feature.

  • Pallyy

Pallyy is one of the best tools you can find as an alternative for Linktree. With Pallyy, you are able to customize your website, products, blog posts, and other social networks. Aside from customizing, you have access to analytics to monitor clicks to your website. You can purchase all features by paying $15 per month.

  • Milkshake

I know the name sounds delicious, but this platform is very useful in making “link in bio” style landing pages. By Milkshake, you can create cards or pages where you can add text, images, GIFs, and videos. If you decide to manage multiple Instagram account, you can review different cards you created for these accounts from a single dashboard. Milkshake is totally free.

  • ContactInBio

ContactInBio can be considered as one of the best alternatives for Linktree. It can help you create a landing page to store all your links in one place and allows you to embed payment forms, music services, and even more.

The best thing about ContactInBio is that it let you choose from four domain names;

Furthermore, you are able to add an Image carousel, video background, email sign-up form, links to Spotify, iTunes, and payment links to Stripe, Paypal, and other gateways. If you want to have this tool on your social media, ContactInBio offers five types of subscriptions;

  1. Starter for free
  2. Yearly for $2.6 per month paid annually
  3. Agency for $13.65 per month paid annually
  4. Lifetime for $59.15 one time payment
  5. Lifetime Agency for $177.45 one time payment
  • Lnk. bio

With this platform, you can choose from over 40 social icons to link to your different online profiles. Lnk. Bio permits you to cram as many links as possible on your Instagram landing page. All pages you create with this tool are intuitive.

Lnk. Bio has both free and paid plans, which can be available by paying $0.99 per month.

  • Linkin. bio by Later

Linkin. Bio, designed by Later, is a free mini website builder for Instagram. With this platform, you can tag links from your Instagram posts so visitors can click on them. You can also embed the Linkin. Bio feed on your site to drive more eyeballs to it. This tool has free and paid subscriptions, starting with paying $25 per month.

  • Campsite

If you need an assistant with easy-to-use customization options, Campsite is the best candidate. With Campsite, You can view how many clicks each link received over time to see the best ones.

Two free and Pro plans are available; with the Pro one, you have access to retarget profile visitors with Facebook or Pixel and integrate Google Analytics for a more detailed view of your traffic. If you choose the Pro plan, you need to pay $7 per month.

  • Leadpages

Landpages has a dedicated Instagram landing page creator, and you can leverage features typically used for building landing pages for your Instagram bio link page. Furthermore, you can run an A/B test to see the results. If you want to use this tool, it is available for $37 per month (or $27 per month annually).


You can use as a digital media aggregator to create your content from Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and YouTube. Aside from these standard links, you can add multiple visual blocks to add your content. Furthermore, you are allowed to feature up to five social media profiles at a time using icons or cards.

The exclusive feature of is GIFs and question polls, which you can add to your page. There are types of access to;

  1. Free
  2. Semi-pro ($5 per month) with extra custom URL, customization options, remove logo
  3. Pro ($10 per month) you can monitor how many users viewed and clicked on your content
  • EverLinks

If you want multiple branches from several social media on your page, EverLinks can do this for you. Embedding videos on this platform is too easy. You just need to paste in a YouTube or Vimeo video link to the editor, and EverLinks will embed the video automatically.

With Everlinks, you can start link scheduling by making specific links appear and disappear at certain times. Everlinks is available via three plans;

  1. you can use the service for free, with unlimited links but allowed to manage just one page.
  2. you can try the Pro plan with paying $5 per month and a five-page limitation. You can also enjoy WYSIWYG editor and Google Analytics integration.
  3. Finally, you can choose an Agency plan by paying $17 per month and unlimited pages.
  • Link in Profile

If you are an Instagram influencer or managing a business on Instagram, Link in Profile can be an excellent assistant to you. You can have a branded page with an Instagram profile picture, username, and endless media scroll.

The good news is that you can integrate Link in Profile with Shopify so that you can point your followers to your Shopify store or import products from Shopify. The price starts at $9.99 per month.

  • InstaURL

InstaURL, created by JotURL, is suitable for those people who want to develop micro pages exclusively on Instagram. You can add links to your other social media platforms, landing pages, blogs, and YouTube channels with this platform. You can also track views and clicks, the region of your users, their language, and browser information.

InstaURL is available with three types of subscription;

  1. Growth (€7 per month pricing)
  2. Pro (€55 per month pricing)
  3. Business (€135 per month pricing)
  • LynxInBio

Working with LynxInBio is too easy, and it can be an excellent alternative to Linktree. There are two plans for using this platform;

Free plan: with this choice, you can add up to 5 links, get a random URL shortcode, and work with the standard theme selection.

Pro plan: if you choose this plan, you have no limitation about the number of links; you can have a custom domain and enjoy advanced links click tracking. This plan costs only $5 per month, and you will get a 33% if you pay the entire year with one payment.


As a personal landing page tool, this is one of the best options we have on the list. It will let you create a page that houses all the links to your other sites and get rid of Linktree limitations. You can use the free version or the Pro version ($8 per month or $79 per year) for additional features such as an email signature with your domain.

  • Manylinks

Manylinks is absolutely free. However, it could be a paid version in the future. The interface of Manylinks is fundamental with no customization options, so it can be a good candidate for those who are a newbie.


Thank you for reading this text. In general, we recommend you to use Shorby because it is the closest item to Linktree on our list. If you are looking for something free, you can use Manylimks,, or Everlinks. If you are planning to purchase one of these tools for your work, it is better to visit its official website and ask for more information.

Why can’t I add someone on Facebook?(Fix it)

A lot of people nowadays are using social media more than even their daily conversations, and as one of the top platforms, Facebook is also one of them. As the trend tells us, more and more girls and boys are entering Facebook, gathering in small groups, and enjoying their time.

But sometimes, you cannot add your friend or relative to your Facebook group, which will keep you upset. This post will tell why you are not successful in adding and what you should do to overcome the situation.

Why can’t I add someone on Facebook?

Here, we will talk about the most common reasons for your disability of adding someone on Facebook. Let’s discuss them separately;

  • Privacy settings

The most common reason you can add a user is that they may have changed their privacy settings. If this person has their Friend Request privacy set to “Friends of Friends,” and you have no mutual friends, you probably won’t be able to send them a request.

What to do now? If you want to add this user, you need to send a message and ask him to send you a request. Note that since you are not a friend of them, your message will land on the person’s message requests page, and it will take a while to get your response.

  • You have been blocked

The second answer to your question is too easy; that person blocks you. Besides being unable to see their profile, you also cannot see their posts, photos, comments and won’t be able to message them. So try to see if there is a possibility to chat with them. If the answer is negative, you are likely to have been blocked.

  • The account is deactivated

If your friend’s account is deactivated, you cannot add them on Facebook. When someone decides to deactivate their account, it usually will stay up in some form unless they completely delete it. However, if the person chooses to log in to Facebook after deactivating their account, it will show up again.

  • They have reached their friend limit

Nothing is unlimited in this world, which is also true for Facebook and its users. If someone has reached this 5000 friends limit, you will no longer be able to send them a friend request. Furthermore, if someone who has reached the limit sends you a friend request, you still won’t be able to add them this way. However, you are allowed to send and receive messages.

  • You have blocked them

The status can be vice versa; this means that instead of being blocked by the user, “you” have blocked that person. You can check if you have blocked your friend by Settings & Privacy > Settings > Blocking. On this page, you can see a list of people you have blocked, and you can check to see if the person you are trying to add is there.

  • You already send a request

Sometimes you have sent your request to your friend, but they haven’t checked it yet. As a result, it will remove the person’s option until they accept the request. If you think your target user has forgotten to view your request, you can send a message to them and remind them you have sent a request or ask them to add you.

  • They have denied your request

Another possibility is that the user has rejected your request. This possibility comes true when you find out you have already sent the request, but you still see the “Add Friend” button. You can try sending another request if you wish, as long as the Add Friend button is still there. 

  • Facebook has restricted their account

Our last possible answer to this question is that the servers restrict the account you have sent the request to it. As the person gets the restriction, their account will be frozen for a sort of time. This period could be anywhere from a few hours to weeks. During this time, the person will no longer be allowed to do specific activities.

Why can’t I see the “Add Friend” button on some Facebook profiles?

Sometimes you decide to add a person on Facebook, but there is no available “Add Friend” button on their profile. We have some possible answers for this event;

  • Sometimes, the profile owner has set their “Who may contact me” option to “Friends of friends,” and you have no friends in common.
  • It is possible that the person has blocked and then unblocked you or that they have just rejected your friend request, which may result in the no “Add Friend” button appearing on their profile anymore.
  • Maybe you have already blocked the individual. When you block someone on Facebook, they will also be unfriended.


Thank you so much for being so attentive. One of the main features of Facebook is to add your friends, and it will not be appealing if you have troubles in this process. Meanwhile, if you think none of the above possible reasons can cause your problem, you can visit Facebook’s official website and ask for help.

What does bump mean on Facebook?

No matter which kind of social media you are using, any platform has its unique algorithms for searching or displaying data. To be honest, understanding some of these methods are so difficult. As you are surfing on Facebook, you might notice that a popular post has a lot of comments with only the word “bump.” What do these comments mean?

This article will explain this phenomenon briefly and how to use it on your Facebook account.

What does “bump” mean on Facebook?

As you check and scroll the posts on your Facebook feed, you may find several posts containing the word “bump” in their text, with lots of comments on it. For those who aren’t familiar with Facebook’s algorithm, this could be kind of confusing.

One of the base principals in Facebook is that this platform has a tendency to prioritize posts with higher engagement in its users’ feeds. This sentence means that people sometimes comment “bump” on the post to increase its concentration to raise awareness for something.

By “bumping” the post up in other users’ feeds, they’re ensuring that more of the group’s members will see it in their feeds.

What is story bumping on Facebook?

If you have “a lot of friends” or are engaged in “a lot of groups,” you will have “a lot of stories” as well, which maybe you forget to view all of them.

In the August 7th update, Facebook has revamped the News Feed’s algorithm, which shows users only view 57% of stories in their news feed. Thus, 43% of all stories on the platform won’t be viewed ever. Before rolling out the algorithm update, Facebook did a test and found out that it increased engagement rates by 5% from friends and 8% from pages.

According to this test, Facebook now keeps some stories “bumped” based on different factors. These factors could be the story’s engagement and your interactions.

How to use bump on Facebook?

If you want to bump your content on your account, you only need to comment  “bump” under a post that you want to move to the top of the “New activity” feed. Note that this doesn’t work for regular news feeds; it only works for Facebook groups.

As you know, there are three types of categories to sort your feed; “top posts” will sort posts that received the most engagement first. The second, “New activity,” will sort posts based on new comments. In the last one, “Recent posts” will show posts just posted first.

As “New activity” sorts posts that have new comments, your post will go on top of your feed by commenting on it. People who have sorted their feed by “New activity” will see your post first.

Does this tricky method really work on Facebook?

If I want to be honest, yes, it works. But you also have to consider some limitations; for example, this method doesn’t work for regular news feeds because your regular news feed is ranked algorithmically by Facebook. Furthermore, there is no way to sort your news feed, unlike posts in a Facebook group.


Thank you for reading this post. There is no obligation to use “Bump” or something like that on your post for more seeing on Facebook, but if you think this method could be beneficial, using it will not make any hurt you. As mentioned before, there many other phrases similar to “Bump” on the platform, so you can find out more tricks by viewing other feeds on Facebook.

Why did Facebook log me out?(How to fix)

Does this happen to you that you cannot log into your Facebook account? Well, it seems strange, but this is common among Facebook users. The reason why this bug occurs is idiopathic in most cases. However, we can guess this problem is because of improper cookies, a bad internet connection, or a misfunctioning with your Facebook app on your phone.

This article will show you the main paths that will work more than %90 in fixing your problem quickly.

How to fix “Why did Facebook log me out problem?

As we mentioned above, there are lots of reasons that can contribute to a problem with your account login. Here, we have collected leading six solutions that you can use to fix your problem as soon as possible;

  • Clear your cache & cookies

In some cases, damaged cookies or improper cache can lead to account login issues. So why not try to delete them entirely?

If you are using Chrome, you need to take these steps to clear your cache and cookies;

  1. First, click on the “three-dot” icon at the top-right corner in the Chrome browser
  2. Now select “More tools” and go to “Clear browsing data.”
  3. After that, tick “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” options
  4. Finally, click on the “Clear data” button to clear caches and cookies.

You are also can only clear cache for the Facebook website. If you use the Facebook app for your daily use, there is also a way to clear the application’s cache.

If your phone is iOS version;

  1. Open your iPhone’s settings
  2. Scroll until you see the Facebook app, and then tap on it.
  3. Look for a “Clear cache” option. If the toggle next to it is green, tap it to clear the app’s cache.

If your phone is Android version;

  1. Go to the “Settings” on your device
  2. Tap on “Storage” in your Android settings.
  3. After that, click on Internal Storage under Device Storage
  4. Click on “Cached data”
  5. Finally, select OK when a dialog box appears asking if you are sure you want to clear all app cache.
  • Change your Facebook password

In some cases, you find evidence that your account has been hacked, and you need to use another device to log in. It would be best to change your Facebook account password from time to time to enhance your online security. To change your password, follow these steps;

  1. Firstly, log in to your Facebook account
  2. Now click on the “down-arrow” icon at the top-right corner of the screen
  3. click on “Settings & Privacy” and then “Settings”
  4. Now select “Security and Login”
  5. Finally, click on the “Edit” button next to “Change password” and enter a new password for your Facebook account.
  • Check Remember Me option when logging in

If you are using Facebook more than once in 24 hours, you can check the “Remember me” box when you log into your Facebook account. To activate the option, you just need to log in to your account and enter your username and password. In this case, Facebook will ask you if you want to auto-login; you can accept that only if you only use the device.

  • Update or reinstall your Facebook app

Never try to roll out Facebook glitches, especially if you are logging out randomly. If you want to get rid of them, try to update or reinstall your application. Go to Settings on your phone and find the Facebook app to uninstall it. After that, you can go to the app store to download and install Facebook again on your phone.

  • Facebook session expired issue

As you know, Facebook uses sessions to identify the Facebook account is within its service or not. When the session is expired, Facebook servers will log you out.

To fix the problem, you can simply log into your account again and start a new session or find reasons for session expiration, which could be application glitches, Suspicious browser extensions, or application needs an update.

Can I log into my Facebook account more than one device at a time?

The answer is yes. Facebook will let you log into multiple devices and stay logged into those devices simultaneously. You can log in to various devices and browsers from numerous locations without Facebook logging any devices out.

How can I know if someone is trying to log into my Facebook account?

There are several possible ways to find out if your account is vulnerable to penetration, but the best way is to change your password time by time. Furthermore, as an extra precaution, change your email password too. If someone is logging into your Facebook account with two-factor authentication turned on, they may have gained access to your email account too.


Thank you for reading this article. With these five methods, you are able to fix the problem in %90 of the cases. However, If Facebook still keeps logging out, you can report the problem to Facebook Help Center to see if they can help you.

What is Facebook Timeline and how to use it?

Many people have been using Facebook for a long time, and some of them dedicate 10 hours of a day for Facebook viewing. However, have you heard about Facebook Timeline and what it is used for? These posts will explain it more for you.

What is Facebook Timeline?

Facebook Timeline is a social media feature introduced in September 2011 and rolled out to all users in February 2012. At first, the feature was optional, but later in 2012, it was an obligation for all users.

The primary purpose of Facebook Timeline is to combine a user’s Facebook Wall and Profile into one page, creating a more visually holistic profile. Timeline reorganizes all stored user information for display rather than archival. It uses almost all data, including the user’s Facebook history and critical life events, such as birthdays, weddings, and other significant events.

Who sees my Timeline on Facebook?

By the standards of Facebook’s privacy, your Friends will be able to visit your Timeline and see any information that has been added to it by you. If you posted a public status update, then anyone who visits your Timeline will be able to view that update and any other public updates you have made on Facebook. Furthermore, your Likes are also visible on your Timeline since Likes are used in advertising and are considered general information on Facebook.


To get familiar with Timeline, let’s talk about what we can see on the page. At the top left of your Timeline, you can add more events, status updates, and photos. If you click on the blue line running down the middle of the page, you will be invited to share more photos, “Life events,” status updates, and locations.

In the next step, scroll down to move back in time, and the persistent calendar at the top suitable slides down the page with you so you can hone in specific years and months. More after, when you scroll down far enough where your Cover image can’t be seen, a new navigation bar appears with dropdowns to jump to different years for the better posting of an updated status.

How to use Facebook Timeline

When friends visit your Timeline, they will also see a version of the Share box that you see. They can’t add life events, but they can post text and photos to your Timeline. tramadol online for dogs

Furthermore, Timeline includes integration with Timeline Apps, allowing Facebook users to post activities on other apps. For example, a Pinterest user might give Facebook permission to post their Pinterest activities to the Facebook news feed.

Note that you can also limit who can see the posts your friends leave. To set the limitation, follow the steps;

  1. Go to the “Timeline and Tagging” section from the “Settings” page.
  2. Now look for the settings related to who can post on your Timeline and who can see what others post on your Timeline.
  3. Set the limitation for that user or all your feed.

Learn about Activity Log

Activity Log shows everything about you that’s been logged on Facebook. Fortunately, this is just accessible for you, and this level of detail is visible only to you. You can browse your firehose of personal data by year, month, day, hour, and minute. Finally, you can tweak your Timeline by Activity Log. To use this feature, click on the circle to the right side of each status update to feature, allow, hide it on your profile, or delete it entirely.


Thank you for reading this post. Never forget that the best way to get used to the Timeline is to start using it. So start writing a message for your friend on their Timeline; the whole purpose of this feature is to share with friends. If you need help, you can also visit the Facebook website and read for more information.

How to turn off active status on Facebook

Similar to other platforms, Facebook is also an online messaging environment where people communicate to upgrade their knowledge. However, sometimes you need not engage with friends, either by lack of time or your preference.

If you want to log into Facebook without your friends knowing you are online, you can quickly turn off your “active status” so you appear offline. This article will show you how to turn off your active status on different platforms.

How to turn off active status on desktop

If you are using a PC or laptop, you can use these steps to turn off your active status;

  • Go to the Facebook website and log into your account, if necessary
  • Click on the circular Messenger icon in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Next, in the Messenger drop-down, click on the “three-dot” icon at the top of the page
  • After that, click on the “Turn off Active Status” icon in the drop-down menu
  • Now, a pop-up will appear asking if you want to;
  1. Turn off Active Status for all contacts
  2. Turn off Active Status for all communications except
  3. Turn off Active Status for only some contacts

If you choose the latter two options, a box will appear where you can enter the names of specific people

  • Finally, click on “Ok” to complete the process

How to turn off active status on a mobile device

If you are using your phone device for checking Facebook, we have provided two methods (for Android and iOS) to turn off your active status;

  • On Android phones
  1. Open the Facebook app on your phone
  2. Click on the hamburger icon in the top-right corner of the screen
  3. Next, click on “Settings & Privacy,” and then tap on the “Settings” button
  4. After that, click on “Active Status” under the “Privacy” section
  5. Finally, turn off “Show when you are active” by moving the slider to the left and then confirm by selecting the “Turn Off” button in the appeared pop-up
  • On iPhone phones
  1. Open the Facebook app on your phone
  2. Click on the hamburger icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen
  3. Next, click on “Settings & Privacy,” and then tap on the “Settings” button
  4. After that, click on “Active Status” under the “Privacy” section
  5. Finally, turn off “Show when you are active” by moving the slider to the left and then confirm by selecting the “Turn Off” button in the appeared pop-up

How to turn off active status through Facebook Messenger

Here, we will tell you how to turn off active status via the Facebook Messenger app. Follow these steps;

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger app on your phone
  2. Next, from the main “Chats” page, click on your profile’s avatar at the top-left of the screen
  3. Now, click on the “Active Status” icon
  4. Finally, turn off “Show when you are active” by moving the slider to the left. Confirm the process by tapping on “Turn Off” in the pop-up.


I appreciate your attention. In general, all of these methods are the same, and there are a few minor differences. However, if you find out that your active status is still on after using these tips, you can visit Facebook’s official website and ask for help.

How to report someone on Discord?

As any Discord knows (or should know), any Discord user has its own rules alongside the global management of the central Discord platform, and any person should obey them. If you think somebody has broken the law or has sent you some inappropriate content or whatever, it is better to report him on Discord.

This article will show you how to report somebody or something on Discord with two main methods.

How to report someone to a Discord server moderator

If you want to report somebody on Discord, you first need to talk with the server moderator. Server moderators could be the creator of the server or the support team and have the ability to remove messages and ban users. This sentence means that they can help deal with troublesome users.

How do you know who the moderator is? You can click on the user’s name and check their role. If it says “Admin” or “Moderator,” this is the person you are looking for it. If the person has a crown next to their name, it means that they are the server owner. This person would be a good option as well.

In this case, you have to send a message privately to the moderator and explain why you want to report someone or something. If the moderator ignores you or doesn’t act on your report, this is time to contact directly with the Trust & Safety team on Discord.

How to report someone to Discord’s Trust & Safety team

In this section, we will show you how to report someone to the Trust & Safety team using desktop or phone;

  • When you are on desktop

To report someone on a desktop, you will have to turn on Developer Mode. Follow these steps;

Step one: First, open Discord on your Mac or Pc and log into your account

Step two: Next, select the gear icon at the bottom of the window near your username

Step three: Now click on the “Appearance” tab in the left sidebar

Step four: Scroll down and toggle on “Developer Mode”

Step five: After that, you need to get the person’s user ID you want to report. To get the ID, right-click their username and select “Copy ID.” Now paste it into somewhere you will be able to access easily later on.

Step six: If there is a specific message you want to report, you need to get the message link. To get the link, go to the message you wish to report and click the three dots that appear when you hover over the message. Now select “Copy Link” and paste it somewhere safe.

Step seven: Finally, you can send the information to the Trust & Safety team. You have to give your email address and paste the two IDs you got before into the “Description” box. You better write down which rule you think is broken. To send, select “Submit.”

  • When you are on the phone

If you are on your phone device, again, you need to turn on developer mode. Follow these steps if you have an Android or iOS device;

  1. iPhone
  1. Open the Discord app on your iPhone
  2. Next, tap on the gear or profile picture icon located next to your username in the side menu to go to your user settings
  3. Now click on “Appearance” and then “Advanced”
  4. Turn on Developer Mode by toggling the option to the “on” position.
  5. Now, we have to get the ID of the user. Start the process by opening the user’s profile by tapping on their icon.
  6. Click on the “three dots” icon in the screen’s upper-right corner and then click on the “Copy ID” option.
  7. Paste this ID somewhere safe to copy again later.
  8. To get the message link, go to the message, tap your finger, and hold on to it. Now select “Copy Message Link.”
  9. Finally, send the information to the Trust & Safety team. You also have to paste the two IDs into the “Description” box and explain the reason why you want to report that user.
  • Android device
  1. Open the Discord app on your Android device
  2. Next, tap on the gear or profile picture icon located next to your username in the side menu to go to your user settings
  3. Now, scroll down to “App Settings” and tap on the “Behavior” tab
  4. Turn on Developer Mode by toggling the option to the “on” position.
  5. Now, we have to get the ID of the user. Start the process by opening the user’s profile by tapping on their icon.
  6. Click on the “three dots” icon in the screen’s upper-right corner and then click on the “Copy ID” option.
  7. Paste this ID somewhere where it is safe to copy again later.
  8. To get the message link, go to the message, tap your finger, and hold on to it. Now select “Share” and then “Copy to clipboard.”
  9. Finally, send the information to the Trust & Safety team. You also have to paste the two IDs into the “Description” box and explain the reason why you want to report that user.

Some frequent questions

When is it appropriate to send a report on Discord?

In this case, you should be sure that someone’s behavior or messages are breaking Discord’s rules. Here we have the most common reasons to report someone on Discord;

  1. Sending spam messages
  2. Harassing or threatening other users
  3. Sharing photos of animal cruelty
  4. Sharing child pornography
  5. Violating IP rights
  6. Promoting self-harm or suicide
  7. Distributing viruses

You can also report someone if their behavior is kind of threatening against you. According to Discord’s guidelines, this platform should keep peaceful and comfortable for users, and anyone against this rule should be eliminated.

How to take back a report we filed on Discord?

Sometimes you find out you have reported the wrong person or feel like the report was unnecessary after further review. It is possible to retract your report, but you will have to contact Discord to do it. When you visit the Contact page, choose the option for “Appeals” in the “How can we help” dropdown.

Can I block someone on Discord?

The answer is yes; you can do it quickly. If you want to block a user, click a person’s username to open their profile. After that, click on the “three-dot” icon next to the “Send Friend Request” button. Now a dropdown menu will appear, so select “Block” and complete the process.

How to change the font on Facebook?(complete guide)

Mainly anybody is using Facebook for chatting with their relatives, friends, and coworkers. In some cases, users get tired of that standard, rigid font on Facebook’s texts and want to try new designs or even want to make minor changes by just altering the font size. If you are one of those people, this post will show you how to do it.

Change font appearance on Facebook

Sometimes you need to see all texts on Facebook with a different type of font. To change the font, you can use this method. However, this change is not limited to your Facebook, and the font of other web pages which the browser displays will also be changed;

  • Click on the “three dots” icon in the top-right corner of your Chrome browser to go to “Settings”
  • Next, in Settings, scroll down to find the “Customize fonts” tab under “Appearance”
  • Finally, choose the size and type of font you want

Change the font size on Facebook

In some cases, you are okay with the font itself but willing to change its size. You can do this job in different browsers with different methods;

change fonts On Chrome

This method is as simple as pressing “Control” and the “+” key in combination

change fonts On Mac

Press the “Command” and “+” key combination. Continue to press the “+” key while holding down “Control” or “Command” until you reach the desired size

change fonts On Safari

You can use “Command” and the “+” keys in combination. If you clear your Safari history, your font goes back to the default, but you can easily enlarge it by pressing the key combination again.

How to change the font on Facebook post

To change your font on Facebook, you need to go LingoJam Facebook font changer. Use to access LingoJam and follow these steps;

If you are using WinOS on your desktop:

  • First, go to LingoJam’s Text Generator on your computer or laptop
  • Now, type the text you want to appear on Facebook into the box on the left. As you type, your message will appear in a variety of text styles in the box on the right
  • Next, scroll through the list of generated fonts in the box on the right side of the screen until you find the one that you want to use
  • After finding your favorite, click and drag your mouse over the text to highlight it
  • At this position, right-click and then select “Copy” to copy the text, or use the “ctrl + C” keyboard command
  • Finally, go back to Facebook and paste your new text into your post or message. To do the process, right-click and then click “Paste” or use the “ctrl + V” keyboard command

If you are using macOS on your desktop:

  • First, go to LingoJam’s Text Generator on your computer or laptop
  • Now, type the text you want to appear on Facebook into the box on the left. As you type, your message will appear in a variety of text styles in the box on the right
  • Next, scroll through the list of generated fonts in the box on the right side of the screen until you find the one that you want to use
  • After finding your favorite, click and drag your mouse over the text to highlight it
  • At this moment, right-click or hold “command + C.”
  • Finally, go back to Facebook and paste your new text into your post or message. To do the process, right-click or press “command + V” on your keyboard


Thank you for reading the post. As you see, the differences between methods are due to operating systems’ structural diversities, and the backbone is the same. You can also send Facebook servers a request mail and ask them for more information.

How to make a post shareable on Facebook

Social media is all about sharing your data with your friends, doing some chats, and enjoying your time. Facebook, as a famous social media, has the responsibility to amuse its users, too. However, sharing other users’ posts depends on the privacy settings that the author has set for the post.

We will show in this article how to make a post shareable on Facebook and let your other friends enjoy your lovely page.

Facebook post privacy settings

There are many options when posting your content on Facebook, categorized under “Edit Audience.” There are several privacy modes on this platform;

  • One: Public

It is visible to anyone on the internet, and it is not essential if the viewer has an account on Facebook or not.

  • Two: Friends

Only the people on your friend list will be able to see your posts.

  • Three: Friends Except

You can exclude anybody from your friend’s list if you don’t want them to view your posts with this option.

  • Four: Specific Friends

Only the selected friends will be able to view the post.

  • Five: Only Me

Nobody except you can see the post that you have published.

  • Six: Custom

This mode is a combination of the “Friends Except” and the “Specific Friends” option.

How to make a post shareable on Facebook

Now it is time to do some steps to make your posts shareable by users. Note that the instructions for doing this job on the Facebook app and Facebook website are a little different, so that we will discuss them separately.

Making posts shareable on the Facebook app

If you are using your mobile device or the application version of Facebook on PC, you can follow these steps to make your posts shareable ;

  1. Firstly, log in to your account and navigate the post you want to make it shareable.
  2. Next, click on the “three-dot” icon located in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Select the “Edit Privacy” button from the list
  4. Finally, choose the “Public” option from the list to make the post shareable.

Making posts shareable on the Facebook website

If you are using the web version of Facebook, you can also manage privacy settings to create shareable posts on your page. Here we go;

  1. Before anything, open your browser, log in to your account, and navigate to the post you want to make public.
  2. Next, click on the “three-dot” icon to the top right of the post you want to change.
  3. Now, select the “Edit Audience” button from the drop-down list. A list of audience options will appear.
  4. Finally, choose the “Public” option from the list of available options to make the most shareable.

How to make your post public while you are creating it

You also can make your post shareable once you have created it. Similar to the previous section, we will explain the method both in application and website versions.

Via application

  1. Click on the “What is on your mind?” prompt on your profile or timeline.
  2. Then, under your name, click the first drop-down icon to change privacy settings.
  3. Next, select the “Public” tab from the list and tap on “Done.”
  4. Finally, finish editing and click on “Post.”

Via website

  1. First, click on the “What is on your mind?” field to create a new post
  2. Now, you will see the audience settings under your name. Click on the drop-down menu icon.
  3. After that, choose the “Public” tab from the list of a
  4. vailable options to make the most shareable.
  5. Finish your post and click on “Post” to publish it.

How to Make a Post Shareable on Facebook for a Private Group

If you are in a private group, you have noticed that the posts will not be shared outside of the group. If you are trying to make your posts shareable for other users, follow these steps;

  1. Create a new post and make sure that the post is sharebale to the public.
  2. Next, click on the “Share” button on the lower right corner of your post to open the drop-down menu.
  3. Now, choose “Share to Group” and then select your private group.

In the end, the post should be shared on the private group. If anybody wants to share it outside, they can refer to the original post and share it from there.


Thank you for reading this article. Making a post shareable is not an issue that makes any trouble unless you have made some mistakes in the above instructions. If still there is a problem with your post, try sending a request to Facebook and asking for help.