How to Fix Twitter Down Easily

How to Fix Twitter Down Easily

Twitter is a social platform that is known for microblogging. People post whatever message they want to Twitter. These messages are called tweets. These posts that are usually short written texts are about different topics; from literature and poetry to political and social matters. On this American social platform, you can tweet, like, comment, and retweet other people’s posts but only if you are a member. In contrast, you can only read their tweets if you do not sign up. Like any other website and application, Twitter faces problems regarding loading, crashing, etc. in this article we examine why Twitter is so popular and provide you with some solutions to try if you face problems when working with Twitter.

Why is It so popular

Nowadays we can name tens of popular Social Media platforms. However, most of these platforms are amusement tools and may not add to the users’ knowledge and understanding of the world so much. 

On Twitter, you can see renowned people in different areas from art to all different types of professions, and access them easily. People usually give links to websites and articles that are worth a read. It is also really fast. Tweets fly in seconds and those who are interested can share breaking news and run hot debates in a matter of seconds.

Common solutions to Twitter problems

Is twitter running slowly or not loading? Try these simple steps and your problem should be solved in no time.

  1. See if it is happening in a wide area:  check websites like the Down Detector to see if other people around the world or in your area of residency are facing the same issue as well. It might be a technical problem with Twitter that you must wait for it to solve. If that is the case, check for its news on the internet. When you finally make sure it is not only you, the best solution will probably be to wait.
  2. Check your internet connection: you might have forgotten to pay your bills. Your service provider may have issues. Check these things and try to load pages other than Twitter. If it is about your router, restarting it may address the issue. 
  1. Restart your device: restarting a device fixes many small issues about it. Turn your device off and on again. Try to reach Twitter once more.
  2. Reinstall the application: this works just like restarting your device. Just ensure you have your password and attempt to do this.

To uninstall Twitter from Android:

  1. Tap the menu button from the homescreen
  2. Choose “Applications and the “Manage Applications”
  3. Select Twitter and finally choose “Uninstall”

To install Twitter for Android:

  1. Go to the “App Store”
  2. Search for Twitter
  3. Select “Download”
  4. Install and you are good to go
  1. Check date and time settings: check if the date and time of your device are set to synchronize automatically. Let your network handle this issue automatically since if the date and time of your device is not in alignment with Twitter servers, it may not load for you.
  1. Clear your cache: every time you use an application, it leaves out a small bit of data in your mobile phone or PC. In the long run, it accumulates and builds up a huge amount of residue and causes trouble. The best way to clear the cache on iPhone is to uninstall and reinstall the application. Android users should go to their device settings and clear the cache from there.


Twitter is an American microblogging tool that is especially very popular with youngsters. On this platform, people share short messages that are known as Tweets. Like any other website and application, it may crash or not be able to load sometimes. In this article, we discussed some ways to fix some common problems when working with Twitter.

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