Problem-solving: Facebook dating not showing up

Problem-solving: Facebook dating not showing up

Today we want to talk about Facebook dating not showing up. One of the new features added to Facebook is Facebook dating. You can find friends on Facebook and connect with them and meet them. But like other new features, Facebook has its drawbacks! These problems may have different causes, but we have nothing to do with the cause. We want to solve the problem easily! Join us in this article to tell you the solutions to the Facebook dating problem.

Ways to solve this strange Facebook problem

Facebook’s new feature is very good and practical. With this feature, you can find friends and talk to them according to your location. There are many factors behind this problem, two of which we will mention:

  • You may be under 18 years old.
    People under the age of 18 can never use this new feature and there is no solution to fix it! But if you are over 18, you can easily download the program and install it on your phone.
  • You are not using the Facebook app.
    To solve this, you can also install the Facebook application on your phone and create an account for yourself. You can then use the Facebook Dating feature.

Practical solutions to solve the problem of Facebook Dating Not Showing Up in its application

If your phone or device does not call when you use Facebook Dating, we give you simple solutions to help you solve this problem. We present 6 practical solutions for you. We hope you solve your problem with them.

1. Check your internet connection.

Remember that you must be connected to the Internet to use the Facebook Dating app. So if Facebook Dating is not called for you, it may be a problem with your internet connection. So you should check your internet connection and if it is not connected, connect it.

2. Update the Facebook application.

One of the reasons Facebook Dating does not work can be the lack of an update to the Facebook app. So you must update it. All you have to do is click on the Update option to install the new version of the Facebook app for you.

3. Remove the extra patch on your phone.

You should know that all phones store some data of running applications in their cache to be able to run applications faster. If this stored data is stacked, it will slow down the phone. Your phone may not even be able to run some applications properly! So sometimes you need to clear your phone cache.

4. Enable Facebook app notifications.

Facebook app notifications may be disabled on your phone. So check it out and enable it if you have it disabled so you can use Facebook Dating.

5. Reinstall the Facebook app.

This may seem futile, but sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling phone apps can fix some of the issues in the app. So we suggest you try this way too.

6. Contact the Facebook support team.

If you have tried all of the above, but the problem of using Facebook Dating remains unresolved, we suggest you go to the official Facebook و website and send a message to the Facebook technical support team there. In this message, raise your problem so that they can investigate your problem and offer you a solution.


If you want to use this new Facebook feature, just log in with your email. A new profile will then be created for you to use the Facebook dating feature. This profile is completely different from your original Facebook profile. After creating a dating profile, many people, based on their location and interests, offer you friendship to make friends.

Of course, this does not mean that you have to wait for others to offer you friendship! You can also offer friendship to others. In this article, we talked about the problems that exist in this new Facebook feature and offer you simple solutions to solve them.

If your problem persists, you can share it with us. If this post was helpful to you, share it with your friends.

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