How to monetize our Instagram and earn money?

How to monetize our Instagram and earn money?

Lots of people want to convert their Instagram (or any social media) to a money mining center and upgrade their financial status. But how we can do it?

When we are hearing about “Instagram influencing”, automatically we think about models or the guys who work in the entertainment industry. But the point is, modeling is just one way out of hundreds of ways you can earn from your Instagram, and maybe one of the most difficult ones!!!!

What do I need to start making money?

All you need is just the tools other people are using every day; Instagram stories, lives, posts, and massage. The fact that should always keep in your mind is “all the current giant Instagram Ids with millions of followers started their career with only a few people”. This means “you” also can extend your audience by the time you are making high-quality content and keep your followers satisfied.

Should I have 1M followers to start monetizing? No, not necessary. Nowadays many with few audiences (even less than 1K) are still earning money and it is called “micro-influencing” or “nano-influencing”

What else do I need to start?

The main question is: “what are you an expert in?” answering this will show from which ways you can start your knowledge to train people, corporate with other communities, or even creating and selling a product. Once you have identified your area of expertise, you can begin creating your content and your target audience will follow you as soon as possible.

In this article we are going to introduce 12 different ways which you can use to start your Instagram career;

  1. Consulting

Many people now are working in corporations as a consultant, but why is it? Well, there are some issues to mention.

The first thing is, it is a more flexible job and you can earn more money according to what are you doing. So if you think you have expertise that is considered to be valuable by other people, start your consulting career!!!

  1. Fractional CMO-model

A fractional CMO (chief marketing officer) is a person who helps other companies with their sales development and company growth. They work as a part-time job and so companies don’t need to pay them as a full-time employee.

In this process, you don’t need to be a CMO, instead, you can be a fractional social media manager and create a blog for the companies. This job is similar to consulting, and the difference is instead of presenting it to a separate team, you should work as a member of the team.

  1. Webinars

Webinars are another new method by which you can share your knowledge with other people who have limitations in time and location to learn these lessons in a physical class. The good news is after your audience reached a specific threshold, you can now convert more leads into paying and loyal customers who want to access your knowledge more and more.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has a long history in our society, and you can use this method in your social media platform. In this method, you can different brands on your page and offer your followers to purchase these brands with your given code. For every sale that’s made through your link or code, you earn a percentage of the sale.

  1. Digital ads

Advertising is considered as the main way to earn money from a digital system and as you see, there are lots of digital ads both on amateur and professional websites.

If you want to have ads on your blog or website, you open a Google Adsense account and start running ads on your page. The amount of income will be measured by your page’s impressions or clicks.

  1. Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts in another advertising way that you can use in your Instagram account. Nowadays, more and more companies are trying to make a relationship with influencers to use their pages as advertising billboards.

To help you imagine how big is this trade, you just need to know some influencer’s page posts are as expensive as a million dollars!!! Even if you are a nano-influencer, still you can earn a few hundred dollars via working with brands and make an attraction.

  1. sell a product

The first idea when we are talking about Instagram influencing can be selling a product. For being successful in this way, you should have trustful and two-way communication with the audience and have good ears to listen to their needs and demands. You can start retailing a relevant product and brand through your channels by using “dropshipping”.

  1. Membership site

A membership site can be the extension of your courses where people have to pay a fee to use your extra knowledge. You can use the membership site to release your new content every week or every month.  A membership site can be very excellent because it can bring you a consistent income. Based on this data, you can estimate how much money do you want to earn in a year.

  1. Online courses

Nowadays even official universities and institutes have started to use online platforms for their classes and courses. So, why not we use them? The big advantage of online courses is being in an academic environment and learn from it even you are thousands of kilometers far from it physically.

You can put all your content in a 100-min course and you can sell tickets if you want to set part of your course as premium. Unlike webinars, online courses can be one-time creation. You can put together your pre-recorded videos to make sure you are not constantly working on the same course.

  1. Create an event

A large-scale event of your current webinars, tutorials, or training courses will be a high-potential framework that you can earn. The thing you should do is to gather all the previous information into a simple format that can be taught easily and can transfer more data in less time.

You can also invite other influential people to speak and teach, and bring on sponsors for your events.

  1. Create a product

Although needed more creativity, you can design and make your product similar to selling. The advantage of this route is you can customize your product offering and making your selling products more suitable to your followers’ needs.

Making a new product can be very difficult. We are not talking about designing a new airplane!!! What you can start with, can be producing homemade products, writing a new book or journal, or creating a new decoration.

  1. Corporate training

Corporate training is another fantastic method for an influencer who has high knowledge in a specific field or area. Nowadays our world is changing rapidly and many corporations are trying to hire these kinds of influencers to train their employees. Like in-person events and webinars, you can monetize your content to an audience, and also there is an extra opportunity for you to work with that company as a consultant or a couch.


Instagram is a potential platform that you can both earn money and have fun moments. To be honest, these two brilliant advantages are found en bloc only on Instagram. So, why not start your business and also having fun? 

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