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There are some bugs and problems on social media but there are a lot of solution for them that users can solve them by theirselves step by step.

This person is unavailable on messenger; what does it mean and how to fix it

Messenger as a member of Facebook’s big family has some little issues for its users sometimes. Suppose you are chatting with your friend and suddenly you get stocked with a message reading “this person is unavailable on messenger”. What happened?

In this article, we are going to excavate all facts about this issue and discuss possible solutions

What does it mean?

Messenger shows this message while blocking your ability to send messages to the recipient. The server told you the person who you were chatting with doesn’t exist now, but this is not true. This could happen if;

  1. You are being blocked by the recipient
  2. Your friend might delete his or her messenger app or Facebook account
  3. Facebook has removed or disabled the account
  4. There is a bug in your phone

Facebook says when you encounter “this person is unavailable on messenger” error occurs usually when a user deletes a conversation. Although, if this is the case, you can open the Facebook web and reply to that person even if he or she has deleted the conversation.

How to fix

Unfortunately, fixing this problem is not easy. Facebook is one of the most sophisticated applications and sometimes even the Facebook support team cannot help you with the issues; however, there are some simple ways which can resolve the bug in 90% of the cases.

  1. Update your Facebook messenger app

First of all, check if there is a new update for the app on Google Play or Appstore. In some cases, installing the latest version can resolve the problem easily.

  1. Check your internet connection

Never forget to check your internet status. Having a weak wave sometimes makes the app partially functional and cannot run the services. You can try sending a message or open a chat with a different person and see the same happen to that chat. If you can send a message, then your internet connectivity is sufficient enough.

  1. Are you already blocked?

The message “this person is unavailable on Messenger” also means maybe the recipient has blocked you or deleted the conversation. On Facebook, users can block you in two ways, or through Messenger.

If you are blocked through Messenger, you can still send and receive posts or photos from your friend but farcically you cannot communicate with each other on Messenger. If you are blocked via Facebook, you are abandoned both on Facebook and Messenger; however, you still can see previous texts and messages.

  1. Your recipient has some problems with Facebook

In some cases being a specific account unavailable means that the account has been deactivated or removed by Facebook. It could also be that the account was fake and facebook detected and removed it from their database.

For whatever reason he or she is disabled, you need to find out whether the account is active or deleted. To check this, consider your friend’s list and search the user by name or email. If you find the profile, that means the account is still active.

  1. Check your Facebook memories

You can check your account status by Facebook Memory. With this option, you can find out previous likes or comments. In case the user name is clickable or blue which takes you to his/her profile then it is an indication you are not blocked by the user. If you can’t do the whole process, so you are abandoned, respectively.

To check the memory on phone;

  • Open the Facebook app on your phone
  • Search for “Memories” on the search bar and click on it

To check the memory on PC;

  • Go to the Facebook website
  • On the main page sidebar under the “Explore” option click on “See More”
  • Scroll down and click on “Memories”
  1. Use the web-based version of Facebook for sending messages

It seems this bug will never get away from the application You can log in to your account and try sending a message to that person from the Facebook web version. This is a thing which many people are doing nowadays.


I hope this article could be helpful. To be honest, suddenly finding out the user is unavailable on messenger is weird and confusing, and you cannot do much about it.

I can’t log in to my Instagram, what to do?

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms these days. People can share their images, feelings, and ideas on Instagram but sometimes there is an issue with login into the personal account. What should we do? In this article, we are going to discuss reasons and solutions for this problem.

Why there is an error with your Instagram?

There are five main reasons which you may encounter if your Instagram is out of use;

  1. Your internet connection is faulty

Even the easiest issues can bring problems. Make sure your internet connection is secure and with no delay. Otherwise, you will not get the Instagram service completely.

  1. You entered the wrong username or password

If you are having problems accessing your account on Instagram, make sure to all the login details that you have provided are correct. Note that Instagram password is case-sensitive. Entering the wrong credentials too many times can also block your account.

  1. Your account is blocked

Sometimes the problem is not as easy as you think. Due to violation of terms and conditions, being reported by multiple users, or being inactive for a long time, Instagram can disable or block your account forever.

  1. Instagram servers have some problems at the moment

It is also possible to encounter login issues on Instagram if you are using an old version of the app, which Instagram no longer supports. If your app is outdated, it will not get access to log in to the server anymore. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Instagram app.

  1. Your Instagram app is outdated

The last possible reason for Instagram login problems is that their servers are experiencing technical problems and literally “they are down”. To fix this problem, you only need time and wait until the servers begin to respond to your requests.

  1. Detecting an unusual login attempt by the server

In some cases, an anonymous user or hacker is trying to penetrate your account so Instagram will cross out your account to ensure its security. In this case, you can attempt to login in the coming days or you can ask for help from Instagram support.

20 ways to fix your problem

Now we have to discuss the ways we can utilize to solve your problem, after recognizing the possible reasons. There are a couple of ways which we can do to make your Instagram active again;

  1. Restart your device

The first method we can try if Instagram is not working properly is to restart your device. It sounds cliche at times, but sometimes there are a lot of processes running in the background, so there is a chance that you don’t have enough system resources to run the Instagram app properly.

After your device has completely restarted, open the Instagram app, and try logging in to your account to check if the log-in issue on the app is resolved.

  1. Check the Instagram servers

The next way when you cannot access your account is to check if the servers are working properly. Since there is no dedicated page on Instagram’s website that gives out the status of their servers, we have to check the status from third-party websites such as Downdetector. This website displays any problems encountered by the app for the past 24 hours.

  1. Check your device’ date & time

It is important to know if your device has the wrong date and time, then it can cause problems when connecting with Instagram’s servers. When the Instagram app is trying to log into your account, the servers will examine the host (your phone) date and time validity. Any mismatching can contribute to rejecting your request.

  1. Check your internet connection

One of the simplest methods is to see your mobile or Wi-Fi internet connection. If the Instagram app doesn’t have access to a reliable network, it won’t be able to communicate properly with its servers. If you are using Wi-Fi routers for connection, it is recommended to restart it to ensure that it is connected properly to your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

  1. Reset your Instagram account’s password

Sometimes you have forgotten your password and the symbols you are typing are incorrect. You can try resetting your Instagram account’s password so that you are sure that you are entering the correct login credentials. With these steps we can do this job easily;

One: open the Instagram app and tap on the “Get help with signing in”

Two: now write your username or Email to recover your Instagram account. Then, click the “Next” button.

Three: now, choose a way on how you will receive the link to reset your Instagram account’s password.

Four: in the last step, access the link and write a new password for your account.

After resetting your password, log into the app and check if the problem is resolved.

  1. Clear your Instagram’s cache (only recommended for android users)

If you are using an Android device, maybe some of its system files got corrupted during use or while updating the app. So by deleting all the data and cache on your phone, you will get a fresh copy of the app and that it works properly.

  1. Check for an update

There is a fact that if you are using an outdated version of the Instagram app, it might not be able to correctly communicate with the servers which cause the error when logging in to your account.

So it is better to check Google Play (for Android devices) and App Store (for IOS devices) to check the latest update if it is available.

  1. Check your login credentials

There is some silly mistake which can put you in big trouble. For starters, you may have left the CapsLock on or typed in an extra space without realizing it. Furthermore, because the password’s symbols are hidden on the screen, you maybe have made a mistake while typing it. Instagram usernames begin with an alias symbol (@). However, you shouldn’t type this out when logging in to your account.

  1. Sign into Instagram through Facebook

The good news is because Instagram is a company under Facebook, it allows the two social media to be linked together.

How we can link two accounts together?

Through these steps, you can link your Facebook account to your Instagram one, if you have;

One: tap on your profile picture from the bottom right corner of the screen.

Two: After that, tap on the hamburger menu in the top-right corner.

Three: now, it is time to tap on the “Settings” button at the bottom of the sidebar.

Four: in the next step, under Facebook, select “Account Centre”.

Five: Now, select “Logging in across accounts” and then select “Add Accounts”.

Six: Finally, sign in to the Facebook account you wish to use for logging in and click “Continue”.

  1. Log into the Instagram website via Mobile or PC browser

Sometimes it is better to use the Instagram website for logging in via Mobile or PC browser to check if the problem is with your App or account. The browser version of Instagram is very similar to the mobile app. However, when there is a problem with your app, the browser can still run because of its compatibility and upgradability.

  1. Switch to a different device

In this method, we recommend logging into Instagram on a different device. This method is to determine if the problem is your device’s issues or particularly, your account. Sometimes, your device’s IP has been flagged so you cannot access your Instagram account via your phone.

  1. Use a different web browser to log in

More after, it seems you can’t log into your account from a browser. Here, we recommend using other browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and so on. The reason is that each browser uses different engines to process codes written for websites.

  1. Use a DNS or VPN application

If the login errors are because of your regions or originating from the ports, you may need to use DNS or VPN applications. VPN applications route all your data traffic through a set of servers in the country where service is available. On the other hand, DNS applications convert your IP address into a virtual location of your choice via a proxy server located in that country.

VPN is more secure than DNS, but it is also more expensive. Moreover, VPNs aren’t available on all devices. Also, DNS is faster than VPN. So if security is not a big issue for you, you can try DNS.

How to configure DNS settings to access Instagram?

One: on your phone, go to “settings” and then “Wi-fi” or you can alternatively tap on the Wi-Fi icon in the notification shade.

Two: After that, click the type of connection consisting of your Wi-Fi.

Three: on the next step, click on the Wi-Fi you are connected to tap on the “Advanced Options”.

Four: under “IP settings”, change DHCP to Static. Then, for DNS 1, erase the previous IP and enter and repeat the process for DNS 2 with (stands for Google DNS).

Five: save changes

  1. Factory reset your device

Another recommendation is to hard reset or doing a “factory reset” on your device. This option will erase all of the data and apps previously configured or downloaded on the device. Briefly, your phone will return to the original system state or manufacturer settings. Here, you can follow the steps to complete this action;

For Android;

One: go to Settings and choose “System:

Two: now, click on “Reset options” and then “Erase all data” (Factory reset)

Three: in the last step, again choose “Erase all data”

For iOS;

One: open the Settings app and click on “General”

Two: now, scroll down and select “Reset”

Three: Finally, choose “Reset All Settings”

  1. Clone the Instagram app

If none of the above methods is working for you, You can try solving the Instagram login error by creating a clone of the Instagram app. This means the user is allowed to have multiple accounts on the same device and he/she will get free of most glitches. There are many clone apps available in the App Store or Play Store, which you can choose.

  1. Inspect if your Instagram account has been disabled

Sometimes you have entered your username and password correctly but you encounter this message below;

“The username you entered doesn’t belong to an account. Please check your username and try again.”

This means your account is disabled or deleted either by yourself, or someone else.

How to appeal a disabled Instagram account?

One: enter your username and password

Two: log in to your disabled account. The main page will have a message saying “Your Account will be Deleted”

Three: now, click on the “Request Review” button below the Download Data button

Four: As a result, Your username will be pre-populated and you have to fill in a request with your full name, email address, and why you believe disabling your account was a mistake

This appeal process may take up to 24 hours or longer. The point is, if you or someone else with your password has deleted your account, there is no way to restore it. But you have this chance to create a new account with the same email address.

  1. Change your Apple ID or Android ID

We have to consider that there is a possibility that Instagram has blocked your device ID instead of your account. This can occur due to frequent violations of Instagram’s community guidelines and terms of use. Thus, we must change our Android ID or Apple ID.

How to change Android ID?

One: root your Android device

Two: now, install the “Xposed module”

Three: download a Phone ID changer from the Google Play Store

Four: next, change the Android ID and IMEI number of your phone

Five: reboot your device. Finally, you can reinstall the Instagram app

How to change Apple ID?

One: uninstall the Instagram app

Two: Open the Settings app and tap Your Name which appears on top.

Three: in the next step, you have to log out of the App Store. To do this, tap on the “Sign out” at the bottom of the page. Click on the “Sign out” to reconfirm your decision

Four: go to the App Store and tap the profile picture icon or Sign in button at the top-right.

Five: now you can New Apple ID and follow on-screen instructions

Six: reinstall the Instagram app and log into your account

  1. Disable your Instagram account temporarily

Another method can be temporarily disabling your Instagram account. It can help to fix your account’s problem and also, it has been tremendously helpful for other users. You can do this task using either a mobile browser or a PC browser. Note that your Instagram can only be disabled once a week. Hence, do not overdo this step.

  1. Examine if your Instagram account is hacked

If you sent a password reset email to the email you provided during sign-up but still didn’t receive any such email, there is a possibility that your account has been hacked by someone. In this case, we suggest visiting the “Instagram Help Center” and read the guides. It gives detailed steps on how to solve and prevent your account from being hacked.

  1. Contact Instagram for support

The last thing we can do is to contact Instagram support to find some tips and information as to why these kinds of login errors are happening to you. Hopefully, they will find a solution.


Hope this article would be useful for you. Although server-based technical issues seldom occur on Instagram, it is better to check the status primarily before any intervention. You can also read Instagram`s guidelines once more to gain more information.

How to Fix YouTube Down Easily

YouTube is a social media platform for sharing and watching videos. This powerful American platform enjoys enormous popularity. However, like every other website, it can sometimes go down or crash. In this article, we explore some common errors you may encounter while using the app or website and offer ways to solve them.

Why use YouTube

As we said before YouTube is really popular. Almost 100 hours of video is uploaded to it per minute. Hence there is always something to watch. People can create their own channels and get monetized after some time. There is also a live stream option available. You can find videos of different topics on it. Some people even use this platform to improve their English. Some other people earn money by selling products or promoting companies that sponsor them. With a wide range of audiences, it’s a great place for branding getting your message to them.

Common errors and how to solve them

It may happen that videos don’t play, they play slowly or the problem may be something else entirely. Here are some common ways and fixes that may solve your problem.

  1. Check if Youtube is down: it rarely happens that YouTube has a complete outage. However, it is a good idea to check it when you face a problem. To do this you can use the Downdetector website. This website shows you if there are reports of YouTube outages and from where they are in the world. In case you find out YouTube is down, you may want to search for its news on the internet. If you realize that YouTube is only crashing for you, try the other steps.
  1. Check your internet connection: it might be the case that you can browse other websites yet your connection is not stable enough to watch videos on YouTube. Open the local troubleshoot page on your device and see if you can solve the errors.
  1. Restart your device: some background apps and smartphone issues may interfere with YouTube’s performance. Restarting your phone solves many small problems and can help you get rid of what is slowing you down.
  2. Update your device: if your operating system is not updated, YouTube may not be able to work properly. Ensure your Android or iOS device is not outdated in settings. Usually, you can know about this when you open the “About Phone” page on your mobile phone. Download and install the new version. Check if YouTube works well after this. 
  1. Disable the extensions: EarthWeb suggests that some extensions can be incompatible with YouTube, removing them will tackle the issue. To view all the extensions you have installed, search in Chrome. You can see a slider beside each one. Click on it and it turns gray. Disable the extensions one by one and after turning each one off, reload the page to find out if the problem is solved.
  2. Clear your cache: every time you use the app it leaves out a small bit of data. In the long run, it accumulates and builds up a huge amount and causes trouble. The best way to clear the cache on iPhone is to uninstall and reinstall the application. Android users should go to their device settings and clear the cache from there.
  3. Update your browser: click on the three dots you can see on the top right corner of chrome. Click “help” and then “About Google Chrome”. On the page that comes up, you can see if any updated version is available. The process repeats for Firefox as well. Open menu, click “about Firefox”, a window opens that looks for the updates. Install and enjoy!
  1. Update YouTube application: Youtube is always launching newer versions. You must have the latest one on your device to make sure you benefit from the recent features and bug fixes. To do this open the Play Store app. In the menu, tap “My apps and games”. See if the label of YouTube says “update”. In that case, it’s time to download and install the newest version. 
  2. Check date and time: YouTube may not be able to work properly if the date and time of your device are not synced with its servers. The easiest way to solve this is to let your network handle it. 

How to fix Reddit Down Issues

Reddit is made up of a huge amount of forums in which people can discuss news and vote for a person who has uploaded content. People can create a profile on Reddit for free to use the basic features, however, users with a premium subscription can access forums that are member-only.

How popular is Reddit

There are around 52 million users in Reddit who are active on the platform on a daily basis. Most of its users are located in the US. In fact, it’s the tenth most popular social platform in that part of the world. The majority of users spend around ten minutes on the website per visit. 

Common problems with Reddit

You may find out that Reddit will not load on your device or it’s slow. Here is a list of common reasons and how to solve them.

  1. It may be down for everyone: Whenever Reddit is down, it is a good idea to check if it is only you having problems or a lot of people. To do this you can use the Downdetector website. This website shows you if there are reports of Reddit outages and from where they come from in the world. In case you find out Reddit is down, you may want to search for its news on the internet. If you realize that the website is only crashing for you, try the other steps.
  2. Disable your adblocker: just like some background apps, some adblockers can interrupt your connection to Reddit.  Check all your adblockers and extensions on chrome. Turn them off one by one. After you turn each one off, refresh Reddit and see if the issues are tackled.
  1. Clear the cache: when you work with a certain application or website, it leaves out a small amount of data in your device that can accumulate over time. To clear the cache in iPhone, search “Clear History and Website Data”, choose the applications or browser, and you are done. Just bear in mind that clearing the cache erases all your passwords as well so make sure you have them before you attempt to do this. To clear the cache on Android first open chrome. Tap the three dots on the top right corner, choose a time range and clear the cache.
  2. Check your internet connection: it’s of no surprise that if you are not connected to the network or your connection is not stable enough, you can’t open Reddit. Open the local troubleshoot page on your device and see if you can solve the errors. There might be a problem with your router. Restarting it may solve the problem. Also, make sure you have paid the bill and the company that is providing you with the internet is not down.
  1. Update Reddit: using an older version of an app doesn’t usually lead to problems. However, it is best if you try to update them regularly. To do this, go to Google Play and check if an update is available for Reddit. In case there is an update, download and install it.
  2. Restart your device: as you probably already know turning your device off and on again, can solve many small problems. It can stop the applications that are running in the background and solve your problem with Reddit.
  3. Refresh the page: this is probably the first thing we do when we see a website is going slow or there is a problem with it. The good news is that it actually solves our problems most of the time so don’t hesitate to do it.


Reddit is a popular American platform that is replete with different forums that mostly discuss the news. While there is usually no problem with the website, it can sometimes be slow or may not load. In this article, we discussed some easy and quick fixes that help you handle any issue you may have faced.

How to Fix Twitter Down Easily

Twitter is a social platform that is known for microblogging. People post whatever message they want to Twitter. These messages are called tweets. These posts that are usually short written texts are about different topics; from literature and poetry to political and social matters. On this American social platform, you can tweet, like, comment, and retweet other people’s posts but only if you are a member. In contrast, you can only read their tweets if you do not sign up. Like any other website and application, Twitter faces problems regarding loading, crashing, etc. in this article we examine why Twitter is so popular and provide you with some solutions to try if you face problems when working with Twitter.

Why is It so popular

Nowadays we can name tens of popular Social Media platforms. However, most of these platforms are amusement tools and may not add to the users’ knowledge and understanding of the world so much. 

On Twitter, you can see renowned people in different areas from art to all different types of professions, and access them easily. People usually give links to websites and articles that are worth a read. It is also really fast. Tweets fly in seconds and those who are interested can share breaking news and run hot debates in a matter of seconds.

Common solutions to Twitter problems

Is twitter running slowly or not loading? Try these simple steps and your problem should be solved in no time.

  1. See if it is happening in a wide area:  check websites like the Down Detector to see if other people around the world or in your area of residency are facing the same issue as well. It might be a technical problem with Twitter that you must wait for it to solve. If that is the case, check for its news on the internet. When you finally make sure it is not only you, the best solution will probably be to wait.
  2. Check your internet connection: you might have forgotten to pay your bills. Your service provider may have issues. Check these things and try to load pages other than Twitter. If it is about your router, restarting it may address the issue. 
  1. Restart your device: restarting a device fixes many small issues about it. Turn your device off and on again. Try to reach Twitter once more.
  2. Reinstall the application: this works just like restarting your device. Just ensure you have your password and attempt to do this.

To uninstall Twitter from Android:

  1. Tap the menu button from the homescreen
  2. Choose “Applications and the “Manage Applications”
  3. Select Twitter and finally choose “Uninstall”

To install Twitter for Android:

  1. Go to the “App Store”
  2. Search for Twitter
  3. Select “Download”
  4. Install and you are good to go
  1. Check date and time settings: check if the date and time of your device are set to synchronize automatically. Let your network handle this issue automatically since if the date and time of your device is not in alignment with Twitter servers, it may not load for you.
  1. Clear your cache: every time you use an application, it leaves out a small bit of data in your mobile phone or PC. In the long run, it accumulates and builds up a huge amount of residue and causes trouble. The best way to clear the cache on iPhone is to uninstall and reinstall the application. Android users should go to their device settings and clear the cache from there.


Twitter is an American microblogging tool that is especially very popular with youngsters. On this platform, people share short messages that are known as Tweets. Like any other website and application, it may crash or not be able to load sometimes. In this article, we discussed some ways to fix some common problems when working with Twitter.

Fix can’t follow people on Instagram

Instagram, as the second-largest social network, after Facebook is getting increasingly complicated. Billion on Instagram accounts removed recently, due to being a fake one. Actions on Instagram are also limited, and Instagram will not let the user do anything unless they wait for it sometimes.

Instagram actions such as like, follow, unfollow, comment, post sometimes become restricted. However, many of the following issues are not related to Instagram and can be fixed. If you are using Instagram for personal purposes, and you are going to get more followers to boost your business, and you are facing the issue, read this blog to fix it.

The Instagram algorithm is getting more complicated toward a better and more positive community. In general, Instagram has many limitations, including the restriction in the bio, and information to actions. For example, you are not allowed to use more than one link in bio, and you should use iLink to ass more than one link to your bio. Also, you can use iShop to get more options if you are running an Instagram shop.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a short way, you can use an Instagram bot to do the Instagram actions without any issues automatically.

Fix can’t follow people on Instagram

To fix the issue, you should first check if your actions are blocked by Instagram or not because the status of following people depends if you are action blocked or not.

Are you action blocked?

If you see a message like a bellow, it means that you temporarily cannot follow people on Instagram, and you should wait. The time depends on Instagram. They usually give a period of one or two weeks to remove the blocked actions. Sometimes, Instagram will let you know in the pop up until when you are activity blocked. If they have not mentioned, then you can wait a couple of days.

Fix can’t follow people on Instagram if I’m NOT action blocked

If you are not action blocked, you can fix the issue by trying the mentioned methods. Try to do them, one by one, if you still could not fix it, you can report the problem to Instagram, and comment bellows the detail. We would help you.

1.Use another phone

You should first find out whether the issues are related to your account or something about your device. The best way is to login from another device and try again.

2. Reset the network

You can fix some of the Instagram issues by resetting the network setting. You can also try switching your phone on and off, and turning off and on the mobile data.

3. Switch to Wi-Fi

If you are using mobile data, you can try with a Wi-Fi network. In some cases, it fixes the Instagram issues.

4. Update the app

If you don’t have the latest version on Instagram, you can go to your app store or google play store and get the latest version. Sometimes, Instagram bugs are fixed in the newest version.

5. Reinstall the app

You can get the newest version on Instagram, with clear data by deleting the app and installing it again. It might work for you.

6. Clear caches

On any devices (iOS or Android), you can clear the cache through the Setting>Storage.

7. Wait for sometime

if this is a bug from Instagram, then you should sometimes wait (few hours, or days) to see if the problem is fixed or not. Meanwhile, you can report the issue to Instagram.

8. Contact Instagram support

You can report any issue or if something is not working on Instagram within the app. To say the issue to Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone
  2. Login to your account by entering the username and password
  3. Go to your profile page by tapping the small profile picture on the right side of the screen
  4. You should see the three-line icon on the top right (this is same for all devices)
  5. Tap setting
  6. Go to the Help section
  7. Report a problem
  8. Something is not working (write the detail in the box)
  9. Submit the report


If you could not fix the issue of following people on Instagram, comment the detail below. Our experts would consider and reply in the earliest time.

Fix S9 Facebook “can’t connect. this website can’t be loaded…” Error

There seems to be an expanding number of Android users reporting the same problems lately — Facebook and its related platforms seem to be facing issues. The reported queries appear to be uncommon and happens all over so there may be a general problem with Facebook’s network. The affected apps include Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook app and Facebook app browser.

How to fix “Facebook can’t connect” error?

In this article, we discuss the on-going bugs with Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook app browser on the GalaxyS9. These solutions can be applied to all Samsung smartphones though, so even if you don’t have an S9 or S9 Plus, you still can follow the steps below.

1- Galaxy S9 Plus Bixby not working

Issue: Bixby doesn’t work at all. It has not worked since I unboxed my new S9 Plus. I have tried every possible option such as I have reset my phone, factory resetting my device, clearing the cache, force stopping the app, entering safe mode, etc. All to no avail. The dedicated button doesn’t work at all. I can access Bixby home by swiping the screen but once I’m there nothing works correctly. I can’t set reminders, use Bixby’s voice, or view tutorials.

Solution: There are a lot of things you can do about Android bugs like this. If Bixby, a core feature for a high-end new Galaxy device, has not worked after unboxing, then you must have received a lemon. This doesn’t happen frequently. This is an exceptional case and may be associated with bad hardware. Since a factory reset wouldn’t make a difference at all, we wonder if there’s anything that you can do on your side to fix it. We recommend that you contact Samsung so you can ask for a replacement device.

2- “Can’t connect. This website can’t be loaded….” error

Issue: Whenever I open an article on Facebook to read, I get this error several times “can’t connect. This website can’t be loaded. Please check the address and your network, wifi, or data connection and try again.”

This happens even when my wifi is excellent. If I click “try again, ”I can generally read for another minute before it shows up again. I am becoming very frustrated. Also, Instagram crashes every time I open it.

Solution: Many Facebook users have reported the same issue for the past few days. We also felt it ourselves, so it’s most presumably something on Facebook’s end. As of this review, we can confirm that the problem has disappeared on our end. If it continues to happen on your device, these are some things you can try:

  • Update your Facebook app

Whenever you assume that there’s an app-specific problem occurring, the first thing you need to do is to update the app. make sure to check the Google Play Store app and install Facebook updates on it. If there’s no update available for Facebook, follow the solutions below.

  • Clear Facebook cache and Data

Another useful app troubleshooting is to clear its cache. If you haven’t examined it yet, here’s how to do it:

  1. Open settings
  2. Tap apps
  3. Tap on more settings at the top right
  4. Select “show system apps.”
  5. Tap on Facebook
  6. Tap storage
  7. Tap clear data/cache
  8. Restart your device and check the issue.
  9. Reinstall your Facebook

Should clearing the app’s cache and data won’t help, try to remove Facebook from the system, restart your device, and re-install. This usually works for most app-specific problems.

  • Report the bug to Facebook

Should all the about methods won’t work, the issue is probably due to a coding- or server-side problem. Report the case to Facebook using the app’s reporting tool below Settings. If many people are experiencing the matter, Facebook will take notice of the issue and release a patch to fix it.

How to report “Facebook can’t connect”?

When something is not working, your reports help Facebook fix the issue faster. adding the details like screenshots and detailed descriptions would help them too. They welcome the reports from users when Facebook keeps crashing or not working properly. So, you better report the issue.

To report something is not working on Facebook:

As you might new, a few month ago, Facebook moved to the new design (which was optional). You can still switch between new and old Facebook design.

On the old Facebook design

The process of reporting something on Facebook old design is a bit different.

  1. Go to facebook.com on a browser on your PC
  2. Login to your account
  3. Go to home page
  4. You should see a question mark icon on the top right of the screen
  5. Click on the question mark icon
  6. Find report a problem
  7. Follow the on-screen instruction given to you

On the newly designed Facebook

  1. Open the Facebook on PC or your laptop
  2. Click the triangular icon on top right of the screen
  3. Find the Help & support
  4. Go to report a problem
  5. Follow the given instruction on the screen


If you face any problems on social media like Instagram, you can use the common methods to fix the issues such as update the app, restart your internet network, reinstall the app, change the browser. If you could not fix it, you should report the problem to Facebook as it is given above. You can share your thought in the comment.

How to Fix “Link Not Allowed” Error on Instagram?

Instagram has set some boundaries in using the clickable link in bio to protect its users, especially teens, and prevent spams. Be more cautious when you want to use this single URL on Instagram to draw benefits and try not to get yourself blocked.

What Is “Instagram Link Not Allowed” Error?

The persistence of social media in this digital world is unquestionable; it’s all about staying in touch with friends and family and, of course, about sharing information effortlessly. So why not share links on it to drive traffic and increase our visibility to the whole world?

Instagram is one of the popular social networks in which you can share links yet with some limitations and under certain conditions. That is to say, you can only put a single clickable URL in your bio and are not allowed to have it in your post captions. It’s also possible to share an Instagram link in your stories only if you have a business account and more than 10,000 followers. But that’s not all you need to know about using Instagram links in this platform. Instagram has set some boundaries in this regard to protect its users, especially teens, and prevent spams.

Some of these restrictions are summarized as below:

· Shortened links such as bitly are not usually allowed because it’s unclear what you’re linking to.

· Links to adult websites or explicit content are not allowed.

· A certain link which is appearing on several accounts within a short period is not permitted.

· Links encouraging others to follow you on another service are not approved on Instagram

· Fake URLs may be blocked.

· URLs containing elements or misspellings of Instagram might get blocked.

· Links to your Snapchat or Telegram are not supported.

· Links to Etsy shops in any format are not allowed.

· Sometimes, Instagram doesn’t let you put a certain link just because of your WiFi connection!

· Affiliate links may be blocked.

· Your account may be reported or blocked if you share the links of other people’s contents without permission.

You will get below error message if you do one of the above:

Your account may be frozen; as a result, meaning you cannot get into it. In this case, contact Instagram support or wait a few days, hoping for the return of your account. But if none of these worked, you have no choice but to remove your account and to create a new one.

However, if your account is still available, I can provide you some ways to fix the error.

How to fix “Instagram link not allowed”?

There are several things you can do to fix this error, depending on the root cause of the problem. First, check your link for typos and then try the following solutions. I hope they will work for you.

·      Use iLink to convert multiple Instagram links into one

The easiest way to tackle this problem is to merge all your links, even those considered spammy by Instagram, and use one single iLink URL in your bio. 

·      Change your IP address

If the problem is with your network, you can solve it by changing the IP address. Don’t know if you knew it already or not, but restarting your WiFi will assign a new IP address to your device.

·      Restart or turn off your mobile phone

It will not harm if you turn off your cellular phone or put it in airplane mode for about 2-3 minutes as a possible solution to this error.

·      Change Router Configuration

Go to the homepage of your router and log in. Click on Network Connection in Select My Network tab. Then, select Broadband (Ethernet) under Rule Name and go to settings. Click on Renew > Release > Apply.

·      Debug your blog

Debug your web page by typing it in the box at Facebook debugger and running the URL through it before posting.

Multiple Instagram link in bio 

Now, many Instagram users might know that Inserting any links in the Instagram bio is easy. All you need is going to your Instagram profile, and using the “Edit Profile” section, paste the link in the website section. 

However, users may face issues regarding the Instagram link in bio, such as having multiple Instagram links. Instagram does not allow users to have multiple links in bio, though it is possible using iLink. 

How iLink helps to insert multiple Instagram links in bio?

You can create a landing page with all links and URLs you have. Then insert the iLink URL in your Instagram bio. 

To use this trick: 

  • Go to iLink and sign up. 
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to set up your account. 
  • Using the “add link” button insert your links 
  • Check the preview 
  • When you’re done, copy your unique iLink URL on the top left 
  • Paste the URL in Instagram bio using “Edit Profile.” 

Wrap it up

Instagram has its policies and rules, just like any other social media platform. These rules are there to keep the community clean and protect its members against spams and other potential risks. Be more cautious when you want to use that one Instagram link in bio to draw benefits and try not to get yourself blocked.

How to fix Facebook notifications not loading?

On Facebook, you
will receive updates about any activity through notifications. Depending on the
platform you are using, they are of different types such as red alert, email or
push notifications. These alerts inform you about new friend
requests or ulpoaded a photo edited with the facebook picture editor. And Facebook has notifications of different events and some of you are waiting for more than usual. For example, you have made a new video in a free video editor and are waiting for comments from your friends.

Sometimes you come across the problem that these alerts are not working. To solve this issue, some solutions are provided as below:

1. Make sure App Notification is turned on

your notification has been turned off unexpectedly due to some bug in the
system caused by an app or other unknown reasons. To turn it on again in iOS
mobile phones, enable ‘’Allow
’’ for Facebook in settings of your phone.

Android mobile phones, go to “Application Manager” in settings and tap
“Notification” on Facebook and switch it on from the Facebook app.

Google Chrome or Firefox, as stated in the Facebook help center, first make sure your
browser is up to date, then log in to Facebook, and then:

How to turn
Facebook notifications on and off:

  • Click on the upside-down triangle in the upper right corner and go to Settings.
  • Go to Notifications on the left menu.
  • Here, you can turn notifications on for all sorts of activity. They are clearly categorized as comments, tags, reminders, birthdays, etc.
Instruction to turn off and on the Facebook notifications

2. Clear cache memory

Applications store files
in “cache” for later reference as you use them. When you visit any page on your
browser, the logos and images and other items are downloaded to increase the
later load speed and save you time and data. If you want to have more space or
fix a malfunctioning app, erase cache memory.

Fix Facebook notifications not working on Android or iPhone

an app will erase all app data, not only its cache. So, if you have important
files in an app it’s not wise to go for uninstalling. First, try to clear cache
memory as below and if it doesn’t work try other solutions.

For iPhone, you
can clean up all cache data by using a professional iOS clear
cache which can be found simply by googling it.

Android, follow the following steps

  • Tap the Storage heading in your phone Settings.
  • Tap the Other Apps heading.
  • Find Facebook or Messenger app.
  • Tap the Clear Cache button.

If you
want to clear cache data from your desktop browser, note that each type of
browser requires a different method.

Fix Facebook
notifications not working on Chrome, Firefox, Explorer

You can use the clear
cash method for your browsers also. Follow the instructions bellow:


  1. Press the “Alt” key on your keyboard to make the top menu
  2. Click “Tools,” then click “Clear Recent History.”
  3. Select “Everything” from the “Time range to
    clear” drop-down menu.
  4. Click the arrow next to “Details.”
  5. Place a check in the box next to “Cache” and remove a check in
    the box next to any other item.
  6. Click “Clear Now” to clear your cache for Facebook and all other


  1. Click the “Tools” icon, then click “Internet Options.”
  2. Click “Delete” under “Browsing History.”
  3. Remove the check in the box next to “Preserve Favorites website
  4. Click “Delete” to clear your cache for Facebook.


  1. Click the “Tools” icon, then click “Options.”
  2. Navigate to the “Under the Hood” tab.
  3. Click “Clear Browsing Data.”
  4. Click to select “Everything” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Place a mark next to “Empty the cache” and remove marks from all
    other options.
  6. Click the “Clear browsing data” button to clear your cache for

3. Check for power saving modes

Data restriction enabled
by power saving modes or a third party battery saving apps such as Greenify can
cause Facebook, Messenger or any other app to misbehave in unexpected ways.

chances are if you uninstall the doubtful third-party software, your Facebook app
starts to function properly again.

This image shows low power mode in iPhone mobiles that can be turned on or off manually. https://poppromos.com

4. Update Facebook App

If you have an older version of the Facebook app on your cellphone, it may misbehave for no specific reason. So, update it from App Store if you have an iPhone. If it’s not updated it will be shown on the list of apps that need to be updated.

For Android:

  1. Open Google play store.
  2. Search for “Facebook” and click on the app.
  3. If you see ”update” instead of “open”, it means Facebook is out of date. Click on “update”.

5. Reinstall the app

If the problem still exists, you have no choice but to delete Facebook and install it once more.

For iPhone users, you should tap and hold down on the Facebook app without exerting much pressure. After the app icon begins to shake, tap the (X) button on the top right corner of the app and click ‘’Delete. Then download it from App Store

For Android users, press and hold Facebook and drag it to the trash bin at the upper left corner. Then, download it from Play Store.

Top Bio’s Minisite to Solve the Instagram Link problem

One of the issues in using Instagram for business and affiliate marketing is that you can’t post tap links on your captions, you can only use one clickable link on your bio.

There are some minisites available that let you create a customized landing page full of the links you want to share with your audience you don’t need to change your Instagram profile URL constantly; you can easily use these platforms and add your new blog links to the source page of yours.

What are link landing pages?

A landing page with proper design can increase conversions for your digital marketing campaigns, especially on Instagram where you can only use one link on your bio.

With a landing page, you can direct your audience to a specially-designed landing page where they can easily find what they’re looking for.

There are a bunch of landing page creators out there, so I have searched a lot and rank them based on:

  • Ease of use:

it should be easy to use. You should be able to set your landing page in less than 30 minutes.

  • Features:

Can you collect leads with it? It should get you analytics on your pages.

  • Price:

How much for using it monthly? It should have reasonable prices.

  • Support:

It should be easy to contact the company and get customer services when you have issues using it.

I have listed the top 5 link generators that you can use to create a landing page for your links and share it on your Instagram bio.

Top 4 sites to solve the Instagram link problem


iLink is a platform that lets you create a source page where you can store your multiple links via one link and use it anywhere you want to direct your audience to your new blog page, new product or your other social accounts.

  • It is effortless to use. You can create your source page on iLink without spending much effort and time.
  • You can upload a profile picture to your iLink and customize your profile.
  • You can add your email address, phone number and location to your profile so that people will be able to get in touch with you.
  • You can add a description about yourself and your brand so that people will know you better.
  • You can choose a theme for your page.
  • It provides you stats include numbers of clicks on every link.
  • You can add your social media accounts to the page so your audience will be able to contact you.
  • It has no limits; you can add as many links as you want.

It’s free!


HubSpot is a marketing solution that has a low tier solution for creating landing pages.

  • It has a user-friendly dashboard that makes things easier for you
  • Good customer support
  • Seo and content strategy
  • The price is 50$ per month
  • It has simple templates


If you want to create a simple and effective landing page without maxing out your marketing budget, this could be the tool for you.

  • You can Publish in Minutes with 150+ Free Page Templates
  • Mobile Responsive Landing Page Templates
  • Easy to use
  • The price is 25$ per month.


If you’ve got some experience coding and your own web server, this one could be for you.

  • It has link analytics dashboards that you can use.
  • Free and open source
  • It has Handy bookmarklets to shorten and share links easily
  • It has a friendly installer

Twitter Bug Makes it Look Like Random Retweets are Appearing in your Timeline

Some Twitter users have been complaining that tweets that were retweeted by users they don’t follow are now displaying in their timeline. The issue, thankfully, is not related to a new Twitter algorithm, as some had worried. Instead, the company said that a bug affecting Android users was mislabeling the “social proof” tag on Retweets.

This is the section of the Retweet that tells you who, among the users you already follow, had retweeted your post in question.

The company said that the social proof label is wrong, so the Android users were observing tweets that looked like they had been retweeted by people they don’t know.

Twitter states the Retweets that showed up were actually tweeted by users the people knew, but their social proof label was wrong, which made them look out of place. The designers of Twitter are aware of the query and are working to fix this now. The bug has been on for a few days, Twitter also confirmed.

The company’s @TwitterSupport account had not yet replied to people asking about this issue, which may have caused some user confusion. After all, Twitter has been known to put what some consider irrelevant information in the timeline — like posts that show you when many users you follow have now all followed another Twitter user or posts that show you that some people have shared the same link, for instance. But even in those cases, that was in-network action — not something like placing random retweets in your main feed.

Until the bug is fixed, Twitter users who don’t like the seemingly random retweets can tap on down arrow to tell Twitter they want to see less content like this.

Everything about the “Zucker-Bugs”

Almost everyone uses Facebook, but can we all agree that sometimes it kind of sucks? For every great picture or story you see on Facebook, you will see tons of low-quality memes, disturbing content, and even frustrating user interface elements. Let’s put a stop to all these for good. We will cover fixes for some of Facebook’s most common issues so you won’t have to put up with them anymore.

1- How to shut up excessive posters?

We all know someone like this:

  • Your friend posts too many potential rants.
  • Your grandma has no idea how to use Facebook and posts nonsense all the time.
  • That one friend who posts too many photos of their pet.
  • A colleague who
  • copies and pastes a post filled with grammatical errors to let you know they still hate cancer!

These situations result in a dilemma. You don’t like to unfriend these people on Facebook and hurt their feelings, but you are also sick of their posts. The solution here is to unfollow them; you will not see their post updates anymore, but you remain friends.

How to unfollow someone on Facebook?

You can unfollow the annoying friends by these simple steps:

  • Go to their profile page
  • Click on the following box on the right side of their cover picture
  • Select Unfollow [Username].

Now you will not have to suffer from their posts. You will still be friends though, so you can check their timeline anytime you want to find out what they’re up to. They won’t receive a notification of you unfollowing them, so don’t worry, you’re safe! Enjoy your clutter-free timeline.

2- Create an important friends list

On the other hand, there are a few friends whose posts we don’t want to miss. Facebook is changing its algorithm all the time, so you might not even see some of the updates from your friends. To prevent this, you can specify your closest friends and get their updates at the top of your feed, every time.

How to specify a friend on Facebook?

To do this, you have to follow these steps:

  • Go to your friend’s page whose posts you don’t want to miss
  • Click the following box again
  • Select “See First” from the options

Now Facebook will always show you their updates right away. Whether you use this for Facebook stalking or not is up to you!

If you really cannot miss an update from a special someone, you can get notifications when they post something new. To do this:

  • Go to your friend’s page
  • Click the “friends” box
  • Choose “get notifications” from the options on the list.

Now Facebook will send you a notification every time they post something on the platform.

3- Get rid of the targeted ads

Facebook makes a lot of money from advertising. Therefore, it spends a lot of time trying to show you the most relevant ads hoping you will interact with them. By default, Facebook just tracks you everywhere you go on the platform and uses your browsing habits to select the best ads for you. You can get rid of these personalized ads and see only general ones for your age group and gender.

How to disable personalized ads?

To opt out of these ads you should:

  • Click on the small drop-down arrow at the top right of Facebook’s window
  • Select “settings.
  • Select “ads” on the left sidebar
  • Open the ad settings category on the resulting page
  • Now you can change the first two options to “No” and the third option to “No one.”

This will stop Facebook from using your browsing history to show you targeted ads.

4- Stop sharing posts with everyone

Just like you get sick of seeing people’ posts, sometimes you don’t want to share your updates with all of your friends. Maybe you don’t want your boss to see what you were up to on your day off, or don’t need another load of your mother’s commentary on what you have to share. By using these few methods, you can simply hide your posts from certain people.

If you want to hide a post from someone once:

  • click on the audience selector button (the one that says Friends or Public) on your post.
  • Select Friends except (username) and search for the one you don’t like to see your post.
  •  Click on the red Remove button to keep them from seeing your post
  • Save Changes to finish.

To prevent someone from seeing all of your posts, you can add them to your Restricted list. Users on this list won’t be able to see anything you post unless it’s set to Public or you tag them in it. To add someone to your restricted list:

  • Go to their Facebook page
  • select the Friends button,
  • click Add to another list
  • Scroll down and click the Restricted list.

5- Block annoying app invites

Facebook features lots of stupid games, all of them designed to waste your time and money. If you’re sick of friends asking for some extra lives in Candy Crush, you can block all Facebook invites and requests by a person or by game. To do this:

  • Go to your settings
  • Select the blocking tab this time
  • Find the block app invites field and enter your annoying inviter’s name

This way you will automatically block all their future requests, and don’t worry this doesn’t affect any part of your interaction with them on the platform.

You can also enter the app’s name in the “block apps” field to prevent it from contacting you.

6- Common Facebook errors

We conclude with tips for a few common errors people get while trying to access Facebook.

Forgot Facebook password

Forgetting your Facebook login information is one of the most common issues people run into. You should try to recover your Facebook account if you can’t log in, but first, make sure your account isn’t hacked, or else you need to report the problem to Facebook.

To recover your Facebook account:

  • Go to the Facebook recovery page
  • Write down the email address or phone number you have added to your Facebook account.
  • Once you managed to identify your account, click continue
  • Facebook will send you a security code via email or SMS.
  • Enter the code, and you will have your account recovered.

Can’t connect to Facebook

Since Facebook in one of the biggest platforms on the web, it rarely faces an outage. If you can’t get on Facebook, follow these steps to diagnose the issue:

  • Check a website like down detector to see if Facebook is really down. If it is, you can’t do much more than waiting.
  • Visit another website to make sure of your internet connection. If your internet connection is down, you can restart your phone, wifi, or cellular to fix it.
  • Clear the cache and cookies of your browser
  • Try to open Facebook in an incognito window or another browser, and if it works, something is wrong with your current browser.
  • Disable your VPN or any other tracker-blocking extensions you are using and try to connect to Facebook directly.
  • Reboot your device and router.

That’s it.

Which Facebook annoyances drive you crazy?

Do you have any other issues with the platform? Leave a comment and let us know about it.