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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website Via your Instagram Page?

How to make a website on Instagram?

Are you using Instagram to promote your business? Do you want to direct your Instagram followers to your website? Once you build an audience on your Instagram, How can you get their eyes from your feed to convert on your site? The answer is you need to focus on how you can drive traffic (organic traffic) and conversions from Instagram. But before anything, you should make sure your profile will successfully drive traffic to your website.

How to make a website on Instagram?

You should make an excellent website on Instagram with iLink to draw users in and encourage them to follow you. The first thing your customers see from you on Instagram is your Instagram bio. Usually, people may see one of your pictures before they come to your profile. But if they want to follow you, they will look at your bio. So, it’s the first impression that you are making on them.

How can I write a good Instagram bio?

I can give you some suggestions to consider:

  • Your name (username)

Your name  should be unique (your business name or your actual name)

Don’t use weird words, funny spellings or other versions of your name. This is how people know you, and your brand.

Your username and name on Instagram are the only things that Instagram considers in search queries.

  • Make it interesting

Social media is about having fun, especially on Instagram.

Your bio should show the fun side of your personality too. Know your audience and make them laugh.

  • Use some keywords

Keywords on Instagram aren’t used the same way as keywords on websites, hashtags are easy to search and find, but if you use them on your bio, they won’t show on search results.

You can create a custom hashtag for your brand and use it to connect with other users.

  • Include your website link

The only way to post a clickable link on Instagram is to place it in your bio. Most users link to their website’s homepage.

But what if you want to share more than one link on Instagram?

You can’t always update or change your link on bio, it’s frustrating.

There is a way to fix this problem 

You can use iLink to convert as many links as you want into one short link and place it on your Instagram bio or anywhere you like.

iLink lets you create a source page to store your multiple links via one link and use it on your Instagram bio.

by using this tool, you can direct more traffic to your web pages and promote your products.

You can customize your profile by adding profile pictures, addresses of your other social media accounts, your location, and phone number, etc.

Place a call to action on your caption or image

You can throw a contest or giveaway on Instagram and ask them to click the link on the bio and enter your website.

Like this post of canva. The photo has a call to action that asks followers to enter a contest for a year of free access; the caption directs users to click on the bio link of canva.


Now that you get a few ideas about how to drive traffic to your site from your Instagram bio, its time to get started.

Take your first step and make sure you don’t get obsessed with it.

Can I see who viewed my TikTok?

TikTok is one of the most popular short video sharing platforms which has millions of active users monthly. Like other socila media viewing TikTok profile can be exciting, especially when you want to do it anonymously. It might also happen to see who viewed your profile. Follow this blog to get the answer to all of these questions.

Social media is of great help for many users to have fun or boost their accounts for business purposes. Knowing more about TikTok, and its different parts might help you to perform better on this popular social network.

Can people see if I view their TikTok profiles without an actual account?

No. people can see who viewed their TikTok profile if you use a TikTok account. If you visit someone else profile, they will get a notification on their notification bar. But if you use the TikTok profile viewer, no one will see you have viewed their videos or profile. However, you can only TikTok profile viewers if they have a public account.

If you want to see a private personal account, you should log in with the TikTok account and send them a follow request. If they accept your request, you can see their profile content, and they also get notifications that you have visited their profile.

TikTok profile viewer

If you search on the internet, you can see several TikTok profile viewer that helps you to find the content of username you want. You can search the username you are going to view their profile and find the profile from the listed accounts. Once you open the account, you can see their videos if their accounts are public. If the account is a private one, you will get an error. In this way, the person won’t realize that you have seen their profile. Indeed, you can see their profile anonymously.

By the way you can also download tiktok videos using: “tiktok video downloader“.

How to see who viewed your TikTok?

TikTok will notify users if someone visits your profile using a TikTok account. However, if they use any tools like the TikTok profile viewer, you won’t get any notifications, and you cannot see who has viewed your profile.

To see someone TikTok profile:

  1. Open TikTok app on your mobile
  2. Tap on the notification icon 
  3. Try to find “viewed your profile” on the notification bar
  4. Tap on the profile pictures

Can you see who viewed your TikTok video?

No. TikTok will only notify if someone has viewed your profile, not videos. You can only see the number of TikTok users who have seen your videos. If you want to see the number of TikTok video viewer:

  • Open your TikTok account
  • Go to your profile by tapping your profile picture on the home
  • Find out the number which is written inside the video thumbnails

All in all

Social media is of great help for many users to have fun or boost their accounts for business purposes. Knowing more about TikTok, and its different parts might help you to perform better on this popular social network.

Here is the infographic of how to see who has viewed your TikTok

How Does Twitter Work?

Twitter is one of the most popular media which has more than 300 million active users monthly. To stay updated, Twitter would change its algorithm consistently. So, to get Twitter followers and maintain the growth, it is essential to understand how this algorithm has changed, or what would be the future of the Twitter algorithm. In this article, you read about the newest twitter algorithm and assumptions about its future.

How does twitter work?

There are a few rules that you should know about popular social media, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. They are almost similar in terms of keeping users active and show the relevant content to them. Twitter is one of the best platforms for all users to make money. For example, they can build an online store and share it on their Twitter bio. The more you perform better on Twitter, the more you can get followers and make money.

There are a few crucial factors on every social media. Twitter works based on:

1. Interests

What information you enter in your bio or any actions matter on twitter. For example, if you one person with a specific profile, twitter gets the signal that you might be interested in the same profiles. So, it would suggest similar profiles. If you would follow them, this will continue, and you would have a circle of following with almost similar interests, work, or professional profiles.

2. Relevance

The above explanation is correct for the topic you follow. If you are following the news related accounts, who follows you almost have the same interests as you. So, if you want to have a clear and favorite account, you should be very careful about what actions you do on twitter.

3. Consistency

Consistency is essential for other social media, including Facebook and Instagram. But what exactly is this consistency? There is indeed no exact number of times to post on twitter, but how you call a person active on twitter? If they publish daily? Hourly? Twice a day or three times a day?

Personally, if a person posts three tweets per day, I call them active. It seems that other articles also have the same opinion, and post daily is a must to be active on this platform.  And the more important it is to keep this sequence. If you are publishing every day, keep it and try to post every day. You can also use the Twitter scheduler to post in advance. This would help keep your presence on twitter.  

Twitter timeline algorithm

If you are one of the active Twitter users, so you need to know how does twitter works and to know the twitter timeline algorithm. It would help to use the app better and also if you want people to see you most often. Here I will bring a brief story of the previous twitter algorithm because it helps you to understand the current one better.

In 2006, the Twitter timeline was a simple application founded by Jack Dorsey founded, and with some character limits and twits publishing in chronological order. Each user could see the twits from followers on the most recent one. In 2014, Twitter added recommendations, topics, and twitter accounts bar to its timeline. A year later, the phobia of missing content caused the creating the ICYMI (in case you missed it), which could help users to read published twits in case there were not online and could not see that, under the “while you were away” on top of users’ timeline. A few years later, Twitter changed its algorithm again, and the best twits came to the front to show the most favorable tweets from people. Also, in that period it was easier to get followers so users did not need to plan to buy real Twitter followers to keep growing their profile.

And now, in 2019, the twitter timeline algorithm is about both types of posts. Now users can switch between both recent posts and the most favorable one. However, this option is available on the mobile app, and if you tap the star icon on the top right corner. You see the” see latest twits instead,” and other options are “go back home.”

And there is another option just beside the posts that users can tap on that to see those posts less often.

As Twitter has announced, they are now collaborating with researchers at the University of Berkely to have some changes shortly. Jack Dorsey in his comments about twits tells that Twitter is a real-time media. It seems that they have focused on live trends all around the globe, instead of making Twitter a passive application. That is why most twitted posts should come first, and if you don’t like it, you have to change the setting as you want.

There are some debates about the content which twitter show to the people. For example, seeing retweets from people you follow, but the main content is from a person who is not in your follower’s list. Another discussion is about paid content, in which you may don’t like to see. These are all about twitter algorithm and their preference about what they want to people mind. In the most recent changes, Twitter has begun demonstrating tweets from who your friends are following. Twitter is putting these posts into the feed of users without permission from clients.

As Twitter said, its goal is to expose users with more relevant content, which they might be interested in that content. However, it can be useful in some cases, such as being involved in football and seeing twits from people whose users are not following. But what about the unwanted content?  For example, a harsh political sentence, or whatsoever. There some crucially important content, and shouldn’t people distributed them without considering its credibility. It means that not all the material has the same value to be published wherever they are related. Take medicine courses as an example: what if an untrue content about the vaccine or any other treatment handed over by users? Should twitter algorithm change to omit harmful content that might have a detrimental effect on society?

Spreading unwanted content is a matter of debate for all other social media too. For example, Instagram is preventing the sharing of pictures that might be sensitive to people. There is an alarm icon on the image that shows it is sensitive content. You can choose to watch or skip watching that. It might be easier to prevent unwanted pictures from distributing, but how about content?

The future of Twitter timeline algorithm

As a Twitter spokesperson said in a CNN interview, their team is working on publishing the wanted and relevant content. There would be a choice for people to see the content from people they follow only. Following the health of conversation is the main focus of the company in the coming year.

Jack Dorsey’s conversation with CNN shows that they are questioning everything, and they need some more considerations about twitter. Politics twitter is something that is broken about twitter because there is a lot of empowering conversation. He is considering to address this issue to remove the harmful content from Twitter. He is saying that 12 years ago, when they started the company, issues were small.

Jack Dorsey conversation about the near future of Twitter


The newest twitter algorithm gives the users two choices about top twits or seeing the latest one. However, there are other issues about the type of content you want to read. False information, harassment, and all the problems are getting out of Twitter. Twitter is a place for open conversation, but As Jack Dorsey discussed, the future of Twitter algorithm would be about the health of discussions instead of false ones, fraud, and so on. What matters most is going to be twitter’s next step.

Social Media Image and Video Size

Social network platforms are forever changing the picture sizes and formats, and it’s necessary to keep up to ensure your brand, and personal profiles look professional and present the best first impression for you and your business.

We have put together this 2020 Social Media Image Dimensions Guide which describes all the current picture dimensions and details for each social network platform, along with the photo types to use.

Every popular social media platform is listed on here to ensure you are up-to-date with their optimization.

Best photo and video editing apps

If you have multiple social media, and you are active on all of them, or even you are running your online store on social channels, no need to memorize the size of all social media photo and videos. You can use the existing editing apps, and use the ready template there. All you do is uploading the content there, and export the photo or videos. Here is the list of the best photo and video editing apps that content the dimension and size of social media content.

  1. PicsArt
  2. Snapseed
  3. Visual supply company
  4. Facetune
  5. Camera +
  6. Pixlr

You can install and open the apps on your phone. Upload the photo by tap the creation icon o each app, and in the edit section choose the desired media. or directly choose the social media templates available on the apps.

Fix can’t change the avatar on social media

One of the reasons that you are getting error on social media while changing the profile picture could be because of the dimensions or size of the profile picture. So, to fix the problem:

  1. Check the network connection
  2. Switch on and off the network and try again
  3. Switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data and try again
  4. Check the dimension from this blog and change the size or dimension using editing appas or Photoshop software if you have

Snapchat dimensions

  • Snapchat photo dimensions

Snapchat automatically using 18:9 aspect ratio camera. Snapchat image ad dimensions are 1080 x 1920 with the aspect ratio: 9:16. The maximum file size on snapchat is 5 MB and the file types should be JPG or PNG.

  • Snapchat video Sizes

Snapchat 10 sec video ads: Recommended size: 1080 by 1920 pixels (9:16 aspect ratio). The maximum ad length is 180 seconds with the size of 1 GB. Recommended formats is MP4 or MOV.

  • Snapchat Geofilter

Image Size: 1080 x 1920, the Aspect Ratio: 6:13 and Maximum File Size: 250 KB. File Type: Transparent PNG.

Tips: these ads show up in discovery, live stories or after someone’s story, and can link to an article or app installation. Remember to avoid including logos or any other essential elements at the top or bottom 15 percent of the video to prevent them from getting cut off.

  • Snapchat long-form video ads dimensions

Recommended size: 1080 by 1920 pixels (9:16 or 16:9 aspect ratio)

Tips: long-form videos should contain “live or motion graphic video”. Although horizontal videos are allowed, Snapchat strongly suggests using verticals only.


sharing high-quality photos on Facebook convinces your audience that your brand is authentic, reputable, and detailed (no matter how small).

·       Facebook Photo Dimensions

Facebook wants to provide for positive user experience and prevent brands from being spammy or overly promotional, so they check to notice how much text is emphasized in each picture.

·       Facebook Profile and Cover Picture Sizes

Most brands use this section for their logo rather than a personal photo. However, if your brand is run by you and only you, using a picture of yourself would not be a bad idea.

·       Facebook Shared Link Image Sizes

If you are sharing a link to your brands’ Facebook Page, there are a few more factors to consider and formats to choose from. When you paste a link into your status, depending on the dimension of the pictures on the web page, you will be advised to include a carousel of up to 10 pictures. You can also share the link without using the picture — which can come in handy if you’d prefer to upload a new photo to share with the link instead.

·       All Facebook picture Sizes


·       Twitter photo Sizes

Twitter is known for its real-time social buzz and is also a top-rated customer service and experience tool for brands.

·       Twitter Profile and Cover Picture Sizes

Your profile picture will be visible on your Twitter profile, in your news feed, and near a link in the “Who to follow” box. Most brands use this as a spot for their logo because it is seen practically everywhere: when you tweet, when others retweet your tweets, when their retweet gets retweeted, and so on.

Your cover picture, however, is only observed when a user clicks to your Twitter profile – but that doesn’t mean it’s not essential! It’s a large Image across the top of your profile, so you want it to be high quality and represent your business.

Twitter recommends that you upload your cover picture dimensions at 1500 x 500 pixels, but because the cover pictures are responsive, yours may look larger or smaller depending on the size of your screen or browser.

·        Twitter Timeline Picture Size

Twitter has a limit of 280 characters, but you can use visuals to represent your business and share your content.

Attaching a picture to your tweet used to take away 23 characters, but in 2016 Twitter stated that links and media attachments such as photos, GIFs, videos, and polls would no longer count as part of the character limit. This is excellent for brands because tweets with pictures are more likely to be retweeted than those with just text.

·        All Twitter Photo Sizes


Google Posts let you share events, updates, blog posts, and business news directly to the Google search page.  Posts provide for a visual and unique way to catch the attention of people searching for your brand. They only stay active for a week, so you should update your Google Posts frequently.

You can get started with Google Posts straight within the Google My Business interface. Make sure to use captivating pictures and headlines that grab attention.

·        Google Posts Picture Size

·       G+ Image Sizes

Google+ endured a substantial redesign, giving many brands and everyday users hope for the social network’s future. When a user performs a Google search for your business, elements of your Google+ profile, such as your location and reports, will be listed, as well as links to recent posts on G+. So while Google+ may not be the top social media platform, it absolutely shouldn’t be ignored.

·       G+ Profile and Cover Photo Sizes

Your G+ profile may show up in search results so you should make sure that your profile picture is high quality.  Even though you upload your profile picture as a square, it will display as a circle on your page.

Regarding your G+ cover picture, it’s the largest photo at the top of your profile, so you will want clear and creative visuals to portray your business.

·       G+ Shared Picture Sizes

While sharing pictures on Google+, you have the opportunity to share publicly, within a Collection, in a Community, with a Circle, or with a person. Collections are similar to Pinterest boards where you can collect and organize pictures or links about a specific topic. It helps keep your posts organized and lets people choose which Collections they want to follow based on their interest.

·        All Google+ picture Sizes


·       Pinterest Photo Sizes

Pinterest is also a great search engine, with 72% of users having purchased or considered purchasing something they found on the platform.

·        Pinterest Profile Picture Size

Pinterest is one of the few platforms that doesn’t require a cover picture, so the representation of your brand leans on the shoulders of your profile picture. Similar to G+, Pinterest’s profile photo uploads as a square, but displays as a circle at the top of your Pinterest profile.

·        Pinterest Board Display Size

The first thing people see when they visit your Pinterest profile is your board collections. Name your boards correctly and include a relevant cover picture for each of them. You don’t want empty boards, but you don’t want plenty of boards with no purpose, either.

·        All Pinterest Picture Sizes


·       LinkedIn photo Sizes

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for networking with other professionals and is also a resource for brands to connect with other companies, potential employees, and industry leaders. You can choose between a personal profile and business page.

·       LinkedIn Personal Profile and Background Picture Size

You must have a decent, professional picture of yourself for your personal LinkedIn profile.

On LinkedIn, the background picture replaces the “cover Image” at the top of your profile page. As a rectangular shape, it can be challenging to find imagery that fits the space properly – that’s where designing your own visuals comes in handy.

·       LinkedIn Brand Logo Size

The standard logo for a business account is a small square at the top of the profile page that is shown next to your brand’s name.

The square logo is what people observe when they search for your brand or look at your posts in their news feed.

·        LinkedIn Company Cover picture Size

Instead of a background, you can have a cover picture on a business page that spreads across your profile underneath your logo and business name.

·       All LinkedIn Picture Sizes


·       Instagram Photo Sizes

Instagram is all about visuals, which should make the importance of high-quality pictures more obvious for this social network platform.

·       Instagram Profile Picture Size

As with other social platforms, the profile photo is a circle that displays next to your posts and at the top of your profile page. For companies, it’s a great idea to use their logo here, so all of their pictures are associated with their brand.

As for 2016, Instagram updated its profile, feed, and hashtag pages with a smooth, minimal design, so there is no longer a cover Image.

Instagram also lets you upload portrait and landscape-oriented photos and videos. So, to ensure pictures look sharp across all devices with high-resolution displays, Instagram rolled out support for pictures at a higher resolution up to a 1080-pixel width.

·        All Instagram Photo Sizes


·       Tumblr Photo Sizes

·       Tumblr Avatar (Profile Picture)

This Picture will show up as a small square next to your posts in your followers’ feeds and is embedded with your username in posts.

Remember your header image won’t show up on your page unless you add it to your theme. Your avatar may also not be featured on your theme but will show up as your Tumblr’s favicon on browser tabs.


·       YouTube Photo Sizes

YouTube is a video-sharing network that is reached by users with different devices, such as tablets, phones, desktops, and televisions, so it’s necessary to have imagery that displays correctly across devices.

·        YouTube Channel Icon

A small square profile picture overlays the top left corner of your YouTube page. As crucial as profile and cover pictures are to representing your business, on YouTube, many people will see one of your videos before them.

·       All YouTube Photo Sizes

All in all

Using the available tips and tricks on the internet you can change or upload the photos on your social networks without any problems. You can also read the related blogs to learn more about boosting your accounts, and performing better.

4 practical ways To Make Money On Twitter

When you search for “how to make money online” in Google, several results come up. You may get confused since there is a broad range of ideas and tips on how to earn money in online environments. Let’s narrow it down to Twitter as a money-making platform.

Twitter is a popular social networking platform used by businesses and individuals to send short messages to their followers. Before starting to monetize your Twitter account, check if your business or field of activity is a candidate for this platform. Then begin your job by having an appealing bio description, profile photo, well-defined niche or niches, and a large follower count just like other social networks. Engagement on your tweets is also very important because you are more likely to sell your items or services or receive advertisement requests from businesses or brands if you have consistent likes, comments, retweets, and, in short, a quality presence.

Can you make money off Twitter?

Yes, you can make money on tweeter if you a lot of followers. The more you have fans, the more you can earn money. However, it is said that to make money on social media, you should have more than 10K followers. But if you don’t have, you still can start from a few followers.

How much does twitter pay celebrities? It depends on the account and the number of followers. Twitter influencers can earn money up to S10,000, per tweet. For example, Frankie Muniz, by the handle of @frankiemuniz, who has more than 175K followers, earn about 13,000 per tweet.

Afterward, you can start your money-making journey on Twitter by taking smart steps gradually. Your strategy depends on whether you want to sell your own products or services or be an affiliate marketer or use your account as a traffic generator to your main website. See the below overview to figure out what you need to do.

  • Sell your products or services

Making a website was a challenge previously, but now, you can create your online brochure using iLink iStore. So, if you can prepare your products, make an online brochure, and share it on Twitter. When users are visiting your website, they will click on the link, and they may become your potential customers.

All you need to do is going to the iLink website, sign up, and add your products. Then, copy the URL and paste in the twitter website section.

To add your online store on Twitter:

  • Go to iLink
  • Follow the instruction to sign up
  • Select Create an online store, or I have products
  • Follow the on-screen instruction
  • From the dashboard add your products using pictures and details 
  • Copy the unique URL and paste in the Twitter bio

You can make self-promotional tweets to encourage potential customers to buy from you and increase your visibility day by day. But do not forget to include other types of tweets from time to time to humanize your profile and avoid driving your followers away. Post tweets that aim to encourage, entertain or inspire your audience from time to time in order to keep them interested and give them a reason to listen. Make sure your timeline conveys your business and product expertise while still being helpful to your followers.

As an example, I can mention some people who use their Twitter account to get more bids for their handmade stuff available on eBay and Etsy. They broadcast their product by making use of the relevant link along with best-suited hashtags and a short description of the craft in a tweet to direct their fan to the page on eBay and Etsy and generate more leads.

This picture was taken from Lucy Bearne Twitter’s account (

Another example is when someone owns a website, offers a service or product and uses Twitter as a traffic generation tool. The link can be used both in Twitter bio and in tweets. Given Twitter’s high domain authority, every click on their website link contributes to the higher rank in Google’s search results page. What is more, they increase the chances of making sales and finding more prospects.

It is also to your advantage to ask influencers who are interested or expert in your field of activity to put your name out there and so maximize your online reach.

  • Make money with affiliate marketing

You should put a lot of time and effort if you aspire to be a successful affiliate marketer. It can be very profitable if you choose the right niche and have already reached a good engagement on your account.

In case you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, I can explain it to you in simple terms. It is sharing the link of a particular product or service of a certain vendor that fits your niche and get a part of the revenue generated if someone clicks on the link and purchase that product or service. This link is specific to you only and easily trackable.

This image was taken from a blog on which explains types of affiliate marketing.

To turn from a newbie to a successful affiliate marketer, put a lot of time into learning how to master online marketing, release effective campaigns, and organize your performance. The Internet abounds with information on the essentials. Be careful not to stuff affiliate links into your Twitter profile because you may get flagged or suspended. You can use tools including M studio to schedule your tweets and save time. 

  • Make money with Twitter Ads

You are able to monetize your tweets or videos by getting paid when ads are shown in them. Media studio enables you to upload your contents in it, make a library, add different elements such as thumbnail and links to improve them and post them on Twitter. Just log in, check your eligibility and select what kind of ads you want to be shown in your contents. It doesn’t matter if you have a personal or business account.

This infographic was taken from an article on which explains the reasons for using Twitter Ads.
  • Use Platforms that help you make money on Twitter

If you are looking for advertisers who will pay you for endorsing them on Twitter, some websites such as the following have already done it for you.

  • Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is a well-known Twitter advertising platform providing you with a large number of available ads. You can use it only if your account is more than 60 days old and you have at least 50 followers and 100 tweets. You as a tweeter can set your price as you want, participate in a competition to attract your desired advertisers and earn money if you win.

  • Adly also pays you if you send out tweets on behalf of brands. Advertise will see your profile and they may choose you to publicize a particular campaign and pay you if you agree to tweet it out based on a pre-determined schedule. You need to showcase your interests to attract brands that you love.

  • PaidPerTweet

PaidPerTweet is another tool that connects you with lots of different advertisers that will pay you to spread the word on their business on Twitter. You should create a profile and wait for their offers.

Other similar tools and websites are TwitPub, PayWithaTweet, PayDotCom. Let us know in comments if you know any other platform.

Wrap it up

With regards to the above-mentioned ways on how to make money on Twitter, keep in mind that you might not get the desired results in a few months. Do not give up, always appreciate your efforts and celebrate small wins. Besides, do not rely exclusively on Twitter. Although Twitter is an amazing platform to make money, it is not the only one. Check if other social media platforms including Instagram or Facebook can also work for you.

Fix can’t follow people on Instagram

Instagram, as the second-largest social network, after Facebook is getting increasingly complicated. Billion on Instagram accounts removed recently, due to being a fake one. Actions on Instagram are also limited, and Instagram will not let the user do anything unless they wait for it sometimes.

Instagram actions such as like, follow, unfollow, comment, post sometimes become restricted. However, many of the following issues are not related to Instagram and can be fixed. If you are using Instagram for personal purposes, and you are going to get more followers to boost your business, and you are facing the issue, read this blog to fix it.

The Instagram algorithm is getting more complicated toward a better and more positive community. In general, Instagram has many limitations, including the restriction in the bio, and information to actions. For example, you are not allowed to use more than one link in bio, and you should use iLink to ass more than one link to your bio. Also, you can use iShop to get more options if you are running an Instagram shop.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a short way, you can use an Instagram bot to do the Instagram actions without any issues automatically.

Fix can’t follow people on Instagram

To fix the issue, you should first check if your actions are blocked by Instagram or not because the status of following people depends if you are action blocked or not.

Are you action blocked?

If you see a message like a bellow, it means that you temporarily cannot follow people on Instagram, and you should wait. The time depends on Instagram. They usually give a period of one or two weeks to remove the blocked actions. Sometimes, Instagram will let you know in the pop up until when you are activity blocked. If they have not mentioned, then you can wait a couple of days.

Fix can’t follow people on Instagram if I’m NOT action blocked

If you are not action blocked, you can fix the issue by trying the mentioned methods. Try to do them, one by one, if you still could not fix it, you can report the problem to Instagram, and comment bellows the detail. We would help you.

1.Use another phone

You should first find out whether the issues are related to your account or something about your device. The best way is to login from another device and try again.

2. Reset the network

You can fix some of the Instagram issues by resetting the network setting. You can also try switching your phone on and off, and turning off and on the mobile data.

3. Switch to Wi-Fi

If you are using mobile data, you can try with a Wi-Fi network. In some cases, it fixes the Instagram issues.

4. Update the app

If you don’t have the latest version on Instagram, you can go to your app store or google play store and get the latest version. Sometimes, Instagram bugs are fixed in the newest version.

5. Reinstall the app

You can get the newest version on Instagram, with clear data by deleting the app and installing it again. It might work for you.

6. Clear caches

On any devices (iOS or Android), you can clear the cache through the Setting>Storage.

7. Wait for sometime

if this is a bug from Instagram, then you should sometimes wait (few hours, or days) to see if the problem is fixed or not. Meanwhile, you can report the issue to Instagram.

8. Contact Instagram support

You can report any issue or if something is not working on Instagram within the app. To say the issue to Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone
  2. Login to your account by entering the username and password
  3. Go to your profile page by tapping the small profile picture on the right side of the screen
  4. You should see the three-line icon on the top right (this is same for all devices)
  5. Tap setting
  6. Go to the Help section
  7. Report a problem
  8. Something is not working (write the detail in the box)
  9. Submit the report


If you could not fix the issue of following people on Instagram, comment the detail below. Our experts would consider and reply in the earliest time.

What are the top business apps?

Every business in the world of technology needs essential tools to perform better and faster. However, with an ever-increasing number of business apps, it could be challenging to find the best one throughout thousands.

If you are running a business, you should know the best tools and apps in your field of work. However, there are some apps that you can use in your every day of work, especially those to manage your social media.

Growing a business is essential, and social media now has a significant role in how a company. Every business now has a social account on which they introduce their new products, or show any photo or video that is interesting for customers. Current fans become their future customer, and this is a great asset for them. So, having enough tools to perform better is necessary for every business.

1. iLink landing page

A must-have tool to add all your URLs in one place is iLink. You can have a stunning landing page with all your business connections. Everyone may dream about their own business and company style. Now, with the help of technology, it is become more convenient than the past to create an online or eCommerce website. There are many companies out there helping new businesses, build their dream store.

Having a website for your business is now not a dream, and everyone can make it with the newest technology and ready themes.

2. Zoon cloud meeting

A well knows an app for online meetings and conferences. Zoom got more popular after the pandemic and now is the first cloud meeting app on android devices. However, some other apps are the same as zoom like Google team (which is available directly from Gmail), and Microsoft team which are at the second and third most popular app for the conference and meeting.

3. WhatsApp business

The first messaging app for your business that you should try is WhatsApp business in which you can get verified. So, it would increase the trust and loyalty of customers. WhatsApp is a free app, and it is audio, and video call is quality. You can also share the link in any place to get in touch directly with customers.

4. Scanner app

A must-have app that can scan and save all your documents. With the high quality and editing options. This is also good to study any notes, books, or reports. You can share the records from your phone anywhere. If you are not at the office, or for any reasons you have no access to the scanner, you can use it.

5. Facebook page manager

If you are running several Facebook pages for your business, having a Facebook page manager can save you tons of time and energy. This is especially good if you are a social media manager of a company, and you may need to work out of office. If you have no access to the desktop at any time, you can check the pages out through this app.

6. Call recorder

Sometimes, you need to record the calls, which is not available on phones, and you should install an app. Usually, they are not free, and you should pay. But it depends, typically it cost per hour of recording but sure not too expensive.

7. Trello organize anything

One of the most popular apps among all types of businesses, to organize, manage, and plan tasks. Trello is giving updates to its app, and it gets more professional day by day. You can create different boards, cards, add tasks, documents, comments, and any other features for your work. Trello is especially great for teamwork, and many of the big companies all around the globe use this.


Having several apps and tools to make your business easy is necessary. These apps help you to boost your connections and provide better support for your customers.

How to Make your Description on Tumblr Shine?

Writing a description for your Tumblr blog is a task that can be done in many different methods, depending on your blog and how much data you want to share.

People who reach your Tumblr blog via search or by seeing a re-blog from you may be interested in understanding more about you and what you do, so it might be a good idea to have some information of yourself right there on your Tumbler blog, rather than sending them elsewhere. It all depends on you; you can write a brief biography in your blog’s description or a longer one on a different page or both.

What is the description box on Tumblr?

The description box is available on your Tumblr blog’s sidebar which lets you display a summary about you and your blog to your readers. All Tumblr themes include Tumblr’s proprietary have a code that allows you to quickly change the text in your sidebar’s description without requiring any coding experience. If you like to edit the description in your Tumblr blog’s sidebar, you can do so within your blog’s setting page by customizing the theme.

How to link in Tumblr description?

To add a link in Tumblr description, follow the instruction bellow. Remember that you should change the website to something like a code.

  1. Go to Tumblr website
  2. Login to your account
  3. From home feed click on the profile icon on top right
  4. Click on Edit appearance
  5. Click on Edit theme
  6. Wait until it completely loads
  7. Click on Description box on the left menu
  8. Replace your website in this code <a href=””>My Website</a>
  9. You can copy and paste this code and then replace your website
  10. Click Save on top of the screen
  11. Check the link on your profile
  12. You should direct to the website you have added

Remember that you should completely copy and paste the code which is in bold text. The work my website can be replaced with any words you want like Click here, this is my website, visit my website, etc. notice that space should be as it is written in the number eight in the instruction.

Tumblr description line break

Tumblr description works like simple html coding. To make a line break (a “gap”) in your description, paste the following code in your description:

How to add a perfect description to your Tumblr?

You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Tumblr
  2. Click “setting.”
  3. Select the blog to which you like to add your biography
  4. Click “customize.”
  5. Paste or type your biography in “Description” field to view an immediate preview of what it will look like on your blog
  6. Click “save” and then “close” to save your changes and get back to the dashboard.

Unlike Tumblr posts, the description field does not include a WYSIWYG editor, so If you want to attach any formatting, you have to type the HTML code yourself. If you are not familiar with HTML, the simplest way to do this is by creating a new text post on your blog, type your description and format it the way you want. Once you are done, click the “HTML” button to show the raw HTML code for what you have typed, select and copy it to your clipboard. Discard the blog post without sharing it and then paste the code into the description field.

Tips on writing a perfect Tumblr description

  • Choose what to include

While writing a description for Tumblr, your purpose should be to highlight what makes you and your blog different and valuable to your audience. There is no one-size-fits-all list of data you should always include in a blog description; your target audience varies depending on the type of blog you are publishing, and so does the kind of data they will find interesting, valuable and relevant. If you are writing a professional blog on a particular subject, for example, including your credentials would improve your credibility. If you are running a personal blog, on the other hand, you could write about your interests and the sort of content you post, to help first-time readers decide whether to follow you or not.

  • Short or long _ A matter of location

There are two section on your Tumblr blog where your description will be visible to your audience: the aptly named description section and a custom page.

If you are using a computer, the description section can appear in many different locations on your blog’s home page, depending on the theme you use; some themes show it as a sidebar, others display it at the top, and some present it at the bottom of your page.

Remember when your Tumblr blog is seen on a mobile device, the blog automatically shifts to using a mobile layout that puts the description right at the top, this means your visitors should scroll past it to get to your content. That’s why you should keep it short to avoid overwhelming mobile visitors by forcing them to scroll for too long to get to the main part of your content.

How to access the theme options?

  • Click the “person” icon on the Tumblr barClick “Edit appearance.”
  • Click “edit theme.”
  • Write in the description section
  • Click the “save” button and done!

How to create a custom page on Tumblr?

The custom page production tools are placed at the bottom of the theme options screen, so you should scroll down a little to find them.

  • Click ”add a page.”
  • Enable the show a link to this page toggle to automatically add a link to the page on your blog.
  • Type the address you want to use for the page in the URL field. Your blog’s address is automatically filled in, so all you have to do is to fill in the part after slash. For instance, for a page that contains information about you, you could enter “about me” after the slash, while for an FAQ page you can just write “faq.”
  • Type a title for the page in the “page title” section. This is the title that shows up at the top of the page itself.
  • Type your description in the large text section. This field is a full-fledged text editor, with formatting buttons you can use to change text formatting, add links, insert pictures, and add blockquotes or links.
  • Click on “Update preview” to see how your page will look; when you are okay with it, click save to save the changes. And if you want to return to the theme options, just click the arrow icon.

That’s it!

We hope you find this article helpful. For more information, you can reach us by commenting below. Tell us what you think about Tumblr and how you yourself would write a description on your Tumblr page.

How to Write the Perfect Bio for your Pinterest Account?

The purpose of every introduction is to make an impact and a great first impression! You want people to notice and remember you. For Pinterest this introduction is your Bio. In this part of your profile, you can introduce yourself and your company.

When the visitors see your Pinterest Bio, they should instantly understand who you are and what you do. It only takes a few seconds to make a first impression. In those seconds the user will decide whether to follow you or not. You should maximize this time to stand out.

Today we are going to share with you a few methods you need, to create the perfect Pinterest Bio to attract more followers, get more repins and drive more traffics to your website.

1.Profile photo or logo

Your profile picture is the face of your brand on Pinterest. It is the very first thing people notice when they visit your Pinterest profile, so it should make a good impression.If you have the account exclusively for your business or you are selling a product on Pinterest, you can use your brand’s logo as your profile picture.If you are a blogger, you should get more creative! Composition and color are essential. Your picture should not be a bathroom selfie! Have the crisp, bright color that will make you shine! Because it reflects who you are and what you are writing about.

2. Personal name, brand or business name

F you have changed your account to a business account, you can list your brand’s name instead of first and last names. Make sure it is the complete name of your business and grabs people’s attention.

If you are a blogger, write your name followed by an underline and then your industry related keywords or your blog name. Try to use SEO friendly keywords to be more visible to people searching for a specific topic.

3. Keep it short and sweet

The text is essential in writing bios, but remember when people visit your Pinterest profile, they are looking for more visual interaction than text! Just start with your personal or brand’s name, then mention the most important parts of your brand or business, but don’t overdo it. A couple of sentences are just enough for your Bio.

4. Writing your Pinterest bio

The platform only allows you to use 160 characters for your Bio. Don’t try too hard to be unique, just be yourself and you will succeed. Try to convey your message to your audience as clearly and naturally as possible. Keywords are more critical in Pinterest; this is the way you can show up on searches.

5. Link your website

You should link your website to your Pinterest account. This way you can direct pinners to your website to get more sales, page views and subscribers.

6. Add your other social media accounts

You can link your twitter for instance, so that people can quickly follow you and get daily updates from you on twitter.

7. Add a call-to-action (CTA)

You can add a call-to-action (CTA) to a targeted place on your site to direct people to your online shop or a page that you need more traffic for. It can help convert regular visitors to loyal customers.

8. Include your location

Add your location to get help with your local SEO and make better social connections. Don’t write your whole home address, dear, just including your country or state would be enough.

You can easily create a complete Pinterest Bio with these steps.

Let your mind and creativity flow and focus on building your brand as you develop your Pinterest page.

What is Pinterest bio character limit?

Like other social media, Pinterest has its own limit of characters for the different types of text. Like bio, brand name, etc. here is the summary of Pinterest bio character limit.

Pinterest Profile Name: 20 Characters with space

Pinterest Bio: 160 Characters with space

Pinterest Username: 15 Characters with space

Pinterest Board Name: 100 Characters with space

As you see, you can write about 160 characters in Pinterest bio, which is about three lines.

Remember, that the bio is the first thing people would see about you. So, you should include the most amazing things about you or your highest achievement. Or even your goal from creating a Pinterest account.

All of this would help users to stay in your profile, and click more on your posts. The more you increase the impressions, the more you will get benefits from your Pinterest account.

You can also include some quotes about your life, or add your business vision in Pinterest bio. All help users to find who you are. There should also be some tools to change the font of Pinterest bio if you prefer something different.


Having an amazing and eye-catching Pinterest bio is necessary to get more traffic and clicks. If you link your website to the Pinterest posts you can many referral traffic which can become your future customers.

How to change your YouTube name?

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform that has recently become like social media with its new features. New opportunities like YouTube stories, live videos, and all other features make YouTube an inevitable part of everyone’s life.

YouTube provides excellent opportunities for people to boost their business, make money, or express themselves. Now, every subscriber on YouTube worth dollars, and it is becoming a challenge for YouTubers to get fans there.

Having a video on the first page of YouTube among millions of shared videos daily is not easy, and it is a real challenge. There are also lots of tools available on the internet to help users grow their Account; for example, using iStore, you can build and share your online store catalog on YouTube (in the description link is allowed).

However, sometimes YouTube gets confusing, and you might need further articles to know how does its parts work. For example, changing names in different parts of the YouTube account or YouTube channel.

How to change your youtube channel name?

If you are running a youtube channel or you have had a youtube account, you can change the name easily with a few clicks. Follow the instruction to see how to change it. I first start with changing a youtube channel name.

Notice if you have created the youtube account with your Gmail. Therefore the name and all other data come from the Gmail account. So, to change the name (if you have logged in through Google account), you should change the google account setting.

To change the YouTube channel name on the desktop:

  1. Go to YouTube on desktop
  2. Login to your account
  3. Click on your profile picture on top right
  4. Click on Setting
  5. Choose Account in the left menu
  6. Find Your YouTube channel section
  7. Click on Edit on Google (besides the name of channel)
  8. Write the Name and Surname you want
  9. Click on Save

To change the channel name on the YouTube app:

The process of changing the name on the app is not the same as changing the name on the desktop. On the youtube app, you should directly go to the channel, and from there, you can change the name. Follow the steps below.

To change the name on the app:

  1. Open YouTube app
  2. Login to your Account
  3. Tap on your profile picture on top right
  4. Tap on Your channel
  5. Tap on the edit icon beside the name
  6. Write the new name


All in all

You should notice that you cannot change the name more than three times in 90 days. Therefore, before turning the name, select it carefully, because you should wait almost three months to change it again.

What Are the Benefits of Social Media for Individuals?

Social media is becoming one of the basic needs in today’s world, so It is essential for every single person o matter from which industry they belong, they should use social media.

The benefits of social media

Now, social media not only is used for personal purposes but also for all business. Specially, for small and medium sized business. you can even use social media to earn money. Having fans and followers on each social media is worthy. For example, one with one million followers on Instagram can earn more than $100K per posts. Now, Instagrammers use their accounts to sell their products, or even advertising.

  • Social relations

Social media platforms are a great place to keep in touch with other human beings!

  • You can meet new people from all over the world
  • connect with your family and friends
  • improve your relationship with your colleagues
  • build a stronger relationship with your clients
  • find your old friends from high school and keep in touch with them.

A platform like Instagram and Facebook is mostly used for social networking all over the world. A lot of people are connecting to each other via these social media platforms. Because they provide information about other people’s likes and interests, so you will get to know them better and faster than the real world.

  • Marketing:

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube are the best places to market any products. Almost all of them, are having a place to insert the URL of your website. Even if you have not any websites, you can build a landing page on iLink and share the URL on any social media.

We do have many tutorials on how to add your social media link into your social media account like Facebook and Instagram.

The more you have followers and fans, the more you get the website clicks. If you sell any products on your landing page, or online store then you can earn money through social media.

Even social media can be used to advertise any products, or posts. Advertising on social media like Instagram can be done in two different ways. First, you can pay and use Instagram advertising services.

  • Education

You can use social media for learning too. Social media has proven to have a lot of benefits for the teachers and students. You can learn from others who are professionals and experts in your field via social media. It doesn’t matter where you are; you can connect with anyone anywhere and learn from them.

  • Get help

You can share your problems with other people across the world and get their help and opinions on your issue. Whether it is helping with money or you just want advice. If you search on Reddit you can find many communities helping users to answer their questions.

Even there are social media like Quora specifically designed to answer users’ questions. Following tags, hashtags, different communities, groups and so on help people to find their answers faster than ever.

  • Updates and information

The main benefit of social media is that you can get updates about the latest happenings around the world. If you want to get more news on the social media, you can follow some news related accounts. Instagram algorithm will realize that you are interested in those topics, and will show you more of it.

If you go to the explore part of Instagram, you can see the top news, or news in the categories you are interested.

  • Promotion

If you are a business owner, you can promote your brand and products by using social media. The whole world can see your brand on the internet, and you can boost your business in no time! you can promote the products that you have shown on a posts by Facebook or Instagram advertising. You can even advertise on YouTube. The cost of advertising would be based on the users clicks. You can set the advertising by any budget you have, and customize the place, age rage, interests and so on.

  • Good cause

You can use social media for noble purposes like promoting an NGO, welfare activities and donations for charity.

  • Helps agencies fight crime

The other benefit of using social media is that they help governments and security agencies to find and catch the criminals to fight crime. It is not recently, that Facebook added Safety Check. So, at the time of crisis like earthquake or so on you can check safe and your friends will be notifying that you are safe there.

This is also through for all other crisis, for example Instagram with introducing stickers about the Coronavirus alarm millions of people to stay at home to be safe. Governments uses social media to inform people about different strategies. Facebook, and Instagram and so many other social media are directly connected to the World Health Organization (WHO) to give the right information to users.

  • Accessibility

You can connect anytime you want, before, after or during networking events. People can know you before they actually meet you in person. If you want to have specific circle of friends on social media, you should know more about their algorithm. For example, Facebook uses your information like place of living, education, or workplace to suggest your profile to others. and also to suggest others to you.

Therefore, if you want to have more local friends rather than international ones, you should accept more friends near you. based on the mutual friends Facebook would find people near you and would introduce them to you.

  • General fun and entertainment

A lot of people use social media when they want to catch a break at work or just want to relax at home.

  • Global natural disaster news support

A lot of people use social media when they want to catch a break at work or just want to relax at home. If you search on Instagram search bar, you can see lots of tags, or account that working on fund videos. Though, some social media like TikTok stays at the top of entertaining category. Even on Instagram sharing TikTok videos is fun, and you would find lots of accounts with hundreds of followers just reposting fun memes of TikTokers.

  • Encourages unity amongst all people

Social media is a great way to unite the people around the world, no matter the nationality, race, gender, culture, age, shape or size. Social media has created a new culture of acceptance and anti-prejudice, and we love it!

How to change your name on Facebook?

Facebook is now the first social networking app all around the globe. Having a Facebook page is of great advantages and benefits for a person, or even all businesses. Though, Facebook is getting complicated and you might need help to change some parts in your Instagram page including the name.

Working with Facebook page is not easy, and when you first open the page you might get confused. Without, knowing where are the different parts you might not able to change or do some actions on Facebook.

How to change name of Facebook on mobile & desktop?

If you are going to grow your Facebook account or use this social network for your business like setting up the online store with iStore, so it is better to have a great understanding of different. You might also use all tips and tricks to grow your account and perform better on it.

Before changing the name of Facebook, you should remember that Facebook does not allow you to change the name frequently. This is the same for Instagram. Now, these social networks allow you only twice in 14 days, to change the name.

So, you should choose the name first, and make sure you are not going to change it. Facebook may prevent you from changing the name more than twice in a specific time period.

To change the name on Facebook app

  1. Open the Facebook app and login to your account first. Once you open the Facebook app, you should see the home page in front of you.
  2. Tap on the burger icon on the bottom right of the home page
  3. Scroll down to see the setting & privacy > Setting
  4. Tap on personal information
  5. Tap on name and write the name you want
  6. Review the changes and see if you need to alternate the name
  7. Save the changes!

Please Note: As it is written on the Facebook app too, if you change the name you won’t be able to change it for 60 days (2 months). so, try to change it carefully.

How to change the Facebook name on desktop?

  1. Open the Facebook on desktop
  2. Click on a small triangular icon on top right of your page
  3. Find privacy and setting, and click on it
  4. Click on setting
  5. You should see the general section in front of you (if not, on the left menu, find the general, and open it)
  6. Type in the name you want and review the changes
  7. Save the changes

How to change the name of Facebook page?

Changing the Facebook page name is easy, and it is almost the same as changing the Facebook personal account name.

  1. Open Facebook on a browser
  2. Click on triangular icon on top right to access the pages
  3. Go to pages
  4. Click on the page you are going to edit it
  5. On the left menu, scroll down, click on see more to find About
  6. Open about and go to general section
  7. Right there you should see the name and username bar
  8. Write in the new name and review the changes
  9. Save the change!

How to sell on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)

Since social media becomes an inevitable part of every one living in a modern world, marketing has changed too. Now, social media is one of the greatest platforms ever to see any kind of products. From physical, digital, or even services.

Not only marketers can sell better and more on social media, but also many bloggers and businesses can promote their work through these social networks.

But how to use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest to get referrals or sell any products. It is not difficult but needs some techniques.

How to sell on Facebook?

You might know that Facebook and Instagram both have options to switch the account into a business one. So, you can use options on a business account like getting insight and statistics data about users following you. Or even, those who have visited your profile, like the number of profile visitors.

Though, there are some pros beside this option, like limited period to get statistics which is only past week. There are few social media management tools, that hope can get better insight to your business account.

So, to sell on Facebook you better have a Facebook business page which is free and you can easily set up in 7 steps as stated in the blog.

What you need to sell on Facebook?

Perquisite to sell on Facebook, and a detailed description would give for each of the perquisites.

1. Having a Facebook business page (better to sell on page than personal account)

The reason you should make a business page rather than selling on personal account is that, it is public and you can get unlimited followers. There is a section in a Facebook business page that shows the analytics of your page which helps growing your selling.

2. Having products: If you have already prepared your products, so that is fine. If not, and you can make it fast you can start from some affiliate programs available in the internet.

There are lots of website (clothing, perfumes, accessories, etc.) in which you can join their affiliate programs.

Refer users to that website and receive commission. To get started, it seems fine. Later one, once you could learn more, you can start your business by getting products in wholesale, or you offer your own services. Handicrafts are the products you can start even at home.

3. Having a website (or online store): Use iLink to make your online store brochure. Customers can easily choose from it and pay in any ways you choose. For example, they can contact you, pay to your PayPal, or any ways you prefer.

4. Add iLink URL in the Facebook page: You can easily with a few clicks add your online store to the Facebook page. Once, you uplod and share attractive pictures of products, visitors would click on the online store.

How to sell on Instagram?

The same method you have used for Facebook; you can use to sell on Instagram. However, having more followers on Instagram is possible, and it is not difficult. Here, I would mention some of ideas you can use to get more followers on Instagram, when you added iStore (online store) in Instagram bio.

To sell on Instagram:

  1. Make your products ready
  2. Build iStore on iLink website
  3. Add iStore in Instagram bio
  4. Attract more visitors and followers on Instagram

Tips to get more followers on Instagram:

1. Use Instagram automation tools like Instazood

In this way, you would install an app called Social bridge, or you can sign up to their system and run it manually. Both works well. The app will automatically like, follow, unfollow users on Instagram. This will enhance the profile visitors, and followers.

The more you get followers, the better you can sell on Instagram.

 2. Run a campaign to get more followers

In this way, you should share a post and ask users to like the posts, follow the account, and tag others in the comments.

So, you would give a price (according to your budget) and you will get engagement and followers in return.

3. Use video and photo editor’s tools available on the internet to make the content eye catchy. Remember, the first thing users would see is your content. Even on the Instagram feed of your account. so, if they find it attractive they would stay on your profile and see other things like your website and products.

How to sell on Pinterest?

Selling on Pinterest is a bit different from other two platforms of Facebook and Instagram. to sell on Pinterest you must have online store. So, the first thing is that you should build iStore, add your products ready there.

If you have still trouble getting ideas about what to sell on iStore, you can search the internet to get any ideas. I suggest you better start with buying in wholesale, make handicrafts, or start with available affiliate programs with high commission.

To sell on Pinterest:

  1. Make your products ready
  2. Build iStore
  3. Create content to share (note that image dimensions are important)
  4. Add iStore link to very content you share on Pinterest

All in all

Increasing sell on social media is easy using online store builder like iStore. At any age, with any budget, and any place you can sell on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest using iStore.

How to see who viewed your profile on Facebook?

Such this kind of question with the meaning of can you see who views your Facebook or things like that is more common among social media topics. Tortally, people are curious about their social media accounts and also keen to find more details about their Facebook stalkers to figure out what is happening around their social media platforms.

Though, knowing a lot brings more anxiety and state, and it is also true if you know how to see who views your Facebook profile and, as a result, get you nowhere.

Can you see who views your Facebook story?

Yes and no.

Facebook itself has announced in their article that there is no way to view the Facebook profile, and somehow it is true. There is no direct way on the Facebook app or even desktop to get notified when someone has viewed your Facebook profile. 

However, the answer can be yes, too, because the blueprint of someone who has viewed the profile will remain the page source. 

Now, here I am going to reveal the facts, whether real, can you see who looks at your Facebook or not? Why all of us want to get every small information from our different social media accounts? Sometimes it seems helpful for some specific activities such as like, follow, stories. 

It is our right, but something like checking who views our Facebook profile seems intriguing and strange. Is it help us to gain self-confidence or ruin our peace?

How to see who viewed your Facebook?

Indeed, you cannot directly see the name and profile picture of who has viewed your profile, but still there are some blueprint of those who have viewed your profile.

There are three methods to see who has viewed your Facebook:

  1. Viewing the page source 
  2. Chrome extension 
  3. A Facebook profile viewer tool 

Here I would explain all three methods, but I highly recommend don not share your password and username in any means that seem spammy. This action might face your device at risk of a virus attack. 

Method #1: Viewing the page source of a Facebook profile

Using “initialchatfriendslist”

  1. Go to and login to the account.
  2. Head to your profile page from the top right of the page.
  3. Right-Click on the page and choose “View page source” Press CTRL+F simultaneously to open the search bar.
  4. Type “initialchatfriendslist” to find the profile visitor’s Facebook IDs
  5. Now you will be directed to a section of the page source that you can see lots of numbers between “ “.
  6. These are the IDs of the people who viewed your profile the most. 

Using “Visitors”

Another way I learned through YouTube videos to find out who viewed my Facebook profile is to type the word “Visitors” in the page source document to get a list of your profile views.

To do this, follow all the same steps mentioned above for finding “initialchatfriendslist”.

After finding the word, you would see some ID numbers, which would most probably be the people who have viewed your Facebook profile recently. 

Method #2: Use Google Chrome extension (Social Profile extension)

  1. Head to the Social Profile extension page.
  2. Choose “Add to chrome” to have this extension on the google chrome browser
  3. Press “Add extension.” 
  4. Now go to and login to the account you are willing to check its profile viewers. 
  5. Now that you are on Facebook look at the timeline bar.
  6. You will notice the option “visitor” added there. 

Method #3: Profile visitor tool (Not recommended) 

If you search on the internet you would find many apps that offer viewing facebook profile. However, I would not recommend this apps as you should share your information with them. The issue is not sharing the information (as there are so many trustable apps across th e internet) but they might be spammy.

Method #4: Try public Facebook story

It is better you try facebook story in which you can directly see who has viewed it. However, to see who has viewed the profile you should make the story public. Then everyone would be able to see the story and you can check their profile too.

Why won’t Facebook let you see who views your profile?

Facebook announced that no one could track who viewed

your Facebook profile. But what you think? Is it right?

Well, According to Facebook policies, no one can access such private data about Facebook users. also added:” if If you come across an app that claims to offer this ability, please report the app.”

I mentiond the word “app” some third parties app claim that they can fetch the data about who exactly viewed your Facebook profile, but it is not the real way to see. These apps are known as unreliable apps. However, you can see the number of users who viewed your Facebook Page from an insight option. Insight is right at the top of the page, and Page view shows all the activities of your Facebook account, such as city and country, gender and age, as well as section. 

Ulanoff and Filho warn that there are some third parties apps shouldn’t be downloaded because of not only thread your security and privacy but also provide you with wrong data about who views your Facebook profile. The possibility of abusing your personal information like password goes up with trusting to these apps; in that case, they can sell this information to other third parties apps.

Facebook is worrying about its users’ mentality situations “We all look up friends, former friends, exes, and coworkers on Facebook, and we don’t want users to know when we look up their pages.” If this was possible, there is a chance people would spend less time on the site and thus hurt Facebook’s revenue, Dr. Selepak says. Based on this statement, we can conclude that more details about each social media can separate the people on social networks, and it won’t be necessary to make it known for all types of users. 

Sum up

We conclude that Facebook can track all your moves on its app from finding your location till reads your text messages and so it is a piece of cake for Facebook to recognize who views your Facebook profile. For the option, I said you could deny permissions, but for who viewed my Facebook you can do nothing.